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Hand в предложении (на )

  1. I had my hand on.
  2. Otto put up his hand.
  3. I put my hand in his.
  4. A grand in his hand.
  5. The pain in his hand.

  6. Jock holds out a hand.
  7. I lifted my hand to.
  8. He held his hand out.
  9. He stuck out his hand.
  10. He reached out a hand.
  11. She holds out her hand.
  12. Tanya put up her hand.
  13. Jed holds out his hand.
  14. He loved to hand her.
  15. She held out her hand.

  16. Rex on the other hand.
  17. Ricci holds up his hand.
  18. Hamo holds his hand out.
  19. In his hand he held a.
  20. To the business at hand.
  21. Reese held out his hand.
  22. She took my hand with.
  23. Hand me back that note.
  24. Roman put one hand on.
  25. It needs a strong hand.

  26. I shrugged the hand off.
  27. I noticed his left hand.
  28. The right hand was gone.
  29. It's all slight of hand.
  30. Sandy Koufax in his hand.
  31. I should shake his hand.
  32. She pulled her hand away.
  33. In The Palm Of His Hand.
  34. Still with one hand on.
  35. She pushed his hand away.
  36. In the palm of my hand:.
  37. On the other hand, the.
  38. Jude with his free hand.
  39. On the one hand, Capt.
  40. Focus on the job at hand.
  41. Back to the story at hand.
  42. Hetty thrust in her hand.
  43. He whipped his hand back.
  44. She put her hand over his.
  45. She put a hand on his arm.
  46. Mark pushes the hand away.
  47. It felt firm in her hand.
  48. Welles had the upper hand.
  49. She had her hand on his.
  50. In her hand she carried.
  51. On the other hand, they.
  52. The man held out his hand.
  53. I laid my hand on his arm.
  54. I put my hand over the mic.
  55. Things seemed well in hand.
  56. A hand closes down on hers.
  57. Beth’s hand went up next.
  58. Patty, and hand them cakes.
  59. He snatched his hand back.
  60. She took his hand in hers.
  61. Helen took my hand saying.
  62. Hartman took the hand away.
  63. Raven took her hand in his.
  64. He squeezed her hand again.
  65. He had a drink in his hand.
  66. On the one hand there are.
  67. On the other hand, having.
  68. He tilled the land by hand.
  69. I took Grand Mothers hand.
  70. A knife flashes in his hand.
  71. Lift your hand, she thought.
  72. On the other hand, he took.
  73. His hand gripped the letter.
  74. He gripped her hand tighter.
  75. Theo's gun shook in his hand.
  76. Sharon took hold of his hand.
  77. He puts a hand to his heart.
  78. On the other hand, for the.
  79. Her hand was on the doorknob.
  80. His hand lowered to the knob.
  81. She puts her hand on mine;.
  82. On the other hand, running.
  83. To hold my hand and be there.
  84. He put his hand out to Roman.
  85. She put her free hand in his.
  86. I grasp her hand and hold it.
  87. Now to the matter at hand.
  88. My hand closed around the rod.
  89. Can count 'em all on my hand.
  90. At most, he’ll lose a hand.
  91. He held my hand as we talked.
  92. She holds out her hand to him.
  93. Mouth to ear and hand to head.
  94. Hold out your hand, Thomas.
  95. Otto held his hand out to Tom.
  96. Otto held his hand out to Sue.
  97. She squeezed his hand tightly.
  98. Righli held up his right hand.
  99. On the other hand, they were.
  100. It was his hand on her breast.
  1. After handing it to me.
  2. We'd be handing you over.
  3. Handing it over Thomas was a.
  4. Owen handing the paper to Holkey.
  5. Mick nodded, handing over the bags.
  6. Flint was handing me more pictures.
  7. Handing over equity to a stranger.
  8. Neil handing out his stack of papers.
  9. Yes, he said, handing them over.
  10. Handing her the joint, he continued.
  11. Worley, I said, handing it to her.
  12. Handing them to him, she said, I.
  13. Here, he said, handing it to her.
  14. Here, he says, handing one back.
  15. They are handing over the house today.
  16. Here, he replied, handing them to her.
  17. Before handing the bottle of water to.
  18. Sometimes, when handing her a roasted.
  19. Kool aid that Jim Jones was handing out.
  20. Handing him the bottle of wine, Thomas.
  21. Sohrab was handing the string back to me.
  22. Here, he says, handing it over to me.
  23. White said, handing over a folded document.
  24. Handing in one's resignation is honorable.
  25. Jimmy glanced at it before handing it to me.
  26. Handing it to Ravan, she nodded to the stool.
  27. Jensen, but they're handing out letters to.
  28. Bless you She murmured handing it to me.
  29. It was cold I said handing him his blazer.
  30. Kane was there handing out the Appreciation.
  31. We’ll use the leverage of handing over the.
  32. People were handing out roses at the trial site.
  33. Galeron shrugged, handing over the metal object.
  34. Sayeed, handing over twelve million dollars?’.
  35. Rhone nodded handing his dad another wooden slat.
  36. She saw a Klingon handing Lenar out of the pool.
  37. Here, said Jesse, handing me the Band-Aids.
  38. Hey, said Brian, handing Susan her martini.
  39. I can't justify her murder by handing her to you.
  40. Here Will, she said handing me an envelope.
  41. She smiled at him while handing Gowr a data PADD.
  42. Here, I say, handing Aaron the instructions.
  43. Nothing, he said, handing the wallet to Mary.
  44. Eat, Huss said, handing Maggie a sticky roll.
  45. Handing the bow to her she took hold of it as he.
  46. I took the glass of wine that Dave was handing me.
  47. Thanks Fred, I said handing him my backpack.
  48. Lester popping his beer open and handing it to him.
  49. Collins, and insisted on handing him over to Papa.
  50. Shiva smiled handing the chillum back to Veerbhadra.
  51. Here’s my card, she said, handing it to him.
  52. This is for you, Caleb says, handing me a gun.
  53. I adorned it for him, I said, handing it to her.
  54. That information would have been like handing her a.
  55. Still, he wasn’t handing his eldest son any charity.
  56. Here take this! Larc said handing me the Bible.
  57. Here, I said, handing him his burgers and fries.
  58. Read this, she said, handing him Gania’s note.
  59. You’re a real trooper!’ she said handing me a mug.
  60. These are for you, handing Larry a set of keys.
  61. Here, I said, handing her the French fries, too.
  62. He doesn’t like me handing them out over the counter.
  63. With a grin, Sykes rummaged through his draws, handing.
  64. Federal Express, she said, handing him a package.
  65. Kitchen attendants were handing in the packed hot food.
  66. Then wipe them down with this, he says, handing me.
  67. Try this, Chevalier said, handing Mark the Sprite.
  68. Paul Morel,' he said, smiling, handing Paul a package.
  69. There was, of course, a way out and that meant handing.
  70. You'll need to fill out these, he said, handing her.
  71. They removed the tarp, then, began handing the cases out.
  72. Handing it to Elm he told him, Put this over it!.
  73. Smooth, Kate gasped, handing Murphy back the flask.
  74. Handing him a big laundry bag she smiles and says 'Hello.
  75. Handing it to Billy, and then resuming his rigid stance.
  76. Thanuel was handing a rag to me and gesturing at my face.
  77. Here, Soren said, handing her a piece of dark bread.
  78. At the end of this week I’m handing over to my eldest.
  79. The game continued; a waiter kept handing round champagne.
  80. They all are! smiled Charles, handing me the Jell-O.
  81. It’s for you, said Malum handing Vantor the letter.
  82. But how was he to set about handing in his resignation to.
  84. After handing the major his notes, he said, Sorry, sir.
  85. The stacks are recorded here, she said handing him the.
  86. Take this knife, he continued, handing her one that hung.
  87. Kane handing Vidar the rope that hung around Brady’s neck.
  88. I am not handing something down that was handed down to me.
  89. Taking the ring from his pinky finger and handing it to me.
  90. Here's one for you, he said, handing one to Batistuta.
  91. Er, here, Batistuta replied, handing over the receipt.
  92. Glen shrugged and got up, handing the knife back to Russell.
  93. Stanley grunted, handing the map back and grinding his teeth.
  94. I hope this will fill you up, he said, handing it to her.
  95. Yes I will, Allen, Steve said handing him the gun case.
  96. Grab a plate and get your fill, his wife said handing.
  97. But instead of handing it to me, Sue draped it on my lower.
  98. Bob shaking hands with someone who was handing him a plaque.
  99. The White confirmed it by handing Collin the Staff of Light.
  100. Oh, this? Here, take it, said John handing her a flyer.
  1. He handed it to me.
  2. I handed it to her.
  3. I handed him a mug.
  4. He handed it to Mel.
  5. I handed it to Mrs.
  6. She handed me a key.
  7. He handed it to her.
  8. She handed him a CD.
  9. She handed it to him.
  10. He handed me the dish.
  11. He handed her a comm.
  12. He handed me the box.
  13. She handed him a beer.
  14. He handed him his card.
  15. Locke handed it to her.
  16. He handed it to Jimmy.
  17. I handed her the baby.
  18. He handed it to Caris.
  19. He handed one to John.
  20. He handed me the paper.
  21. He handed them to her.
  22. M and handed it to him.
  23. He handed her the phone.
  24. He handed one to Panny.
  25. He handed me the stick.
  26. He handed her a canteen.
  27. He handed Dave his card.
  28. He handed me his phone.
  29. Tom handed Sue a towel.
  30. He handed them to Hank.
  31. He handed her the towel.
  32. Now he handed it to me.
  33. I handed them my knife.
  34. He handed it to Garcia.
  35. I handed him the money.
  36. I handed Sue her glass.
  37. She handed him the cash.
  38. She handed me my teacup.
  39. He handed it over to me.
  40. He was handed a stick.
  41. He handed it all to me.
  42. I handed them over to.
  43. Ella handed him the box.
  44. We handed over the bags.
  45. I handed it over to Dad.
  46. Mick handed over the bag.
  47. He handed it to Stephen.
  48. Anna handed him a roll.
  49. He handed her the letter.
  50. He handed her some pills.
  51. She handed Alan the pill.
  52. He handed her a shilling.
  53. Ben handed him his sword.
  54. She handed them to Mick.
  55. He handed the book to me.
  56. He handed over the note.
  57. Sarah handed her the bag.
  58. He handed it to Stratos.
  59. He handed them to Ramsey.
  60. Joseph and handed it over.
  61. He handed them their tea.
  62. He handed back the joint.
  63. She handed it over to Mr.
  64. He handed one to the boy.
  65. Julie handed her a tissue.
  66. Duana handed him a towel.
  67. Amy handed a stack to her.
  68. He handed Puller the key.
  69. The girl handed it to me.
  70. Rick handed her his phone.
  71. He handed the bag to her.
  72. He had handed me the key.
  73. She was handed over the.
  74. Each was handed a brush.
  75. He handed me a full skin.
  76. He handed her the hanger.
  77. He came up empty handed.
  78. Troy handed out lolly bags.
  79. He handed Astra over to me.
  80. He handed her his car keys.
  81. He handed them to Colling.
  82. Oh, so he was left handed.
  83. Newell handed her the APU.
  84. She handed his shirt back.
  85. He handed me back my AR16.
  86. Gary handed Garcia his pen.
  87. Johnny handed over the bag.
  88. He handed the bowl to Syd.
  89. Nigel handed over the card.
  90. Gwog handed the boots back.
  91. He handed Rita the tin cup.
  92. She handed Smith the rifle.
  93. He quickly handed me two.
  94. Stephen handed him the key.
  95. She handed the glass to me.
  96. He handed Joseph a dollar.
  97. He handed it to his mother.
  98. Grandma handed her the coke.
  99. Stone handed him the box.
  100. He handed me Evan's Sketch.
  1. I wash my hands of.
  2. I looked at my hands.
  3. I scowl at my hands.
  4. I shake out my hands.
  5. He hands me the phone.
  6. He hands me the roses.
  7. You are in able hands.
  8. I moved my hands to.
  9. I shove his hands away.
  10. Her hands came to my.
  11. Hands went to her hips.
  12. His hands went to work.
  13. Once by her own hands.
  14. Cats use paws as hands.
  15. Hands on my body again.
  16. Jack put his hands down.
  17. She hands Mark the beer.
  18. He shook hands with me.
  19. Or the hands of a girl.
  20. He hands me the ice pack.
  21. I laid my hands upon her.
  22. The Healing Hands of God.
  23. He hands her her diploma.
  24. John hands the photo back.
  25. I shook hands all around.
  26. And my hands were burned.
  27. Not the hands of a woman.
  28. Her hands cupped his ass.
  29. I look down at our hands.
  30. I need those magic hands.
  31. We can't hold their hands.
  32. And stares down her hands.
  33. Hands were I can see them.
  34. Russell threw up his hands.
  35. Then put it into my hands.
  36. At the hands of the com-.
  37. In his scarred hands, he.
  38. The judge clapped his hands.
  39. I shook hands with her too.
  40. She grabbed both her hands.
  41. He ran his hands down her.
  42. Now, all of you hold hands.
  43. He went still in her hands.
  44. The hands stayed in the air.
  45. Sebastian held up his hands.
  46. You washed your hands of us.
  47. No one can lay their hands.
  48. I put my life in your hands.
  49. His hands opened and spread.
  50. I show my hands to the girl.
  51. The gun wavers in his hands.
  52. It was out of her hands now.
  53. Will puts his hands up again.
  54. I lean my head into my hands.
  55. I cover my face with my hands.
  56. Elena: Your hands are magical.
  57. Her hands had started shaking.
  58. Her hands and feet were tied.
  59. Two giant hands picked it up.
  60. The hands of the clock were.
  61. He refused to take our hands.
  62. But this is out of our hands.
  63. Helping Hands staff works to.
  64. The Healing Hands of God cont.
  65. Zarko felt her hands trembling.
  66. One held a rifle in her hands.
  67. He threw his hands up in rage.
  68. With his arms and hands full.
  69. Dunn wrung his hands and paced.
  70. We all shook hands afterwards.
  71. He rests his head in his hands.
  72. He held his head in his hands.
  73. His strong hands on the wheel.
  74. They were still holding hands.
  75. The hands on his pocket watch.
  76. My hands had been cold before.
  77. Jorge held up his hands to stop.
  78. She did not yet trust her hands.
  79. Ash clapped his hands together.
  80. Hands too weak to hold it well.
  81. Rubbing his hands together in.
  82. More hands would load the guns.
  83. Dawn shook hands and said hello.
  84. I bet he didn't wash his hands.
  85. Abner took both my hands in his.
  86. The hands fold into each other.
  87. On hands and knees he slavered.
  88. I took her hands and we kissed.
  89. He hands Ahmed his handkerchief.
  90. I blush and move his hands away.
  91. Life itself is in your hands.
  92. Trevor rubbed his hands together.
  93. More hands would clean the guns.
  94. Hands of dawn still the birdsong.
  95. She sat down, put her hands on.
  96. She holds up her hands in terror.
  97. He had both hands on her breasts.
  98. Both feet and hands were blades.
  99. I slide my hands into my pockets.
  100. The officer hands him the radio.

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