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    1. The young woman had her brains bashed in, chunks of her skull cracked and pulled outward like it was done with a crowbar or the back of a hammer

    2. " His lips were cracked and dried, like he hadn't drunk anything in a long time

    3. Repair loose or cracked siding or stucco, peeling paint and gaps around windows and doors that allow moisture into the wood that provides an attractive environment for them to live in

    4. "Loser!" Their roars cracked into squeaks (dragon teens can be mean but are still really awkward) and they pushed him around

    5. Both are badly sunburned with ragged scraggly beards, blistered and cracked lips

    6. The blue lantern of An Garda Siochana bolted over the entrance was cracked and peeled

    7. looked at a simple brass carriage clock, the glass of which was inevitably cracked

    8. cracked and split ever wider, and spellbound by the fascination that makes a B-movie

    9. It cracked open after that

    10. The brief euphoria that came with a new voice and a soft hand was as fragile as my cracked ribs

    1. They jabbed their fingers and teeth into his ribs, pulling him apart, cracking him open like a lobster

    2. She could hear the horns and metal and glass twisting and grating and cracking against itself

    3. ’ She said, her voice cracking; she takes a deep breath, visibly steadying herself, before going on

    4. ’ I told him, my voice cracking

    5. ’ I said, my voice cracking as my emotions catch up now that the pressure is off to a large extent

    6. cracking the spines of sinners,

    7. “Look Catwhiskers, there’s one egg, its cracking; look there’s a

    8. Cracking stiff joints and loosing wasted muscles

    9. As my eyes focused better I could see there was a dragon caring for two rather large eggs that seemed to be cracking

    10. I was so scared, Wiesse, and there was all that dust and stuff …’ I said, my voice cracking as I remember how terrified I had been

    1. They can move through the cracks in walls

    2. Repair all cracks in the foundation that provide access to the wood inside

    3. But he knew one thing, if this crowd gave him an opportunity to slip out of this horizon, he was going to take it and get as deep into the cracks of their logic as he could

    4. Cracks, that fill with water and freeze in winter,

    5. Plaster cracks with the fading echo of low voices

    6. that never quite silence of sighs and cracks and rustles

    7. Drens cracks a joke with the man and explains who we are

    8. of days when covering the cracks

    9. 'Look above,' Ali's dad said and pointed to the roof, 'look, there are cracks on

    10. He went to the box and checked the other bats for cracks

    1. Ackers carefully inserted the device into the crack on the door, and then he squeezed what looked like the blue mercury down the tube, out of the device and into the door

    2. Ackers crept over to the door and opened it a crack, trying to look out into the hallway for any signs of the intruders

    3. He cackles, jumps back suddenly, dodging a crack on the sidewalk, points at the sidewalk

    4. Something explodes at the front of the car and a big crack appears in the window

    5. I did this years ago when I needed a break from trying to crack those suntower signals, about 2275 I think

    6. look into those eyes just once before the fang and the crack of her neck

    7. He wanted to try and crack their data system

    8. "Who has access to the diagnostic channels?" God asked in a voice that made the whole sky rumble and crack

    9. There was a crack, and with the voice of thunder Moamar spoke, "We have uncovered some who oppose the will of God," he said

    10. Another crack and flash split the sky

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    crack cracking fracture fling go offer pass whirl crack cocaine tornado gap quip sally wisecrack snap cleft crevice fissure scissure chap cranny shot break check break through break up collapse crack up crock up a-one ace first-rate super tiptop top-notch topnotch tops mad barmy crazy report flaw rent slit breach rift spring chink rend splinter cleave shatter crackle burst craze comment return witticism jest mot solve answer figure out decode hurt injure