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    1. I would not, however, be understood to insinuate, that either of those expensive garrisons was ever, even in the smallest degree, necessary for the purpose for which they were originally dismembered from the Spanish monarchy

    2. At less than sixty microns tall it could insinuate itself into the enemy’s advance

    3. It was so obvious; why had it eluded him all year? He kept trying to insinuate his ideas, but he crashed against walls everywhere he turned

    4. I tried to insinuate myself between two larger vehicles, but that was a mistake as they were slower than those in the lane next to us were

    5. Nevertheless, it is baffling, though perhaps understandable, to hear voices to insinuate that the national government stimulated the beastly attack of March 11 by allying itself with the United States in the war of Iraq

    6. �Detective, how dare you insinuate that my wife had such problems with Mrs

    7. And you would dare insinuate before my very presence indeed, that my sermon is a charade, a mockery designed to bring you low? Do you think so highly of yourselves? And you have the ignorant audacity to call me a blasphemer and an affront to life

    8. Then I made her eyes light back up, “But ever since breakin’ came into the fold … well I’ve just been smitten ever since,” I had said the word “smitten” about breakin’ but I sort of tried to insinuate that I was smitten with her by the way I had smiled and looked deep into her eyes

    9. But, like a blind man, is startled by vague shadows that suddenly seem to insinuate themselves across his almost sightless field of awareness

    10. but that would insinuate a kind of absentmindedness, and this

    11. Nothing seemed to insinuate that it was an evil, sinister place, but rather a tropical beach where at any time tourists may be sunbathing under the caresses of the oppressive sun

    12. What this may insinuate Amanda is that the Colonel and I will be under suspicion although we had nothing to do with it

    13. All I had to do was show up virtually naked and insinuate I wanted a little bit of attention,

    14. insinuate that she has a problem

    15. Arnold stayed outside of the car to speak to her, something she appreciated: it would be more difficult like that for others to insinuate things

    16. swear and absolutely never say or even insinuate anything dirty or sexual

    17. � Of course, Lieutenant Colonel Robertson had wasted no time then to insinuate again that her previous condition had been faked

    18. with a look at Stokes to insinuate there was more to his comment

    19. ‘Did you fight with him? They insinuate, you know

    20. “Surely, you’re not trying to insinuate

    21. “And what are you trying to insinuate? Are you claiming my men

    22. I did all this without using public money, contrary to what many ignoramus on Earth would insinuate

    23. But why? The woman had the nerve to insinuate

    24. insinuate that I was perpetuating things

    25. They would insinuate and lie when necessary to get to the results that they wanted

    26. It’s the way female energy moves, effortlessly, the way it can insinuate itself so

    27. I tried on most of those occasions to insinuate myself giving him no opportunity to be alone, again trying to control the outcome, but I never confronted him

    28. He was not brave or stupid enough to insinuate himself in their lives when Henri was around

    29. “These evolving systems of conspiracies for their own sake are Nisms: parasitic transganics that insinuate themselves into other systems to manipulate their host's acts towards their own nismatic ends, while benefiting from both the anonymity of the incognito secrecy and the publicly innocuous face of the infected host

    30. “I don’t know what you’re trying to insinuate, but we are friends!”

    31. These explanations claim that his people threw him on a dunghill where the animals quarreled over his holy body; moreover, they insinuate that he was afflicted with infectious diseases

    32. So, if the wife is slow in preparing the man’s food, you will find the devil whisper within his spirit that she does not love him; and if she smiles while talking in secret with her mother about something, the devil will fill his chest with untrue misgivings and insinuate in his spirit that they are talking negatively about him, and that their smiles amount to mockery of him

    33. Our bringing-up here is so excellent that if we tried we could not induce ourselves to speak of any forked garments to a young man, so we make ourselves understood, when we desire to insinuate such things, by an expressive pause and a modest downward flicker of the eyelids

    34. But if Saudi Arabia is to Islam what the Vatican is to Roman Catholicism, such an assertion would insinuate that what those speaking on behalf of the Pope had to say is of little diocesan consequence

    35. Often, in our sporadic phone conversations he used veiled language to insinuate that he had no problem with the status quo and that it was a practical and beneficial solution to Leila's problem and that he bore no ill feelings towards me

    36. killing that poor man? How could he even insinuate that she would do

    37. caresses and endearments so artfully, as to insinuate the most soothing

    38. voice like a cat when she is trying to insinuate herself into the good

    39. What magistrate would find, or even venture to insinuate, anything against this? What procureur has ever ventured to draw up an accusation against M

    40. When now he managed his caresses and endearments so artfully, as to insinuate the most soothing consolations for the past pain and the most pleasing expectations of future pleasure, but whilst mere modesty kept my eyes from seeing his and rather declined them, I had a glimpse of that instrument of mischief which was now, obviously even to me, who had scarce had snatches of a comparative observation of it, resuming its capacity to renew it, and grew greatly alarming with its increase of size, as he bore it no doubt designedly, hard and stiff against one of my hands carelessly dropt; but then he employed such tender prefacing, such winning progressions, that my returning passion of desire being now so strongly prompted by the engaging circumstances of the sight and incendiary touch of his naked glowing beauties, I yield at length at the force of the present impressions, and he obtained of my tacit blushing consent all the gratifications of pleasure left in the power of my poor person to bestow, after he had cropt its richest flower, during my suspension of life, and abilities to guard it

    41. “Of course I will! How can you even insinuate such things?”

    42. She’d insinuate the truth to Ashley somehow

    43. This is not to insinuate that the public always will be on the wrong side of the market, nor is it to suggest that this can be used as a trading system in and of itself

    44. She had a great deal to insinuate in her own praise as to general attention to the interest and comfort of his family, much exertion and many sacrifices to glance at in the form of hurried walks and sudden removals from her own fireside, and many excellent hints of distrust and economy to Lady Bertram and Edmund to detail, whereby a most considerable saving had always arisen, and more than one bad servant been detected

    45. Carefully she drew up the wounded member to insinuate it gently beyond the tight pressing bars

    46. I had no reason to insinuate what I did

    47. Did he not insinuate the same idea at the inquiry and suggest it to the talented prosecutor?

    48. Seizing up my last note for five hundred gulden, I contrived to insinuate it, unperceived, into the hand of the pale lady

    49. By nature taciturn, he now merely growled occasionally like a bear, and glared contemptuously upon the “beggar,” who, being somewhat of a man of the world, and a diplomatist, tried to insinuate himself into the bear’s good graces

    50. Golyadkin junior looked about him in his characteristic horrid way, took care that every one should see what he was doing, glanced into people’s eyes and evidently tried to insinuate to every one everything that was most unpleasant in regard to Mr

    1. I know he sort of insinuated that he was interested in you but … oh why is life never simple?

    2. ' Corrente let the insinuated accusation go, and

    3. He tried to remember some film or info-sense experiential that might have somehow subliminally insinuated itself into his head

    4. “Are you really a wizard?” She doubted it but wondered how he had been insinuated

    5. She was wearing a black and lavender dress; it hugged and insinuated her smooth curves

    6. It has been insinuated that we are therefore less worthy of respect than the winners of the other competitions

    7. As they sat there recouping their strength, the smallest hint of something, like tired nerves, insinuated its way into their senses

    8. nerves, insinuated its way into their senses

    9. He carefully insinuated there might have been more

    10. The majestic figure of an elder was insinuated at the door, his hairs were falling down in cascades up to his shoulders, his beard was opened to show the track of an incipient smile, his luxury tunic spun with gleaming fibers reflecting twinkles to his gait and he carried the same intense navy blue look of the young magician, but with the warmth and docility of an evening in the tropic

    11. Con, Reginald and Rodney had also insinuated their alien and wonderful world into his dry and academic life

    12. She leaned down and placed her arms around his neck bringing her lips to his and simultaneously insinuated herself onto his lap, feeling his growing hardness beneath her

    13. What he did remember was that they insinuated his father was killed and since those words popped out of the girl's mouth - it was the girl, he thought or maybe the other kid - he had been brooding

    14. A few Marines approached them and one of the men insinuated that Elvis had been with his wife

    15. They had informed him of the loading of the airplane on board a ship that did not arrive, and although his shipping agents insisted, that it would never arrive because it was not on the list of Caribbean ships, his partners insisted that the shipment was correct and they even insinuated that Gaston was lying to them in his letters

    16. The main problem is that it was balanced, but doing so it offered one view which insinuated that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone

    17. ” She insinuated a forward lean

    18. As our polite exchange progressed, she became more demanding and I became more blunt, to the point where her (social) fears insinuated themselves on our conversation: having explained how to live a life free from assumed obligations, I concluded to the effect that if she took care of the two square feet she occupied when she was vertical, the angels would have less to review when she was horizontal

    19. Jesus therefore insinuated that he was to be this sixth

    20. Buster stammered as if lost for words at the insinuated insistence on having this letter

    21. Many forked tongues insinuated that this friendship had something to do with the fact that both women were openly bisexual, but hordes of paparazzi were still trying to produce a picture that would ‘prove’ such a romantic link

    22. Insinuated, implied and injected into everything

    23. Wa gave a cautious look at Hall: the captain of his flagship had insinuated a few times during the past days his doubts about the wisdom of the Federation Council’s policies in its ways of dealing with Spacers

    24. nacle belonging to the lord that insinuated defacing of God’s property was

    25. Shaggy but even he had only insinuated it

    26. ’’ Insinuated Tellier with a knowing smile, making Father Marchand sign himself

    27. Several of the other servants insinuated that

    28. ” the nuanced texture insinuated a thought inside her mind without anything but a simply coded pulse through the InterWeb

    29. “And that's why money must die?” S insinuated the charge of treason that Prez Porn publicly and proudly had kill listed the couple for on his weekly webcast, Breakfast of Conquerors

    30. “Dewi, how can you talk without thinking? She’s right you insinuated that the Sultan’s daughter was a tramp, a loose woman

    31. They invited us to join them for lunch, we talked about this and that, and suddenly out of the blue, she insinuated that I was a loose woman, and had many experiences with men, because I was raised in England

    32. It had to be insinuated, as it were, slowly into his mind

    33. Carton," he insinuated, "it is a very different thing to be sure in your own mind that a man is guilty from being able to prove it in court

    34. "You insinuated that you would turn Maximus into glue

    35. "Maximus insinuated that I was fat

    36. But, she had no idea how to deal with the insinuated meaning in Zac's words, the words he spoke as they drove to the manor

    37. in particular who had insinuated that she was

    38. She insinuated I was at fault

    39. systems that accompany its requirement and side effects have insinuated themselves into everything

    40. Roric turned to his oldest son and answered him in a way that insinuated a hidden lesson to be learned in the moment like father’s have a way of doing, “Because he realizes that to ride at the head of the men he will perhaps one day command in battle is an honor that he has not won the right to yet

    41. He’d heard Bridgette cry out a minute or two earlier, and the sudden memory of it, what it insinuated, made his heart go cold

    42. insinuated itself into the very cells of my body

    43. "He then artfully insinuated, 'that he daily expected a vessel to arrive, a successful speculation, that would make him easy for the present, and that he

    44. touch of his hand insinuated between them, disclosed them and opened a

    45. wishes, he scarce pleased himself more than me; when, having insinuated

    46. ware, she had by degrees insinuated herself so far into my confidence,

    47. Easily, then, reading in my eyes the full permission of myself to all his wishes, he scarce pleased himself more than me; when, having insinuated his hand under my petticoat and shift, he presently removed those bars to the sight, by slily lifting them

    48. , where she had made errands to sell me some millinery ware, she had by degrees insinuated herself so far into my confidence, that I threw myself blindly into her hands, and came, at length, to regard, love, and obey her implicitly; and, to do her justice, I never experienced at her hands other than a sincerity of tenderness, and care for my interest, hardly heard of in those of her profession

    49. My brother was, however, of a hasty temper, and upbraided me with my slackness, on account, as he tauntingly insinuated, of the

    50. Nothing could be more plausibly set forth; and certainly the project, as a notion, had many things to recommend it; but we had no funds adequate to undertake it; so, on the score of expense, knowing, as I did, the state of the public income, I thought it my duty to oppose it in toto; which fired Mr Plan to such a degree, that he immediately insinuated that I had some end of my own to serve in objecting to his scheme; and because the wall that it was proposed to big round the moderate building, which we were contemplating, would inclose a portion of the backside of my new steading at the Westergate, he made no scruple of speaking, in a circumbendibus manner, as to the particular reasons that I might have for preferring it to his design, which he roused, in his way, as more worthy of the state of the arts and the taste of the age

    1. The virus insinuates itself without detection

    2. There is a word that insinuates itself into an environment in which liberty is disintegrating

    3. It seems TV has conditioned us, because it insinuates that most of life’s problems can be solved in less than 30

    4. as winter insinuates itself into the end of autumn

    5. money insinuates that there’s much bribery of government

    6. This narrative about the end days insinuates that there

    7. The dust of mankind insinuates that a remnant

    8. This narrative about the end days insinuates that there will be an excess of preaching

    9. The e-mail makes Dale look like maybe he deserved to get plugged; it insinuates that he was a thief

    10. Since selling options can be a profit strategy, it insinuates that buying option must be risky

    11. The story of Eve, adapted from a Cosmopolitan short story, is well known—a ruthless, conniving ingénue, Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter), insinuates herself into the life and career of a legendary, aging Broadway star, Margo Channing (Bette Davis), wrecking the lives of all those she touches, as she claws her way to the very pinnacle of theatrical stardom

    12. A ruthless, conniving ingénue insinuates her way into the inner circle of a legendary, aging Broadway star, leaving wrecked lives and shattered relationships in her wake, as she claws her way to the very pinnacle of theatrical stardom

    13. Gently he insinuates his vast bulk among them again and revels there awhile, still in tantalizing vicinity to young Lothario, like pious Solomon devoutly worshipping among his thousand concubines

    14. Smith, not only with conniving at a conduct improper in itself, because it could only lead to rejection of the arrangement growing out of it, but insinuates that he was the principal actor in the scene

    15. Smith had just received Cadore's insulting letter, in which he more than insinuates that, as a Government and nation, we are destitute of just political views, without honor, energy, or even independence, and closes by letting our Government know of the seizure and sale of the property of our citizens in all the ports of Europe under French control; what was the conduct of the American Government on this occasion? I entreat gentlemen to take notice, that, with this horrid picture of insult and robbery fresh in their recollection, the same conciliatory disposition, guided by the principles of neutrality, which dismissed a British Minister for an implied insult, induced Mr

    1. 'Are you insinuating that the policies of the

    2. response to the question whilst still insinuating the

    3. However, she took offence in him insinuating it, as well

    4. ’ – again that attitude insinuating that we were

    5. �Detective Ciminelli, what are you insinuating? The First Lady and Mrs

    6. “What are you insinuating?”

    7. Collecting lost clothing and insinuating misbehaviors as flare, a spark wrestling with intimacy, and women were in the picture

    8. Friendly? Or did he want to be more than a friend? Sally's warnings, Doris's nasty predictions—had she become vulnerable? Was he covertly insinuating himself into her defenses?

    9. `I don't like what you are insinuating

    10. Its sound as well as its import filled Yasmela with a shuddering horror so intolerable that she writhed and twisted her slender body as if beneath a lash, as though to rid her mind of its insinuating vileness by physical contortion

    11. hope you're not insinuating that AGI would have any dealings with Lewis or his

    12. than insinuating; I'm telling you

    13. Alex thought he knew what she was insinuating, but he wanted to

    14. said, making clarification of what his guest was insinuating

    15. Ellis’s eyes narrowed; he wasn’t sure if she was insinuating something

    16. “I’m not insinuating anything,” Breckenridge interrupted with

    17. “if you’re insinuating that we are hiding something with some malicious

    18. “If that were the case,” Van Thorn interjected, “you’re insinuating

    19. The man pronounced the last word as if in derision, obviously insinuating that a less flattering term would have been appropriate for Sarah

    20. The doctor was insinuating it was just his lil pee pee holding him back

    21. What was she insinuating? Jail? Had I mentioned Jail? Had these people

    22. Think of the psychic world as an infinite tree high up in the heavens—a tree whose tendril roots are always insinuating themselves downward into the world of time

    23. Maybe, attractive women tend to celebrate their femininity in the small pleasures that male eagerness ensures, but what a scene the plain things create from a shake-hand distance in crowded places; why, it’s as if they want to attract attention to themselves by insinuating that man’s forced proximity to her was but his indecent approach

    24. “Are you insinuating that any group

    25. ” someone else committed the felony of insinuating that the free market was somehow unfair and invisibly taxed

    26. So many voices and stories, emotions and perceptions, all strung together by a single, insinuating thread

    27. They accomplish this by whispering, insinuating bad ideas in their spirit, spitting, and using other avenues of entry through which the devil can enter into an inadvertent spirit

    28. He pointed at Feinstein, who replied in an arrogant tone, insinuating to

    29. insinuating that if he wanted sex, he would have to make his move in the

    30. insinuating that we are holding you against your will and they have threatened me personally

    31. Pray do not suppose that I am insinuating that food is of undue interest to you; but it is true that if you did not have several meals a day and all of them too nice, if there were doubts about their regular recurrence, if, briefly, you were a washerwoman or a plough-boy, you would not have things the matter with your soul

    32. Maybe Hortense meant to undermine Cam’s credibility by insinuating he was still a patient in need of therapy

    33. "Are you insinuating that my father cheated on Maureen with a Lightálfar, and then had me?" Layla scoffs

    34. "That's exactly what I'm insinuating," I say boldly, glad she has taken the bait

    35. "You! Stop insinuating those things and do something productive

    36. A maid came over to me and in a most plausible and insinuating way hinted that perhaps I might feel like resting and that if the noise in the beauty parlour annoyed me, they had the entire next house--the one next to the Montmartre, you know--which had been fitted up as a dormitory

    37. “Are you insinuating the great paper has gone down hill?”

    38. There might be rumors insinuating who the peacemakers are, but in reality, they are guiding you to those who devise dilemma

    39. She knew she had a friend but not any more a potential lover because to her insinuating overtures I gently and mysteriously hinted that I was otherwise engaged, which, of course, was not true

    40. Raymond, and Tania and the teasing of the staff that for days and days referred to me as the „ aaris’, the bridegroom, and seemed to find my marriage an occasion for a thousand jokes, insinuating questions and sly smiles

    41. Kregridor’s face remained impressively stoic in the face of what she was insinuating had all been his fault

    42. the Indian musicians, insinuating that with each deft movement that it might strike

    43. All this you understand was with the object of dividing me from my mother and sister, by insinuating that I was squandering on unworthy objects the money which they had sent me and which was all they had

    44. So you needn't write touching notes and smile in that insinuating way, for it won't do a bit of good, and I won't have it

    45. Pappleworth, in that insinuating voice which means,

    46. desires, he gives his steed the head, and gently insinuating his thighs

    47. proceeding insensibly from freedom to freedom, insinuating his hand

    48. insinuating my hand under his thigh, felt the posture things were in

    49. As minute after minute passed by, leaving them in undisturbed security, the insinuating feeling of hope was gradually gaining possession of every bosom, though each one felt reluctant to give utterance to expectations that the next moment might so fearfully destroy

    50. It even prevailed over the miserable travesty of the song of David which the singer had selected from a volume of similar effusions, and caused the sense to be forgotten in the insinuating harmony of the sounds

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