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Gap in a sentence

This gap is 3.
gap in his life.
There was a gap.
and block the gap.
Closing the Gap.
I'm on a gap year.

gap in your memory.
75 gap in the chart.
Rose knew the gap.
But there is a gap.
They saw a gap in.
If there was a gap.
I jump into the gap.
There's a clear gap.
But there was a gap.
have created the gap.
bridges the gap be-.
leave a 5 second gap.
You had to jump a gap.
What is a Price Gap?.
The gap was widening.
The gap is too great.
5 in), and a gap of 1.
line drive in the gap.
A gap that needed so.
It could gap up to 16.
With only a small gap.
across the Northern Gap.
A narrow gap appeared.
This was a runaway gap.
4 most of the stocks are gapping up.
It has a history of gapping up or down more than $1.
00 percent, the overall S&P 500 is also gapping up 1.
same as playing earnings gapping, you are guessing and that is.
A gapping move such as this may mark the beginning of a new trend.
2 shows the number of up gaps that closed within 25 days of gapping.
eastern, I scan for stocks that are gapping down of their own accord.
High and Low Price Gapping Plays are the Japanese equivalents of breakouts.
A third approach is to trade the stocks that are gapping in the opposite direction.
Unfortunately there was a great gapping chasm between Nicole's fantasy and the reality.
Of the 9 stocks gapping down, 8 of the gaps were negative reactions to earnings reports.
The most important part of the pattern is the smaller gapping candle and the closing of the gap.
Looking at the down-gapping stocks, when large numbers are gapping up, the returns (refer to Table 8.
Three days later the NASDAQ put in a fourth-day follow-through, gapping up and rallying a total of 5.
There is nothing more alluring for a trader than a stock that is gapping up hugely on tremendous volume.
After gapping up on the October 13, 2004, earnings announcement, AAPL continued moving higher (Figure 5.
The returns for the stocks that gapped up when almost all the rest were gapping down are quite intriguing.
Because Side-by-Side White Lines are used only after gapping, there is not much flexibility in this pattern.
The stock then rallies weakly back up into the 50-day moving average before breaking down and gapping lower.
Guaranteed stops and stops-with-limits may be used alleviate the first of these problems, the gapping problem.
For instance, overnight news could cause a stock to open much lower, gapping under a stop on a long position.
Guaranteed stops and stops-with-limits may be used to alleviate the first of these problems, the gapping problem.
After the close AAPL handily beat analysts’ estimates, gapping up the next morning as it was off to the races.
The stock was gapping up because regulators considered new conditions for the takeover of PGN two days ago by DUK.
The exception to this is gaps on individual stocks that are gapping with the market and not on any particular news.
Western technical indicators (tops and bottoms, head and shoulders, gapping price movement, and many other patterns).
Gaps are not easily to interpret, but when they occur this often, some signals can be taken from gapping price movement.
Guaranteed stops and stops-with-limits (Chapter 6) may be used alleviate the first of these problems, the gapping problem.
Returns for stocks that gap up are negative up to the 10-day holding period; thus stocks tend to reverse right after gapping up.
A second approach would be to buy or sell some of the stocks that were part of the group of stocks gapping in the same direction.
What if AMZN gapped up $50.
was stunned and gapped her words.
6% whereas 807 other stocks gapped up.
On Monday, December 16, NLST gapped up.
He coldly laughed two times and gapped.
00 level on Monday, the SPYs gapped above 132.
When that number comes out, the stock gapped up.
The stock gapped below this level and opened at 39.
AMRN gapped up to 18, but then traded lower all day.
The next day the markets gapped up again and rallied.
The blouse was a little tight and gapped between the.
On August 18, 2011, the stock gapped down more than $3.
, late June when it gapped up to $15 but faded all day).
The market gapped down huge after a long holiday weekend.
The past loss of his precious daughter gapped inside of him.
(CROX) gapped up very sharply in early May of 2007 (Figure 5.
the losses, even it gapped in your favour, and you can still.
DRI was one of the 1,025 stocks that gapped down on September 2.
(OVTI) was the only stock that gapped down on November 30, 2011.
It had bad news, gapped down, and then popped right on the open.
A large square of darkness gapped above, leading into the unknown.
which have gapped up in the stock price three months ago and were.
Check the chart to determine whether the stock gapped more than $1.
The crew barreled towards the strange man-squid as his mouth gapped.
exclaimed together at the same time, they gapped at the same time too.
His eyes glistened with tears, and Nico’s mouth gapped slightly.
On October 27, 2011, only 9 stocks gapped down whereas 882 gapped up.
576%, but there were 617 up gaps and only six stocks that gapped down.
Seven stocks gapped up that day whereas 1,025 went the other direction.
The walls were flimsy, the floorboards gapped, the ceiling was tarpaper.
Gaps in the thread.
He filled in the gaps.
Gaps and the Market.
A series of price gaps.
God of the Gaps?.
gaps and, 124-125, 128-129.
Filling in the gaps between.
showed three exhaustion gaps.
6%) of up gaps closed by Day 5.
gaps, when the mind blanks out.
For example, if AAPL gaps up 1.
have marked the gaps in my world.
merely gaps in the stream of pain.
Barns and ten-mile gaps between.
These gaps have yet to be filled.
Avoid gaps on the following days:.
Not all price gaps are significant.
This is so that I can view the gaps.
filling in the gaps that I left open.
39, which gaps up on August 23, 2007.
who saw life in snapshots, with gaps.
Why Aren’t All Gaps Created Equal?.
More shards fell and the gaps widened.
For now, gaps seem to be here to stay.
What Are the Trading Rules for Gaps?.
Down gaps are a bit more complicated.
Clarify gaps and state observations.
Fill in any gaps by further reading.
Gaps and their role in price movement.
What’s the Secret to Unfilled Gaps?.

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