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    1. see any change in my situation? Does He care about me?

    2. ” She wipes the counter, pretending not to care

    3. that they have not learned to trust God to take care of

    4. While help and advice of others is always welcome, it is best to initiate actions ourselves to take care of our daily routine

    5. She doesn’t care about me at all

    6. We don’t care what we do to our body

    7. "There's a lot at stake," she said, "More than you could know, but I do care for you more than you think and that fact is making it difficult to fulfill my obligations

    8. And many thanks for taking care of the place

    9. "I really do care for you and our life here, much more than I should

    10. When you are in that state you do not care, who says

    11. what or who is judging you; you just care only about what

    12. This was a week to let the garden take care of itself and it was going to be at least another hour before the snow melted anyway

    13. Sarah and her husband, Travis, still go by the names “Jesse” and “Lucinda” but they refuse to speak with me after I took care of the remains of their child

    14. Even so, she told Hermann that she still loved her mother and they should all love her and take care of her because she’s family

    15. Each health care professional should know what the other has prescribed for you

    16. In case of hospitalisation, the expenses that are incurred will be taken care of by this policy subject to the limit of the cover

    17. This cover will also take care of pre as well as post-hospitalisation expenses like money spent on buying medicines and conducting medical tests

    18. Easy accessibility, undivided attention, proper 'listening', showing of real care and the faith developed over a period of time are the major aspects of successful consultation

    19. Our accumulated gestures of care and compassion will ultimately transform our lives and the lives of others

    20. Thousands of generations ago, fleeing or fighting in stressful situations was not a good option for a female who was pregnant or taking care of offspring, and women who developed and maintained social alliances were better able to care for offspring in stressful times

    21. Citrus Oils are powerful extracts, used with care as it will kill off beneficials as well

    22. Mom told me that she had a terrible childhood growing up with Grandma, though she said she loved her mother all the same and we should all love her and take care of her because she’s family

    23. Just as she takes care of her body, she takes even better care of her long, flaxen hair, combing it every morning and every night

    24. Long-distance grand parenting is challenging, but with care, you can stay in touch

    25. There are a number of NGOs doing good work in the field of healthcare, bringing up parentless and destitute children, care of physically handicapped, education of poor children, nourishment for patients and disaster management and rehabilitation

    26. "That's very noble, but the natives can take care of themselves

    27. Take care of my friend here

    28. “Has she been taking good care of you? Has she?” he purrs, rubbing his hands around the base of the drumset

    29. “I don’t care about your dad! This Chip is more important than your life and all the things that happen in it

    30. The topic of the lecture should be chosen with great care

    31. On the contrary if you feel that you have all the time in the world to improve the standard of your life (as different from living standard!) or to help the needy and have all the money and possessions to take care of your essential bodily needs, then you will be happy all the time

    32. We work hard; you flit around without a care

    33. ‘Oh Emma …’ I muttered, touched by her obvious care for me but all the same annoyed that Dan should think me such a pathetic creature to be pining for him

    34. It may not be easy for sons and daughters who have to care for old parents

    35. In the villages, while the old do have a place in the community, but the infrastructure and care available is unsatisfactory and insufficient

    36. "Serenity East, Long Term Care Facility

    37. The main office of the long-term care facility

    38. long-term care facility for the

    39. Plants under the care of the ants are protected by them and are also used as a source of food either for them directly thru the sap or pollen of the plant or indirectly thru the use of aphids and other insects which attack the plant and which in turn are ‘milked’ by the ants (for their nectar)

    40. "Well, what about her? I'll take care of her

    41. Given that the family remains the mainstay of care for older people in rural areas, boosting the household income is essential to improving care, including access to health care

    42. The approach should fit in the community context, reinforcing the traditional value of respect for the elderly in order to strengthen informal, family care for older people while utilizing their influence to solve day-to-day problems and obtain the cooperation of village population to the government

    43. all of which David devoted to her making without care or thought for his own state

    44. However, simply by taking care of one’s yard and garden through natural means, the accumulative effects will yield significant results on a global scale

    45. Care should be taken whenever handling any formulas, chemicals or organic fertilizers, etc

    46. “It’s like care in the community if you think about it

    47. care of that for you

    48. This is a site giving information on elder care links but also gives useful information for seniors on legal, financial and health matters

    49. You almost had to sign on to a tribe to care about it

    50. some confusion is inevitable: Could he be a playful, elf-like man who comes down from the canyon at dawn to sprinkle dew over the ground before others awaken? Or simply a wonderfully unobtrusive groundskeeper who literally fades into the landscape while dutifully taking care of the foliage? Actually

    1. That was one area where no one could compete with Henry; he had a big heart and wasn’t afraid to show that he cared

    2. I never much cared for the whole

    3. Caring - Moses cared greatly for the people he was leading

    4. It was his knowledge that made him unable to enjoy this game wasn't it? He cared for Jaseem as a friend but knew he would not understand, even if he was permitted to hear about it

    5. "The movement never cared about innocent civilians in their own population," Diam scowled

    6. the lost including, in many cases, their own husbands! They have cared for the sick, the

    7. Elond wouldn't have cared anyway if he met a former lover at a pub every third week

    8. Could it be that God did not care so much about the ponds and chicken coops they built to help the village as He cared about a fulfillment of wisdom displayed through a willing Church that there is something more important than this life? What was expressed to that community was that these men were not simply there to help with the economy

    9. The ring on her finger still felt awkward … she wasn’t accustomed to wearing things like that but all the same, it felt right and reminded her of how much Joris had cared

    10. Who do you think kept the dinosaurs at bay? They protected us and cared for us

    11. Codwing cared, Catwhiskers’ job

    12. cared for me in the scheme of love and marriage and potential

    13. of those who cared for me back in those new world days

    14. They trusted us, cared a great deal for us, and respected the riders

    15. Desa appreciated the fact that she cared about the personal lives of the crew, even the dryfeet

    16. " Getting the Instinct had been scary also, almost as scary as the thought that her lust had nearly lost someone she really cared about

    17. If they believed she really cared for him, they could control her thru him

    18. The main reason he didn't was that he was ashamed to put a cherub over a real soul, especially one he thought he cared for

    19. She really thought that he cared something for her; that he would be returning in the evening

    20. Everyone said so, everyone that is who didn’t know or cared not to know about the gaping hole at the heart of their relationship

    21. Few, it would seem, cared

    22. She still had long thick hair, well cared for, and her blouse was not open, but it was very low and her cleavage was still impressive

    23. She cared more for one that would give her time to get ready and not force her

    24. “I am honored that you cared so much and yet still held yourself in restraint, it must have taken a lot of self control

    25. We had cared for him

    26. He did not object as he had fallen in love with Naria; and she in turn cared deeply for him

    27. ‘Bunty wrote about his proposal in her diary … he was quite offensive when he proposed, didn’t even pretend that he cared about her, and he was considerably older than she was as well, so goodness only knows what he thought he was offering her

    28. everyone that is who didn’t know or cared not to know about the

    29. I’d say he genuinely cared for you

    30. They enjoyed roasting the meat over hickory logs, but I never cared for it

    31. Knowing that someone cared made all the difference

    32. Bunty Danvers was a remarkable woman of great generosity, as you will no doubt have realised, she cared greatly about people and took immense pains to do whatever she could to help those who, as she saw it, needed assistance, but only ever from an altruistic motive

    33. For the moment he cared little for reason or effect,

    34. Ava took him to an elevator and went straight down for more shafts than he cared to think about

    35. Ozzie, the only one who could be said to have genuinely cared about Chas in any way at all, was clearly upset, though doing his best to conceal it as only a public school boy can

    36. language, which conveyed to anyone who cared to read it that the

    37. He wondered how Kemberra knew and he wondered why he even cared

    38. Why did she care? He certainly didn’t care about her, he only cared about Tdeshi

    39. He had never cared for her for any other reason

    40. Each card cared for and passed down in perfect condition

    41. ‘Ideally, she needs to be in a facility where she can be cared for until such time as either her body gives up or she comes back

    42. She needs to be moved somewhere she can be cared for appropriately

    43. She didn’t mind if they followed her now did she? ‘Please follow me to the killer,’ she thought of painting on her cape, all she cared about was that they didn’t stop her

    44. His desk wouldn’t be out of place in a very smart office and the large designer plant at the end of it is obviously expensive and well cared for

    45. They reminisced some more, Hyondahi admitted that Tdeshi never cared for him anywhere near as much as he cared for her and he knew it

    46. Johnny who had been to the principal’s office more times than one cared to count,

    47. Then there were the livery's own stock to be managed, cared for and let out for hire

    48. I confessed my regrets and made known I had only used what persuasions any one in my own place might have used and as consolation left him with the trophy of that unfortunate encounter---a rather well designed and cared for tradesman's folding knife of about half a foot in length

    49. Monica rose up her head, tears in her eyes, as red liquid dripped from her fore brow; she couldn’t tell if it was her own blood or Abel Berry juice, but she no longer cared

    50. "You told us not to mention alien stuff in public," Monica explained, "But anyway, Olorhleng didn‘t care about rescuing Eve; he just cared about something he called “The

    1. “Who cares, the price was right

    2. Who cares about

    3. “Forget it, Dan, who cares about silly old waiters and mysterious

    4. cares of the mortal world simply fell away, and all that Cat could feel now was the

    5. ‘It’s only because she cares, Liz

    6. needs and cares for us

    7. Who cares? They probably got

    8. cares for our healing so much that He can stop the sun and the moon and

    9. We all look ridiculous in our paper hats but who cares! Betty is happy because she has Fred to herself and, although I know Rose and Janet are watching us and more or less taking notes, I am very content to have Nick at my side

    10. ‘I expect he told you he cares about you, didn’t he?’

    11. ’ She said, ‘But he really cares about you, Kate, and I believe you feel much the same about him … that’s why I sent him over

    12. they win of course, but who cares by then with all the arrests…

    13. here, the cares drift away, there’s sand between your toes,

    14. One last thing – and here I take advantage of the fact that you cannot touch me as I say this – you know now that you love Lintze, I repeat what I said to you the other night when you were ranting at me, she cares for you, my friend, go to her – offer her your heart

    15. Now, she cares for him a great deal, but does not know how to tell him

    16. She obviously cares greatly that the hospitality of her house is less than she would like

    17. "You really think God cares what magic level you set? I admit the church does, but do you think God is that petty?"

    18. Who cares? It is a buffet

    19. Casting all your care upon him; for he cares for you

    20. Not one of them cares about Bex

    21. He cares more about being with

    22. Sometimes it seems to Maggie that he cares more for his Glaswegian protégés than he does for her, but she lets it go, preferring to move another pawn into position

    23. The boy can rot for all he cares, which is a symptom of the conflict that he feels inside

    24. It’s the fact that he cares about this girl that doesn’t make sense

    25. “She cares more about some dumb pony than she cares about people!” Suzie said, and then the three of them had a hearty laugh as they went back to their respective homes

    26. immediately! Every Hesean that cares about the fate of the Universe, board a ship immediately! The Beast has escaped the Pit! I repeat, The Beast has escaped the Pit!”

    27. Whether she had actually been there or not didn’t matter, who cares if she made that up, she knew of them so clearly the planet had a global society

    28. That He cares for you,

    29. They need to know that someone cares about how they are feeling

    30. The sun will try to take away the cares

    31. Focus on Jesus and let the cares of those around you fade away for a time

    32. We thank you for having a family that cares and loves

    33. my dead soul that this is a person that cares and that it was genuine

    34. and cares for them

    35. becomes relevant to people when they see that He cares for their

    36. All the cares and worries of a few moments

    37. “Indeed we shall help,” she said softly and Todd with those beautiful shires he cares for

    38. this status: the woman cares the household,

    39. "Your brother wasn't the same after what happened to Elina, but I'm sure he still cares for you

    40. He cares about his people

    41. He cares deeply for you

    42. “He cares that much for me?”

    43. I became concerned with the cares of this world

    44. For a little while, you leave your everyday cares behind and go to visit a wonderful place

    45. Ulfric cares entirely about Ulfric

    46. cares about quality of work

    47. By means of the unproductive class, the cuitivators are delivered from many cares, which would otherwise distract their attention from the cultivation of land

    48. We’ll not suffer from lack of libation, if anyone cares to indulge

    49. ‘Who cares for you?’ said Alice, (she had grown to her full size by this

    50. Provided he can enjoy this influence for a few years, and thereby provide for a certain number of his friends, he frequently cares little about the dividend, or even about the value of the stock upon which his vote is founded

    1. I have been deprived of the luxury of caring what my beloved thinks of me, and so I write

    2. ‘Oh yes, she had the right temperament – caring but without getting emotionally involved, if you know what I mean

    3. You made your choice, Dan, live with it! You abdicated any right you may have had to caring about my welfare …

    4. One has to realize that women evolved as child bearing and home defender- hence nurturing, loving and caring while men evolved as hunter (chaser!), protector, provider and problem solver

    5. A very caring and thoughtful friend of yours

    6. "That God damned mother fucking God damn bishop!" he bellowed, not caring that there could be monitoring for all he knew

    7. Caring - Moses cared greatly for the people he was leading

    8. Once I get inside the house, despair takes over … I sit and stare into space for hour after hour, forcing myself to eat something, yet not caring what it is … and the tears never stop

    9. She was warmer, more caring

    10. As my eyes focused better I could see there was a dragon caring for two rather large eggs that seemed to be cracking

    11. ‘Karalintze Thwaite was a caring and creative woman

    12. and I can’t stand the caring and worrying anymore

    13. Positive thinking is only the foundation; it is caring for your mind, nurturing it, avoiding anxiety and worry

    14. ROBERT: My first witness will demonstrate to the jury that my client is a loving, caring, and a considerate young man

    15. Caring for the skin in this way will result in a more natural glow

    16. Daniel, you will ride with Kate and me while my Queen is caring for her eggs

    17. Over the years you have both looked to each other for strength in caring and teaching these children

    18. She and John had done the right thing in staying and caring for them

    19. This is what it is all about, caring and loving someone, being loved in return; watching out for each other, helping your fellow man, trying to make a difference

    20. in case I see a reflection from a caring soul,

    21. They tried to climax under water but came up sputtering without really finishing but not really caring because they still had fun

    22. Not caring which way is up, I just float about in space, utterly content

    23. Sam looked at Lucy with new eyes after that, he was very caring and gentle with her

    24. Berndt had been quiet for a day or so after our conversation – neither of us caring to pick up the thread of that particular subject again

    25. I let go, not caring if I stumbled or not, watching the stars, a smile in my heart for Athena

    26. It was no wonder that his Hold was so friendly and its people so caring

    27. If you are in the business of caring for people in need, you understand that resources are needed to do the work effectively

    28. Lord Boras took in orphans, all the orphans he could under the pretense of caring for them

    29. you're kind and caring and you have a heart of gold"

    30. I do remember a show recently where the news anchorwoman was taking small tidbits and building a strong case of child abuse when, in fact, there was a tremendous amount of love and caring happening

    31. “But I never knew anything of where I came from as a young woman,” Ava said, obviously not caring that this woman wasn’t up to the mental exercise of going with her

    32. “Everyone with a caring mother has heard of shonggot,” Kulai told her in return

    33. Detective Inspector Jarvis was at the hospital an hour before he had arranged to meet with Chrissie’s mother, partly because he wanted to see the woman in question for himself and partly because he wanted to talk to the medical staff caring for her

    34. I spent many sleepless nights praying that I’d stop caring for him or at least that I’d learn how to manage it

    35. ’ Dubois simply shrugged in reply – not caring

    36. She is lucky to have such caring friends

    37. The motion of it was greater than that of the ship thru the void, more caring than sleeping in a mothers arms, more primeval than rocking in ocean swells

    38. Caring for the children of their closest friends was quite satisfactory and rewarding enough

    39. Unfortunately, hiring additional people to assist in caring for the place got in the way of that too

    40. “There I would live by myself in a tiny cage, caring for a few other lab animals for a few years

    41. Hipolyta strolled with Kaitlyn, or sat, or read stories with Mandy, sometimes one or the other had the privilege of caring for Hannah during their companionship

    42. ‘The Sovereign will be a caring lord

    43. I like gentle, loving, quiet, caring, and easy – going (like you) and then decided to find an introduction service and correspond with the Orient

    44. He couldn't help himself, she did him right there, with everyone else around and no one caring because they were all involved with each other

    45. To be held once by a caring mother ,

    46. Walking through life alone, not caring that I was astray

    47. not caring that I was astray—

    48. Because I had never taken any business courses, I wanted to learn something about business and I wanted to learn something about auto mechanics so I figured that this would be the first time I would have fun in college, not caring at all whether I got a degree or not

    49. He was not only blessed with a warrior’s heart, but a caring soul as well – a most rare, and special combination

    50. Oh she was polite enough and considerate enough and physically pleasant enough, but even a quick 'let's fuck' from a casual encounter in a concert hall seemed like a deeper and more caring involvement than this

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