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Illicit в предложении (на )

1. And the illicit was not missing, either.
1. This illicit sale of cocaine is one example.
1. This is most certain in the case of illicit drugs.
1. Thought of the illicit apple I’m hiding in my room.
1. My mother began to experiment with illicit drugs such as.
1. Illicit and exciting sex with Peter followed by a girly.
1. Prime Minister, immediately followed by the illicit video of.
1. She was serving her term of imprisonment for illicit sale of spirits.
1. The corrupted religionists shall be deprived of their illicit earnings.
1. The noble Hadith denotes: The licit is plain, and the illicit is plain.
1. Patel’s wealth, found to be made through illicit trade across the ocean.
1. You indicated that you don’t use illicit drugs and don’t abuse alcohol.
1. Of course, prescription drugs are just as dangerous as the illicit variety.
1. There is the lure of the illicit, but prostitution is illegal in the county.
1. Unlike many other illicit drugs, however, LSD seems to appear in weaker doses.
1. Cauff was a victim of "click fraud," the illicit manipulation of keyword-based.
1. Yet, one hears, even here, of illicit relationships in spite of the hindrances.
1. The trade was fuelled by the illicit export of gems to India and the Middle East.
1. How the illicit side of the behavioral pattern seems to be common for both sexes.
1. Environmental drug-related cues have been implicated as a cause of illicit heroin.
1. Next she'd put in an order to have the illicit drugs seized from Calvin's quarters.
1. He noticed that nearly every illicit relationship conformed to a similar pattern of.
1. Jacob had no illicit operation there at all and he used the country as a safe haven.
1. It seemed odd, then, that he should be involved in some illicit dealing with Spalding.
1. Locals had become aware of the Dutch pairs illicit goings on and demanded tough action.
1. I am just so grateful that both of us haven’t been murdered because of our illicit past.
1. It is the essence of any illicit regime to suppress, expunge, or annihilate its opposition.
1. But did not disagree when he concluded they were somehow carrying on an illicit love affair.
1. They have become common among illicit drug users, however, because of their stimulating effect.
1. We have some information about illicit activity from one of our professors at the GN University.
1. Pixie would never have had her head turned by the promise of illicit trigonometry, as he had done.
1. Diamond trading for oil, gas, weapons, drugs, and any number of illicit goods was no secret around here.
1. Now you may think that I am referring to Adam and Eve and the probability that they ate from an illicit.
1. Gwen always had good stories, many of which concerned the illicit predilections of the town’s citizens.
1. Of course, it was always possible that one of the staff had been dropped off at the illicit side entrance.
1. Poverty was a thing of the past, of course, as was illicit drug trade, and so crime was not a major issue.
1. Poverty is a thing of the past, of course, as is illicit drug trade, and so crime is not a major issue today.
1. You see many of them competing with one another in sin and hostility, and their consuming of what is illicit.
1. He had a full time job at a factory and just took in a little extra income from the illicit trade off the job.
1. Grand Administrator, the Time Patrol has strict procedures when it comes to stopping illicit time travelers.

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