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    1. It appears that a somnambulist is shuffling down Hoodwink Street, or does it? A feminine figure staggers in and out of streetlight auras

    2. But unfortunately, when one or both sides hoodwink the other, either or both parties run a loss in the business and prosperity and the trust is lost

    3. The latest obscenity concerning genetically altered foods is governments trying to hoodwink school systems into using it to feed their students more cheaply because the Biotech companies give them discounts hoping to get the younger population used to it, accept it as normal… and ultimately addicted to it

    4. It was the perfect smoke screen of falsity used to brainwash and hoodwink millions of peasants and serfs for hundreds of years

    5. All in order to hoodwink the masses into loving them… even as they kept on oppressing them and starving them and destroying them by the millions

    6. It is precisely by becoming passive, and not pro-active: that the Indian sages, gurus, and mahatmas managed to successfully hoodwink the entire eastern cultures of china and India into a state of resigned oppression and ignorance

    7. which if uncovered and exposed… can explain exactly how all of the complex conspiracies like the inside job of 9/11 was carried out and how a small pack of living criminals on Earth managed to fool and hoodwink most of the world into believing that some moslem Saudi national freedom fighter hiding in a cave in Afghanistan was responsible for bringing down the tallest steel structured buildings in the world and successfully penetrating the armed technological might of the most advanced sophisticated air-defense system on Earth…

    8. It took a synchronized conspiracy between the corrupt heads of the US federal govt; including the heads of the CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon, the Whitehouse, the corporate-owned American mass media, the BBC, combined to hoodwink and fool the world that the USA had been attacked from the outside: when the actual truth was that it had been planned and carried out and attacked from the inside: not from the outside

    9. Nothing delighted the childish minds of these poor people so much as listening to or reading extracts from the speeches of such men as these; so in order to amuse them, every now and then, in the midst of all the wretchedness, some of the great statesmen made `great speeches' full of cunning phrases intended to hoodwink the fools who had elected them

    10. While endeavouring in this way to hoodwink Chichagof, they made all necessary preparations for the passage of the river at Studyanka

    11. That these two men whom the accident of fortune had placed in actual ownership of the mine should interfere with him had roused first his rage, and now his determination to placate them, to hoodwink them

    1. The SCV even hoodwinked the State of Georgia into offering the slogan on their license plates, and part of the fee goes to the SCV

    2. he felt like a hoodwinked lab rat under the gaze of a cruel scientist

    3. Astray growled halfheartedly and cantered back to his bench in the prow, unconcerned that he had been hoodwinked out of three of his peculiar petals

    4. What the hell are Hitler and the rest of his lunatics doing? Why are we the damned aggressor again instead of moving upwards as a nation like I was promised before I came back? I have been hoodwinked Irwin, I have been lied to and cheated…”

    5. Did my drive-by and horn-toot quickly set off a fatal chain of events? Did it signal something in Gerald’s mind? Did he think that Dale and I were working as a team? That I somehow hoodwinked him at the salvage yard? I bet Dale was being interrogated at gunpoint by Gerald

    6. “He’s an idiot that was hoodwinked by vampires,” he thought angrily

    7. About such things it is as difficult for a woman to be mistaken as it is for a barometer to be hoodwinked in matters meteorological

    8. “But really I know Morgan, and I know this lady has hoodwinked him and that's trouble times two

    9. Once people realize how much they have been lied-to and hoodwinked by Science

    10. They had hoodwinked them into believing that the War of Independence was being fought purely on ethical-moral principles

    11. If an entire American Nation can be hoodwinked by the Media for two years by having a news blackout; through the idiotically simple ploy of focusing upon one news ‘story’ as incrementally unimportant as Monica Lewinsky… and then turn around and have a news blackout of the entire illegality of the stolen Presidential Election, and then have an even larger censoring blackout of the illegality and corruption of two years of Bush’s reign in office including the news blackout of the entire World’s opinion and attitude towards Bush’s power-military dictatorship… by bringing up yet again Clinton’s memoir of Monica Lewinsky… What happened in the rest of the world; during those years when there was no news except this one ludicrous scandal?

    12. Was he hoodwinked into reading the sexual adventures and misadventures of a

    13. Until you get a world population of billions of resigned victims who let themselves be hoodwinked, lied-to, manipulated, oppressed, etc

    14. The Carolingian myths of Europe were kept alive by minstrels singing the praises of long-dead Kings who they lauded and praised and whitewashed: until the entire masses of the poor of Europe were slowly hoodwinked into believing, that the OLDE Kings and rulers of rulers were ‘noble’ and ‘good’ and ‘spiritual’… not like the living Kings were: who killed them and degraded them and starved and robbed them and hated them

    15. And so Anselmo was left the most charmingly hoodwinked man there could be in the world

    16. While this was going on, Sancho, perceiving that he could speak to his master without having the curate and the barber, of whom he had his suspicions, present all the time, approached the cage in which Don Quixote was placed, and said, "Senor, to ease my conscience I want to tell you the state of the case as to your enchantment, and that is that these two here, with their faces covered, are the curate of our village and the barber; and I suspect they have hit upon this plan of carrying you off in this fashion, out of pure envy because your worship surpasses them in doing famous deeds; and if this be the truth it follows that you are not enchanted, but hoodwinked and made a fool of

    17. Wulfric was feeling that they had been hoodwinked

    18. Perhaps after all Saul did know that he had been hoodwinked twelve years ago

    19. Oh my… I have hoodwinked Katherine Kavanagh

    20. Yet such is the vulpine slyness of Dame Nature, that, till now, Tess had been hoodwinked by her love for Clare into forgetting it might result in vitalizations that would inflict upon others what she had bewailed as misfortune to herself

    21. Recognizing the danger of his position, and feeling that he was being hoodwinked, yet not daring to break off his overtures to the Russian Government, Napoleon cast around for some means of making peace necessary to his adversary

    22. You remember how you escaped them by some ingenious stratagem; then you doubted if they were really deceived, or whether they were only pretending not to know your hiding-place; then you thought of another plan and hoodwinked them once again

    23. She had taken him in too, for he, Pyotr Stepanovitch, had also been in love with this unhappy Liza, yet he had been so hoodwinked that he had almost taken her to Stavrogin himself in the carriage

    24. Yet, though the authorities were thrown into perplexity, they were not altogether hoodwinked

    1. the women their hoodwinking during the Soviet years, whether

    2. What for? What did a woman in her sort of shoes, worn-out shoes fifty years old, want still to save herself up for? And if religion would protect her from this kind of defeatist thinking, and succeed in hoodwinking her--persuading her, she meant--that her soul, if she tried hard enough, might presently take on all the beauty, if of a different kind, her body used to have, and all its delight, of a different kind too, in living and doing and looking forward, she would be willing at least to try it

    3. By giving their slaves the false perception of freedom, the false perception of democracy, the false perception of nationalism: they had succeeded in hoodwinking the entire world into fighting for their profits

    4. There are no exceptions to this hoodwinking of the public

    5. Kutuzof, having enticed him into Moscow, turned aside, and, without leaving any trace behind, succeeded in completely hoodwinking his enemy

    6. He was so good as to express the opinion that, if I don't go in for the career of an archimandrite in the immediate future and don't become a monk, I shall be sure to go to Petersburg and get on to some solid magazine as a reviewer, that I shall write for the next ten years, and in the end become the owner of the magazine, and bring it out on the liberal and atheistic side, with a socialistic tinge, with a tiny gloss of socialism, but keeping a sharp look out all the time, that is, keeping in with both sides and hoodwinking the fools

    7. , the next by Catherine, and the day after by Pougachef; one day by a mad king of Bavaria, another by William? Why should I promise to obey them, knowing them to be wicked or foolish people, or else not knowing them at all? Why am I to hand over the fruits of my labors to them in the shape of taxes, knowing that the money will be spent on the support of officials, prisons, churches, armies, on things that are harmful, and on my own enslavement? Why should I punish myself? Why should I go wasting my time and hoodwinking myself, giving to miscreant evildoers a semblance of legality, by taking part in elections, and pretending that I am taking part in the government, when I know very well that the real control of the government is in the hands of those who have got hold of the army? Why should I go to the law courts to take part in the trial and punishment of men because they have sinned, knowing, if I am a Christian, that the law of vengence is replaced by the law of love, and, if I am an educated man, that punishments do not reform, but only deprave those on whom they are inflicted? And why, most of all, am I to consider as enemies the people of a neighboring nation, with whom I have hitherto lived and with whom I wish to live in love and harmony, and to kill and rob them, or to bring them to misery, simply in order that the keys of the temple at Jerusalem may be in the hands of one archbishop and not another, that one German and not another may be prince in Bulgaria, or that the English rather than the American merchants may capture seals?

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