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Handwriting в предложении (на )

  1. The handwriting did not match.
  2. It was Anna's neat handwriting.
  3. And my handwriting is terrible.
  4. It is the slasher's handwriting.

  6. But the handwriting was the same.
  7. His handwriting would soon fit in.
  8. I saw the handwriting on the wall.
  9. He said softly, That's her handwriting.
  10. He wanted no change in his handwriting.
  11. And all this was in my own handwriting.
  12. Ivan recognized the handwriting at once.
  13. He wasn't familiar with her handwriting.
  14. Written in the florist’s handwriting.
  15. Ava frowned when she saw the handwriting.

  16. Why is it our handwriting is not alike?
  17. As I’ve said before, my handwriting is.
  18. The other side had two lines of handwriting.
  19. Gāndhiji’s handwriting was not very good.
  20. The handwriting for the letter was Grade A.
  21. Such beautiful handwriting, she said.
  22. First thing, you have very nice handwriting.
  23. Doctors truly do have the worst handwriting.
  24. Now you see the point about the handwriting.
  25. They are all in Princess Anna's handwriting.

  26. It was in his handwriting, McDaniel replied.
  27. Bruce’s handwriting was the more challenging.
  28. The way we trade is as personal as handwriting.
  29. Woman's handwriting, at least I am right there.
  30. A lady's handwriting! Don't let the girls see it.
  31. It was already three quarters full of handwriting.
  32. It was unlined and covered with blocky handwriting.
  33. It is addressed in large, bold handwriting to—.
  34. It’s my mother’s handwriting, Kelvin said.
  35. That IS my mother’s handwriting, Kelvin said.
  36. The scroll contained handwriting in black India ink.
  37. Reacher asked, Is this Keever’s handwriting?
  38. I was surprised to see Samantha’s handwriting in it.
  39. It is addressed in large, bold handwriting to——.
  40. She knew the handwriting on it and hurriedly opened it.
  41. Mrs d'Urberville's handwriting seemed rather masculine.
  42. But there they were, in his father’s bold handwriting.
  43. Apocalypse is the long-promised handwriting upon the wall.
  44. Then the handwriting started to appear, bright and black.
  45. There it was, May 25, in his chicken track handwriting: Mr.
  46. She picked up the paper and recognized Larc’s handwriting.
  47. The address on the mailing slip was in my own handwriting:.
  48. He stood at the desk, labouring in his execrable handwriting.
  49. She turned the white paper over, and saw another handwriting.
  50. It was her mother’s handwriting, there was no doubting that.
  51. Written on Parker’s notepaper and in my finest handwriting.
  52. The handwriting had come with Tdeshi and was not new with Ava.
  53. You blot out the handwriting of ordinances, that is against me.
  54. His very handwriting was the round, slow handwriting of a boy.
  55. It was a printed form that had been completed with handwriting.
  56. Jesse handed the order to her, Look, compare the handwriting.
  57. And not only did my handwriting completely eclipse that of the.
  58. He recognized them by the handwriting and opened Sonya’s first.
  59. She recognized her handwriting from birthday and Christmas cards.
  60. Realizing the private was dead, we had the handwriting analyzed.
  61. He recognized them by the handwriting and opened Sónya’s first.
  62. The sight of his familiar handwriting had given me pause this time.
  63. The handwriting of those notes and letters did look familiar though.
  64. Written does not mean that you should do so in your own handwriting.
  65. It was just a scrap of paper with some nearly illegible handwriting.
  66. So that you may be able to write a few words in the handwriting of.
  67. This photograph is inscribed at the top in Pat’s own handwriting.
  68. I gazed at my mother’s handwriting, trying to comprehend the truth.
  69. Could you please write it down for me? My handwriting is terrible.
  70. Molinari pushed forward a yellow legal pad filled with his handwriting.
  71. From the handwriting and the two letters, ‘Jo’, I know who wrote it.
  72. Comparing the handwriting to that of Smith, it appears to be legitimate.
  73. The outbox held neatly stacked papers with Paul’s angular handwriting.
  74. But I got to be kind of a specialized handwriting expert over the years.
  75. Fuhrers’ handwriting is a bit hard to read, especially towards the end.
  76. The writing in italic handwriting over a list of options added recently.
  77. Most of the page was filled in with letters in Grace's shaky handwriting.
  78. The handwriting on the envelope I could not mistake as much as I wanted to.
  79. It was in my grandmother’s handwriting, and it was signed and notarized.
  80. Do you have an expert to verify the handwriting is that of the pastor?
  81. Before he even read the message, he noted the handwriting appeared the same.
  82. Her handwriting had already degraded to the point only a few could read it.
  83. Suddenly an inspiration came to the Official who had once taught handwriting.
  84. His pale face flushed as he saw the clear, fine handwriting he knew so well.
  85. She recognized the handwriting on the envelope as that of her sister Margaret.
  86. It is one of the papers in his own handwriting which he has bequeathed to us.
  87. Let her listen to his voice, which, like his handwriting, was still unchanged.
  88. The handwriting on the label was similar to Paul’s but not exactly the same.
  89. One was placed squarely on his desk with a note in his deputy’s handwriting.
  90. Another note written in William's weird handwriting was attached to this too:.
  91. Her handwriting is nice, he noted, but I just shook my head in impatience.
  92. I read it every night, passing my fingers over his handwriting, thinking of him.
  93. He would start answering all the letters he had received in his own handwriting.
  94. Behind the desk was a bank of square drawers, each labelled in even handwriting.
  95. It was labeled Nails in his long, upright handwriting on a scrap of masking tape.
  96. I could hardly keep my eyes on the tangle of words in a handwriting I recognized.
  97. There is a "handwriting on the wall," flashing luridly from the other side of St.
  98. The fridge said something about going to Europe? Was that your handwriting?
  99. It was the handwriting from the Forge note she had seen in Hollowcrest’s office.
  100. The paper was closely covered with bad handwriting, with corrections in every line.

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