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    1. The day was fine and warm but I was wearing a wool hat to cover my scars – rather odd in the circumstances so I was

    2. But she looked fine, he had to admit he had enjoyed making love to her even as she was haunted by this ghost from space

    3. “He was at the crime scene and he started talking about how I should be on his show, like nothing ever happened, like everything was fine between us

    4. He got picked on in school as a kid for stuttering, so my parents told me never to pick on kids, which is fine, but their reasoning was more out of fear that the kid might “snap,” not because it was the right thing to do

    5. I’m sure attendance will be fine

    6. And if it isn’t, that will be fine too

    7. It should have been fine

    8. She had a fine home in the native culture

    9. She was with a fine man in the native culture

    10. It is a fine line we walk as grandparents, to love our grandchildren without interfering with their relationship with their own parents

    11. A fine misting is enough

    12. He wanted to say that his dad didn’t have anything to worry about, that Johnny was not only doing fine, but thriving in his newfound profession

    13. There were a few scraggles of thin ribbonleaves and some sap-nubs trying to hold the fine red sand together

    14. "I'm fine," Mouse said

    15. This was not her idea of a fun way to spend the dusk, especially when she imagined the fine cups that would be going around at Kulai's duskmeal while they discussed the upcoming evening's entertainment

    16. ‘Yes, that will be fine

    17. "I'm fine, now that I'm out of that camping trip

    18. The real strength was waiting patiently for her return wasn't it? As well as letting her know that he would be fine until then, and letting her know that her position with him was secure, though it was filled by a temp till then

    19. Some of the postures have relation to the nervous body and that inner structure of fine nerves, called the 'nadis', which underlie the nervous system

    20. They are largely the dangers of a fine mental concept that runs ahead of the capacity of the physical body

    21. "That's fine, you said laboratory equipment was the main thing they put in ceramic shells

    22. The print on those pages was really fine but his name had the yellow circle

    23. If used as a casual friend and sex partner without coming to depend on her, she was fine, but for an impressionable youngster, she might be too callous with his heart

    24. The weather looks fine

    25. She was petite, blonde, with fine features and a smooth lilting voice that swayed with southern French tones

    26. The sex was fine but she babbled half the sleep about some guy that should have been filming

    27. Ajarn was one of the best there was and while he handled his mai sak and khem sak, the bamboo and metal ritual tattoo sticks, as though he were about to commit murder with them, the designs were as perfect and fine as medieval calligraphy

    28. it is to have such a fine

    29. So far this particular establishment was fine, but he'd been put off by some herdsmen he'd met in the past

    30. He didn't need to remind me of the fine tradition of inter-breeding in Darklow Town

    31. Last dark would be fine, but the girls would all be leaving with dawn if they were here now

    32. The wind was strong enough to whip fine sand up high enough to choke them, but not enough to hide the high clouds that would roll on beyond this desert to the hills beyond the lake

    33. was a small gift from a grateful mother to this fine father of the race of Nosferatu

    34. His jaw was large and square and his tattoos more fine and intricate than those of his henchman

    35. He’ll be fine! He’s in the best

    36. ‘Yes, she’ll be fine – it is only natural that she should be like this, it has been a hellish few weeks for her, Stephen

    37. ‘I’m fine now

    38. A fine, faint spray hung in the air, cocooning the

    39. ‘Mother is fine, thanks Tonya

    40. "I'm fine, now that I'm out of that camping trip," the sister on the ground answered

    41. "We're not back home, so don't worry about her, she'll be fine," Glenelle said

    42. Because she was looking at the limb of the world with the main scope, she could see a fifty mile wide swath of land at once, and could scan fifty miles in each direction with some fine adjustments to the scope positioning

    43. ‘They were fine then

    44. He had long since decided to abandon all methods that purported to achieve anything, anywhere, at any time at all and he seemed to be getting along just fine

    45. ‘I’ll be fine in a moment

    46. He'd had a good mortal life himself, four good and faithful women, seven fine children

    47. ‘You are doing fine with the job, Kate

    48. ‘Told you, you’d be fine

    49. " She’d made the landing just fine, of course

    50. I wanted him to hold me close and tell me that everything would be fine

    1. There is a narrow archway between the bed sitting room and the kitchenette, evidence that there used to be two rooms, the front one of which, the bigger room with the large sash window, looks out over parked cars and signs warning dog owners that they can be fined if their animals soil the pavement

    2. the event, and fined a considerable amount

    3. 'They have been fined by me and given penance by

    4. People who did not vote, were to be fined one ducit to go towards council expenses, namely for the councilors themselves

    5. Some fifty years ago, in my country, male homosexuals were prosecuted, and after having been declared guilty of crime, were fined and sentenced to jail

    6. The wily priest always has a pre-selected victim named in the silent revelation; one who is either rich or unpopular, and though the dead man has probably died of colic and stomach-ache, the culprit may be put to death for witchcraft, or heavily fined, whichever is deemed expedient

    7. Out of curiosity I asked the driver: Why is it that in such a disciplined and fined society as this, people sell stolen items openly and with impunity?” His answer that “they do it for benevolent purposes” did not really convince me, but I had no other choice than to accept it with reserved doubts

    8. Those engaged in negative behaviour will be singled out, pressurized, condemned, fined, jailed

    9. Fannie Mae was fined $134 million for their fraudulent activity but no one was

    10. recorded this conversation in the first place, even though the Martins were fined for their illegal act

    11. fined by the world, it cannot be real

    12. fined and therefore limited yourself

    13. fined with the contrast between the two

    14. would hide in the river-bed, under the water of the stream that run by, so as to avoid being caught and fined by the village guard

    15. driver will be fined

    16. Why is a rat more important that preventing fires? A Taiwanese immigrant farmer was arrested for running over a kangaroo rat while tilling his own land and fined $200,000

    17. I got the truth out any way, and the SP was fined $15m

    18. been sent to prison for three years and fined more than $100,000

    19. Thus, the business was fined

    20. Army Corps of Engineers fined a Minnesota farmer

    21. Having fined him, the Corps made him dig the fill out

    22. Vice pounded his gavel, a hammer, on the table and said that Captain Bannister was fined one glass of wine in that he had not asked permission of the President of the Mess to be seated

    23. over forty thousand separate things we can be fined for

    24. The NYSE itself was even fined millions of dollars by the SEC for failing to

    25. a week, violators would be fined, forest fires were raging out of

    26. fined to the graveyard

    27. Luckily while I was being fined one of the boys managed to snap a couple of pics to run with the blog

    28. I had to respond in an instant; either I stayed and took my chances hoping for a merciful and understanding officer; stayed and got bitched out and then was handed a hefty fine, fined and taken to jail, or I could run away and hope to lose the officer

    29. Like a fined tuned watch, major

    30. been convicted of, each time he’s been fined, two million

    31. On too many occasions, companies and individuals have been at fault and fined for their transgressions, and yet few if any one did jail time

    32. Scooter Libby was fined and sent to jail, but the real higher-ups behind the fiasco managed to escape any fines or prison time

    33. These are jobs that shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place and I firmly believe that those who are responsible for the polluting should do the cleanup, besides being fined

    34. Prescott was a persistent Nazi supporter who came back time and time again after being shut down and fined to continue this crime 9 times after having his wrist slapped

    35. As far as the corporations, they have no taxes to pay, but if they fail to follow a regulation, they will be fined – quite heavily

    36. that you could be fined or convicted of a crime under the Can-Spam Act

    37. time, very recently in fact, when you could be fined for carrying chewing gum as it

    38. “They fined her! Plus after the police questioned Diane D, her mom took her into another room and closed the door

    39. a product or service that stops you from being fined or going to jail has a high

    40. Of course I knew very well that no superior would ever receive the money we were fined, it was destined just for the two of them

    41. But think about this—if one can get fined for public nudity and indecent exposure by urinating in public, what harm would it do to allow localities to issue misdemeanor fines for a range of behaviors considered by a reasonable person to be indecent? That is probably the best we can do here, but it does mean that communities who strongly believe in sex and sexuality as a private matter can fine those who go outside the line

    42. Most vampires don’t wear the bracelet but if they are found without the card, they can be fined

    43. You don’t get fined

    44. commanding officer, he gave me a lecture, fined me five

    45. Of course Securitas company-cars wouldn't usually get fined - they were always in a hurry

    46. It was another expense that neither of them could afford, but coughing up now, would be a lot cheaper than being fined

    47. The Chief Of Police heavily fined him too, and returned him to his cruel and unforgiving prison cell

    48. The Chief Of Police fined the family, and injunctions were issued forbidding the family to go onto Roger’s land

    49. fined moguls that are close together, but at least they'll be round;

    50. It won’t be long before Jeremiah and the Dixon clan fined a way to make good on their gold mine windfall

    1. He tries to remember; speeding tickets, unpaid fines, tax fraud, anything that might shut out the possibility of a name other than his daughter’s being mentioned

    2. The hugging of hoodies and cash point fines are signs of a soft underbelly, of the yellow streak running through the modern world

    3. But the directors of a regulated company, having the management of no common capital, have no other fund to employ in this way, but the casual revenue arising from the admission fines, and from the corporation duties imposed upon the trade of the company

    4. By rendering the tax upon such fines a good deal heavier than upon the ordinary rent, this hurtful practice might be discouraged, to the no small advantage of all the different parties concerned, of the landlord, of the tenant, of the sovereign, and of the whole community

    5. As an forensic law expert I can tell you that legally any bank caught with money laundering will face severe (hundreds of millions) in fines and (we hope) a few banksters in jail

    6. Assuming you could avoid running afoul of the law, or assuming at least that the fines didn’t cut too deeply into profits; you could do anything

    7. Anyone breaking the law forfeited their ship and also faced huge fines

    8. Most Klansmen were not convicted, and those that were got small sentences or fines

    9. Colling was hoping that the conversation would not go on, but the NKVD man was encouraged by the girls’ response, and after responding to their question with, “I am fines, too,” asked, “What is names, please?”

    10. to be to find enough minor infractions to justify assessing enough in fines to pay for the state OSHA

    11. Was the push an all-out effort to get the carbon fines and sanctions going by the time the sun-earth cycle began its cooling phase in order to be in a position to take credit for the drop in temperature? Said another way, without a global taxing body in operation, when the cooling started, this political movement would suffer and possibly die, bringing about some other income redistribution scheme,

    12. multibillion-dollar fines that had resulted from their having fallen short of the unrealistic and impractical Kyoto standards

    13. I had not witnessed one, but I understand most of the accused are reconciled, admit their sins, and are variously punished with fines, imprisonment, wearing distinctive clothing, and such

    14. fines the outer self, consciousness the inner, and in pure

    15. I got fines of $12m and $15m, respectively, imposed on them for blocking grade level crossings parallel to Grand Avenue (the U

    16. EPA imposed $600,000 in fines and legal fees on another subsidiary of the Marmon Group for failing to fill out a federal form, even

    17. Imposing fines for violation of the animal protection act not only on foreigners,

    18. Imposing fines for violation of these defaults without exception

    19. to three years and high fines

    20. months as well as fines of up to 15,000 euros

    21. The Russian government was later reported to have levied heavy fines upon the violators (Reuters News Service, 7 August 1999)

    22. The Coast Guard developed shipboard firefighting and prevention strategies, enforced legal sanctions and imposed fines on polluters

    23. When spills occur, the Coast Guard, in cooperation with other government agencies and private companies, is involved in clean-up operations, investigates the source of the pollution, holds hearings, and levies fines on violators

    24. Alleged pollution violators, ships officers, and associated corporations can be subjected to Coast Guard hearings, fines, and clean-up costs (“Search On…,” 1980)

    25. The issuance of violation notices by Coast Guard boarding officers to vessel owners involved the levy of proportional fines, pending the option of boater-requested hearings (“Coast Guard…Ticketing…,”

    26. Drivers who failed the sobriety tests were subjected to hearings and fines

    27. "I must levy the fines in this timeline, of course, but I'm quite sure the alternate Camerons will do the same in their timelines

    28. creating the “Bank” would also mandate heavy fines for unauthorized access, thus

    29. Here you won’t have problems with copyright infringement and the fol owing penalties and fines

    30. from taxation to issuing of parking fines

    31. It was totally banned throughout all jurisdictions in Australia and anyone caught possessing one was subject to heavy fines and possible imprisonment

    32. Large fines would be imposed on anyone camping in the forest, or lighting fires except in the places provided

    33. Then they patrolled Alexandria Bay and slapped fines and convictions on nude males—not females of course; and that was the end of innocence

    34. A court will take the factors listed above into consideration - but the penalties may include fines, termination of parental rights, supervised access to the child, and jail time

    35. While vandalism may be considered "art" by some, it is nonetheless a crime against property that is punishable by jail time, monetary fines, or both

    36. First time offenders may often avoid jail time, and receive fines, community service, or other alternative sentences

    37. The jails were almost empty as minor offenses were repaid as fines or community service and serious offenses were dealt with severely

    38. The jails are almost empty as minor offenses are repaid as fines or community service and serious offenses are dealt with severely

    39. many factory farm owners would be paying heavy fines and seeing

    40. fines of the free software agenda

    41. -If possible, stiff fines should be paid by the pimps and

    42. Part of those fines can go to the victims

    43. This is not America when banks and Wall Street cause economic collapses and no one pays any fines or suffers any time in jail

    44. As far as where to get the money for the watchdogs, it comes from the fines that companies will have to pay, which may be sufficient to hire even more of these environmental police

    45. Any business that dumps poisons into rivers or lakes has to pay for the cleanup and come up with the cash for fines

    46. They’ll be warned and if it happens again, they still have to do remediation along with even stiffer fines

    47. ments, turning the other cheek (fines, probation), and an eye for an eye (life imprisonment, death penalty)

    48. It will come from fines collected

    49. Fines aren’t out of the question and there’s room in the jail for CEOs who don’t cooperate

    50. If any corporation pollutes the air, land, rivers, lakes and oceans, they have to pay for cleanup, make sure that it’s accomplished and pay fines

    1. The fining of corporations is just a strong

    2. Just fining the obese will not cut it for this guy

    3. Hoffman, I’m fining you eight hundred dollars

    4. Then commenced the customary proceeding; calling of the jurymen, fining the absent ones, listening to the claims of exemption from jury duty and filling the panel from a number of reserves

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