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Dupe в предложении (на )

1. He was called the dupe.
2. There is a dupe somewhere.
3. In any case, I am not his dupe.
4. He may have to dupe his friends and do it himself, alone.
5. They work hard during an election campaign to dupe the public into.
6. He’s either in a cocoon or he’s a dupe for the anti-gun movement.
7. It must have seemed to them that I was the dupe of their tricks and their deceit.

8. How could she have been so stupid? With hindsight Heckler’s dupe was lousy and obvious.
9. He was an unwitting dupe, challenging her in a way she could not resist even if she wanted to.
10. He helped the wizards of Kassidor dupe their expedition into thinking there was nothing there.
11. And yet no remedy can be found for our calamities! Sir, I will not be the dupe of this miserable artifice.
12. It is laughing at you… it is telling you that you are nothing more than a convenient dupe, a toy for its pleasure.
13. He held the blotter in his hand and contemplated it in stupid delight, almost ready to laugh at the hallucination of which he had been the dupe.
14. A woman who could betray me for such a rival was not worth contending for; she deserved only scorn; less, however, than I, who had been her dupe.
15. While it might be assumed Tony has declared feelings of love for his family, please allow the following to demonstrate how conscious reality can dupe us into thinking distortedly.
16. Munro always admired what he termed the delayed effect of some practical jokes, a topic he never stopped talking about, and he may have seen in me the perfect potential dupe.
17. And now as he looked into the candle its flame dumbly expressed to him that it was made to shine on sensible people, and that it abhorred lighting the face of a dupe and a failure.
18. He was too intelligent not to comprehend all that occasion would require of his duplicity, subtleties, to dupe her, to make her believe—what? He could not make her now believe anything but the truth.
19. To dupe them into believing that this is their duty to God is also impossible, since their refusal is based on the clear, unmistakable law of God, recognized even by those who are trying to compel men to act against it.
20. Over the space of 18 years, 27 books and pamphlets filled with lies and propaganda were printed to dupe the lower classes into buying shares in the Company, changing the sales pitch to fit the public sentiment because they didn’t make an instant profit.
21. There were the Abra Sisters who had scales instead of skin, Serpentino with his hypnotic act and for whom I had shilled - that is willingly helped him to dupe the public - a couple of times and the man who sawed a virgin in half though the lady’s virginity was in question.
22. The convict knows beforehand what he is to read, and knows how the reading will end, because this joke has been repeated more than thirty times; but Smekaloff knows also that the convict is not his dupe any more than the soldier who now holds the rods suspended over the back of the unhappy victim.
23. Crawford; and when Sir Thomas came back she had every proof that could be given in his then melancholy state of spirits, of his perfect approbation and increased regard; and happy as all this must make her, she would still have been happy without any of it, for Edmund was no longer the dupe of Miss Crawford.
24. A tip of the tail of one of them was once brought to me as having been taken from a recently withered tree, which the bearer assured me was destroyed by the insertion of this formidable instrument, and it was not without considerable difficulty he was convinced of the innocence of the tail, and of having been the dupe of a knave.
25. He had hatched a plot by which to trick the Parisians, to decoy and dupe and snare them, to drive them into a trap, and make them go and come and sweat and hope and turn pale,—a plot by which to amuse himself, the old provincial cooper, sitting there beneath his gloomy rafters, or passing up and down the rotten staircase of his house in Saumur.
26. Would it not be enough that Allah has bestowed upon him the love of this beautiful woman of means? But now Allah has blessed them with this little bundle of love! Salmà, Safiyyah’s servant, helps to clean up the awful mess and stench, truly as though the Red Sea is concentrated into a drop of water, but Muhammad is no innocent dupe, he knows these are the smells of life.
27. Why had she not been jealous of them? They were women, and if Maurice was so unattached that he was either a prey or a victim, or a seeker of such affairs as this which she now believed she had discovered, why should she not take it for granted that there were many and varied experiences of which she had been the unconscious dupe? She shuddered—anger and distrust whispered her to hate her husband, to despise his weakness and never to forgive him.
28. In September of 2001: the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York were attacked and destroyed…or to put it more understandably: the richest city in the world was attacked by a false flag operation, and then Bush and the CIA and the pentagon and Cheney and the Media and Ken Lay and all the rich industrial robber barons who were going to face trial for their corruption; used this to terrorize all the world and blamed it on a former CIA dupe living in a cave in Afghanistan.
29. Actually Lewis was thinking what a drongo Shepherd was, a blind monkey with a hammer up it’s arse could have solved this case, after all it was given to him on a plate, he just had to put the bit’s together, Lewis had reservations about Ted being a master criminal, Lewis, in fact, was beginning to believe Ted might be more dupe than criminal, he was uneasy with the convenient way the evidence was stacked against Ted, for a master criminal he’d stupidly left an inordinately large amount of incriminating evidence lying around, Ted fit the profile of a messenger a lot more than he did a master criminal, Lewis had an uncomfortable feeling Mr Ted Carr was being set up.
30. But with what fitness, let it be asked of the noble lord, his patron, has this alien, whom the concession of a gracious prince has admitted to civic rights, constituted himself the lord paramount of our internal polity? Where is now that gratitude which loyalty should have counselled? During the recent war whenever the enemy had a temporary advantage with his granados did this traitor to his kind not seize that moment to discharge his piece against the empire of which he is a tenant at will while he trembled for the security of his four per cents? Has he forgotten this as he forgets all benefits received? Or is it that from being a deluder of others he has become at last his own dupe as he is, if report belie him not, his own and his only enjoyer? Far be it from candour to violate the bedchamber of a respectable lady, the daughter of a gallant major, or to cast the most distant reflections upon her virtue but if he challenges attention there (as it was indeed highly his interest not to have done) then be it so.
1. This is not duping or trying to fool Tony’s sub-unconscious.
2. The Apple Macintosh, dot-matrix printer, five-inch floppy disks, duping machine, disk burner.
3. She told me she couldn’t stand the thought of Marcus duping more people into following him, and I didn’t argue with her.
4. However simple Andrey Semyonovitch might be, he began to see that Pyotr Petrovitch was duping him and secretly despising him, and that he was not the right sort of man.
5. He kept quite quiet now, seemed to be lying low, as though he were not guilty, as though he had had nothing to do with the shameless, conscienceless, and unseemly duping and deception of all these good people.
1. One time she duped me.
2. We refuse to be duped anymore.
3. We have been duped and fooled.
4. They were duped as all humans are.
5. Mom, obviously we were all duped.
6. Teet-sucker was a sucker who had been duped.
7. Branson claims the Government are being duped again.
8. The obvious explanation was that David had been duped.
9. It is not just novice investors who are duped this way.
10. Thus, sir, have we been duped, deceived, and inveigled.
11. Did Bridget already have a boyfriend? Had she duped him.
12. Gary, dumbfounded that he was just duped into telling the.
13. He sat there filled with rage at the way he had been duped.
14. And horses, great noble beasts, duped in their desire to serve.
15. No doubt all they heard was her claim that she had not been duped.
16. He felt like a low-life for being duped out of more by this sexpot.
17. When it does we can be certain that we have been duped by the Hindrance.
18. One of the South African commanders was even duped "Rommel" because of it.
19. After fifteen minutes of searching, the man in the suit knew he had been duped.
20. It was mine to be duped, but the irony of the entire deal was that the proceeds of $3.
21. The people are being duped by (the media, big industry, the military, the elite, etc.
22. Standing straight to soothe an aching chest, restlessness increased as if duped into a.
23. We were duped! he almost shouted, and you can’t admit it, not even to yourself.
24. Those who doubt climate change are also mostly those who have been duped by religious leaders.
25. Sadly, religious leaders of the three Faiths of Abraham have utterly duped their followers for.
26. The day you duped my receptionist and snuck into the back offices I was very suspicious of you.
27. I felt both intense relief at knowing that she was alive and anger over how I had been duped by her.
28. Kennedy will later state that Mudd duped him into speaking about matters for which he was not prepared.
29. What’s there to understand? You have been duped! I bet all those people you have helped are now dead.
30. In other words, the followers of Islam have been duped into participating in a magic ritual that daily.
31. Freedom cannot last long without education, because an uneducated populace is likely to be duped by tyrants.
32. Poor, stupid, Jesse, duped by the first man she goes out with, she mimicked his imagined thoughts crossly.
33. He said eventually, ‘we've been duped haven't we? Some program made us believe it could be just like old times.
34. He believed that Desa was completely sincere in what she said, but maybe she was as duped by the others as he was.
35. She refused to believe that the civilization of the study planet was real and that she had been duped by her clone.
36. The abHg synapsase came from our own labs, we believe Kulai was duped into getting it for you, he said to Tahlmute.
37. For the nonce his interlocutor may be duped; but, being no fool, he will on the morrow have seen through the subterfuge.
38. After all, it is difficult to say that a strong, healthy, fully cognizant adult was duped by his/her insidious caregiver.
39. Titus gave his own sigh of relief at the sight of the reopened portal, at first thinking that he had been duped by the magicians.
40. You do understand, Vilbarl said, That to find that this person had been duped into an overdose would be a terrible thing.
41. His smile had not changed and his intense stare had continued to haunt her, as if to imply that she had duped them all and he knew it.
42. They will go, so deceived, so duped, that they will believe the carnage to be a duty, and will ask God to bless their sanguinary appetites.
43. We have since discovered that arms dealers and power brokers that manipulated governments and societies into positions of conflict duped us.
44. The duped and the dying will go on crying for help from a country that just don't give a rat's you-know-what if there's nothing in it for us.
45. When you face the energy, you will find sadness/anger is not you, but it is a bi-product of you that has duped you into feeding it with power.
46. Who is Squire Trelawney? He is the newer Law outlawing the older Pirate Law of the English sailing culture: a bluff fool easily duped by Silver.
47. The problem with food addiction is that since food comes in so many varieties, we are duped into thinking it’s a control problem with ourselves.
48. Stu opened the door to a very angry looking security guard and a sheepish looking Pon, who had woken up alone and presumed that he had been duped.
49. It seems the boyfriend she had at the time thinks she could have been duped into an overdose and may even be trying to investigate that on his own.
50. Thus the Genoese, subtle as he was, was duped by Edmond, in whose favor his mild demeanor, his nautical skill, and his admirable dissimulation, pleaded.
51. They will march to battle so deluded, so duped, that they will believe slaughter to be a duty, and will ask the benediction of God on their lust for blood.
52. Many new subscribers reneged payment on their shares, and the Company became entangled in dozens of court cases when they realized how badly they had been duped.
53. The TIAR computer realised it was being duped and had reacted with hostility (or even malevolence), trying to overload the artificial neural net during interface.
54. Sean’s horror quickly turned into denial, then in anger as Spellman promised to personally help those duped into going to Jerusalem in reclaiming their lost souls.
55. When Halfshaft is duped into competing in the Games, he has little confidence in being one of the two Candidates who will make it out of the Great Forest alive.
56. The duped Don Quixote did not miss a single stroke of the count, and he found that together with those of the night before they made up three thousand and twenty-nine.
57. He had seen what had happened with the two men who were duped before him, so he thought that his brother would definitely lose eleven golden liras instead of only one.
58. It is now evident that the President was duped by the French Emperor, and led to issue a proclamation on the faith of his promise, declaring a fact which did not exist.
59. He said, You’re right I was leading you on with my questions and it was remarkably easy to I have to admit, which explains how my great ancestors duped you so easily.
60. A Cambridge professor who specialised in translating early languages, and although Grimes had previously duped the professor, they formulated a plan to fool the stupid Sheik.
61. But even as he asked himself that, it all seemed to make sense; it all came together is a horrible, gut-wrenching realization that he had been duped on the grandest of scales.
62. With his younger brother Albert, who had returned to Kumassi, he worked hard for his own ends, and these two educated princes finely duped their more ignorant Ashanti countrymen.
63. Befriended some Egyptians who lived in Vegas who duped him into being a mule for supplying cocaine, the police caught him delivering what he’d thought were bibles to a local priest.
64. This room had been in zero gee during the years they were being duped at the study planet, it was now at one percent gravity with Sol directly below them as they decelerated into its orbit.
65. The term applies to all of Shan-wei’s adherents, but is most often used in reference to the angels and Archangels who followed her willingly rather than the mortals who were duped into obeying her.
66. The excited crowd, accustomed to be duped by those in high places, understands not a word that the representative of authority is saying in his official, conventional language, and is by no means pacified.
67. It was a prospecting expedition that had failed to find exploitable resources, a biological expedition that had been duped by their only seedchild, in a ship that might still be haunted by more than Angels.
68. Being so blinded by flashing reflections of sunlight glancing off shields and swords and armor: that you did not even see who you killed, or knew how you killed them? The blind greek hero Hercules: easily duped and manipulated.
69. Patsy realized and pinned her hopes on the reality that most of those running for office had been implicated in the exposed conspiracy and that those who had been duped by party bosses would soon switch to join the Constitutional Party.
70. He was also told how the Diving Platform above the oil-site had been blown up and had the Kanes and the Russian not been rescued, he would have been an accessory to murder! - this made him realise just how much he had been used and duped by his devious partner.
71. When papa explained the real nature of the expedition, my heart sank, for I know so well how visionary and impractical the poor dear has always been that I feared that he had again been duped; especially when he told me he had paid a thousand dollars for the letter and map.
72. Convicts are as credulous as children; they know the news to be false, or most unlikely, and that the fellow who brings it is a past master in the art of lying, Kvassoff; for all that they clutch at the nonsensical story, go into high delight over it, are much consoled, and at last quite ashamed to have been duped by a Kvassoff.
73. Among these downtrodden, duped, and defrauded men, who are becoming demoralised by overwork, and being gradually done to death by underfeeding, there are men living who consider themselves Christians; and others so enlightened that they feel no further need for Christianity or for any religion, so superior do they appear in their own esteem.
74. Oh, how can I describe the effect of this on Andrey Antonovitch! Hearing that Pyotr Stepanovitch had duped him again and had made a fool of him so coarsely, that he had told her much more than he had told him, and sooner than him, and that perhaps Pyotr Stepanovitch was the chief instigator of all these criminal designs—he flew into a frenzy.
75. It was not a national uprising: it was the complete opposite; a tiny minority of the wealthiest aristocrats with their rag-tage militia of imbeciles who were duped fools: not paid, used, ignored, treated like dirt; the typical attitude English culture had for centuries transplanted into the New World in order to set up a new tyranny of aristocrats.
76. He was released from the engagement to be mortified and unhappy, till some other pretty girl could attract him into matrimony again, and he might set forward on a second, and, it is to be hoped, more prosperous trial of the state: if duped, to be duped at least with good humour and good luck; while she must withdraw with infinitely stronger feelings to a retirement and reproach which could allow no second spring of hope or character.
77. Monsieur Thenardier! That old fellow has duped you! You are too good, you see! If it had been me, I'd have chopped the beast in four quarters to begin with! And if he had acted ugly, I'd have boiled him alive! He would have been obliged to speak, and say where the girl is, and where he keeps his shiners! That's the way I should have managed matters! People are perfectly right when they say that men are a deal stupider than women! Nobody at No.
78. If they had been revolutionists, advocating and practicing violence and murder, their suppression would have been an easy matter; some of them could have been bought over, some could have been duped, some could have been overawed, and these who could not be bought over, duped, or overawed would have been treated as criminals, enemies of society, would have been executed or imprisoned, and the crowd would have approved of the action of the government.
79. Hitler fattened them, duped them, and led them to their mass slaughter by leading them into war… and in that war the undead made sure to target the most innocent, the healthiest of the human species, selectively slaughtering and killing ONLY the most healthy and intelligent of the German people, raping ONLY the most healthy and beautiful and intelligent German girls: Over TWO MILLION German girls WERE RAPED by insane evil crazed Russian troops, and not one fucking word of this mass horror is ever spoken of.
80. Evremond’s excuses for tardy entrances, his evading of little attentions to herself which would have involved the devotion of several hours, how puerile and trifling they seemed!—how bald and flagrant they appeared to her illumined understanding! Worst of all it was to feel that whatever love she had innocently shown her husband during these few months had for him no value; had only served to assure him that his wife was suspicionless—at ease; that she was successfully duped, and he might more fearlessly continue on his way.
81. Angry at his folly at being duped into a lie,.
1. So it could not be used by the living dupes who obeyed their own undead ancestors.
2. They became easy dupes, a bunch of brainless fools, easily fooled by their own gods.
3. Varenicline dupes your brain into thinking that it has received its dose of nicotine.
4. I think the worst aspect of this conspiracy has been the misuse of well-intentioned dupes.
5. Abraham are merely unwitting dupes deceived by the religious and political leaders they follow.
6. Because, no matter whether willing combatants or dupes, none understand the one rule kept hidden from them.
7. The undead cannot recreate their own un-experienced past lives by manipulating unaware living humans and using them as innocent dupes and victims.
8. After corrupting the whole world into the worship of money, the undead are ruining the hoax on purpose; confident that living human dupes will never see through the sham.
9. This corrupt international triangle of drugs, war and power is feeding off itself by feeding on all of humanity and sucking the financial lifeblood out of billions of living dupes.
10. The entire history of man: living brainwashed dupes have been terrorized into never trying to be good: never daring to be better never dare to even try to do anything better than your forefathers.
11. The idea… that these dupes, these Kings and Emperors, these most evil of all humans to have ever lived: should become immortally famous after they die… That is what these birds are shitting on.
12. The cultural subconscious goes back a billion years to when that evil was first created: when trees first created edible fruits so they could spread their seeds; using mammals as pawns and dupes to spread their seed.
13. But it is not enough to say that we are the dupes of our own illusions, and that we forfeit the true life for an imaginary life; our efforts for security often result in the destruction of what we most wish to preserve.
14. Until humans wake up, and realize this: they will continue to be the unwitting pawns and dupes of an alien intelligence that delights in destroying the humanity of every baby, every child, every living person born on Earth.
15. There is, in short, in the men, when once they are caught, by the eye especially, a fund of cullibility that their lordly wisdom little dreams of, and in virtue of which the most sagacious of them are seen so often our dupes.
16. That effectively muzzles all civil unrest, all civil discontent all civil disobedience… and makes the millions and billions of powerless humans, easy dupes for the lawmakers who profess to make laws not for their own advantage.
17. The imposters who obtain a comfortable living by pretending to be the ministers and disciples of the Workman of Nazareth are too cunning to encourage their dupes to acquire anything approaching an intelligent understanding of the subject.
18. It is one of their countless secret in-jokes, their derision of living dupes who do not realize that they are being completely controlled by them, and that to them: these living dupes mean NOTHING, and are only used as convenient shells for their insane, sick amusements.
19. But in spite of his obvious insanity, because upper authority promotes him as being wise… millions of brainwashed human fools and dupes who take their opinions from others whom they perceive as authorities on a subject; try to read his crazed writing as if it were some kind of philosophical wisdom.
20. And then instead of capturing him which could have easily done, and put him on trial which they did not dare do because it would have been revealed that Bin Laden had nothing to do with the attack of 9-11… that he was just like all the other dupes who were falsely blamed for their fucking false flag operations.
21. Then coincidentally and conveniently, after the lower class dupes had lost all their money …just when the colony finally showed a proven ability to make a profit … zip! All the pamphlets disappeared and the public rejected the offering of the fourth renewed charter, which severely reduced the Company's ability to make decisions in the governing of the colony, thereby predictably making the offering of the new charter unpalatable to the gulled masses.
22. After we had become the dupes of French perfidy, by putting in force the non-importation system against Great Britain, under the belief, that on the first day of November, 1810, the decrees of Berlin and Milan were repealed, the falsehood of which has since been placed beyond all rational doubt, it happened as had been anticipated, that finding the inefficiency of the restrictive system against Great Britain, the nation was called on, about the commencement of last session, to assume a threatening attitude towards that power.

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