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    1. cross hairs and hear the fatal click of the firing pin

    2. John takes a deep breath, enters the Pin number and pushes the pound sign

    3. danced on the head of a pin withdrawn from splinter grenades

    4. They can pin nothing on us

    5. Smith, in the madness of endless conjecture, decided to stick a virtual pin into the

    6. I tried to pick at the frame of the grill so that I could steal a stray beam of light from the bulb in the corridor, but all that I did was aggravate the pin prick wound in my finger from the bullet hole in the trunk of the car that had brought me here

    7. Bahkmar could never say this, but Moamar looked a lot like the one named Kiethying except for the pin stripes and turban and maybe fifty years

    8. But instead, he went down the power bus into the female side and followed every single pin

    9. My life is balanced on the tip of a pin and she just runs the box past her scanner as though it was a bag of onions … it is almost funny

    10. We never knew how things would go, the mood of our captors capable of turning on a pin head

    11. I wanted to pin him down lest he try to fly to freedom out of the shattered windows

    12. He ran to the starboard rail and flung that ship's pin from his only previous voyage as far as he could into the river, then ran back to the port side and vaulted over the rail

    13. Says I, hearing the pin drop,

    14. Pin pricks of light glittered in the growing darkness, unusual clusters that had me confused until I twigged they were not stars at all but lights from mountain houses

    15. Several potted plastic plants filled in the gaps amongst fresh jasmine trailing round the room from every hook and pin

    16. And then he came in and placed himself close enough to our usual table to seem included, but with me not sitting down it was hard for him to pin me down

    17. I must pin Alastair down to what organ pieces he wants to include … we’ll have to schedule some rehearsals as well

    18. Goa, wow! Someone has a good life,' Vidya said with a pin in her mouth

    19. I, her tutor, held the pin tray

    20. ‘You should pin that up somewhere in the office

    21. supported on either side by massive buttresses that seemed to pin the

    22. There is a distinct smell, a certain acridity in the candle-sooty underground-dank dustiness that many have tried to pin down in words

    23. You’ll have to sign the receipt, we don’t have that newfangled chip and pin stuff here

    24. From what London has sent us, this Hartley-Jones bloke is a bit of a small time crook – nothing you can pin on him, but he’s been dabbling in several dicey operations

    25. ‘When are you going to bring Alastair over to see me, eh, girl?’ he asked, those all-seeing eyes noticing the way I jump at the question as thought he’d stuck a pin in me

    26. “So now you know it all,” Tahlmute sighed to Ava, “all but actually watching her try to take a microdot with a pin or some similar stupid move

    27. The pin snapped off automatically in those days

    28. She had been stupid enough to try the pin thing she’d seen Hyondahi do for years with his lures, but they’d certainly helped

    29. “If the Instinct was as good as it should have been,” he said as they worked forward a little more on their way up the lugger’s ramp, “you wouldn’t have been able to hand Tdeshi that pin and we wouldn’t be here

    30. “It did hit me when I tried to hand her the pin

    31. Leave the cranes where they are and pin the Albatross in place with the excavators while we secure the engines

    32. Her mind was racing in so many directions at once that she couldn't pin down a single thought

    33. I will be able to pin it down but, and this is a big but, there is no way that we can use it to effect things here, in this time and place

    34. The entire concept simply slid away from him as he tried to pin it down

    35. from his seat a if a pin had been poked and shouted, “Yes, yes,

    36. At first, I felt miniature pin pricks against my temples, but then my skin felt like it was being scraped raw by sandpaper

    37. He held out his hand in invitation and as I inwardly acquiesced I felt my crown chakra being given a quick tune up, and a few laser pin pricks later I was on my way

    38. To see a safety pin in your dream indicates that a situation is on the verge of falling apart causing anxiety or fear

    39. of a pin could be separated from a tele-port

    40. “We’re going to need some small rocks to pin the sides of the tent down with

    41. I couldn’t pin it down exactly, but I felt

    42. “No, but Venus was trying to pin the attack on Mars, and I knew Aspen wasn’t responsible

    43. The other figure was a taller, thinner man with a pair of goggles strapped around his completely shaved head, probably in his fifties, but he was hard to pin an age on

    44. Lines of string ran from pin to pin

    45. “Attention stand still, shut up and pin your lugs back and listen to what the O

    46. appear on screen, insert their credit card and type in a PIN, then go home, no human interaction

    47. the universe began it was no bigger than a pin head and it suddenly

    48. It was a navy blue single breasted suit with a grey pin stripe

    49. “Right lad pin your ears back and listen to what I have to say and it just might save your miserable life”, he smiled at me and stroked his moustache

    50. She wore a pale blue dress with white embroidery on the sleeves and across the breast, the Blue Water Dragon pin holding the neck of her dark blue woollen cloak

    1. It—what used to be James—snapped at her fingers but was pinned by the wreckage and couldn't lean in to bite her

    2. Her leg was pinned

    3. Your chart,” he ruffles through some papers pinned to a clipboard, “says that you have stomach problems

    4. Its ends are stable, each a four-wheel truck pinned to the bottom of the backbone

    5. "Lies!" He shouted, pinned Travis’s head down by the back of his neck and turned his pistol to Betsy

    6. She slammed into him hard and rode him into the bulkhead and pinned him against a ladder

    7. Nobody pinned a medal on him, but nobody tried to break his bones either

    8. Alan's attempt to jump on it was pinned to the ground by the creature's foot as it sprang into the panic

    9. There was a notice pinned up on the Church

    10. He pinned her to the ground but she leaned forward and pushed him down and rode him wildly

    11. He quickly flipped her over and pinned her down

    12. They tumbled down the knoll and she pinned him down, trying to kiss him

    13. The only dark cloud on their horizon was a note from their benefactor that had been pinned to a bottle of champagne that awaited them on the day of their arrival in their new home, offering his sincerest condolences on the sad news about the fisherman’s health and saying that he would consider it an honour if they would invite him to the funeral, long may that day be postponed

    14. My heart beat fast as I pinned

    15. pinned the sash window permanently closed sheared and shattered

    16. Pinned to the Past

    17. I accidently pinned her to her diaper

    18. cried, but I didn’t realize that she was pinned to her

    19. He did as she requested and she studied the creature pinned under debris

    20. The Scather was lying under a huge console, pinned down, and in obvious pain

    21. forward and pinned me to the wall

    22. He pinned me

    23. benefactor that had been pinned to a bottle of champagne that

    24. Moses pinned the stranger’s feet to the cold

    25. At one point he remarked that this was where he had found Mya pinned under a

    26. Ted is pinned down in one of the chairs with Jock snarling in his face

    27. overpowered, and pinned her against the cold damp

    28. Without apparent difficulty, Sheila grabbed Chrissie’s hands and, forcing them over her head, pinned them down in the mud with one hand

    29. He is manhandled into a kneeling position, his arms pinned and locked behind his back

    30. She is pinned to the harsh walls of the domestic mausoleum by creeping vines, smothered in the leaf mould decay covering the floor of the untamed land at her feet

    31. He reared and kicked at the barriers of his prison, and in the process crushed in the chest and skull of the faithful liveryman pinned to the railing by the mare

    32. Heather’s wrists were pinned against the desk by Bobby as he leaned over

    33. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he tugged her in the door of the third house, and pinned her to the wall

    34. I saw them pinned up

    35. In less than a heartbeat, he’d slide her off his chest, and pinned her to the floor of the van

    36. "You know what happens when, a pinned lion gets loose?" she waited for a response but there wasn't one

    37. A minute later he had her pinned to the bed once more clawing at her clothing, mumbling with a thick tongue

    38. Her swords were still in her hands, though now they were useless for Solo Ki had her pinned to the ground, his staff digging into her chest

    39. Before he could start to move out of the way, the beams pinned him

    40. Adros was pinned beneath him

    41. There it was, pinned innocuously on the green board – my missing

    42. I pinned it to the top of my head, then washed my face and hands for the third time

    43. He wanted to reach, touch, tear, conquer, but her legs pinned his arms to his sides

    44. Time seemed to drag but I guessed that we had been pinned down for about half an hour now we had tried to squirm our way into the floor to make ourselves smaller and so not so much of a target for the random shrapnel

    45. I don’t know why so don’t ask me but when you have been pinned down for any length of time you get really pissed off to the point where nothing else matters

    46. Like last time there was no way we could push on without artillery support which we didn’t have and there were problems with the ammo supplies so we were pinned down again

    47. “There’s not much more to tell really I just heard they got pinned down and then one of the Battalions I think it was the 1st/5th Fusiliers charged forward to relieve the situation

    48. We felt sorry for the Kiwis who were now pinned down with nowhere to go with their men still taking casualties and dying for a few yards or ground

    49. The boulder was bigger around than she was, and he was pinned under it by one leg

    50. She had braided it, then pinned it to the top of her head

    1. ’ He murmured into my hair, his arm round my waist pinning me to his side

    2. His assailant sat on his left shoulder, pinning his left arm between legs

    3. When Harry had gotten two courses of the planking attached, George was hanging joists for rafters and pinning them at the roof's eave and the tops of the newly erected walls

    4. Jameson pulled his arms to his side, pinning the hands of his 'captors' and dropped into a low crouch with his back straight so as not to dislodge them

    5. ‘Planning on pinning the murder on her, are you?

    6. A few of them broke free from the ladder, but those highest up held on while it slammed to the earth, pinning them beneath

    7. She saw that it had nipped the corner of his chiton, pinning him to the cabin’s wall

    8. Her arms wrapped around his back, and Sebastian thrust his hands under the edge of her jacket, pulling at her dress shirt while thrusting against her, pinning her to the wall

    9. He fisted her hair in his hand, pinning her head back

    10. Using his momentum, she thrust her weight against his, she rolled him and positioned herself on his chest, pinning him beneath her

    11. The others came back to try to help her, but the rock was too large and more were falling every moment, forming a pile that was pinning Sebastian to the ground

    12. Tired of dealing with your bangs? One mini makeover that takes care of the same old hairstyle is to style your tresses as usual and keep your bangs off your face by pushing it aside of pinning them up

    13. Nearby, a rat shot out from behind a tombstone and, in an instant, the cat’s claws were upon it, pinning it cruelly to the ground, spearing it in several places

    14. Heartlessly pinning Alex on the wall

    15. His fist grabbed her hear pinning her down

    16. He lay upon his back, with the angry Badger's paw, pinning his throat

    17. The horse jumped away then toppled over, pinning the man under him

    18. A massive hand grabbed him by the shoulder and he was suddenly squeezed breathless by another dark figure holding him, pinning his arms to his sides in a bear hug

    19. I backed into the edge of that great black room and he pushed a blade hand into my chest, pinning me to the wall

    20. His presence filled my mind, blotting out my mind and pinning me beneath his filthy weight

    21. Ash’s sword landed on her shirt, not touching her skin but pinning her to the wall for enough seconds for him to grab her sword out of her hand and point it at her neck once more

    22. Ash was on top of her the next second, pinning her to the floor

    23. I lunge toward her, pinning her shoulder to the wall, and lean closer to her face

    24. The weight of him was superb, pinning her against the bed and forcing her thighs open

    25. out around him, pinning down the mask of destitution over the

    26. and slammed her into the wall, pinning her there

    27. avalanche of water exploded in, sweeping the young man across the room and pinning

    28. I really couldn’t imagine them pinning all these hopes on a few words of common sense from me

    29. I raced into the reception area to find Delbert sitting on Cory and pinning his arms to the carpet

    30. The werewolf appeared to be preoccupied with his dinner guests at the moment, pinning Zacchaeus on his back, having finished off with Adrinius who lay grousing on the ground beside him

    31. I couldn’t comprehend how Levi had made it to Ishvara so quickly, how my sight hadn’t caught him in his voyage to holding Ishvara on the ground, pinning him solidly on the earth, wrapped up in twigs and discarded leaves

    32. Adrinius had sped his way to me, pinning me hard against my counter, flat on my back, his divine body on top of mine

    33. He then stopped, pinning me with an intense look

    34. So why couldn't he have someone like you in his life? He also knew Toby was not pinning away for you as you supposed

    35. “What kind of witch are you?” She demanded, pinning me with blue eyes that were almost as intense as William's

    36. And before I realise it, I am sprawled across a tomb and a giant wolflike beast is standing over me, pinning me down

    37. polished floor and fell across the girl, pinning her down under his weight

    38. pinning the entire roof on the laps and place

    39. Pinning her to the floor, he placed a foot on her chest and snapped the wing that he held

    40. I wasn't the only one that could help take out the gun pinning down the Mike Force

    41. With a wave of his hand, the soldiers knocked Moshe to the ground, pinning his head and neck

    42. I assumed that the man had been loading limestone when the axle snapped, pinning his shin to the ground

    43. They all rushed to him and hugged him in the chair pinning

    44. Athene struggled frantically to free herself from the clawed hand pinning her to the spot

    45. Pinning Calvin and his people back

    46. At last he brought his arms down, running the creature through entirely and pinning it to the brick floor

    47. They followed Farzdbuk silently through the lounge, then with a surprising turn of speed hurtled out to the pool and dragged the young men to their feet, pinning their arms behind their backs

    48. Chris saw that the corner of the container, as it slid off the truck, had speared through the roof of the car, crushing it into the ground and pinning the driver up against the inside of the windscreen

    49. forward, pinning David between himself and the door

    50. my arms were still wrapped around her knees pinning her to the

    1. Do not clean the ears with pins, keys, pens, etc

    2. Johnny swapped his legs over, feeling the first glimmer of pins and needles

    3. She was a rich milk chocolate color with half-loosened curls that fell over her shoulders and were tied back with small pins behind her dainty ears

    4. the onset of pins and needles, lifting thin reeds

    5. "No pins," the redhead said, "see these plastic pinch blocks? Just pull a rope thru here and it stays, better than you can belay it, til you pull back this lever here

    6. With one hand holding my wrists, he pins both my arms firmly to the floor and kisses me very thoroughly

    7. which I would close with safety pins

    8. You have to be inside the secure area to get to the pins to reprogram any of the hardware Thom’s instruments are using

    9. He selects records from his collection, talks her through the stories and the lives, and pins the melody to his own life

    10. It takes a while for them to find the appropriate place on the map, but as Abi pins the paper up, Katie explains the plan for Easter Monday

    11. eternity; the stead blow of pins and needles out of the northwest; nights requiring

    12. in a glass box routine, while the clowns juggled bowling pins

    13. In the center was an enormous chair, like a flower, and on it a tiny figure robed in white sat clutching an instrument and facing a panel of softly glowing hoses, pins and knobs

    14. Pins, was the mythical part,

    15. The backbone's data pins were still isolated, the addresses started returning retries

    16. " He took a few red-colored pins in his hand and placed them on the map accordingly

    17. " The red pins stood boldly on their rightful districts

    18. All the clothes pins are securely glued to the clothes

    19. Aspen leaned her head back, and her hair slipped from its pins, the long, wet masses spilling over her shoulders

    20. Hans had a large map of the US on the wall with many pins sticking out of it

    21. “What about the yellow and green pins?”

    22. Sebastian held his chin in his hand as he studied the pins in the map, thinking

    23. “You notice how there are a lot more green pins than yellow pins

    24. The roll loosened from the pins and was falling

    25. What’s next? Will I be one of those middle-aged women wearing cat pins and cat earrings, drinking my coffee from a cat mug? How long before I am attending cat conventions and subscribing to Cat Fancy? I’m the little old lady in apartment 9

    26. It was very quite and the waiting out here had everyone on pins our nerves were stretched tight and we jumped at the least little noise

    27. were unbuttoned; the pins quilted themselves in as fast as they were

    28. The pins stayed out, the

    29. Sergeant’s rank pins shone at his collar

    30. It was open, and a man wearing captain’s pins leaned against the frame and further blocked the route

    31. Mush-head lived with three steel pins in his hip

    32. She slowly took out the pins from her hair

    33. This includes making sure the pistons, the rods and pins, all weigh the same

    34. Fortunately, nowadays, there are many influences that weaken the pins on that out-of-date, power-destroying fairy tale

    35. Step1: Short left two wires of potentiometer and then lengthen the third wire and one wire from shorted pins

    36. Step2: Place the battery and switch as shown in figure, we are using only two pins of switch

    37. Step1: Identify the pins of IC UM66 and transistor

    38. Step2: Identify Piezo speaker pins and it should be con-

    39. Step1: Indentify the pins of IC and transistor

    40. circuit to LED pins , So that melody circuit

    41. Step2: Ensure all the pins of IC

    42. Step1: Ensure all the pins of IC are properly inserted

    43. Step1: Ensure all the pins of IC

    44. Small pins marked places of interest, unit positions and enemy contacts

    45. On the far wall there were two large radio sets and a large map of the Delta, complete with cloth-connected pins and photos

    46. raised her two arms and went in her hair to pull the bobby pins out

    47. She hits her hard, knocking her down, and pins her to the ground

    48. I pull pins from Susan’s hair—the hairstyle is too severe for Amity

    49. For a moment I see her in Abnegation gray, her thick hair bound back with a dozen pins, sitting across the dinner table from me

    50. They were a bowling ball, the Warlin soldiers the pins

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