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    1. Major Guighan stood stock still as the General’s incisive remarks made their way to his heart and mind

    2. As if trying to steer his mind away from a dark precipice, Molo was careful with his words, not only because the language was difficult to speak properly, but because he found the Pilgrim’s question deeply incisive, the answer still unknown to him

    3. incisive posture, a grace, an extraordinary speed

    4. probing and incisive questioning

    5. Either because he was overeager for the British Army to get into action or because Nancy Laplante was not there to bring some incisive counter-arguments, for which the higher staff had justly feared her, Churchill approved the operation’s plan as presented to him

    6. Everyone, except Ben, marvelled at Liberty’s incisive intellect

    7. As he waited the clammy stillness was punctuated by the terminal clang of cold steel slamming on cold steel and the occasional incisive cry of a frustrated intern echoing along the hallways of Victorian stone

    8. Without such wisdom, the incisive tool of the intellect is easily

    9. The incisive look he got from Ingrid cooled somewhat his hopes then

    10. At that point I began to see how incisive she had been

    11. I’ll add my own corrective two cents to Jaynes’ more incisive insight

    12. Intelligent incisive attacks that preserve our assassins are what we need

    13. Brian had been attracted to her wit and incisive responses to some of his friend’s most outrageous suggestions and arguments

    14. situations that the orb intervened, but also in less incisive and decisive ways; for instance,

    15. Rick was funny and incisive, kind and a great conversationalist

    16. She was quick-witted and made Maria laugh, but had an incisive legal mind and was one of the firm’s key assets

    17. It was he who at once, in an incisive and positive tone, opened the conversation

    18. When we went over scripts, she inevitably asked me an unanticipated and incisive question for which I had no answer

    19. Nana looked up at me, her eyes as incisive as I remembered

    20. supple, incisive, so moulded into his tale that matter and manner are one and indistinguishable

    21. Signed with the pseudonym “Jupiter,” it was so reasoned, incisive, and well written that it was attributed to some of the most notable writers in the province

    22. “You must be prepared for anything,” said the doctor in emphatic and incisive tones, and dropping his eyes, he was about to step out to the coach

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    incisive acute discriminating keen knifelike penetrating penetrative piercing sharp crisp clear-cut biting acid sarcastic sardonic satirical