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Prosperous в предложении (на )

1. United, Prosperous and at Peace.
2. Soon the village was prosperous.
3. It looked peaceful and prosperous.
4. It’s a prosperous kind of month.
5. March is a prosperous month too.
6. The month ahead seems prosperous.
7. Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

8. May appears to be a prosperous month.
9. That, sir, was once a prosperous cit.
10. It’s a prosperous month ahead too.
11. This is still a very prosperous month.
12. God wants all believers to be prosperous.
13. This is another happy, prosperous month.
14. I was living a relatively prosperous life.
15. This is to say he will be very prosperous.
16. He needs prosperous towns to pay his taxes.
17. Outhenby continued prosperous, to judge by.
18. Finances look good – a prosperous month.
19. I asked him if they had made him prosperous.
20. Even though he was a slave, he was prosperous.
21. They live a more prosperous kind of lifestyle.
22. Hopefully it will still be prosperous when I.
23. You have a happy and prosperous month ahead.
24. You should be happy, prosperous and successful.
25. Yahweh was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous.
26. The next few years should be prosperous as well.
27. Mr Bloom admired the caretaker's prosperous bulk.
28. You are prosperous to the degree that you are.
29. The years after World War II were prosperous for.
30. It looked to have been a prosperous, fruitful year.
31. The past year has not been especially prosperous.
32. The town was a prosperous one, located as it was at.
33. All prosperous nations are prosperous as the reward.
34. He’s come back now all prosperous and rich as well.
35. His reign was prosperous and he was recognized as a.
36. A prosperous county means in turn more revenues for us.
37. It was important to look prosperous, but not overly so.
38. Prosperous farming communities have lived in the region.
39. There is basically a happy and prosperous month ahead.
40. Vezelay had once been a highly prosperous and important.
41. Finances are good; May is basically a prosperous month.
42. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very prosperous New Year!.
43. But I do predict a long and prosperous future for all of you.
44. Today is the most prosperous and fortunate day of my life.
45. They had sailed through lands that were prosperous and wealthy.
46. This can only be obtained by an active and prosperous commerce.
47. The next time I talked to Larry, he seemed happy and prosperous.
48. This here’s California, an’ she don’t look so prosperous.
49. He who is protected from his stinginess-these are the prosperous.
50. It is also indicative of a positive outlook and prosperous future.
51. You’re looking prosperous, Caris said to Mark with a smile.
52. But the Philippines today would not necessarily be more prosperous.
53. It is a prosperous new Moon for the spouse, partner or current love.
54. The ship on which he embarked had a prosperous voyage till she got.
55. The prosperous majordomo remained open-mouthed at this late invasion.
56. These presented a much less prosperous appearance than the other two.
57. Without law and order, no state can be prosperous or survive for long.
58. Expect that you will naturally evolve to a prosperous, creative state.
59. We don’t need our wealth to assure a prosperous future for ourselves.
61. Even in prosperous times it is wise to venture there with armed guards.
62. I am willing that Great Britain should be great, happy, and prosperous.
63. I hope you have been this day preserved for a prosperous and happy life.
64. My own father was a farm Manager on a large and very prosperous farm.
65. The month ahead will be prosperous – especially from the 24th onwards.
66. Cheers, mates, Tom offered the toast, Here’s to a prosperous.
67. The parish guild has argued that the town will be more prosperous, and.
68. They received a country, rich, prosperous, and increasing in prosperity.
69. The new Moon of the 30th seems particularly prosperous – a nice payday.
70. Wise living, rather fast living fetches the fruits of a prosperous career.
71. Children or children figures in your life seem more prosperous that period.
72. This will change after July 16 and the year will turn out to be prosperous.
73. There have been prosperous periods for the industry, especially the war years.
74. They were living in a watermill that had once been part of a prosperous estate.
75. The post survived by collecting 'taxes' from the most prosperous farms around.
76. The return voyage was as prosperous as the former one, and though it was night.
77. The universe is prosperous and can give you money in a wide variety of ways.
78. Last year was prosperous and happy, and the trend continues in the year ahead.
79. Caleb had told him of a large and prosperous city somewhere within the high hill.
80. Prosperous small town economies are built on the foundation of strong communities.
81. The new Moon of the 22nd seems especially prosperous: it occurs in the money house.
82. I want you to take over our clothing business and keep it prosperous until I return.
83. All that’s left is to wish you all a very healthy, happy and prosperous new year!.
84. Her husband's step was strong and prosperous among them; her father's firm and equal.
85. When I heard Your Reverence was well and prosperous, I confess I was glad in my heart.
86. And now Yathrib is called Medina, ‘The City,’ because it has become so prosperous.
87. At the end of a long and prosperous life devoted to spreading his knowledge about the.
88. The children seem prosperous this year, although much depends on their age and stage.
89. Robert was the very much overworked junior partner in the prosperous law firm of Messrs.
90. You are still well into a yearly financial peak and you have a prosperous month ahead.
91. In my wildest dreams, I could’ve never pictured us as prosperous as we are right now.
92. Most of the characters that perform in this book still live, and are prosperous and happy.
93. He coined the name to the bay because he found in it very friendly and prosperous Maori.
94. Hamid, he said softly, here’s to a long and prosperous relationship between us.
95. You are still in an overall trend of prosperity and the month ahead seems prosperous too.
96. Right now, you have plentiful food and are at peace with your equally prosperous neighbors.
97. Kestides, now grown fat and prosperous, had acquired many bolts of it during a recent voyage.
98. Betty Baxter was the town’ s most prosperous baker; Sarah Taverner kept the Holly Bush inn.
99. Their society is however so prosperous that they have not had to cut production in centuries.
100. For a number of years prior to 1918 the Interborough Rapid Transit Company was very prosperous.

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