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    1. a thing to betray

    2. During recent periods of parliamentary jousting one politician above all others has become synonymous with the ruthless pursuit of truth and the calling to account of those who would betray the allied boons of principle and practicality

    3. calling to account of those who would betray the allied boons of

    4. 10And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one

    5. Nerves betray Doctor Jasari

    6. knew Collette Dubois, and that she would never betray

    7. "Time and again I've seen those who are just and honorable, betray the living, unable to part with those they love no matter how vile they have become

    8. Persuading the man to betray his lord was an irritating task to say the least, not to mention the fact that many of her previous failures to assassinate LeCynic were a direct result of his snooping

    9. - what could he do? Pierre wouldn’t betray his son to his

    10. As was his habit, he strove not to cry audibly, suffering only the tears to betray his grief

    11. Dena's thoughts didn't betray anything suspicious, but how could she know that last bit? The Elf let that pass and related the Nephlii requests

    12. He knows you would never betray him

    13. They were joined to the Lord God more strongly than mortals, to betray that bond seemed incomprehensible

    14. Did one of my people betray me? I don’t know

    15. He wasn’t going to betray Khan’s secret now, he’d made a promise to himself about that

    16. She seemed uncomfortable even making eye contact with him, as if she feared that her eyes might betray some terrible truth that resonated in her mind

    17. “She didn’t betray me,” Raven said calmly, his irritation concealed

    18. This was her private place and I wasn’t going to betray her trust in sharing it with me by snooping

    19. And we would betray Rhodesia for a few crumbs from England and other African despots and even feel good about it! We would invade Angola with a totally unprepared Army! Black leaders played Prime Minister John Vorster like badly tuned violin

    20. Did every man I know have to betray me, and what was I left with now?

    21. They also made sure that the local black population did not betray them by orchestrated brutality beyond belief

    22. You should know that the questions asked betray your knowledge or lack of it clearly to the suspect or interrogatee

    23. Part of their fanaticism can be seen in how they re-act against members who want to drop out even if not intending to betray them

    24. The new recruit must betray his comrades to the Security Forces to gain trust

    25. Give me money or they will betray you

    26. As a rule we recommend to have good relations with the Press but never to trust them completely for they may inadvertently betray your negotiations

    27. In that case do not betray that fact

    28. North Korean torturers attempted to get soldiers to betray their country and switch sides

    29. I was sure that, without compulsion from another agnate, they’d never betray that knowledge

    30. The more cynical observers argue neo conservatives were and are so eager to gain power they completely reverse or betray their previous views

    31. It is also unlikely Robert Kennedy would agree to support and then betray the Kurds of Iraq as Nixon did

    32. Now, these guys don’t want to betray their country, but this one’s arrogance could be used against him

    33. In truth, they were engaged in an earnest discussion, although their facial expressions did not betray it

    34. He did not think the Pilgrim could be extorted through fear or driven to betray his beliefs

    35. He only hoped that he would not betray Elizabeth and the others

    36. Colling wanted to ask if the older currency was still accepted, but caught himself at the last moment, when he realized that that might betray that this was not his first visit to post-war Poland

    37. That, which is you betray

    38. Many have been led astray by less than a well-founded belief that has seemed to work for a while, only to betray the trust placed in it, as over the long haul it failed to deliver what was touted for it

    39. I just hope I don’t have to betray them in the process

    40. They stand in stony silence, with stony faces, staring at the young man who did not betray them, but never truly felt that he belonged to them

    41. “At what point did you betray our family? Before our parents died, or after?”

    42. I wonder why he believed so strongly that the outside world should be hidden from us that he would betray everyone he supposedly cared about for Jeanine, who cares about no one

    43. Finally I explained that my guide told me to turn myself into the Khan, but not to betray the others involved

    44. sure he would betray his wife’s loyalty

    45. Jesus announced, with a troubled spirit, that one would betray Him (Jn

    46. " They thought David may betray them and Consider Him

    47. While he admired the Re Che for their ability to rise to the challenge presented by the Mongols, unlike his people, who did not adapt and paid a very heavy price, he knew that what little future his people had was tied now to the Mongols and he would not betray their interests for anything

    48. Even if one would let us board, his mate would be sure to betray us

    49. That Judas kissed Jesus to betray Him would only have been necessary due to the

    50. betray Him, and that the party with the betrayer had come to arrest Him, and take

    1. " Travis's breath betrayed his agitation but still he said nothing

    2. I betrayed every one of my civilised instincts, revealing sharply the fragility of the shallow layers of sophistication in which we wrap ourselves

    3. nearer he could hear the laughter of the one who had betrayed him

    4. betrayed by the banal admixture

    5. I waited in a little room at the back and after a short while, heard her familiar voice calling my name, 'Godfrey? Is that you, lad?' She gave a brave chuckle when she saw me, but tired, swollen eyes betrayed her sorrow

    6. betrayed my best friend

    7. Being a woman there was nothing she could do and so she felt betrayed and sank into a deeply depressed state

    8. situation was one that betrayed a lack of application or a dearth of

    9. ” Captain Andrid’s voice betrayed his feelings, “this is monstrous!”

    10. Melodies are betrayed by shocking timing

    11. betrayed a growing angst

    12. betrayed his scarcely masked fear and mounting

    13. will be betrayed, together with her

    14. her eyes betrayed sheer terror

    15. ’ The area still betrayed signs of where Hugo had

    16. that she'd betrayed him…’

    17. I left?’ The look on Henri’s face betrayed clearly that it

    18. with girths that betrayed their love of food and wine, and

    19. His face must have betrayed his

    20. Desa wondered if Glenelle had really betrayed them or if she would actually find a way to free them in the end? She wanted to ask Alan about that, how good a friend was she? Could they trust her? But she could not ask

    21. prosperity, a closer inspection of the inhabitants betrayed

    22. betrayed to the Cure,’ said the older Guillaume – Pierre’s

    23. man now betrayed the reason for his earlier caution and

    24. to notice that Beatrice betrayed no emotion at this

    25. Jean’s face must have betrayed his thoughts, as the little

    26. him – what if Marie had betrayed him to the owner? He’d

    27. The white eyes of the Prince held no fear, only anger and hate for the being who had betrayed him so long ago

    28. And now she’d have to bear this, too? Was it possible that Theoton had betrayed her?

    29. Ivan, angry that he had been betrayed,

    30. odds, then leaves the field only when betrayed

    31. Mumblings amid the crowd suggested that the condemned had betrayed Skyrim and the

    32. The latter were betrayed by their blue Stormcloak uniforms

    33. She couldn’t detect any falseness in him; the emotion in his eyes betrayed his real feelings and she instinctively knew he was telling the truth

    34. She had felt disappointed and betrayed when she’d heard that he was betrothed – and to a foreigner at that! A slave! What was wrong with the women of Babylon? The fortunate woman proved to be that one with the fiery-coloured hair; the one who’d arrived with the exiles

    35. He figured that such a thing openly betrayed his discomfort

    36. ‘But I trusted you,’ said Torbin, ‘and you betrayed me

    37. The look he gave me when he thought I had betrayed him haunted me

    38. surface betrayed that I had recently lain upon it

    39. He said it was justice for the way you and her had treated him she had betrayed him and by rights should have still been going out with him and not you

    40. The cell betrayed no sign of his actions

    41. ’ Her surprise was evident: Armion never betrayed his feelings, he was always Mister reserved

    42. Khan looked devastated, betrayed

    43. Had she betrayed Khan because he was becoming dull? Did she just want a new person to manipulate? Khan had kept her out of the ring, so would she use Raven to do the same? His mind was in pieces, and conflicting ideas jostled for space in his thoughts

    44. She had betrayed Khan and led him to his death, despite all she felt for him

    45. The Palestinians, betrayed by their so-called brother states in 1948, have never recovered

    46. He felt betrayed, robbed of something rightfully his

    47. Her voice betrayed none of the turmoil in her mind, but in her gaze, Raven saw her own pain

    48. the people who betrayed him he might have weathered the storm

    49. weakness betrayed in her features

    50. Their black hearts, imputing their own methods to others, suspected a ruse; they thought they had been betrayed, and the men were going to fall upon them; but their apprehensions were soon quieted when the troops stopped on the edge of the crowd, where they could feast their eyes on that flabby, yellow, but royal countenance

    1. Her stoic countenance betraying little of the

    2. betraying his friend and employer

    3. She hadn’t been a month on Ithaca before betraying Andrastus in her heart

    4. We never screamed for mercy while betraying the country in the same painful breath

    5. ” The Imperial crossed his arms, the beginnings of a frown further betraying his weariness

    6. For a moment she felt like she was betraying a trust, until a more rational overview once more held sway

    7. She knew his heart was yearning for her to say yes, and she wanted to, but she knew Terese would never forgive her for betraying her trust

    8. And in every future she saw, Adem, Carl, and Wil were eventually also turned to madness from the taint, betraying their own kind in a bloodbath of battles

    9. Gerrid glared at her for some betraying hint of emotion

    10. The faces of the crew were studies in concentration, not in the least betraying the

    11. "You claim that our soldiers are betraying us and keeping the money they are given to purchase this food

    12. Who was betraying them? Could any member of her household be turned by money?

    13. But now it is known that terrorist groups are increasingly recruiting specialists in engineering, medicine, chemistry, physics, computer programming and you have to ask yourself why for the skills they are trying to recruit is betraying their intentions

    14. It is to prevent him from betraying it

    15. I could see the strain in his body, betraying that he wanted me just as much as I burned for him

    16. It was an offer to fill the silence between us, the closest that he had ever come to betraying uncertainty around me

    17. Unlike with Wallace, there is far less of a concern with Stalin betraying any agreement

    18. Later in the car, listening to Beth describe the plan she and Caroline had come up with Truman’s face, with furrowed brow and pursed lips, was betraying his disapproval

    19. We will see Americans betraying Ameri-

    20. “Tell me, instead of betraying me?”

    21. Suicide: Self ruin; pride and fatigue of life; self hatred; mournful feelings; to be without hope; result of betraying the anointed one; dishearten and

    22. If we share anything with you we are betraying confidentiality,” he said, then looked at Kaufmann and smiled

    23. “I’m not interested in his betraying anyone,” he testily corrected me

    24. 12 For fear is nothing else but a betraying of the succours which reason offers

    25. silver that Judas received for betraying his Lord

    26. She looked a bit haggard perhaps betraying her upset over the recent attack on her husband as Colon had suggested

    27. The appeal by the papa to the Ottoman sultan caused many of his enemies to demand that a council be called to depose him for betraying Christianity

    28. with the intention of betraying his country

    29. Everyone stopped to stare at us when we passed the hallway; I guess word got out about agent Gilbert betraying the CIA for Lucky

    30. Betraying my carefully constructed barriers

    31. And a few metres away, a group of men are swamping a young women, every now and then flashes of her flesh betraying her position

    32. And, of betraying Meenu—which, of course, he had, what was better? Leaving their wives as others did or being with them? He could never think of it

    33. Yet again, my heart throbs, my chest almost betraying me with the rapid movements

    34. Sadly, I heard from Bob Allard that he had been fired for betraying his client’s confidence

    35. “Sir!” Judah finally managed, his voice now betraying the desperation that his face reflected

    36. "The Thieu Uy also goes with things to Loc Ninh, this I know," she said, surprised at the feeling deep within her that she was betraying something

    37. 1 For a certain man named Simon who was in opposition to Onias who once held the high priesthood for life and was an honourable and good man after that by slandering him in every way he could not injure him with the people went away as an exile with the intention of betraying his country

    38. A bit fed up with his anger, I said, “I’m not betraying you, you’re betraying me

    39. 7 Then Judas the betrayer when he saw Jesus wronged went and returned the 8 thirty pieces of money to the chief priests and the eiders and said I have sinned in my betraying innocent blood; And they said to him And we what must we do? 9 know you; And he threw down the money in the temple and departed; and he went away and hanged himself; And the chief priests took the money and said We have not authority to throw it into the place of the offering for it is the price of blood; And they took counsel and bought with it the plain of the potter for the burial of strangers

    40. worm you are betraying the UWH

    41. "So why are you betraying your Fatherland?"

    42. My heart is betraying me and this damaged head of mine follows

    43. could have been angry with Ruth for betraying his confidence, but

    44. They saw all of Sam Carrot-Top’s pain, they saw how he was wrongly accused of betraying Baja, and the elders apologized to him, and gave him a disc of honor

    45. They scolded him for betraying their trust

    46. "That is his sentence for betraying us," said the head elder

    47. saying, “I have sinned by betraying innocent blood

    48. And the story Dayne had concocted about Jaden betraying him?

    49. James interviewed May-Lin thoroughly and intensively and could not help but get the feeling that she was being totally honest and straight with him – this put him in a quandary, as he had been quite convinced before the interview, that she was guilty of betraying Rory…now he was not sure at all…While he was pondering this problem, there came a knock on the door of May-Lin’s office:

    50. If he could keep out of the beast's way for a bit, perhaps that betraying wind would shift—but the wind held, and a quick glance over his shoulder showed Conan that the monster was almost upon them, coming like a war-galley in front of a hurricane

    1. have occurred all at once betrays evidence of celestial

    2. Nixon Betrays the Kurds of Iraq

    3. Mostly though the Kidnappers will not know that the rescuers arrived unless the media betrays the operation by putting a camera crew live on the air – it happened

    4. His thoughtless indifference to the momentous progress made in this area (race relations) over the past forty years or more, extemporaneously betrays an intellectual dishonesty steeped in naiveté and misplaced idealism that has lost much of its (historical) relevance in modern society; aside from the rantings of racial factions that stand to profit by re-opening old wounds which Mr

    5. The change happens when US General Otis betrays Filipinos and pursues war without Washington's approval or knowledge

    6. His expression is calm, but he’s angry—the terseness in his voice betrays him

    7. 21 As for a wound, it may be bound up; and after reviling there may be reconcilement, but he who betrays secrets is without hope

    8. future and the future betrays the expectations

    9. Sci–Coll's superficial meaninglessness betrays a deeper meaning

    10. ” An attempt to transplant democracy to parts of the world to which it is alien betrays on our part a form of cultural imperialism

    11. 21 But behold the hand of him who betrays Me is with Me on the table

    12. Behold he who betrays Me is at hand

    13. 44 Jesus said that and was agitated s in his spirit and testified and said Truely truely I say to you One of you he who eats with me shall betray me; And they were very sorrowful; and they began to say to him one after another of them Can it be Lord? He answered and said to them One of the twelve he who dips his hand with me in the dish will betray me; And the hand of him who betrays me is on the table; And the Son of man goes as it is written of him: woe then to that man by whose hand the Son of man is betrayed! for it would have been better for that man had he not been born; And the disciples looked one on another for they knew not to whom he referred; and they began to search among themselves who that might be who was to do this

    14. Arise let us go for he has come who betrays me

    15. He said that to him to explain by what death he was to glorify God; And when he had said that he said to him Come after me; And Simon Cephas turned and saw that disciple whom Jesus loved following him; he which at the supper leaned on Jesus' breast and said My Lord who is it who betrays you? When therefore Cephas saw him he said to Jesus My Lord and this man what shall be in his casee Jesus said to him If I will that this man remain until I come what is 47 that to you? follow you me; And this word spread among the brothers that that disciple should not die but Jesus said not that he should not die; but If I will that this man remain until I come what is that to you? 48 This is the disciple which bare witness of that and wrote it and we know that his witness is true

    16. Luke 22:21-22 But note the hand of him who betrays Me is with Me at the table; and truly the Son of Man goes away in the way it was determined but disaster to that man by whom He is betrayed!

    17. 10 This betrays a characteristic of a hologram

    18. Its evasiveness betrays the slippery and illusory nature of matter and space

    19. no privileged frame of reference) to the universe betrays the fact that the multiverse is ‘embedded’ or as Bohm would have put it ‘enfolded’ in an implicate order — in this case the ‘full-void’ or the ‘event horizon’ of the multiverse

    20. Could this beautiful woman standing next to him really be a victim of circumstances? A soldier thrown into a ring of chaos as her commander, Raidan, betrays her and she's tossed onto a strange ship working for some strange part of the military she's unfamiliar with? A lifestyle she isn't used to

    21. ” Even the Bible betrays the presence of

    22. This betrays the fact that their bodies are

    23. electromagnetic field betrays the presence of earth’s etheric double – with

    24. "It is, but what if someone betrays you?"

    25. There is a pillow that betrays your head

    26. He is indeed the friend who never betrays, but who is always betrayed

    27. “In either case, it betrays the lack of a balanced mind

    28. Sisyphus betrays a pact

    29. " As he reached down to shake them that he might awaken them, he said: "Arise, let us be going back to the camp, for, behold, he who betrays me is at hand, and the hour has come when my flock shall be scattered

    30. This Jesus is a Galilean, and your speech betrays you, for you also speak as a Galilean

    31. betrays me like a piece of shit

    32. You body betrays you, Hotaru Kimiko

    33. question betrays what I perceive to be the true facts in this

    34. This observation alone betrays the concealed

    35. the sign of the star betrays their place of origin,

    36. betrays the mutated gene for immoderation,

    37. Its so much more but my body betrays me when it comes to his touch

    38. He repeatedly abuses, abandons, or betrays

    39. Now this is the spirit of the world, and when we do that, that's deceptive, and it betrays relationships

    40. where the audience betrays their elders revolution

    41. with Christ, but some times the evidence betrays them

    42. But for the Christians to imagine that there could be no salvation sans the Son of God betrays the credulity of their minds at best, and their ignorance about the sophistication of the Hindu philosophy at worst

    43. are driving, but what about the friend who betrays a trust? What about a family member

    44. who steals from you? Or the pastor who betrays a confidence? What about a spouse who

    45. Moreover, the apathy of the Musalmans for a planned family betrays their insensitivity towards their own women; won’t their persistent refusal to adopt the family planning methods that avert the health-hampering carriages and miscarriages render their fair sex into despondency? Oh how the Musalmans burden their women with a child in the lap and another in the womb till they can bear no longer, and as the moulvis aver they have a duty to procreate for the sake of Islam regardless that is

    46. That done, and it being truly in place in much of the world, for the faithful to still cling on to those Quranic verses of ‘the otherness’ betrays a lack of theological as well as rational understanding of Islam

    47. “The penalty when a vampire betrays another vampire is banishment or death

    48. The games of culture are defined by laws, proscriptions and prohibitions and, therefore, create an environment of feared breach, trespass and violation, when, not if, some iWitness betrays us

    49. “Love betrays war as money betrays love – love seeks peace, not conquest; money seeks ownership not sharing

    50. Love betrays money because it honors no contracts that claim ownership of allegiance

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