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Illegitimate в предложении (на )

I think Pierre also is illegitimate.
Our wants are many and illegitimate.
Added, My illegitimate half brother.
His children are all illegitimate.
A legitimate one and an illegitimate.
He had dozens of illegitimate children.
You also have an illegitimate kid –’.

They are cancerous byproducts of illegitimate Islam.
Every other way of accumulating things are illegitimate.
He will father six illegitimate children with his whores.
This gentleman has an endless supply of illegitimate children.
The laws of this land render every act of theirs illegitimate.
This is not necessarily an illegitimate use of the educative arts.
Cursing all stupid, interfering, illegitimate women, he bent over it.
Admittedly, it is highly unlikely that Jesus was an illegitimate child.
We could tell them we are the illegitimate children of the Duke of Edinburgh.
Granted, though, that I am his son, yet my name's Dolgoruky ; I am illegitimate.
It also says that he was quite a fornicator and fathered six illegitimate children.
On the face of this, there seemed to be something illegitimate about the entire affair.
It follows that it is these desires that are illegitimate, but not the need for happiness.
As you say, even if he weren’t forevermore a child, at best he’s an illegitimate bastard.
The chief result is that these illegitimate plants, as they may be called, are not fully fertile.
Every fetus killed by culpable act or cultivated indifference is a forced, illegitimate abortion.
They represent the tip of the iceberg—but there is a great deal of illegitimate insider trading.
I am a woman, and you think we are all stupid; but I know this: an illegitimate son cannot inherit.
Congratulations! (Unless the father is one of those pro athletes with 237 illegitimate children by 343.
This led me carefully to observe during four years many seedlings, raised from several illegitimate unions.
Altogether there is the closest identity in character and behaviour between illegitimate plants and hybrids.
Now, he is going to chase the past, to see an illegitimate son and his mother who has not asked him to come.
Braganza: the house of Braganza was founded by John I of Portugalin the person of his illegitimate son Alfonso.
You see Roric, I am your great uncle and the younger illegitimate, as it were, half brother of your grandfather.
Harald told her about the claim that William was illegitimate and the marriage contract invalid as a consequence.
I mean an afflicted idiot, formerly the servant, and possibly the illegitimate son, of Fyodor Pavlovitch, Smerdyakov.
Logic and reason must, therefore, be sent to the scrap heap of history as part of an illegitimate Western enterprise.
Several states have taken or are contemplating taking action against illegitimate online sellers of prescription drugs.
Johnson documents that Marx fathered an illegitimate child by a servant girl provided to his wife Jenny by her family.
Jepthah was in an environment where everyone put him down, because he was a half-breed illegitimate son of a prostitute.
There was already talk of easing the requirements for priests, and ordaining under-twenty-fives and even illegitimate men.
What was in these envelopes? Subpoenas? Payments to a secret mistress? To an illegitimate child? He knew better than to ask.
With trimorphic species six unions are legitimate, or fully fertile, and twelve are illegitimate, or more or less infertile.

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