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    1. To one without that implant however, there were tables and chairs in an empty warehouse

    2. further than it normally was because of his shrapnel implant, combined with the way his cockney

    3. “Sorry, my implant is not as discrete as some of the newer units,” complained the other, and Brendan repeated it

    4. The advantages reach the First Sector indirectly (Union, States and Municipal districts) and the Second Sector (profit organizations) when the Third Sector of any country to implant the First Strategy of this Project

    5. Also, they reach all the sectors of other countries that didn’t yet implant this Project

    6. To implant that new model in

    7. 5 To implant Usuarist Projects with actuation of the organizations in the Areas of Activities 5

    8. 6 To implant to Knowledge Database: PROJECTUAL

    9. The State only needs to present bill or plebiscite that it changes the constitution of the Country to implant new Coordenational Structure and new Computational Monetary System with complete solution that eliminates the lack of income and it puts an end to the millenarian problems for more than 80% of the population

    10. c) It is the utilization of the outturn of the country that desires to implant the new Computational Monetary System

    11. Besides, nobody will pay nothing to implant the new Computational Monetary System, because it is an irrecusable gift that is given by the investor’s altruism or sponsor of the XUSING Project to those countries to apply the new System and to obtain the immediate and definitive solution of its great internal problems, inclusive the solution of the payment of the national debt and foreign debt, without sacrifices or recessions

    12. Therefore, the authorities of any country can implant this beneficial solution and to give such expected gift for humanity

    13. This is called a “dental implant”, and bone is used in this process of rebuilding

    14. ” Lost to these students are the ideals expressed by a judge of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in a 1992 case: “Patriotism is an effort by the state to promote its own survival,” to implant the values that justify its existence, and “to transmit those virtues and values

    15. insignificant things that implant themselves firmly in our hearts

    16. A diode implant

    17. The only way to avoid this is would be to implant the chip somewhere in the body where any attempt to remove it would cause the child’s death—inside the head, for example—and you can be sure that the government will propose this at some point

    18. I could remove your embryo in that time, and with Yzell’s skill in such matters, we could implant it in a surrogate mother, if you so chose

    19. microchip implant and be registered with the authorities

    20. Marjie had been having frequent headaches caused by a faulty implant

    21. They are using those links to give false instructions to her implant, which is causing the changes in her body

    22. She’s telling me my implant was damaged by the false impulses

    23. The only links to her implant are through my new System

    24. The ones Candace warned us about attempted to remove Star One’s implant

    25. Because of the connections through her spider web link, removal of her implant could have caused the deaths of several others

    26. Marjie’s implant was in need of adjustment and she was receiving surgery in the medical unit when the Station experienced a sudden jolt, causing a laser to go astray

    27. In a seemingly impossible “coincidence”, it was reflected from the mirror-like walls of the surgical unit and precisely struck Marjie’s exposed implant

    28. The damaged implant was quickly replaced and her vital signs returned to normal, but her consciousness was could not be located by the Station’s System

    29. “Why do you say that? It was our technology that destroyed her implant!”

    30. “What are the odds against that laser hitting her implant without injuring anyone in the process?

    31. I withdrew a conducting chip from a compartment and was proudly demonstrating how to install it to my students and boasting about the properties of her new implant when the crisis occurred

    32. “Her implant was adjusted during the surgery to bring her up to Level 5

    33. Her implant is designed to report any malignant cells that appear in her body

    34. That meant that he was not relying on the implant in his deceased body

    35. I thought you might have changed her implant

    36. It won’t work with her old implant

    37. Then I was given a special implant which creates an energy bubble around me and prevents the radiation I emit from harming the grays and any other species I work with in my dimension

    38. She said it was Nuke’s Second in Command who had provided the targeting information in addition to giving the Atlanta group access to an archival implant code, indirectly causing the murder of 72 individuals linked to 8 in his dimension

    39. Having assumed his responsibilities, Adam issued orders to remove Nocor’s implant and to permanently confine him at the Station, where he would be subject to close surveillance at all times

    40. “Is that due to an implant?” I asked

    41. I reminded Candace that Donna’s implant had been removed because of her involvement in altering a code which had caused the death of 72 individuals

    42. After the call, Nuke said, “She told me she doesn’t want to have any contact with Mother at all and told me to remove her implant

    43. When I told her removal of the implant would eliminate further contact with me, she said to forget it

    44. When I would verbally express my frustrations with Amy to Marjie, Nuke would hear them, either because he was invisibly present, or her implant had alerted him to her reaction

    45. It came as a total shock when Adam notified me that Nuke had downloaded all his programming into the System and his consciousness had disappeared! He had left blocks in the System to prevent it from being tracked and had severed his implant links to everyone

    46. believed that this savior was a divine implant

    47. She rubbed it over the area of the implant

    48. be more open to suggestions and the hypnotist or audio programme you have chosen will implant ideas about smoking, such as the healthy effects of

    49. But true justice cannot be achieved by lying, cheating, withholding or destroying evidence, manipulating and coercing witnesses, or by using psychological brainwashing techniques to implant pseudo-memories into witnesses‘ minds

    50. What the fuck happened to you?! Did they clone you and implant your brain or your thoughts in the clone’s head? No

    1. "Yeah, but do you think I am forcing her dead body to twitch using electrical impulses? Do you think if you cut me open you would find some crystal implanted in Tdesi's head?"

    2. Tdeshi was gone Jorma, you have to get over that, but nothing was implanted in this flesh

    3. And from what I have read, the discipline of the Earther ‘Samurai’ training allowed her to control the urges implanted in her

    4. These include pregnancy, use of implanted pain or

    5. The ceiling had two large air ducts implanted in it

    6. He told her a story of how he'd once had his brain implanted in a keda to escape a wizard hunt during the Troubled Times

    7. implanted in the brains of millions

    8. He had just implanted the feeling of having eaten a whole bucket-full of chips and mayonnaise

    9. The subliminal image Danny had also implanted, of a large vulture standing over him, hadn't helped his nausea either

    10. The car was implanted at a 45-degree angle within the truck, its rear wheels still spinning

    11. It took a few moments before he realised that the tiny vibration in his head was his comm-link; neurally implanted – deep enough to escape most scans

    12. He moved in closer to the casket, and said: ‘I suspect you know more about me than does the real Torbin Lyndau – that your knowledge is implanted from the Elusivers

    13. skin and pubic hair had found their way on to the microchips being implanted at that moment

    14. Ions implanted in the human body have

    15. We were down to the last week, and I discovered that the microchip I’d had implanted in Marg after the running-away episode might not be sufficient identification to import her to France

    16. time the egg is implanted in the uterus until kidding

    17. Ze same one that implanted you vit zhose false memories, and tricked you into doing his bidding

    18. Every deposited amount in Bank3Sector will be transformed in public certificate or certificate of bank deposit without nominal endorsement, in other words, in guaranteed certificates for the Central Bank of the country in that the Project is implanted

    19. The tattoos had to have been implanted when they were together, which, of itself, didn’t narrow it down much

    20. When the jawbone was damaged or eroded over time, it must be “rebuilt”, so to speak prior to a new tooth being inserted or implanted into the bone

    21. “What about all those old loyal fans who will be crushed when they find out Tsunami Rush isn’t in the house?” I asked with tongue firmly implanted in cheek

    22. renewed was then built up; And the promise of the life that should come hereafter was implanted

    23. time when God created man, He implanted within him his passions and moral nature

    24. were immunizations and the third implanted a tiny, almost

    25. So I got the idea firmly implanted that adult dating came with its own special set of “drawbacks

    26. implanted into his mother’s womb

    27. She had a stainless steel rod surgically implanted in her broken leg at the hip (so that she could sit up in bed and a wheel chair) and spent two weeks in New London’s hospital, then her final two months in the Greentree Manor nursing home in Waterford

    28. partially implanted alien perception may lack specific perceptual parts, but it is not clear that

    29. It says that our agents should recommend to all parents who are worried about the safety of their children to have microchips implanted in them

    30. Madeleine’s name is even invoked here, saying that her abduction could have been avoided if she’d had the chip implanted!”

    31. 2 Because at that time the unwritten law was named among them; And the works of the commandments were then fulfilled; And belief in the coming judgment was then generated; And hope of the world that was to be renewed was then built up; And the promise of the life that should come hereafter was implanted

    32. 21 For at the time when God created man He implanted within him his passions and moral nature

    33. “We were shown that the alteration we had felt before was due to being implanted and that our ship had been tagged so it could be tracked no matter where we were

    34. We say that is God's task for you, the reason He implanted such talent in you

    35. When you were changed into human form, we archived your memories and implanted fabricated memories into your human brain

    36. Like you, my memory had been archived and implanted memories made me believe I was human

    37. it over the implanted I

    38. bots are real y implanted with the personalities of human

    39. God’s love is so fiery and all consuming, that when He pours out His love and Spirit upon us, anything that’s implanted in our souls from sin is like throwing hair into the midst of a blazing inferno- toasted in seconds (or less)! Haha

    40. aborted one child, I’d lost this one that had been implanted in me, and the rest had been stolen

    41. If the mother to be was able to be impregnated then the foetus was implanted in her uterus using the most up to date implantation techniques and she was allowed to come to full term with a natural birth

    42. The fertilised eggs in the incubators were created using cloning techniques and were carefully implanted in the artificial membranes developed for this purpose

    43. could almost forget the dark scars implanted in her soul by Tobias

    44. „I will not have that thing in my house!" shrieked his tiny, but perfectly formed assailant through collagen implanted lips painted the same pearly-orange as her earrings

    45. He is implanted with new thoughts, schemes, and routines

    46. The Mages had been summoned to Ishbel’s apartment where the wrists of four very nervous Vassals were implanted with the chip

    47. They complimented everyone on the excellent protection provided for the public enseemats, the user-friendly maps and number lists, and the astonishing efficiency with which everyone had been implanted and an enseemat and terminal had been placed in every Aristocrat and Freemen apartment

    48. After the pattern of success was implanted in the Creative Mind of this man, he,

    49. The cow had a lab created embryo implanted and, although the pregnancy was short, and the cow had to be left outside the cave in order to survive, she gave birth to a healthy calf

    50. person carries throughout life were implanted in his mind when he was a child

    1. It already exhibited its effective union capacity and political wish of practicing the change when implanting the euro as unique coin to those countries

    2. I was expecting Zacchaeus’ hand, so I lashed out at his cheek through my claw like fingernails, implanting my fangs deeply into his veins, his blood spurting out when he reeled his head to the side from the shock of my nails scratching at his face

    3. The tiny chips too were ready; enough for every inhabitant as well as a thousand implant tools so health workers could start work straight away on implanting them in the entire population

    4. That means I fiddle around with the genes of human eggs and sperm according to the parents’ instructions, before fertilising the eggs and later implanting the healthiest zygotes

    5. This is a great activity for implanting key lesson questions in the students’ minds through repetition, and for discovering prior knowledge/areas of weakness

    6. and through implanting her with a

    7. And the implanting of a desire indicates that its

    8. But we continue to hope, and now work by implanting our intelligence into some of the very young inhabitants who we believe to be most likely to respond in the way we wish

    9. He hoped that nothing unexpected had happened when he was implanting the language in Sophia’s head

    10. The implanting surgeon deserves the crime

    11. by implanting natural images as a basis for his functioning, and thereby provided a

    12. He was dead set on implanting new hair when the doc told him he had nothing left to take the roots from,’ she giggled, then composed herself

    13. ” She looked at each one of them, implanting their faces into her memory lingering on Anna and Samuel

    14. - Ulysses’ mother was an assassin who tried to kill him when he was in the process of implanting in her uterus, because he was the fruit of a guilty action (see page 100)

    15. By implanting reservations about Christmas in the mind of the common citizen, the forces of absolutist secularism move ever closer to their goal of eradicating the Christian religion as the foundation of this civilization

    16. But the world of psychotherapy was also being rocked by a huge controversy about so-called false memories of abuse that parents claimed their teenage and grown children’s therapists were “implanting” during treatment

    17. ‘To be reminded of you might have results for your son in leading to questions on his part which could not be answered without implanting in the child’s soul a spirit of censure towards what should be for him sacred, and therefore I beg you to interpret your husband’s refusal in the spirit of Christian love

    18. A familiarity with Alec d'Urberville's presence—which that young man carefully cultivated in her by playful dialogue, and by jestingly calling her his cousin when they were alone—removed much of her original shyness of him, without, however, implanting any feeling which could engender shyness of a new and tenderer kind

    19. A sentient-class warship, on the other hand, had billions of sensors and datastreams the Sariceans could hijack, implanting worms and false codes

    20. Tell me, for God’s sake, what will Russia, our mother Russia, say to our being so frightened, and why are we abandoning our good and gallant Fatherland to such rabble and implanting feelings of hatred and shame in all our subjects? What are we scared at and of whom are we afraid? I am not to blame that the Minister is vacillating, a coward, dense, dilatory, and has all bad qualities

    1. It was an antique in 2341 but this was an era of implants

    2. Pim stressed that if y'all have to be evacuated instantly---and can't make it to the pods for the call---your audial implants have only enough power for one call---so make it count!”

    3. Dr Adolphous Bongo, everyone's favourite family doctor, presents his twisted views on a number of subjects, including Moles, Farm Machinery, Shopping and Remotely Activated Biometric Implants

    4. The structures reminded Hevel of the metal implants used on Earth for repairing hips

    5. ‘They’re the new helium implants, that’s why they stand up like so,’ he said, jamming two fists up inside his T-shirt

    6. The source estimates that up to 50,000 potential people received these illegal implants

    7. Organ transplant’s which includes dental implants already generates more than 1 billion US dollars, just in the United States of America alone!

    8. William Sherman, the journalist who was instrumental in uncovering this fraudulent mess, alleges that the cost of 1 ounce of bone, in terms of dental implants, is more than the cost of 1 ounce of gold

    9. the potential harmful effects of breast implants on women

    10. navigational implants but she tried switching to autopilot anyhow

    11. The implants in their bodies would be linked with hers, allowing them to experience all of Marjie’s thoughts, emotions, memories, physical sensations and actions while maintaining their separate identities

    12. The implants would also allow the caretakers at the Station to maintain contact with their mental and emotional condition

    13. Linked implants facilitate beneficial interventions, but in the wrong hands, they can be deadly

    14. More than once, those who wanted to overthrow the Alliance obtained unauthorized access to Marjie’s implants with murderous intent

    15. Conspirators tried to kill Marjie again using implants

    16. They set about to eliminate Sarah and those closest to her, which resulted in several attempts to kill her, Nucleus 8, Marjie, me, and others linked to us via implants

    17. “Donna’s and Rod’s (pseudonyms) implants were removed

    18. The only way they could maintain contact was through their linked implants and mental telepathy

    19. they were unnatural, unplanned, and uninvited implants into the

    20. ‘What about terminals? Mats and implants aren’t any use if there’s nothing to give instructions to!’

    21. I’m worried about vandalism as curiosity mounts over the implants and mats

    22. using implants to be able to access information and keep things stored efficiently in their brains

    23. ―I see, of course,‖ she said apologetically, eying the man‘s implants

    24. His hands, he realized, had picked up the feel of the breast implants that caused her breasts to jut out toward him taughtly

    25. "In 1984 William Gibson wrote a novel called Neuromancer, which was basically the predecessor to an entire genre of books about brain implants having the ability to augment strength and vision in human beings

    26. In time we developed brain pacemakers not unlike the same products used for hearts but in the back of our own minds the illusion and the allure of popular science fiction drew us closer and closer to implants that could perform what William Gibson imagined thirty years ago

    27. "Are you implying that our soldiers will all be subjected to brain implants?"

    28. The surgery required to install one of our implants is minimal and there is no permanent scarring

    29. and the idea of humans being made to have RFID implants as a replacement for

    30. The nycarmans and orderran soldiers recruited to undergo the experiment were given brain-tissue implants from the raizean subjects

    31. ‘’Nancy, I wanted to tell you that I have finished building your special implants and have tested them thoroughly

    32. Nancy gave her a sober look, knowing what those implants represented for her

    33. ‘’Your special Time Patrol field agent’s implants, Nancy

    34. Like the other implants, it is nearly transparent to X-rays and will be very difficult to detect by doctors of your time, short of invasive surgery

    35. Added to the ten months she had spent fighting in World War Two and to the fact that she was now fully trained in the use of her special implants and mastered her supernatural powers as a Chosen of The One, it all made her a vastly more experienced and effective soldier than she already had been before

    36. She had to have her implants and real breast

    37. Out of that total, only 62 are or will be field agents, each due to carry special implants, with 61 of them still in training

    38. a piece for the 6 implants ($18,000

    39. I‘d like to get the implants so I’m going to have the work done at a university where I can get a cost reduction for being a Guinea pig, and do the work over a longer period of time

    40. Implants, I think

    41. The Time Patrol has managed to temporarily take her body, so that her special implants can be taken out before an autopsy in the 21st Century could find them

    42. "I've heard they put implants into different

    43. tapped with the addictions of alcohol, drugs, sex and rock and roll which burn energy quickly and assist implants and energy

    44. remove all the implants which were turning her into a batttery and

    45. Connections, Implants and the

    46. These implants have energy connections going into them

    47. Implants and the Initiations of Energy

    48. These implants have Psychic Energy Connections going

    49. These implants create desires for sex, sexual abuse, drugs and rock and roll

    50. through being given Implants and addictions by these and other

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