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    1. That was so long ago, over two hundred and eighty years since this ship was launched, over eighty it had lain here with Ava's asteroid in the stasis point between the planet and its little inner moon

    2. It felt slightly greasy, as though other heads had lain upon it

    3. I wondered whether the face and the hair that had once lain here might now be rotting in the earth, but somehow I did not care

    4. to the picture of a man lain low two years ago

    5. It seemed like the fact that he had lain with Luray had put something between him and Desa, even though she had asked him to do it

    6. It was impossible to keep his mind off someone so beautiful whom he had now lain with twice and enjoyed each time

    7. The first few plates had been the details of the asteroid string as it had lain in the stasis point for the past thirty five years

    8. The indent where someone has lain,

    9. He had lain there in the dust for hours, hoping the lack of movement would spare him a heat stroke

    10. He knew, when they first landed he had lain near death while pathologists raced to save the victims and keep the infections from spreading

    11. A ray of sunlight spotlighted the unmade bed, the bedding lying crumpled, the sheet pulled down in one corner, revealing the mattress: the pillow dented where his head had lain while he waited for the time to pass

    12. It was now night and Roman had lain there for several

    13. Clearly the place had lain abandoned for many months,

    14. In her own words: 'two of the most capable women she had ever lain eyes upon,' a Miss Chloe and a Miss Kaitlyn

    15. two men came back to where the body had lain and had

    16. Alan thought it looked like the ruins had lain there at least a thousand years

    17. This machine was actually in excellent condition, even though it had probably lain here over a thousand Earth years

    18. He wondered how long it had lain here abandoned? Maybe since the time of Charlemagne? This wasn't an overused, oft repaired piece of equipment

    19. Had I not run for it, I must either have lain there for long enough in torments among the ghastly corpses, or have been eaten alive with spears until I had no more strength left in me

    20. The bed was cold where her warm body had often lain next to his in loving embrace

    21. You’re the only one I’ve lain with since I came to Ithaca

    22. Those pieces, therefore, must have lain there from that time

    23. He had to scrape away at dust on the gentle slope, which gave the impression it had lain there undisturbed for millennia

    24. After they had moved her into the public ward she had lain in bed all of the morning drained and nervous

    25. of square slabs of rock neatly lain on the cavern floor

    26. surface betrayed that I had recently lain upon it

    27. weeks having lain hidden in the wardrobe

    28. He had lain down with a certain peace written upon his face, ready to end the cycle of guilt and agony

    29. She had lain in stasis much like those innocents underground

    30. “Puh-lease,” Cruzel pleaded as he faced where Latrandura had lain, ready to send her a parting gift, only to see he pull herself through her own small catflap of a rent in time, and disappear from the cave

    31. With Nicholls and MacDowell, I had lain behind the disused sugar-kettles at Marianje, against which bullets rang incessantly

    32. And there the body had lain for generations, until Evaert, twenty-third in line of succession, found it

    33. She had lain quietly, stretched out on the couch with a swaddling of blankets, more as a way to not be drawn into the conversation than for any real concern for her health

    34. The Healer had lain by the water's edge throughout the rest of the long moon and the following sun, shivering in the cold, waiting for her cub to return

    35. Darkburst had no idea how long he'd lain unmoving and half-conscious on the dank surface, but when he finally found the strength to stagger out of the tunnel, he saw that the sun was high in the sky

    36. Brock had no idea how long he'd lain under the bush while his mind and memories were systematically stripped from him

    37. In the three pain-racked moons that they'd lain at the base of the ravine, the personae that were Brock and Skelda had melded into one consciousness, and together were now far more than their single entities

    38. As it had lain hidden amongst the pine needles, the whitish spots marking the snakes back reflected the dim moonlight back up at him, giving away the adder's presence

    39. men of this world have lain, set up traps, spread forth snares and dug many pits, by which many are held captive

    40. Which men in the churches have lain for them?

    41. Groaning softly, he wondered how long he'd lain there, and whether he actually had the strength to carry on with his plan

    42. With her favorite party dress she wore a shy grin and carried a small silver dish with a note upon it lain over with a single red rose

    43. an object of some sort, had lain

    44. Some of them had already started arriving at Pyr and the staging area which was a huge stretch of land to the south of the City, where once the harbor of Urfalli had lain

    45. The microbes could have lain dormant in his system for quite some time

    46. For several nights, she had lain awake listening for the sound of pebbles on the window, but it never came again

    47. He withdrew one arm and hand slightly from under where her hip had lain upon it and awaited discovery, but her breathing remained regular and unhurried

    48. In his dream he had lain fully prostrate, and still felt at an uncomfortable height before his God-Most-High

    49. Eccyn had lain dead on the ground among so many others

    50. ” He took me to the spot on the grass where the feather had lain

    1. He lay on his side, up on his elbow, "So you're back with Herndon again

    2. Rom: 8:33: Who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect? It is God that justified

    3. She could lay back in it and bask, Tdeshi could never do that

    4. Toby imagined Michael Jordan doing a lay over up to the top shelves

    5. not lead you beside still waters and lay you down in green

    6. He'd reproduced an artifact from his old culture, a culture that had changed beyond his recognition while he lay frozen between the stars

    7. They lay their eggs in the host body, which provides the young with a source of food

    8. John: 15:13: Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends

    9. As they lay out their equipment a thought occurs to me

    10. Adult fleas lay eggs outside in the grass or any warm safe place (usually near a warm blooded host)

    11. He let go of the Chip, which now also lay on the ceiling along with everything and everyone else

    12. Females lay several egg cases containing 30-50 eggs ea

    13. As Fox lay there, Haques approached it without fear

    14. She lay down on the animal's back

    15. It was cold enough that she was glad to get her quilt and lay as best she could by the fire

    16. “There are gaps in the historical documents in which he has chosen to lay low rather than kill indiscriminately

    17. Instead they both lay there in the shadows,

    18. Dan still lay, and she sat next to him on the same sun lounger

    19. Receive, please, instruction from His mouth, and lay up His words

    20. Then you will lay your gold in the dust, and the gold of Ophir

    21. There is no disease that He did not lay down at the cross of Calvary

    22. The drive lay broken and twisted, with roots breaking through the once

    23. "We have over half a decade to lay in supplies," doostEr told him

    24. It was changing in shape and sound, it lay down a little more

    25. that she could lay claim to was sold

    26. they lay side by side staring at the rising field of stars that glistened above the olive

    27. direction that lay behind him, in his long distant past, and slumped forward as he was,

    28. A tabloid newspaper lay open as reading material and as a safety net for the droppings of his massive sandwich

    29. end, wherever I choose to lay my head, there will come the end of days for millions

    30. will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they

    31. But when brother Roberts l would lay his hands upon them,

    32. The entire world lay in sin

    33. and yet was open to the breeze that continually blew in from the sea, the old man lay

    34. Smith thought, and in thinking proved Descartes right, and therein lay a

    35. 19 “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and

    36. rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; 20 but lay up for

    37. The darkness was viscous, dripping slowly onto flakes of straw that lay rotting on

    38. of the state lay in foetal balls on freezing flagstones

    39. His shirt lay limp upon his hunched, bony

    40. children of Israel understood what lay ahead of them

    41. I lay on the mattress in my underground cell and let the drifting memories of London and Usman fade to black

    42. My still damp jeans and shorts lay at the foot of the bed and I put them in the bucket in a vain attempt to confine their ill-humours

    43. ‘Yes, it’s a pity they don’t lay the hedges properly any more

    44. I lay on the floor by the door for fully thirty minutes before I dragged myself over to the mattress

    45. I lay down and tried to focus on reasons for starving myself

    46. She ordered him to lay out his plan in detail

    47. Looking at them from my place in the crowd, I am overcome with pride for them as they stand near the stone cross in the churchyard watching as representatives of the local organisations lay wreaths around its steps

    48. After I finished the cigarette I lay back on the mattress and tried to convince myself that it was all a symptom of loneliness, a freaking-out under duress

    49. The magical moments of childhood infatuation lay shattered around my knees like broken shards of glass waiting for the blind man to stumble his bloody way to perdition

    50. "They already left to lay their trap ahead of Hardway and the battlegroup

    1. sister was not entirely a lie, because she was indeed his

    2. story to lie and deceive people

    3. If you lie to yourself then you are probably going to continue to have what you have

    4. Num: 23:19: God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and

    5. And he answered, I called not, my son; lie

    6. Now, all he does is lie in bed and complain

    7. Had he been expecting me to lie to him?

    8. Outdoors the larva will lie in a shady moist spot

    9. "At the same time it is a stinking pesthole where most are addicts, burn-outs lie in the gutters and grey slugs of human beings lurk in the under-cellars

    10. I set the alarm without thinking last night so, when it goes off at the usual time, I wake just to lie in bed and wonder what I should do

    11. The secluded point to which one withdraws, is found to lie within oneself; the silent place in which the life of the soul is contacted is that point within the head where soul and body meet

    12. I just don't think we should have to lie down and take this

    13. "I'd rather not lie awake thinking of some giant rock about to fall on us, leaving us a winter Nightday that's decades long

    14. It is a lie

    15. John and Teekra, clothed now, lie intertwined on a chaise lounge on a deck that overlooks the coastline

    16. Why would I lie?"

    17. " That wasn't a lie, though it was probably going nowhere

    18. fears that lie within, you have to fight against that and I'm here

    19. I could lie on the floor next to the mattress with my head against the grill at the base of the door and feel a faint stirring of cool air in the outside corridor

    20. Eve was deceived by the Devil's lie

    21. I have a luxurious lie in … not getting up until just after half eight

    22. When I lie to him that I have some previous experience but not much, he spits out scornfully: “When I was in junior high school, all my classmates, boys and girls, had sexual relationships! And we sniffed at those girls who were still virgins at the age of 13!”

    23. " I find one of the recliners and lie back

    24. “I have no reason to lie to you,” she assures me, as if she could read my mind

    25. When you are poor, you had better lie low

    26. That's a lie

    27. What's going on? The sonic war against me is getting more and more unbearable day by day and I just can't stand it any more! For some strange reason, I am surrounded by all kinds of noise pollution: Every morning, at 7:30 am, my father gets out to the yard and keeps himself busy with meaningless tinkering and hammering at pieces of wood or metal for hours! When I return from work at 4:00 in the afternoon and lie in bed so as to have a brief nap, dad goes upstairs, to Alice's half-built penthouse, and starts hammering at stuff again till 5:30 that I leave for the gym! He doesn't really repair anything, he just enjoys the noise! The yard and the penthouse are full of rusty tools, old dilapidated furniture and all kinds of junk dad finds on the road and carries home! I often complain about the noise and the piggery but he never listens; on the contrary, he swears like a trooper!

    28. She was quick to spot a lie and would bore in on it

    29. to before but even when men lie, their eyes tell the truth

    30. even all of them, lie in glory,

    31. "We should at least lie down," he said

    32. Instead, they believe a lie and thus are shown as fools that are unknowing and unwilling to learn

    33. She came out with a patent lie about Alan getting swallowed by a predator

    34. In spite of knowing it was a lie, she carried on about her loss and called him a coward for hiding in the ship

    35. If they were, Alan would be too smart to respond, he would know there would be a probe or scope watching and would lie low or continue on his way

    36. He expressed this story and explained that he has come to realize that what he is living is a lie

    37. It was going to lie in that same spot on the bottom of the Lhar til the sediment it lay in eroded

    38. Here lie the bones of a woman, post-natal,

    39. Here lie the bodies of small children

    40. I tuck it back under the covers and lie, staring at the ceiling … my mind freewheeling as the stars whirl through my head … a soft sound brings me back to reality …

    41. that lie there unrevealed

    42. I would have said 'No, I would have loved to lie with you if you did it of your own free will, but now that you are ordered to, no

    43. They could not start right away, he had to lie beside her silently for awhile

    44. She is extremely quiet … no doubt thinking much as I am of the risks which could lie ahead

    45. It would have been big enough for two men to lie down in side by side with their equipment if it didn't open horizontally

    46. lie behind the back of the left knee

    47. As you lie there with your feet higher than your head try to calm your mind and still your thoughts so that this period of rest becomes a powerful exercise in mind control and mental stillness

    48. When you have completed your inhalation slowly lie down

    49. Lie face downwards, chin touching the floor, hands along

    50. Would three Elements be enough to turn the tide of decay, sufficient even to save the world? Unable to answer any of these questions, I carefully put the Element away in my belt and lie back on my bunk, staring at the ceiling of the cabin

    1. appear on any maps until 1975 – it actually lies about 10 years to the

    2. John lies on his back resting with his eyes open, the sheets covering his body up to his waist

    3. The "other" John lies in a bed in the nursing home

    4. An attempt to arrive at that which lies back of the form considered, or to reach the idea that is responsible for the form

    5. The dangers of meditation are largely the dangers of our virtues, and therein lies much of the difficulty

    6. A large black dog of undetermined breed lies dreaming in front of the bar, it’s front leg twitching as it sleeps

    7. The secret of writing good English lies in a good match between nouns and adjectives

    8. John lies on his back, still looking up into the face of the Buddha

    9. "But not filling the void with lies," Tahlmute said

    10. ‘Yes … It was hell leaving everything behind as I did, but, just as the view from the top of a hill shows you what lies in the valley far more clearly than you can ever see when you are in the valley itself, it gave me a chance to analyse things … my emotions … recent events … without all the clutter

    11. John lies on a single bed, holding his wedding band in one hand, studying it

    12. father of lies), and you do not resist his symptoms with strong faith,

    13. A shattered airplane wheel lies nearby, aircraft parts are everywhere, as are broken bottles of moonshine and flaming boxes

    14. She lies back against the sofa cushions and closes her eyes for a moment

    15. John lies on his mattress, staring at the ceiling

    16. "Lies!" He shouted, pinned Travis’s head down by the back of his neck and turned his pistol to Betsy

    17. The root of all diseases is sin, and it lies in a spiritual world,

    18. Half the planet's surface lies above fifteen thousand feet oxygen barometric

    19. With one hand resting lightly on my waist, he points out where The Laurels lies – oh yes, I can just see the roof of the hall from here

    20. Herein lies the problem in the religious world today

    21. He just lies there, crumpled in his bed and tears begin to fall on the sheets as he cries

    22. He jumps up and finds the defeated, miserable girl full of dangerous secrets and lies, still crying on the floor

    23. He lies on the grayish bed, and stares at the plate of food that inexplicably materialized on the table's glass surface a while ago

    24. I'm still not going to fall for it, Apollo thinks to himself as he lies back down on the bed, trying to stifle his appetite that's suddenly eating away at his determination

    25. something more magnificent and wonderful that lies sleeping

    26. This is your reality born out of the realisation that Rousseau and freedom and brotherhood are lies

    27. The hurricane wind lies quietly in these eyes now

    28. There before him lies the simple shape of grace,

    29. The power of the devil lies solely in manipulation, force, intimidation, lies, etc

    30. There is a time in any hack when you cry 'we're in' and the data lies open to your perusal

    31. Here lies the whole of it

    32. lies the most beautiful woman in the world

    33. She lies in ice,

    34. “What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us

    35. She, the Lady Frances, lies mouldered in some lost pit,

    36. A sudden chill running down my spine, I wonder what lies ahead

    37. The choice is yours to make; but remember this, you were all chosen for the task that lies ahead

    38. and the stone lies on its side, the inscription worn away,

    39. lies have flowed around me,

    40. She lies in the shallow water of dead time,

    41. to the broken shell that lies gathering dust

    42. Through laughter and tears, and all that lies between them, I will stand by you

    43. glass lies shattered on an emerald cut sea of stone

    44. The chief function of this inverted posture in the battle against period pains lies in the reversal of the influence of gravity upon the internal organs

    45. "After all these years and all those lies

    46. So it is Yoga again to the rescue and your answer to this problem in the first instance lies in reading chapter two again and practicing the CORPSE POSTURE faithfully every day for at least ten minutes, and more if you have time

    47. Whether one is overtaken by the lies of whatever religion in which they are immersed, or if they have a valid mental illness, or if someone was abused by their father as a child -- it all comes down to the same thing

    48. Uttah just shook her head, 'He tells such lies

    49. ‘When will we know if it has made a difference?’ I asked, my hand resting on the pouch in my belt as though seeking reassurance of what lies within

    50. And then there are the more simplistic methods of catching people in their lies

    1. Matt: 9:2: And, behold, they brought to him a man sick of the palsy, lying on a bed: and Jesus seeing their faith said

    2. “Murderer! You killed them! My babies are lying dead in the dumpster! How could you?”

    3. “I wasn’t lying about keeping mutants in here

    4. ‘When he returned he found his wife lying in the garden – she had been shot

    5. coming home to find her lying there in the garden

    6. She is lying on the floor, halfway out of her sleeping bag

    7. Stephen’s comment in the car about my job being on the line is coming back to me now … on the floor I can see a letter with the school crest on it lying where I dropped the post

    8. Emma witters on, fussing about coming to see me later in the week while I half listen, my thoughts on the letter lying just out of reach

    9. He says he left for the rehearsal just after seven and that she was alive then … there is no doubt that he stayed in view of someone the whole time he was at the rehearsal and that Joanna was lying in the garden when he returned home

    10. John looks inside, sees an emaciated body lying in the bed, then slowly turns his attention to the face

    11. Despite the wasted and spare frame, the man lying in the bed is unmistakably John himself

    12. John looks back at comatose John lying in bed and the man in bed slowly turns his head, raises up slightly, looks

    13. Zitteraal looks back once more at the comatose patient, John West, lying in bed with his eyes closed

    14. John picks up a book lying nearby, throws it at the wall

    15. He is leaned against a few pillows, staring straight ahead, and she is lying across his chest, looking up at him, watching him carefully

    16. ’ he said, lying back in the chair and closing his eyes

    17. John, lying on one side of the bed, wakes, slowly opens his eyes

    18. Majeed tries to stand unsteadily, picks up his I-POD lying on the roof of the bus

    19. door, and a very bald and tattered grey felt mouse lying by a pot rack next to the

    20. Lying cosily under the bedclothes, I cast my mind back over the last couple of days – Monday had been a long day what with one thing and another

    21. He spies Khalid lying on his back in some scrubby bushes near the flaming wreckage, runs to him

    22. displays all symptoms of a bad flu, you will not be lying

    23. She was lying nude on her beach, though it was actually in Ava's universe, only a few steps from the magic carpet of her entry hall

    24. When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he already had

    25. The first field we come to is full of cows, most of them lying down chewing the cud in the warm sunshine

    26. They had some tour probes lying about down there, she flew one for awhile

    27. ’ I said, indicating the one lying on the bed

    28. "You're pretty comfortable with the whole cloning thing now aren't you?" The mechanical replica lying in a lab at the Kassikan was a replica of this Ava, not the one who separated from her when they went to B, eight years ago in her time-line

    29. A while later, lying drowsily in his arms, I notice with disbelief what the time is

    30. ‘She looked so terribly vulnerable, Mum, lying there with bandages everywhere

    31. Despite that, I can see Liz lying in the bed

    32. ‘Patience is not a virtue I am blessed with, I’m afraid, and lying here for hour on end with only my thoughts is not good

    33. Jubei ---> Yes, I have not because lying, this world seems

    34. I’ve had a lot of time to think about that one while lying here

    35. All relatives are in her old house, while she is lying inside a coffin on the big table

    36. He is lying next to me in bed now, he is restless, he shouts, he puts his legs on my chest, he molests me

    37. Lying in bed, floating in a sea of alcohol and partying, something is nagging at the back of my head …

    38. So, while Betty and I drag the boxes of decorations out of the cupboard where they live during the rest of the year, the men bring in the barrel used for the tree which is kept in Fred’s shed for some reason I cannot fathom, and the tree itself which has been lying in my drive for the last two days resulting in me having to park in the car park but that was a minor inconvenience, though I didn’t think so when I left my mobile in the car and only discovered it an hour later by which time the rain was pouring down

    39. From here I can see the village lying snugly in its valley bounded by hills on all sides, the largest lying to the south – Crook Peak with it’s knob of rock on the top

    40. As it happens, I end up on the sofa with my feet tucked under me and Nick’s arm loosely lying round my shoulders

    41. It occurs to me maybe Helen is lying and sabotaged my meeting with George, yet I prefer to suppress this suspicion quickly

    42. Lying on the stage with him and looking as stunned as he did were Diam, Enrico and someone he barely recognized from astrophysics

    43. ‘She was just lying there

    44. The room was darker when she woke again and a different young woman was there, slumped in the chair, the book she had been reading lying loose in her hand

    45. He sighed and raised his eyes to the battered woman lying in the hospital bed

    46. head and struck the earth where he had been lying

    47. Unbidden, the sensation of Joris lying beside her appeared in her head

    48. They were still lying closely together, she with her arm over his chest

    49. Alfred was pretty sure this was more good evidence that the naked captain was lying to protect Alan and knew it

    50. As far as he was concerned this was final proof that the woman was lying

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