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Home в предложении (на )

1. Go big or go home.
2. My home is in the.
3. He wants to go home.
4. I wanted to go home.
5. The play was at home.
6. I sent the kid home.
7. They were home at last.

8. I want her to go home.
9. She wanted to go home.
10. A patron drove me home.
11. It was time to go home.
12. TTUHSC is home to the.
13. It is a long drive home.
14. You can now go home.
15. Then she had gone home.
16. That was home for them.
17. He refused to go home.
18. He drives the knife home.
19. Your home is their home.
20. It also hit home for me.
21. We had to send her home.
22. Let me take you home.
23. The drive home is silent.
24. She wanted her home back.
25. Everyone who had a home.
26. In no time, he was home.
27. I have six more at home.
28. Read some mail from home.
29. Nothing was said at home.
30. Beth also drove this home.
31. They told me to get home.
32. We need him here at home.
33. His home life was shit.
34. No television in my home.
35. This mobile home was nice.
36. Okay, home it is then.
37. I’m going to head home.
38. Joe went to Fred’s home.
39. I declined the home leave.
40. Remnants of the Home Army.
41. Do not terry at your home.
42. The Hardap region is home.
43. Rachel is safe at home.
44. She must be home and safe.
45. This is too close to home.
46. Angie, I want to come home.
47. He began typing his home.
48. He usually gets home late.
49. Screen phone calls at home.
50. He ran back home to Venus.
51. I drove her home about ten.
52. This proved to be his home.
53. She took the two eggs home.
54. Diego had simply come home.
55. The drive home will fly by.
56. Have a safe trip back home.
57. The Unknown is the Home of.
58. Your home is your sanctuary.
59. It's good to have you home.
60. I have a big box from home.
61. Im so glad youre home.
62. The Return Home to Poznań.
63. She wondered if he was home.
64. I drove off heading for home.
65. He's going home to Shempala.
66. Once her views were my home.
67. Have you ever been to Home?
68. Please don’t send me home.
69. Wherever Selma was, was home.
70. You got a home in the Army.
71. Please make yourself at home.
72. He’s going back home today.
73. I was glad I was going home.
74. Eugenia stayed at home alone.
75. She considers this home, too.
76. I returned home with Staszek.
77. Painted by a man back home.
78. Where my soul finds its home.
79. There was their Home, Namilia.
80. I nuked it before I left home.
81. We began our journey back home.
82. Smith felt like he was at home.
83. Almost everyone had gone home.
84. His wife is in a nursing home.
85. We were far from home, however.
86. We flew home by way of Alaska.
87. I think I still have it a home.
88. The verses full of Native Home.
89. He was home and she was happy.
90. Devin followed to Max’s home.
91. She is waiting for me at home.
92. Call me to get you back home.
93. The neighbours were not at home.
94. Of where was it hidden our home.
95. I am going home and f the rest.
96. I…I was home schooled, too.
97. It was my grandmother’s home.
98. In the jewelry table at home.
99. In the meantime, go home, child.
100. Q: There may be clashes at home.
1. This is called dual homing.
2. They had incredible vision, homing.
3. Once the homing transmitter indicated the.
4. The cross-hairs are indicating that the homing.
5. They would then reattach the homing transmitter.
6. Our piracy homing beacon led us to this planet.
7. That’s why they’re called homing pigeons, D.
8. How merciful! Hope they don't have a homing instinct.
9. The thing was like a missile homing in on its target.
10. Homing pigeons that carry messages are referred to as.
11. NASA has the MAV broadcasting the Ares 3 Hab homing signal.
12. D'Oliya yelled, Here comes Red Suit homing in on my cookies.
13. M: It is the homing instinct, which makes the bird return to its.
14. When the homing transmitter confirmed that the boat was at the Black.
15. Epirb lights flash and send out a homing signal when they hit the water.
16. Joseph, driving the Bronco with the attached homing transmitter, would.
17. He was a homing torpedo, continually hunting, continually poised to kill.
18. They carefully kicked through the charred remains, homing in on the sound.
19. It was probably written by someone who got tired of having homing pigeons.
20. It suddenly dawned on him precisely what it was that was homing in on them.
21. Homing in on Moshe's answering call and quickly dismounting, he poured it out.
22. The van is equipped with a GPS homing system thats allowed me to track its.
23. If for no other reason than the homing instinct that is put into us from birth.
24. The mind-entity had hopped aboard trying to install a homing beacon for itself.
25. He was on her in an instant, homing in on her face, all flashing teeth and fury.
26. He knew that Novak was waiting, that he had monitored the homing transmitter from.
27. Yakov knew that Novak would be tracking the homing transmitter on the truck and was.
28. I still had no internet but was homing my managerial skills on my favourite computer.
29. Minutes later, Yakov walked back into the main fire hall, saying, The homing device.
30. Plan B was a backup in case they couldnt reattach the homing transmitter to one of the.
31. The villagers and hunters kept a network of homing pigeons in cages throughout the region.
32. Telepathically, by homing in on their emotions and ideas Danny could pick out the rough themes.
33. Luckily, he had on his LL Bean hiking boots – and, had previously activated the homing device.
34. Nevertheless, the Shenandoah was out in the Pacific Ocean and it was homing in on the American.
35. Other patterns that follow this trend are the bearish Deliberation and the bullish Homing Pigeon.
36. Juan eventually found where it was going by planting a homing device on a package of breakfast bars.
37. He attached the folded notes to the legs of carefully selected homing pigeons from the aviary of his Tower.
38. Park the cargo ship near the asteroid belt where it can be seen Turn on the courier missile homing beacon.
39. The sounds they were making were like a homing beacon to the vampires who were now running loose in the building.
40. The ship’s threat assessment system had located the homing beacon the missile was tracking as being inside the bar.
41. The Troll Lord hurried to scatter additional grain before the homing pigeons alighted from his aviary in search of food.
42. With 7 shields at key points and laser cannons homing into our air cars, we knew that was our last effort to beat Luther.
43. I could not get lost, between my hearing, infrared sense and homing sense, I knew exactly where they were in relation to me.
44. I was a little impressed with my dad’s dedication but then I realized that you probably can’t get rid of homing pigeons.
45. In the trees, the water, over the last phone I smashed against a rock; because I felt she could use that as a homing device.
46. The Homing Pigeon closely resembles the Harami pattern, except that both of its bodies are black rather than opposite in color.
47. And how was I supposed to leave Dylan anywhere? I didn’t control him, and he seemed to have a homing device locked on me anyway.
48. Once you’ve got a list of solid companies to work with, it’s time to begin homing in on the select few you’ll actually invest in.
49. The Homing Pigeon pattern reduces to a long black candle line with a lower shadow, which certainly is not a bullish line (Figure 3-44).
50. Bender explained how the F-4 could protect itself from SAMs by using the Radar Homing and Warning gauges, the RHAW gear, as he called it.
51. Moving through the air high spars of a threemaster, her sails brailed up on the crosstrees, homing, upstream, silently moving, a silent ship.
52. Eventually the problem went away, for the signals on the Robot homing beacons went flat as soon as everyone stopped illegally watching movies.
53. If its homing instinct led it upon the right line, there can be no doubt that somewhere out in the wastes of the Atlantic the last European pterodactyl found its end.
54. If we try to buy it, the six months it will take to complete the negotiations will give someone plenty of time to plant a homing courier missile on the ship which will lead directly back to us.
55. He was as proud of his seductive blinking ability as he was of his sexual prowess—especially when homing in on a receptive female Photinus, nailing her to the leaf in his vigorous display of sexual ardor—A happy bug!.
56. She knew that any further movement would run the risk of leaving a crimson trail of blood which would have them homing in on her in seconds, but then she was in no state to move anywhere with the feathered bolt still jutted from her chest.
57. The thought of using a ring that had once sat on his foul finger disgusted her, anything that Anak had once owned was likely to be tainted in some way or another, but without it she may well die from blood loss alone, a fate that may be preferable to the beast homing in on her now.
58. My small Size was some Advantage, as was the Swaying of the Ship—now somewhat diminish’d, as if the Squall were passing—but there was no Question that in an open Field he should cut me down in one deft Stroke, the Point of his Rapier seeking my Heart as ’twere some Homing Pigeon and my Heart its Coop.
59. Methods vary widely for homing in on such ideas—and limiting the time devoted to running down blind alleys—but the best investors combine an avid curiosity with a keen ability to sift through the avalanche of available information to focus on the core elements of a company's situation that signal potential opportunity.
60. There are as many varieties of wyverns as there are birds, including (but not limited to) the homing or messenger wyvern, hunting wyverns suitable for the equivalent of hawking for small prey, the crag wyvern (a flying predator with a wingspan of ten feet), various species of sea wyverns, and the king wyvern (a very large flying predator with a wingspan of up to twenty-five feet).
61. These were in effect, homing pigeons,.
62. Santa must have had a cookie/brandy/red-bra homing device because even in the blinding snow,.
1. You will be homed.
2. We homed in on McCann.
3. Ben homed in on the light.
4. Jenks was loose; he had probably homed in on her.
5. Each new fix on it shows it more homed in on this planet.
6. Their mind reading thought-tubes would be homed in on him right now.
7. Danny’s curiosity prompted and he homed in on the source of the fear.
8. Dempsey had now homed in on and was able to listen to every word of the.
9. I was curious, and a little creeped-out, at the way he homed in on my position.
10. And homed to the most hated and feared race in the solar system; the Orderrans.
11. Photinus homed in on the seductive light as if pulled by a string, landing mere inches from his intended.
12. With the moment lost, all he could do was watch from his vantage point as they homed in her fragile frame.
13. Sangetsu was homed to all of them, which made it the most unique planet and the center of the solar system.
14. Ingrid obeyed and homed on the source of the powerful electronic jamming still making life difficult for her task force.
15. CSS Shenandoah as it homed in toward the American whaling fleet in the northern Pacific Ocean, the Okhotsk Sea, and the.
16. There were few things funnier than an exploding witch, Maud mused, as the coven homed in on the women who were fleeing ahead of them.
17. A trail of fire suddenly homed in on the third CHINOOK in line and struck it near its rear-mounted engines, exploding in a flash and a bang.
18. Jude could see the obvious improvement in Debbie's skiing, and she was impressed that Mike had so quickly homed in on something that would help her.
19. This was the same for the other planets, and soon every planet in the solar system; uncertain of Veheculon, was homed to more than one sentient species.
20. Mo-bot went over Tule Archer’s newly composed dossier, homed in and winnowed out, asked new questions of the search engine, and received collateral material to add to the file.
21. After working with him closely over the years, Johnnie said, There was almost always a highly personal weakness for selling to which Pops homed in on like a bird dog on scent.
22. What Schmatzenbladder couldn’t know, and what I feel duty-bound to tell the reader, is that the troll had homed in on perhaps the best guarded, most sensitive installation in town.
23. Four crews in the earliest stages of their flight training were practicing attack formation maneuvers when a pirate destroyer appeared at the edge of the system and homed in on the cargo ship’s beacon.
24. Not that there was any reason to feel sorry, Dad said—the country had been at war on and off for a thousand years, like most of the rest of the globe, and anyway the Nguyens weren’t living in some shell-shocked Indochinese village but in a wide white ranch house in an unincorporated canton of the San Fernando Valley where they didn’t pay city taxes and where in the early evening when the light homed in low over the mountains and the DDT truck rolled through to spray for mosquitoes, the yards’ synchronized sprinklers could have been the fountains of Versailles, wasting their bounty on the ridiculous desert grass.
1. But will there be homes?
2. It resembled homes of the.
3. Our homes were in the trees.
4. They boarded up their homes.
5. Most of the homes were set.
6. The Homes of American Authors.
7. Being that these homes were.
8. Finding proper homes for the.
9. There are some seventy homes.
10. Five more homes had also been.
11. Citizens soon lost their homes.
12. Fires of several homes burning.
13. I see homes near water for them.
14. Cats in homes need special care.
15. The trees, grass, and homes in.
16. You have seen only our homes.
17. It had plenty of homes and some.
18. Most of them have homes to go to.
19. I need homes for the other seven.
20. All of our homes are destroyed.
21. Sometimes it is in our own homes.
22. Perhaps they buy additional homes.
23. She will see the wonderful homes.
24. Orangutans and their Forest Homes.
25. In one of the homes, he snatched.
26. Rule #361: New homes are air-tight.
27. For all the haunts and homes of men.
28. People were staying in their homes.
29. Thousands of homes and businesses.
30. Surely you’ve got homes somewhere.
31. Luckily, there were many homes and.
32. Nursing homes use them all the time.
33. I bet it could transport small homes.
34. I will establish peace in their homes.
35. The area was full of trees and homes.
36. Kitchen cupboards had become homes to.
37. Don‘t ever leave this home of homes.
38. Cool gardened homes slept in the sun;.
39. They been thrown out of their homes?
40. Usually the businesses had homes above.
41. Number of homes with insulation in 1998.
42. Just what all men do in their own homes.
43. Homes near water are indicated for them.
44. This was to be one of our beloved homes.
45. Elton and I went to our respective homes.
46. Many had no homes in London to return to.
47. If we subtract equity in our homes of 12.
48. It coils homes to become cities of light.
49. The rest is housing—mobile homes mostly.
50. Bester Homes, a failed listing at that time.
51. We ramp up passive solar heating for homes.
52. Much better lighting is needed in our homes.
53. At your homes sit your yearbooks in a shelf.
54. All have homes, all have health, all have.
55. What's the price range of the homes?
56. American Association of Homes for the Aging.
57. Foreclosures and the lunacy of empty homes.
58. The children will love their new homes and.
59. Homes provided a more intimate setting, and.
60. Halfway homes and recovery homes are always.
61. Homes are usually insured on an annual basis.
62. They live in beautiful big homes with nicely.
63. The homes were all pretty much close together.
64. Watson immediately asked Homes what was wrong.
65. Is she with Pacific Homes Real Estate?
66. We tried to take care of our own in our homes.
67. I, Jesus am ready to show these homes to the.
68. One built homes across the mid-Atlantic states.
69. Their owners ripped from their lands and homes.
70. They also can be used in repaint work in homes.
71. There were no roads, homes, or signs of people.
72. The neighbors began to emerge from their homes.
73. Margaret had always had an interest in new homes.
74. You will spend time in your car looking at homes.
75. They caressed him and let him enter their homes.
76. Art guardian of the humblest homes, where dwell.
77. Hearts and Homes; or, Social Distinctions, 1 50.
78. There never seems to be too much in these homes.
79. Amelia preferred leaving the bodies in the homes.
80. While some tarried, many hastened to their homes.
81. He sat where the homes above cast a bit of shade.
82. Homes could be made elsewhere, if only in the sky.
83. They hadn’t lived in those homes in a long time.
85. Your homes are set upon the land a dreamer found.
86. It was in as good of condition, as the two homes.
87. We’d also heard that many homes had been looted.
88. Padraig and I moved into one of his homes in Devon.
90. There were very few homes and hardly any gambling.
91. Burnt-out cars and homes in ashes told their story.
92. Deforestation destroys the homes and habitats of.
93. These homes for the children are ready and waiting.
94. Elena: Because of your lands, because of your homes.
95. Whether in our homes or our cars or our places of.
96. Doug Marlin directed the set-up of the mobile homes.
97. Some homes have electricity from their own sources.
98. One of those things is that staging sells homes!!.
99. They cursed me! Next, a fire consumed their homes;.
100. Gates could buy 580,000 homes costing $100,000 each.

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