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    1. As I stood waiting on a deserted platform, a gang of youths appeared

    2. And so, the dragon gang leader pushed Eddie of the cliff

    3. ’ I said, visualising this encounter and rather hoping that the two of them never gang up on me in earnest

    4. This latter was a convicted pimp, an ex or perhaps still current member of the notorious C-Block gang of Bethnal Green, a suspected pedophile, rapist and drug peddler

    5. "From these origins Sammy's gang evolved and was shunned even by the maturing old boys of the DMS

    6. This new gang specialized in making money from all the trades that even the DMS found taboo; child porn, the use of child 'warriors', organ 'donation' and of course always the latest and hardest drugs

    7. The cattlemen of this planet just financed a gang of cowboys to go out and drive a herd to their pens to slaughter, others were sent out to the open range to keep down the predators

    8. They would help defend you from a theirops, they'll gang up on theirops also

    9. Michael said it was time to introduce the 'twins' to the rest of the gang

    10. The shepherds insisted I share their raki making me a little unsteady but glad to be with this whole gang of howling musicians

    1. ‘What with you and Molly ganging up on me

    2. Billy tries to watch the act on stage, but keeps one ear tuned in to the conversation just in case they start ganging up on him again

    3. “Oh that’s rich, the two of you ganging up on me

    4. But his heart was racing, ganging about in his chest; and he could feel the sweat beading

    5. I wanted her to have all possible advantages, not realising that cultural and social influences would be ganging up against me

    6. Women had a way of ganging up

    7. Ganging up on a sleeping teenager at night to beat her is an act unworthy of any true German

    8. Lions: male dominance, laziness, cowardice, Force-Majeure, brute force being the most important… along with ganging up on prey or an enemy, by stealth and cunning

    9. World War One was still fresh in their minds; the whole world ganging up against them was not propaganda; it was real

    10. Bigger gangs ganging up to kill smaller gangs

    1. They said they belonged to gangs, but I took a walk with them anyway

    2. I let them borrow it because they needed to learn the negative outcomes of being involved in gangs that were highlighted in my messages I had just created

    3. Still, she was in much better hands than the constables in Reston or any of the gangs

    4. Then there are the gangs

    5. All of these precautions had been implemented in order to prevent roving gangs of outsiders draining the meager stocks of the village

    6. here lots in Athens, and work in gangs

    7. They say up until 10 years ago or so, the state of Georgia in the US had a few biker gangs running in it, but many of them were too scattered and weak as far as manpower went, and once the larger group, Harley Nation, started a territory war with them, it ended up with some bloodshed and a merge of all remaining members of the weaker gangs into Harley Nation

    8. "You think gangs didn't exist back when I was young? We had all sorts of them roaming the streets, and the police weren’t that much more effective than they are now

    9. Between the criminal gangs, the bullies, and the plaguing poverty around, she didn’t feel safe at all

    10. If anyone knew the location of the Justicars’ headquarters, the mob gangs would have rained fire on it long ago

    1. Sniggy and his pals ganged up on me, I’d have the advantage

    2. The creatures ganged up on him and began to tear his flesh apart

    3. But it wasn’t the first time Joey was ganged up on by men and beaten for things such as his money—yet still the little critter of fear was scratching at his mind to be cautious

    4. � She was still speechless as the patients of the ward ganged on her to congratulate her

    5. The remaining enemy fighter pilots, seeing how dangerous she was, then ganged up on her, leaving less than half of their surviving numbers to deal with the bombers and the two other P-38s

    6. Understanding that this was now a fight to the death, the three remaining intact men ganged up on D’Artagnan, forcing him into the middle of the street

    7. The entire world had ganged up against them and tried to destroy Germany for 22 years the entire world had tried to destroy Germany and failed

    8. All of Europe ganged up against Germany and forced it into an impoverished state; inflation exploded

    9. If the other European Nations had not ganged up on Germany after the 1st World War, there never would have been a Great Depression and there never would have been a Hitler to use their national identity as a way of gaining power over them

    10. The other evil nations were physically weaker: so they ganged up together: and were forced to do something they would never have done except under crisis conditions: cooperate with each other intelligently

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