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Shift в предложении (на )

  1. As in red shift stars.
  2. I felt the mood shift.
  3. A tiny shift of focus.
  4. His shift was almost up.
  5. Thank you for the shift.

  6. Life is a rest and shift.
  7. She blinked at the shift.
  8. He tried to shift gears.
  9. He felt his insides shift.
  10. It will shift back again.
  11. You could shift it with.
  12. I shift my arms in my lap.
  13. Tie a knot on your shift.
  14. Probably just off a shift.
  15. The night shift hours 64.

  16. I shift myself toward Tank.
  17. STOP clearly with red shift.
  18. Well done, now shift over.
  19. We’ll have to shift it.
  20. I shift, trying to get away.
  21. Better shift it out of that.
  22. The shift was still working.
  23. Should be another easy shift.
  24. Scram hacked his final shift.
  25. What a paradigm shift it was.

  26. My shift has officially ended.
  27. SG Castro’s shift had ended.
  28. A Free shift Book Follows in.
  29. The wind will shift direction.
  30. They do a night shift of sorts.
  31. Your health needs also shift.
  32. She’s working an early shift.
  33. They’ll take the first shift.
  34. There is a shift in the forces.
  35. I felt the dragon's mood shift.
  36. This shows a new shift in love.
  37. The aliens began to shape shift.
  38. The air seemed to shift in the.
  39. Markets shift in uncertain ways.
  40. But finally, her shift was over.
  41. To shift to an imaginative state.
  42. A huge shift in very little time.
  43. We need a strong crew that shift.
  44. It was Pine's shift now to watch.
  45. Looks like you had a good shift.
  46. We need Robert on the late shift.
  47. Any white men on this shift?
  48. Shift an idea to a different field.
  49. There is a change and shift coming.
  50. We either make a shift within.
  51. He’s deck marshal of wake shift.
  52. I throw the stick shift in reverse.
  53. She can’t shift forms to heal.
  54. We'll shift his scenes to Thursday.
  55. Their hues shift with their intent.
  56. The shift changed at the Bear Flag.
  57. Eventually, I got on to the shift.
  58. Will saw Jim's head shift, circling.
  59. They struggled through another shift.
  60. He would shift from one end of the.
  61. He’d always hated the night shift.
  62. He worked on ‘A’ shift and was.
  63. Their shift changed after four hours.
  64. The ground started to shift up ahead.
  65. The late night shift was just ending.
  66. There seems to have been a shift to.
  67. The accountant did not shift his gaze.
  68. It seemed to shift to a reddish tint.
  69. Red Shift takes over in three hours.
  70. But the effect of this shift is huge.
  71. His eyes shift to mine and stay there.
  72. About 200 more if you shift that car.
  73. A slight shift was all it would take.
  74. For a second, his eyes shift to mine.
  75. Her shift finished at five thirty.
  76. His thin eyes shift from face to face.
  77. My shift had started half an hour ago.
  78. A serious axis shift would be OK, too.
  79. I’m the only deputy on this shift.
  80. Second shift will have to clean it up.
  81. Nor do we have to shift to the other.
  82. It’s why we don’t shift near mass.
  83. And on a sharp shift of his hips, he.
  84. They move and shift, like my thoughts.
  85. That meant it was not Monty’s shift.
  86. Shift your focus onto the index finger.
  87. His eyes shift from the gun to the boy.
  88. Another shift in the fabric of the ship.
  89. He stood diligently on his night shift.
  90. She mentioned about working late shift.
  91. The shift to wolf, to catch the rabbit.
  92. She was exhausted when her shift ended.
  93. A shift occurred in each heart, which.
  94. Joe was on afternoon shift that teatime.
  95. I can’t wait to the end of the shift.
  96. Finally the end of my shift has arrived.
  97. She told Max about it on the next shift.
  98. Ma ss production de m a nde d the shift.
  99. I could do another shift, Dad said.
  100. There was a need for a leadership shift.
  1. Shifting in and out of.
  2. I fear his shifting moods.
  3. They are shifting the load.
  4. Colors shifting in the air.
  5. The wind was shifting again.
  6. This shifting of the means of.
  7. She watched the shifting straw.
  8. The tides of change were shifting.
  9. I find that somehow, by shifting.
  10. Shifting it around, he did it again.
  11. This sand, constantly shifting, but.
  12. Finally his mood seems to be shifting.
  13. But the conversation has been shifting.
  14. Hmmm, she said, shifting slightly.
  15. Shifting them away might be suspicious.
  16. The continents were constantly shifting.
  17. Shifting to a new way of seeing is truly.
  18. That okay Ma? she asked, shifting her.
  19. I stagger through layers of shifting white.
  20. The planets are shifting during this month.
  21. Dealing with the Welshman’s shifting mood.
  22. I might catch your reflection in the shifting.
  23. The pressure of Sue’s breasts shifting felt.
  24. Mother kept shifting in her seat and fidgeting.
  25. There was a subtle shifting in the air around.
  26. Note the apparent shifting of stress in armas.
  27. Miles continued to stare at her, shifting from.
  28. Drola did not have to comment, the mood shifting.
  29. Gary was shifting in his seat, still recovering.
  30. Jhordel reached for it, barely shifting from her.
  31. I heard her shifting the receiver to her other hand.
  32. With his eyes shifting to Nathan, he inched closer.
  33. Carol? Brian said, now shifting his focus to her.
  34. The thought will have less shifting in plan, to help.
  35. Ray’s shape shifting form was the most mesmerizing.
  36. Meanwhile, the continents were slowly shifting around.
  37. With shifting change, as is false women’s fashion;.
  38. Kermes Twa prodded my mind into fastly shifting gears.
  39. She crossed her arms, shifting her glance thoughtfully.
  40. Shifting his weight, he scooted partway under the desk.
  41. Gabriel was shifting his weight on the stool beside her.
  42. Again the pilot caused an interruption by shifting helm.
  43. Her world kept shifting on its axis until she did not.
  44. Anthony pauses, his eyes shifting, but he remains silent.
  46. WII is quantum shifting with paradoxical speculations.
  47. Power is shifting from the seats of governments to the.
  48. Many of you are intimidated by gear shifting adjustments.
  49. Manda, Noah said, shifting in the chair to face her.
  50. As Marty was walking away, I could see his eyes shifting.
  51. What is it? Picard asked, shifting his focus to her.
  52. The shape of the silhouette seemed to be shifting vaguely.
  53. She could almost feel the power shifting back to her side.
  54. In smaller ways, too, the terrain of his life was shifting.
  55. Sarah wouldn't look him in the face and kept shifting her.
  56. I remember his eyes shifting to the ceiling, to the corner.
  57. Is it cold in here? he asked, shifting his body in the.
  58. After all, it's shifting muck, and that's what Billy does.
  59. Libby stood there for a moment, anxiously shifting her feet.
  60. The boys looked at each other, occasionally shifting their.
  61. When we base capital structure optimization on a shifting.
  62. But Pickens’s fortunes (and fortune) were always shifting.
  63. A dull pillar, shifting in the red light of the fire below.
  64. Cloud lifted his head slowly, his uncertain gaze shifting.
  65. I briefly wondered where Griffin had learned about shifting.
  66. They are fearsome shape shifting monsters of Navajo legend.
  67. He cringed, while shifting his body�s position towards him.
  68. What used to be a solid rock has become shifting sands that.
  69. You could see his muscles shifting when he clapped his wings.
  70. She’s tapping her foot, her body shifting with the movement.
  71. Good idea Davros said, shifting uncomfortable on his chair.
  72. Move over! Aquarius said shifting over to Bobby’s seat.
  73. The machine glittered with hidden, shifting, compressed power.
  74. There had to be an internal shifting before there was external.
  75. She was shifting from one foot to the other wringing her hands.
  76. Each one is a different shape, shifting and dancing in the air.
  77. This process is a sliding scale of two shifting gateway controls.
  78. He turned his hands out, palms up, without shifting his position.
  79. I’m sorry, he said, shifting gears so he could slow down.
  80. He kept shifting his eyes from the road to the instrument panel.
  81. In the early morning darkness, shifting his eyes left, without.
  82. We need the Aesira Jewel, so you can keep shifting the seasons.
  83. Shifting down, the ATV slowed to 40 mph as it passed through the.
  84. At intervals He appeared as a brilliant Light of shifting colors.
  85. Public sentiment regarding Vietnam is shifting Bobby’s way daily.
  86. Build it on shifting sand and it’ll collapse around your ears!.
  87. Look, this is my bloody house, so if you don’t mind shifting.
  88. After shifting his glasses slightly, Brock read the document very.
  89. The noise increased in pitch, like the machine was shifting gears.
  90. Everything we do as traders is a matter of shifting probabilities.
  91. Note that once the earth began faulting and shifting, the rock was.
  92. When shifting over to his mother, he managed to catch her attention.
  93. Angel, but that wasn’t unusual, he said, shifting in his seat.
  94. So what brings you here Jo? he asked, awkwardly, shifting his.
  95. John tossed and turned, shifting uncomfortably on the bed as he 146.
  96. I could see shapes in the shifting darkness of the children’s room.
  97. Division, the Counters were now shifting their attention to carrots.
  98. He heard some rustling and shifting from the room at the top of the.
  99. Shifting his body to the side Ben repeated his name, slower this time.
  100. That is fine with me, Matt said shifting his weight on his cane.
  1. I shifted in my seat.
  2. I shifted on the bench.
  3. Anne shifted in her bed.
  4. I shifted away from him.
  5. Ben shifted in his seat.
  6. She shifted in her seat.
  7. His gaze shifted to her.
  8. He shifted his leg away.
  9. He shifted his gaze to.
  10. Rhone shifted in his seat.
  11. Than shifted on the couch.
  12. Her eyes shifted to Tyre.
  13. Books shifted on the beam.
  14. Norah shifted to face her.
  15. Lucia shifted in her seat.
  16. Zac's eyes shifted to Liz.
  17. He shifted on the branch.
  18. Ronnie shifted in his seat.
  19. Lucien shifted in his seat.
  20. She shifted down and the.
  21. But the clouds shifted now.
  22. Puller shifted in his seat.
  23. Farid shifted on the ground.
  24. I shifted the car to Drive.
  25. Edward shifted in his chair.
  26. I watched as they shifted.
  27. Walden shifted in his chair.
  28. Coals shifted in the stove.
  29. He shifted into drive and.
  30. Huckabee shifted on his feet.
  31. The scene shifted to a birth.
  32. My eyes shifted to the door.
  33. The dragon shifted his wings.
  34. Assef shifted his eyes to me.
  35. She shifted her hat slightly.
  36. The captain shifted his feet.
  37. As they shifted between the.
  38. Sebastian shifted on his feet.
  39. His form swirled and shifted.
  40. The Breton shifted on the log.
  41. The sack shifted in his hands.
  42. Her form shifted again, and.
  43. Deon shifted the car into park.
  44. She shifted on the hard chair.
  45. I wonder why they shifted that.
  46. Again, he shifted in his chair.
  47. Jordan shifted his stance a bit.
  48. Danko shifted in his easy chair.
  49. The judge shifted his gaze to H.
  50. The Senator shifted in his seat.
  51. Alex shifted his gaze to Carmen.
  52. Taken back, he shifted his head.
  53. Steven shifted his eyes to mine.
  54. He shifted his attention to her.
  55. The ground beneath her shifted.
  56. Ladon shifted forward, then back.
  57. The young man’s foot shifted.
  58. Robinson shifted his gaze to him.
  59. His eyes shifted back and forth.
  60. She shifted and straightened up.
  61. I shifted in my chair once more.
  62. The rambler shifted in his saddle.
  63. He shifted it against the rough.
  64. Brook shifted to Mitchell's eyes.
  65. She shifted her eyes from me to.
  66. She shifted further away from Ted.
  67. Mitchell shifted his head slightly.
  68. Something had shifted, the beams.
  69. Joey shifted in his seat and smile.
  70. His all too blue eyes shifted once.
  71. Pausing, he never shifted his gaze.
  72. Oh … He shifted his hooves.
  73. I shifted my gaze ahead and froze.
  74. Leesa shifted her gaze to his eyes.
  75. His gaze shifted swiftly up stream.
  76. She shifted in the chair nervously.
  77. Actually, I just shifted yesterday.
  78. The older guard shifted on his feet.
  79. As the line shifted forward, they.
  80. The man’s attention shifted to me.
  81. McLean shifted uneasily in his seat.
  82. Bilge shifted uneasily in his chair.
  83. My mother shifted in her seat due.
  84. Sam shifted his leg closer to mine.
  85. The young man shifted uncomfortably.
  86. I shifted my attention to the bench.
  87. Kalver’s gaze shifted between them.
  88. Daphne shifted nervously in her seat.
  89. Rykus slowly shifted his gaze to her.
  90. Nathan shifted in his seat nervously.
  91. Since cruise lines have shifted to.
  92. Stokes shifted uneasily in his chair.
  93. The topic shifted to likings and all.
  94. Guo Yuxia shifted her eyes and asked.
  95. But the moment he shifted away his.
  96. Below, bricks shuddered and shifted.
  97. Heart racing, he shifted in his seat.
  98. Kevin eyed Matt then shifted his gaze.
  99. Joey shifted and said, Okay….
  100. Don shifted uncomfortably in his seat.
  1. The dogs work in shifts.
  2. Then the balance shifts again.
  3. You can swap shifts with other.
  4. The LC shifts and starts to move.
  5. We worked in twelve-hour shifts.
  6. He shifts back and away from Aaron.
  7. Production shifts to countries with.
  8. He swallows and shifts uncomfortably.
  9. The earth shifts, shrugs, stretches.
  10. There will always be industry shifts.
  11. The man shifts his gun from us to Tee.
  12. The door shifts and then swings open.
  13. Shifts the bits of the 2 << 2 gives 8.
  14. He shifts, grunts and breathes quietly.
  15. Then something shifts upon the horizon.
  16. He tugs gently and my head shifts back.
  17. Then towards the full moon it shifts by.
  18. David shifts his gaze between Sean and me.
  19. When the balance of earthly power shifts.
  20. One of us will have to pull double shifts.
  21. We ran these Flexos 24 hours with 3 shifts.
  22. Before her, the same row of flowers shifts.
  23. Low pressure shifts into low tempretature.
  24. No, I gave my shifts away, Garcia said.
  25. You need to know that there are three shifts.
  26. Shifts the bits of the 11 >> 1 gives 5 - 11.
  27. He had abandoned his plan of rotating shifts.
  28. She shifts a bit and answers in a small voice.
  29. Over the next shifts, they spelled each other.
  30. No way, said Nick, Twelve hour shifts.
  31. I have heard it’s what shifts the seasons.
  32. These shifts will cause concurrent changes in.
  33. Back then EB still had second and third shifts.
  34. He shifts on his feet and finds her eyes on his.
  35. He shifts back on the bed to leave space for me.
  36. The breeze shifts her dress and upends her hair.
  37. This place where you lie dreaming shifts, moves.
  38. They drive what’s here when their shifts start.
  39. The room shifts as Leora walks into the mid-realm.
  40. In a never-ending spiral that shifts through the.
  41. Marcus shifts the truck into drive, and it groans.
  42. Please come in for any scheduled shifts next week.
  43. The shifts were 12 hours a day and 3 weeks strait.
  44. So I was wondering if I could swap shifts with you.
  45. If it was a decoy the balance shifts the other way.
  46. You need to be up on trends & industry shifts that.
  47. Power shifts within organizations will have to occur.
  48. He shifts so that he is squatting down by Ted's side.
  49. She shakes her head as she shifts her eyes to Tobias.
  50. Stretching the kiss, he shifts me up above his chest.
  51. However, in this case, the actual shifts start at 6 a.
  52. By the time he shifts to survival mode, he blacks out.
  53. As a result, the picture continuously shifts in detail.
  54. It was an enormous job, and we took shifts manning the.
  55. I start toward him, and he shifts back, into the hallway.
  56. A gust of wind shifts Miles towards the opposite corner.
  57. He had been noticing some rapid little mood shifts lately.
  58. She began to be late for her shifts at the store because.
  59. I was working two shifts a day driving forty miles one way.
  60. Daniel shifts his gaze to his right without moving his head.
  61. The wind shifts, and a single, agonized word reaches my ears.
  62. Zubr shifts the perspective so much, nothing remains the same.
  63. They respond to shifts in the way that risk is being priced.
  64. Shifts in the water balance in the body occurs and then you.
  65. The conversation shifts to Napster, the San Mateo, California.
  66. The bluecoats had been watching me in shifts since I got here.
  67. They saw troops stationed on the walls in four six-hour shifts.
  68. The sniper shifts his aim from the back-seater to the oncoming.
  69. Boris moved every so often, solitarily flanking Hank in shifts.
  70. I’ll give you the number of a dealer who shifts a lot of old.
  71. I split the crew into shifts with the idea that, while one half.
  72. BOOM! The airplane hits a sharp bumb and some of the cargo shifts.
  73. You have to understand shifts tend to be very routine down there.
  74. The others could handle the press and watch shifts while she did.
  75. This is your waking state — your consciousness shifts from sen-.
  76. The planetary power shifts this month from the East to the West.
  77. If anything happened, videotape would record any time shifts and a.
  78. A cloud passes over the moon, and the light shifts across my hands.
  79. I tried to put in twelve hour shifts, but yes, I gave it up a lot.
  80. A few shifts later, Joshua caught Joe coming out of the latrine tent.
  81. Hence the abrupt shifts from over-valuation to devaluation of others.
  82. By the 20th the planetary power shifts to the Western, social sector.
  83. Nuns sang and prayed around her bed all day and all night, in shifts.
  84. The swamp shifts because the garbage has turned alive over the years.
  85. Then many things happen at once, the whole tense of the moment shifts.
  86. Hitching the dragon wagon makes pay backs in shifts and cloud gaining.
  87. Specifically: in addition to the shifts of seasons we’ve seen that.
  88. But you can make tips on the two shifts a week you put in the booth.
  89. As of this time, no shifts had been recorded and the tape continued to.
  90. Unfortunately, as interest rates rise and the yield curve shifts, the.
  91. Ricci shifts nervously in his seat as he listens to Ahmed’s hysterics.
  92. The CONTINUOUS method shifts the interval by the starting date provided.
  93. This is not about subtle shifts, the flag is about "in-your-face" tran.
  94. When the locus of awareness shifts to massive higher energy bodies dur-.
  95. The full seven gave us even numbers on shifts though, Kyle told him.
  96. Declaring His sovereignty shifts our focus from our problems to His power.
  97. Thus, the cost of equity is almost entirely implicit and shifts in.
  98. Similar shifts of seasons in 1990 you can also see in the biographies of.
  99. Patrice smiles up at her then shifts her attention back to her mail sorting.
  100. I have considered the difference in shifts, even while watching space operas.

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