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Illicit in a sentence | illicit example sentences

  1. And the illicit was not missing, either.
  2. This illicit sale of cocaine is one example.
  3. This is most certain in the case of illicit drugs.
  4. Thought of the illicit apple I’m hiding in my room.
  5. Illicit and exciting sex with Peter followed by a girly.
  6. My mother began to experiment with illicit drugs such as.
  7. Prime Minister, immediately followed by the illicit video of.
  8. She was serving her term of imprisonment for illicit sale of spirits.
  9. The corrupted religionists shall be deprived of their illicit earnings.
  10. The noble Hadith denotes: The licit is plain, and the illicit is plain.
  11. Patel’s wealth, found to be made through illicit trade across the ocean.
  12. Of course, prescription drugs are just as dangerous as the illicit variety.
  13. You indicated that you don’t use illicit drugs and don’t abuse alcohol.
  14. There is the lure of the illicit, but prostitution is illegal in the county.
  15. Unlike many other illicit drugs, however, LSD seems to appear in weaker doses.
  16. Yet, one hears, even here, of illicit relationships in spite of the hindrances.
  17. Cauff was a victim of "click fraud," the illicit manipulation of keyword-based.
  18. How the illicit side of the behavioral pattern seems to be common for both sexes.
  19. The trade was fuelled by the illicit export of gems to India and the Middle East.
  20. Environmental drug-related cues have been implicated as a cause of illicit heroin.
  21. Next she'd put in an order to have the illicit drugs seized from Calvin's quarters.
  22. Jacob had no illicit operation there at all and he used the country as a safe haven.
  23. He noticed that nearly every illicit relationship conformed to a similar pattern of.
  24. It seemed odd, then, that he should be involved in some illicit dealing with Spalding.
  25. Locals had become aware of the Dutch pairs illicit goings on and demanded tough action.
  26. I am just so grateful that both of us haven’t been murdered because of our illicit past.
  27. It is the essence of any illicit regime to suppress, expunge, or annihilate its opposition.
  28. But did not disagree when he concluded they were somehow carrying on an illicit love affair.
  29. They have become common among illicit drug users, however, because of their stimulating effect.
  30. Pixie would never have had her head turned by the promise of illicit trigonometry, as he had done.
  31. We have some information about illicit activity from one of our professors at the GN University.
  32. Diamond trading for oil, gas, weapons, drugs, and any number of illicit goods was no secret around here.
  33. Now you may think that I am referring to Adam and Eve and the probability that they ate from an illicit.
  34. Gwen always had good stories, many of which concerned the illicit predilections of the town’s citizens.
  35. Poverty was a thing of the past, of course, as was illicit drug trade, and so crime was not a major issue.
  36. Of course, it was always possible that one of the staff had been dropped off at the illicit side entrance.
  37. You see many of them competing with one another in sin and hostility, and their consuming of what is illicit.
  38. Poverty is a thing of the past, of course, as is illicit drug trade, and so crime is not a major issue today.
  39. He had a full time job at a factory and just took in a little extra income from the illicit trade off the job.
  40. Grand Administrator, the Time Patrol has strict procedures when it comes to stopping illicit time travelers.
  41. A responsible pregnant mother is unlikely to use illicit drugs, because she knows that it would harm her child.
  42. There is that popular notion that the unsupervised or illicit use of the pep-up drugs started with a sleepy driver.
  43. What I should never forgive would be a disloyal spying and eavesdropping in order to satisfy an illicit curiosity.
  44. However, there is a possibility to carry out a drug test in order to check whether your kid is taking illicit drugs.
  45. In his experience, briefcases full of cash were usually associated with some type of illicit activity such as drugs.
  46. Therefore, a nation becomes a dumping place for every illicit behavior when there is scrutiny of the spiritual fruit.
  47. Mikhail had managed to procure CCTV evidence showing clear as crystal Roger’s illicit dealings concerning narcotics.
  48. Peter went on to describe in detail what they knew about the Abraham Pharmaceutical Company and its illicit operations.
  49. I'm more concerned about you since she has promised to torture any illicit date of mine until he vows to never come back.
  50. It was a hidden, illicit affair for I was still married and the bonds with my wife and children though frayed, still held.
  51. While comfortably furnished, nothing screamed of extravagant luxury or of hidden revenues earned from illicit occupations.
  52. It has been found that illicit use of marijuana, as in smoking its dried leaves, produces a feeling of mild euphoria (high).
  53. The test, however, is incapable of marking the difference between prescription and illicit drugs within the same group or class.
  54. How can I answer this? From where most people are standing, we’ve broken the rules … illicit sex, that’s all they will see.
  55. Another question: Did he use any illicit and/or prescription drugs? He’s just going down the form to complete the interview.
  56. Brigit raised her eyebrows and Teller continued: Sure, there is as much illicit sex here as there is in London or anywhere else.
  57. A network analyzer is a powerful tool that can just as easily be used for illicit purposes as for network troubleshooting and support.
  58. Or a specific personal value that carries with it the thoughts, feelings and behaviours relating to the use or non-use of illicit drugs.
  59. If this really was a cover for something illicit did they think you would be foolish enough to tell them that even if it were true?
  60. Another extremely important point is to blockade internally as externally the illicit acts in those countries and its generative sources.
  61. This only shows that the public has gained greater awareness of such drugs and is ready to defend against the possibility of illicit use.
  62. But know this: I could drum up some kind of false charge, and added with your illicit activities, you will most definitely pay the price.
  63. Speaking with their teenager is essential for understanding the reason why they have started to consume prescription drugs or illicit drugs.
  64. Torbin’s heart was pounding so fast he wondered if the ship would think there was something wrong, suspect he was committing an illicit act.
  65. Mattie liked to describe it as a hot-sheets joint, but there was no evidence of illicit behavior, at least not at 3:30 on a Monday afternoon.
  66. Another shame of its impotence is to allow the deviations of trillion dollars that are diluted in the corruption, wastes or illicit enrichment.
  67. Mark has been acting as an agent for the illicit activities of the Abraham Clinic by abducting mostly street girls who are taken to the clinic.
  68. Certainly in that soft cradle, beneath the muslin and lace of propriety, he could be sure it would not jangle against an illicit and alien ring.
  69. The direct benefits are high economy with costs of safety and elimination of the fraud, piracy, cloning and other illicit acts with strange documents.
  70. It probably won’t surprise you to hear me say that watching Nate Crosby’s illicit video made me cry, longer and harder than I ever have in my life.
  71. While it's true that the drugs which are subject to abuse keep getting stronger, even the prescription medications are not spared by illicit drug users.
  72. While the idea induced curiosity in her, Roopa tried to apply her mind to it, ‘Why, they seem to be making use of his nuptial bed for their illicit sex.
  73. That island has in fact been turned into a luxury resort island for the African elite and all those who became rich through corruption and illicit trades.
  74. The stagestruck girl has always heard that when a woman visits a man’s rooms at midnight there are illicit relations that should be immediately broken up.
  75. I said, You realise, what with orgies on the bald mountain and nights of illicit passion, I’m a ruined man in this town? You’ll have to marry me, now.
  76. All clandestine and illicit activities are best when you have another henchman with whom to share the blame and the possible consequences of the act itself.
  77. But of course, with so many relatives working on building sites – which seemed to positively breed illicit items – she had more opportunities than most.
  78. This is why a leisurely walk does not qualify for aerobic training; unless we push ourselves our training stimulus will not illicit a physiologic adaptation.
  79. There’s too much illicit teen sex going on in our schools and girls are getting infected with diseases like gonorrhea and others leading to cervical cancer.
  80. The people of the town never suspected that they had such a female in their midst, a woman ready to make illicit love to a youngster at the earliest opportunity.
  81. A world where every whim had to be satisfied because all the basic needs, all the essentials were there and life would be tasteless without the excitement of the illicit.
  82. I giggle as Nick comments on how impossible it would be for me to have an illicit relationship with this lot around, then giving me a hug, gets into his car and drives off.
  83. The Court has accumulated over the centuries the illicit authority to wield its own sword of justice against the clauses of the Constitution with which it disagrees.
  84. Historically, encryption and decryption were laborious tasks and were reserved only for secure clandestine communication (usually of a military or illicit romantic nature).
  85. He leaned his right shoulder against the wheelhouse and watched perspiration drip from his nose, as his cousin manipulated controls, lifting the illicit cargo from the hold.
  86. And soon he discovered that the love and tender-ness he felt in his marriage had slipped, replaced by the lure of an illicit, flesh-and-blood relationship with another woman.
  87. The fourth of the women who stood at the window, and was undergoing sentence for illicit trading in spirits, was a squat little country woman with bulging eyes and kindly face.
  88. The high moral qualities of man will be replaced by the bad material ones and there will be no difference between licit and illicit so that corruption will prevail in all society.
  89. He did not think that he would die, and that he would then be asked about his wrongdoings, because his only concern was the collection of money, whether by means licit or illicit.
  90. Maybe, some of them may need a man’s helping hand to cross the hurdle of their sentimental fidelity, for them to run the rest of the illicit race with him in their raunchy beds.
  91. They informed me an official complaint had been made saying I was attempting to use my position as a fortune teller to illicit money fraudulently from the death of the Goldman's son.
  92. The patrol ship was bristling with antennae and sensors in keeping with its mission of finding illicit cargoes amongst the thousands of containers that moved through the port each week.
  93. Since the majority of the group were amateurs of the illicit it followed that the one or two, sitting in the group, on which he had no observable evidence, must be of similar disposition.
  94. As he turned to walk back into the foyer, he wondered how such a serene and peaceful setting could be the setting for some dark, illicit dealing between Spalding and a handsome mystery man.
  95. He did leave out a lot of information about the illicit activities which went on because he wanted Mark locked in and the knowledge was in many ways an excellent way of keeping him circumspect.
  96. No one was sure exactly how the illicit goods continued to find their way to that planet, but they did, and consequently, they had one of the highest tourist rates of any of the planets in the.
  97. In that case, I would be placed in a very difficult situation, for I would have to enforce the law and could not turn a blind eye to their illicit actions… even as a special favour to you, Sir.
  98. With this, it liberates the countries of the financial prison, it breaks the cycle of the indebtedness and immediately it finishes the social abandonment, the hunger, the misery and illicit acts.
  99. Federal, state, and local leaders should conduct public and provider education campaigns alerting pregnant women of the dangers of smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking illicit drugs while pregnant.
  100. It represents a partially nude señorita, frail and lovely (his wife, as he solemnly assured me, taken by him from nature), practising illicit intercourse with a muscular torero, evidently a blackguard.

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