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Gap в предложении (на )

  1. I'm on a gap year.
  2. But there is a gap.
  3. They saw a gap in.
  4. But there was a gap.
  5. I jump into the gap.

  6. If there was a gap.
  7. You had to jump a gap.
  8. The gap is too great.
  9. What is a Price Gap?
  10. A gap that needed so.
  11. It could gap up to 16.
  12. With only a small gap.
  13. This was a runaway gap.
  14. How to close the gap?
  15. The gap was still there.

  16. Tell me about Wind Gap.
  17. This would close the gap.
  18. The knife found the gap.
  19. A gap is in the guardrail.
  20. Even a 3% gap is serious.
  21. I peered deep into the gap.
  22. The widening gap in this.
  23. What is the "gap" theory?
  24. There is a gap between us.
  25. Some estimate the gap at 1.

  26. The Terror of Blue John Gap.
  27. They leaped across the gap.
  28. Soon the gap reduced to zero.
  29. Meet Me at the Solution Gap.
  30. A gap opened up ahead of it.
  31. She wriggled through the gap.
  32. Moshe quickly closed the gap.
  33. Through a gap in the crowd Mrs.
  34. Re-select the gap if necessary.
  35. Men were poised to jump the gap.
  36. Both horses were closing the gap.
  37. I'm trying to move into the gap.
  38. Cass will fill that gap for now.
  39. The gap split open in an instant.
  40. We’re protected by an air gap.
  41. Do you see the gap in logic?
  42. My target is the gap fill itself.
  43. This is called an exhaustion gap.
  44. They glared at us through the gap.
  45. The "gap" theory is pure fictions.
  46. There’s a gap between the voids.
  47. Then, on December 30, Gap D occurs.
  48. There was always that gap of proof.
  49. The next day opens lower with a gap.
  50. The Indians had closed the gap to.
  51. However, there must be a thin gap.
  52. Annie’s face appeared in the gap.
  53. This gap, labeled Gap A in Figure 7.
  54. First, the hook has a "gape" or gap.
  55. This gap, labeled Gap C in Figure 7.
  56. Either KLAC will gap up and over 50.
  57. Generally, if the gap is between $0.
  59. This gap between the real self and.
  60. And the gap up could have been huge.
  61. Locke slipped his hand into the gap.
  62. She found a gap and glanced at the.
  63. Amaranthe pressed her face to the gap.
  64. There was a gap calling for a bridge.
  65. There was a gap of silence between us.
  66. It is this huge gap between what we.
  67. The reason for the gap is immaterial.
  68. Rick was closing the gap between them.
  69. Fifty yards and closing the gap, the.
  70. A gap must occur between the two lines.
  71. Their so-called gap year was going fast.
  72. Bridge the gap with a couple of short.
  73. That gap between doing and having done.
  74. The breakout came on a gap up in price.
  75. If the market fails to gap more than $1.
  76. She also had a gain of over 200% in Gap.
  77. There was a five inch gap between each.
  78. The gap fills in a little under an hour.
  79. For more on the AM–GM gap, see Box 28.
  80. There was another gap filled with silence.
  81. The average alpha gap is even wider:—1.
  82. I will buy a gap down and short a gap up.
  83. He was closing the 4-foot gap between us.
  84. There was a gap between one float.
  85. A gap between earth and wire, just enough.
  86. The second day is a gap up and a black day.
  87. The gap down: You will favor stocks where.
  88. The next day prices gap lower on the open.
  89. Other agents had already closed the gap;.
  90. Do not be afraid of the gap between your.
  91. Except for a strange gap in his education.
  92. Concluding Comments about Closing the Gap.
  93. A gap is made in the direction of the trend.
  94. The third day is black with a down gap open.
  95. But the creature was still closing the gap.
  96. The gap in his life was being filled again.
  97. Martin filled in the gap in the conversation.
  98. Never underestimate the power of a gap down.
  99. There were 14 high down gap days in Table 8.
  100. Now she has a big gap and pokes her tongue.
  1. It has a history of gapping up or down more than $1.
  2. A gapping move such as this may mark the beginning of a new trend.
  3. High and Low Price Gapping Plays are the Japanese equivalents of breakouts.
  4. A third approach is to trade the stocks that are gapping in the opposite direction.
  5. Unfortunately there was a great gapping chasm between Nicole's fantasy and the reality.
  6. Of the 9 stocks gapping down, 8 of the gaps were negative reactions to earnings reports.
  7. The most important part of the pattern is the smaller gapping candle and the closing of the gap.
  8. Looking at the down-gapping stocks, when large numbers are gapping up, the returns (refer to Table 8.
  9. Three days later the NASDAQ put in a fourth-day follow-through, gapping up and rallying a total of 5.
  10. After gapping up on the October 13, 2004, earnings announcement, AAPL continued moving higher (Figure 5.
  11. There is nothing more alluring for a trader than a stock that is gapping up hugely on tremendous volume.
  12. The returns for the stocks that gapped up when almost all the rest were gapping down are quite intriguing.
  13. Because Side-by-Side White Lines are used only after gapping, there is not much flexibility in this pattern.
  14. The stock then rallies weakly back up into the 50-day moving average before breaking down and gapping lower.
  15. For instance, overnight news could cause a stock to open much lower, gapping under a stop on a long position.
  16. Guaranteed stops and stops-with-limits may be used alleviate the first of these problems, the gapping problem.
  17. After the close AAPL handily beat analysts’ estimates, gapping up the next morning as it was off to the races.
  18. Guaranteed stops and stops-with-limits may be used to alleviate the first of these problems, the gapping problem.
  19. The stock was gapping up because regulators considered new conditions for the takeover of PGN two days ago by DUK.
  20. The exception to this is gaps on individual stocks that are gapping with the market and not on any particular news.
  21. Western technical indicators (tops and bottoms, head and shoulders, gapping price movement, and many other patterns).
  22. Gaps are not easily to interpret, but when they occur this often, some signals can be taken from gapping price movement.
  23. Guaranteed stops and stops-with-limits (Chapter 6) may be used alleviate the first of these problems, the gapping problem.
  24. Returns for stocks that gap up are negative up to the 10-day holding period; thus stocks tend to reverse right after gapping up.
  25. A second approach would be to buy or sell some of the stocks that were part of the group of stocks gapping in the same direction.
  26. Even if ATR is low relative to IV, the fly can still lose if the underlying moves too far or if the underlying makes gapping moves.
  27. As the price trend reversed, a similar gapping pattern was seen on the way down, confirming that the move above resistance could not hold.
  28. Foreign exchange markets that have very high liquidity and 24-hour trading will be less susceptible to gapping than lightly traded stocks.
  29. A second approach would be to buy or sell some of the individual stocks that are part of the large group of stocks gapping in the same direction.
  30. Some brokers do not provide guaranteed stops, but they do provide another facility to help alleviate the market gapping problem – the stop with limit.
  31. Every signal found in an oscillator has to be confirmed through traditional signals like double tops or bottoms, gapping price action, or volume spikes.
  32. As we have seen, the incidence of gaps has increased dramatically in recent years, suggesting that gapping behavior itself may be fundamentally changing.
  33. Remember that reversal at or near resistance and support is the most likely place it will occur, especially if price breaks through with gapping movement.
  34. Three days later BIDU was gapping up toward new price highs as it launched on a price run of over 100 percent in only 11 weeks from the pocket pivot buy point.
  35. We have discussed the specific stocks that for the seven days with the highest number of gaps were gapping counter to the crowd, going through things day by day.
  36. If Brazil’s currency devaluation was going to result in a crisis for South America, the market would move lower on big volume after gapping down considerably.
  37. Great scenes where my people tore at each other with bloodied fangs as others fended them off with gapping wounds that spilled pools of dark blood upon the floor.
  38. Notice how the pocket pivot on April 23, 2007, moves straight up to new highs after gapping down to a point just above the 20-day moving average two days earlier.
  39. Another example of the combined candlestick and Western reversal/confirmation involving gapping price movement was found in the chart of Johnson Electric Holdings.
  40. Bullish Side-by-Side White Lines are formed in an uptrend when two white candlesticks of similar size are side by side after gapping above another white candlestick.
  41. Rest assured that where your broker provides guaranteed stops (for an additional fee) they will be executed at the agreed level regardless of any gapping or trading hours.
  42. This rally closes in new high price ground on a weekly basis before immediately gapping down the next week and beginning a rapid descent that takes the stock down about 40 percent.
  43. How does a person tell this? If a stock is gapping about the same percentage as the overall market, and there isn’t any news on that stock, then that stock can be played as a gap play.
  44. As tempting as it was to sell my positions right when the market opened, I decided to wait and see if the major averages were going to head lower on big volume after gapping down at the open.
  45. In this particular case, the “shakeout-plus-three” or “SO+3” buy signal on AMZN resulted in a tepid rally, and the stock eventually rolled over and failed, gapping down hard in late January 2004.
  46. By that time Apple had already had a huge price run, and following this October 2005 earnings announcement the stock began to sell off, finally gapping down and dipping just below its 50-day moving average.
  47. But, before you get too excited about these results, consider that there were only three occurrences of stocks gapping up at a price that was less than 25% of its 30-day moving average between 1995 and 2011.
  48. A breakout with strong gapping price action might also reverse; however, candlestick signals are excellent tools for identifying the possibility of reversal, especially when confirmed by momentum oscillators.
  49. The combination of MA with other indicators – such as candlestick reversal signals, analysis of gapping price patterns, and conformity to the trading range, all make MA a useful technical confirmation indicator.
  50. Not only would you pay the inflated commissions to exercise the Long Call and for assignment of the two Short Calls, you would also be taking on the added risk of the share price gapping up before the market opened the following week.
  51. With the price gapping up above 85 on the next trading day following the weekend, this spread bettor would have established a long position at a 5-point disadvantage due to the price gap, unless his stop order to buy had been guaranteed.
  52. Although all subsets of upward gapping stocks in the test have negative 1-day and 3-day returns, the absolute values of the returns for the stocks gapping up above the moving average is significantly lower than those gapping below their moving average price.
  53. The number of observations gapping above and below a given length moving average does not always sum to the total number of gaps observed because some gaps occurred when a stock was newly included in the database and did not have enough previous price data to calculate a moving average.
  54. The follow-through day smacked me good, but the next day the market gapped down, although on lower volume, enticing me to stay short, but the second day after the follow-through gapped back to the upside, and the market began to grind higher over the next 12 days before gapping up again.
  1. What if AMZN gapped up $50.
  2. On Monday, December 16, NLST gapped up.
  3. When that number comes out, the stock gapped up.
  4. The stock gapped below this level and opened at 39.
  5. AMRN gapped up to 18, but then traded lower all day.
  6. The next day the markets gapped up again and rallied.
  7. The blouse was a little tight and gapped between the.
  8. On August 18, 2011, the stock gapped down more than $3.
  9. The market gapped down huge after a long holiday weekend.
  10. The past loss of his precious daughter gapped inside of him.
  11. It had bad news, gapped down, and then popped right on the open.
  12. DRI was one of the 1,025 stocks that gapped down on September 2.
  13. A large square of darkness gapped above, leading into the unknown.
  14. Check the chart to determine whether the stock gapped more than $1.
  15. The crew barreled towards the strange man-squid as his mouth gapped.
  16. On October 27, 2011, only 9 stocks gapped down whereas 882 gapped up.
  17. Seven stocks gapped up that day whereas 1,025 went the other direction.
  18. TIN had previously gapped up by approximately 40% to near $30 on June 7.
  19. The walls were flimsy, the floorboards gapped, the ceiling was tarpaper.
  20. On January 5, 2007, Herbalife (HLF) gapped down on extremely high volume.
  21. However, the next open gapped lower and traded down off the open with a vengeance.
  22. Price gapped slightly higher on July 6 as the high of the Doji candle was taken out.
  23. While the stock gapped down on earnings news, it could have gapped up just as easily.
  24. On September 27, 2011, Coffee Holding Company (JVA) gapped down and closed down by 15.
  25. On August 18, we gapped up a modest 44 points in the Dow prior to some economic numbers.
  26. The two other stocks that gapped up on the November 1 were Leap Wireless International Inc.
  27. One Friday AMZN gapped down and bounced 13 points, holding a most gorgeous intraday uptrend.
  28. Unlike the broader market, DRI did not recover on September 7; instead it gapped down again.
  29. Notice how price gapped lower after the Deliberation pattern that formed an Evening Doji Star.
  30. This is especially important because the open was gapped down from the previous day’s close.
  31. LVS gapped up and spent the first half hour testing, going down, testing, and rejecting the 49.
  32. Similarly, on April 20, 2011, only 3 stocks gapped down, all on disappointing earnings reports.
  33. These candles gapped lower, and one had a long real body, ending up exhausting the run quickly.
  34. The third day, even though closing lower than the second day, still is gapped above the first day.
  35. These traders were feeling really uncomfortable when the earning came out and the stock gapped up.
  36. On August 18, TIN gapped down along with 1,286 other stocks, losing approximately 7% of its value.
  37. As one of only three stocks that gapped down that day, NG was definitely swimming against the tide.
  38. The 1-day return (both unadjusted and market-adjusted) is negative for the stocks that gapped down.
  39. There were only two stocks that gapped up on November 1, 2011, whereas almost a thousand gapped down.
  40. Instead of rebounding on September 7 as much of the rest of the market did, however, FTR gapped down.
  41. Set to report after the close, LVS gapped up and spent the first half-hour testing and rejecting the 49.
  42. Of course from there, the stock gapped up another 10-15 points, finally kissing the 40 price level.
  43. The pattern of importance here is two white lines that have gapped in the direction of the current trend.
  44. The returns for the stocks that gapped up when almost all the rest were gapping down are quite intriguing.
  45. A third approach would be to buy or sell the few stocks that gapped in the opposite direction from the pack.
  46. If this happened as the price gapped up, you would say that the increased volume confirmed the price movement.
  47. On September 6, 2011, while 562 stocks gapped down that day, Temple-Inland (TIN) was the lone stock to gap up.
  48. On October 15th, Apple announced earnings and the stock gapped up through the 20 price level on the chart in Figure 9.
  49. Smiling, but completely grossed out Flicker patted the bear’s massive neck and he gave a gapped mouth sigh of pleasure.
  50. In this case, Honeywell moves higher immediately on the following day with a gapped up open, but the volume is only average.
  51. While I normally would never buy any stock that gapped down, this was a special circumstance of panic getting ahead of reason.
  52. Prices gapped above the line of resistance, triggering stops and shaking out weak shorts, and that's when the downtrend began.
  53. Instead of breaking down through the lower boundary of the symmetrical triangle, the stock gapped up through the upper boundary.
  54. The final candle in this group was then followed by a bullish engulfing candle, and the following day, with a gapped up move higher.
  55. The Schlosses are especially attracted to stocks that have gapped down in price-stocks where the price decline has been precipitous.
  56. The same thing had happened the previous quarter when the stock gapped down on August 26, resulting in a price drop of 30% in one day.
  57. On February 24, the PC worked itself to an extreme high reading, while the markets gapped down and stayed under pressure early in the session.
  58. Furthermore, I would have finished the day up had I bought stocks such as Cree Inc (CREE) at the open that had gapped down well beyond reason.
  59. On February 23, 2011, Atmos Energy Corporation (ATO) gapped down, but the gap closed in 4 days, which is slightly faster than the median of 5 days.
  60. For example, assume that the market has been in a strong uptrend and you are considering whether to go long or short with stocks that have gapped up.
  61. The two white lines should be similar in body length, but this length is not as important as the fact that they gapped in the direction of the trend.
  62. If 562 stocks gapped down and only one gapped up, surely there is something unusual with that stock that may or may not present a trading opportunity.
  63. This lacked momentum, however, as prices gapped lower and back into the previous trading range, where they remained for the rest of the period charted.
  64. Just as important, it broke out to a new high (marked with a vertical green arrow) before prices gapped up following a surprisingly good earnings announcement.
  65. The fact that the price gapped carries a major message at the open, but how it behaves (stays open, overlaps the tails or fills) tells the real value of the gap.
  66. Only one stock gapped up on August 18, 2011 whereas 1,276 gapped down: Central Gold Trust (GTU), which is a Canadian company that invests primarily in gold bullion.
  67. The one exception to this is the group of stocks that gapped up at a price less than 25% of their 30-day moving average; these stocks had astonishingly high returns.
  68. What do we see here? First, we have a gapped up open, so the electronic contract must have ticked up from the physical close of the day before, which you can see here.
  69. The important aspect of this pattern is that two white lines have gapped in the direction of the current trend, and the subsequent two days were unable to close that gap.
  70. On the fifth day down, the stock gapped lower on the opening, breaching the 10-day moving average for the first time since its late October breakout at the 60 price level.
  71. The second highest jump in volume relative to a 10-day moving average of volume occurred on December 17, 1997, when Cincinnati Financial Corp (CINF) gapped up more than 12%.
  72. My trading strategy here was pullback to value, which I executed on a 5-minute chart, as prices gapped up at the open but then pulled back into the value zone (area B).
  73. An Upside Tasuki Gap (Figure 4-24) is a white candlestick that has gapped above the previous white candlestick, then followed by a black candlestick that closes inside that gap.
  74. Consider every element of this trade carefully: The market had been in an extended uptrend and gapped above the upper channel at A, indicating a potential climax and overextension.
  75. This suggests that purchasing a stock that gapped down on Day 0 at an above average price at the opening the following day, Day 1, will, on average, be a profitable trading strategy.
  76. The three stocks that gapped down on September 7, 2011 (Darden Restaurant [DRI], Frontier Communication [FTR], and Novagold Resources [NG]) all continued moving down the following day.
  77. After consolidating again for nearly a quarter, another upthrust back above the level decisively ended any hopes for another easy trend leg up and the market gapped open lower the next day.
  78. A good illustration of this occurred on 7 September 2009 when Cadbury shares gapped up by more than 30% at the open on the news that the company had received a buy-out offer from Kraft Foods.
  79. We decided to wait for the earnings to come out that afternoon, and once the news was out that RIMM had handily beaten the estimates, the stock gapped up out of a very tight, six-week flat base, shown in Figure 9.
  80. I know it is pointless to trade stocks that are being taken over, but my thoughts were that it was a second day play and that someone didn’t like the merger and it could drive back down to the price it gapped up from.
  81. Based on the rule, once BIDU violated the 10-day moving average one should have sold at least half of any position taken on the gap-up, selling the rest once the stock had gapped down below the 50-day moving average on October 27th.
  82. For if we had waited for a more decisive breakout, we would find that buying shares required taking on significantly greater risk as prices gapped up three days after they initially closed above the symmetrical triangle’s upper boundary.
  83. Finally, and just to prove the point, on the third day on our chart the market opens gapped up, but look at the volume – it's high, and well above the volume of the previous day, so this is a genuine move, and the big operators are buying into the bullish trend higher.
  84. The follow-through day smacked me good, but the next day the market gapped down, although on lower volume, enticing me to stay short, but the second day after the follow-through gapped back to the upside, and the market began to grind higher over the next 12 days before gapping up again.
  85. The very next day, Verisign gapped up on the open, completing what was quite clearly a “morning star” formation where the tiny little candle on the fifth day down represented the “star” in the pattern, and the long upside candle on the sixth day completed and confirmed the formation.
  86. For example, if many stocks gapped and 99% of them gapped up, do those stocks that gapped up represent some type of trading opportunity? For days with a high number of down gaps, the best idea seems to be to go short on the down-gapping stocks on the day after the gap, looking for a downward continuation.
  87. Iceman: Some of the best setups are if a stock gaps up in the after-hours and then higher in the premarket and holds; that’s a sign that we know the news was received positively because the stock gaps up to begin with, but when it actually holds higher the next morning, above where it gapped up, at that point we know that the buyers have control and the people who aren’t in are more likely to pile in for an opening drive.
  1. He filled in the gaps.
  2. A series of price gaps.
  3. Filling in the gaps between.
  4. For example, if AAPL gaps up 1.
  5. These gaps have yet to be filled.
  6. Barns and ten-mile gaps between.
  7. Avoid gaps on the following days:.
  8. Not all price gaps are significant.
  9. This is so that I can view the gaps.
  10. More shards fell and the gaps widened.
  11. What Are the Trading Rules for Gaps?
  12. For now, gaps seem to be here to stay.
  13. Clarify gaps and state observations.
  14. Down gaps are a bit more complicated.
  15. Why Aren’t All Gaps Created Equal?
  16. Fill in any gaps by further reading.
  17. There are gaps in the management team.
  18. Gaps and their role in price movement.
  19. What’s the Secret to Unfilled Gaps?
  20. He filled in the gaps to questions I.
  21. Very few of the down gaps, less than 0.
  22. Days with the Greatest Number of Gaps.
  24. There are actually four types of gaps:.
  25. On December 9, the stock gaps up again.
  26. For down gaps it does have some impact.
  27. For every ten gaps of say ten million.
  28. Eventually, all good gaps come to an end.
  29. The study of gaps will probably continue.
  30. However, that is not true for the up gaps.
  31. Assess results of pilot and address gaps.
  32. Another 11% of the up gaps close on Day 2.
  33. He'd do his research and fill in the gaps.
  34. By Day 8, two-thirds of the up gaps closed.
  35. It was as if there were total gaps in his.
  36. Gaps in her attendance do inevitably occur.
  37. This chapter considers the closing of gaps.
  38. First was the frequency of the hidden gaps.
  39. Thus, a trader will not find a lack of gaps.
  40. Stops and Overnight Gaps: Only for the Pros.
  41. Lines of seaweed filled the gaps between the.
  42. Examples of those gaps are shown on Figures 4.
  43. If however, the stock gaps down below the $21.
  44. M: Consciousness is intermittent, full of gaps.
  45. Most gaps occur in the premarket or postmarket.
  46. Examples of common gaps are shown on Figures 4.
  47. He was leaping over thirty-foot gaps with ease.
  48. Another significant price pattern involves gaps.
  49. He'd tied the ends through gaps in the girders.
  50. So then I began to find gaps between everything.
  51. Some days have an extremely high number of gaps.
  52. There were one or two long gaps, as he recalled.
  53. Price moves subsequent to the gaps can be large.
  54. Example of common gaps in the Japanese yen chart.
  55. About 35% of the up gaps occur on average volume.
  56. The hidden gaps confirmed this potential problem.
  57. Stocks gap down and rally up, but most gaps fill.
  58. Fjordane arrows made gaps in the Sogn shield-wall.
  59. For up gaps, the median time to close was 5 days.
  60. Sufficient gaps can be created in bi-directional.
  61. Gaps are an important part of candlestick analysis.
  62. Nine of those days had gaps only in one direction.
  63. Candle pattern gaps are either filled or left open.
  64. It takes away the gaps and prevents massive errors.
  65. And even larger gaps have happened and will happen.
  66. You have seen the tendency for down gaps to reverse.
  67. Over half of all down gaps fall into this category.
  68. A quick reminder here that gaps are not all the same.
  69. With a 24-hour chart, traders will not see the gaps.
  70. Gaps are pricing phenomena that need a brief mention.
  71. Clouds hung in the way and the gaps were too narrow.
  72. She was able to fill in a lot of the gaps in my life.
  73. We have not done an exhaustive study of opening gaps.
  74. Please fill in the gaps so that I dont lose my mind.
  75. It is best if the last day gaps above the second day.
  76. The second day must be a Doji Star (a Doji that gaps).
  77. Watch the gaps between the wagons, and back up Earl.
  78. Gaps of that kind indicate on the direction of next.
  79. Every snippet that I learn fills in more of the gaps.
  80. I’ve seen price gaps measuring 20% to 40% and more.
  81. Why are there gaps in his or her employment history?
  82. In my view; all people have missing gaps of both kinds.
  83. Examples of breakaway gaps are shown in the Figures 4.
  84. This leaves significant gaps in the historical record.
  85. It is best if the third day gaps above the second day.
  86. But these orders expose you to gaps that don’t close.
  87. The skunk squeezed his way out through one of the gaps.
  88. Smoke was finding its way through gaps under the eaves.
  89. The third day gaps also, but in the opposite direction.
  90. For the down gaps, the median time to close was 6 days.
  91. I’ve searched to fill in the gaps in my absent center.
  92. When it comes to gaps, not all markets are created equal.
  93. First consider the days with a high number of down gaps.
  94. Now look at the closing of up gaps a little more closely.
  95. We wanted to examine how long it takes for gaps to close.
  96. Thus, over one-third of the up gaps close within 2 days.
  97. One common cause for gaps is reaction to earnings reports.
  98. In the sample, 3,136 gaps remained unfilled after 3 days.
  99. The next morning, the market gaps down and opens at 1094.
  100. About one-third of the down gaps occur on average volume.

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