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Loll в предложении (на )

1. Eddie let his head loll sideways.
2. Loll around, pass the plate—and one.
3. He smacked his lips and let his tongue loll lazily from his open mouth.
4. So he let his head loll forward, trying not to look at anything in particular.
5. A few students in white thobes and checkered ghutras loll about the main building.
6. But now you're in it, lie low, don't walk, creep; don't talk, wail; don't work, loll; and when the world is too much for you, Brat, give it back your opinion: wet yourself! Here, Brat, here's your evening poteen; fire it down.
7. But now you’re in it, lie low, don’t walk, creep; don’t talk, wail; don’t work, loll; and when the world is too much for you, Brat, give it back your opinion: wet yourself! Here, Brat, here’s your evening poteen; fire it down.

8. Both the plain sky and choppy ocean were grey with storm clouds and jetsam from the deep respectively, and there was absolutely no wind stirring the leaves of the palms or roses in the gardens outside his windows; the light mist along the beach disturbed him as a result of the apparition he had previously seen and anticipated seeing again now during this loll before the storm.
1. Liam lolling in the hot tub.
2. I was lolling the whole day.
3. Lolling in the hospital room.
4. Daniel was lolling in a hammock.
5. They hauled Tim out, his head lolling.
6. He waded out into the gently lolling hush.
7. A great tongue’s lolling from its mouth.
8. Some archers were lolling around on the grass.
9. Astra was now standing over me, her tongue lolling.
10. Decoud, lolling back moodily, contemplated old Viola.
11. His tongue lolling out, the wolf bounded off into the shadows.
12. The dog twisted his head at me, tongue lolling from his mouth.
13. But he looked groggy, and his head kept lolling from side to side.
14. The leader approached with a lolling gait, expecting an easy meal.
15. He could dimly see beside him Arthur lolling and rolling in his seat.
16. The sub-commander turned to the Conquest Commander lolling on his couch.
17. Prince Hippolyte was lolling in a lounge chair with his legs over its arm.
18. Its deep chocolate-brown eyes were happy, its tongue lolling as it panted.
19. He laughed, lolling a to and fro head, walking on, followed by Stephen: and.
20. Note 43: (retour) That runs lolling up and down to hide his bauble in a hole.
21. I think you’re beautiful, he said to her, his head lolling on his neck.
22. The lacquey, aware of comment, shook the lolling clapper of his bell but feebly:.
23. But the young cat stood foursquare, her tongue lolling with arrogant disdain, her.
24. And the guard pitched on his face without a sound, his head lolling on a broken neck.
25. Through its lolling tongue it spoke with a female voice, its mouth curled into a smile.
26. Maska ran over to her, head lowered, pink tongue lolling, panting at the sight of his friend.
27. The tongues of all were out and lolling, the white fangs showing cruelly white in the moonlight.
28. She shook herself as soon as they were off, then bounded across the paddock, her tongue lolling happily.
29. A young man, who had been lolling on a couch in the corner, rose and took up a position outside the door.
30. He hadn't needed to see her face--her glazed, unseeing eyes, her lolling mouth, her blue neck--to understand.
31. The doctor and his assistant pulled the male onto his side, his head lolling back pathetically as they did so.
32. Here you can see my daily ritual of lolling in bed for an extra five to seven minutes, delaying the inevitable.
33. However, the pup just grinned at me as I walked slowly towards it, its tongue lolling out the side of its mouth.
34. He told her then as they crossed the bridge, the rover bucking slightly at each segment, his head lolling freely:.
35. A young man-at-arms was lolling on a bench, presumably on guard, but he saw the priest’ s robe and did not challenge them.
36. A little later the dog wandered back to his master, lying at his side, tongue lolling, waiting for him to wake up and take him home.
37. Then something licked his cheek again and he turned to see a large dog looking down at him, it’s big tongue lolling from its mouth.
38. They stand over the two dead men and turn their heads to see the Martian sands and the distant well where Regent lies lolling in deep waters.
39. Or afternoons spent lolling under the big pin oak at the heart of the Arcadian grounds, bullshitting with his new friends about the Bhagavad-Gita.
40. A week later, Monty and Alicia were lolling about on the grassy bank of the river, enjoying a long breakfast on their monthly rotation rest period.
41. The trap had then ripped down tearing down both sides of his leg leaving the skin hanging loosely; the bloody red flesh looked like a lolling tongue.
42. Good fellow! Fido! Good fellow! Garryowen! (The wolfdog sprawls on his back, wriggling obscenely with begging paws, his long black tongue lolling out.
43. They were flagging in the rays of the bright sun, winter sun shining in a pale cool sky though it was; their heads were down and their tongues lolling out.
44. Arthur followed him in nervously and was astonished to see a man lolling back in a chair with his feet on a control consoleHe stepped through into the bridge.
45. At such moments, panting with red lolling tongue and with eyes fixed upon the big bull, it appeared to Buck that a change was coming over the face of things.
46. It spotted the group with weapons drawn, and wrinkled its stone-encrusted nose, hissing savagely towards them, its black forked tongue lolling in the damp air.
47. Petersburg—which is saying a great deal! They used to try to make fun of me, but I would console myself by drinking champagne and then lolling in a retiring-room.
48. She turned to check behind her and saw Graisse following at her heels, tongue lolling out, legs blurring, appearing as though he was enjoying this exciting, new game.
49. Perhaps the mouth would be open, and Fred would see the tongue lolling in there, grey and dried-out, still securely resting in its nest, but dead like its surroundings.
50. The one on the sofa was lolling backwards, smoking a pipe, and Mitya had an impression of a stoutish, broad-faced, short little man, who was apparently angry about something.
51. Neo thumped down on his haunches, and cocked his head to one side, gazing at the couple on the couch in soulful reproach, with his tongue lolling out of the corner of his mouth.
52. Why, go and announce him! What’s the matter with you; want to save your shoe leather? said another lackey who was lolling on the bench and had not uttered a word till then.
53. Someone who knew Minto and his moves in and out and who wanted to shatter Minto’s reputation, just like the ones who wanted to shatter yours, she said lolling back into her chair.
54. Petra stood and pointed at a convenient stump, wishing for the zillionth time that Zoe would take lessons from their dog, Frosty, who greeted all instructions with lolling tongue and wagging tail.
55. When Magua reached the cluster of lolling savages, who, gorged with their disgusting meal, lay stretched on the earth in brutal indulgence, he commenced speaking with the dignity of an Indian chief.
56. As he dragged himself past the guard-room door, one of the soldiers, lolling outside, moved by some obscure impulse, leaped forward with a strange laugh and rammed a broken old straw hat on his head.
57. Of course, there is a good deal of truth in Lombroso’s teaching, said Kolosoff, lolling back in the low chair and looking at Sophia Vasilievna with sleepy eyes; but he over-stepped the mark.
58. But it seemed to be even larger and with an even more ferocious and snarling grimace, the green eyes glaring and the green tongue lolling out of its jaws, flanked by two gleaming yellow tusks of teeth.
59. The IDEA that you should spend your entire life doing NOTHING but LOLLING AROUND sitting on your ASSES and GRATIFYING YOUR LOWEST, WORST ADDICTIONS AND URGES Is the reason WHY ALL OF YOU ARE STILL SLAVES.
60. The inscription published by Lolling mentions an οίκημα ταμιείον and οίκήματα as parts of the Hekatompedon, and such apartments evidently existed in the temple beside the Erechtheion.
61. There was a disquieting familiarity about that carven mask, and with something of a shock he realized what it was; there was a startling resemblance between it and the face of the girl lolling on the ebon couch.
62. BLOOM: (In babylinen and pelisse, bigheaded, with a caul of dark hair, fixes big eyes on her fluid slip and counts its bronze buckles with a chubby finger, his moist tongue lolling and lisping) One two tlee: tlee tlwo tlone.
63. He was lolling in a basket chair, with a bandaged foot stuck forward on a box; he was dressed in a kind of thin, mid-European imitation tweed with a tennis shirt open at the neck; the unwounded foot wore a brown canvas shoe.
64. And then the long bulbs in the kitchen were lighting the countertop like porn: rods of sweaty cheese prodding cocktail olives, spinach lolling in wooden bowls, pale crisp lettuce leaves cupping ice-cream scoops of tuna salad.
65. In the doorway appeared Ashley, white faced, his head lolling, his There was a short mumbled argument, punctuated with curses, and uncertain feet bright hair tousled, his long body wrapped from neck to knees in Rhett’s black cape.
66. Vincy with her pink cheeks and pink ribbons flying was actually administering a cordial to their own brother, and the light-complexioned Fred, his short hair curling as might be expected in a gambler's, was lolling at his ease in a large chair.
67. As Toby tried to follow its smoke trail, he was pressed heavily into his seat when Phil the Fac Travers jammed on the power (he had previously throttled back to prevent engine overspeed in the dive), and racked the tiny grey airplane upward, pointing its painted red mouth with lolling tongue skyward.
68. Entering her room, I found her lolling under a pink satin coverlet, and revealing a pair of swarthy, wonderfully healthy shoulders—shoulders such as one sees in dreams—shoulders covered over with a white cambric nightgown which, trimmed with lace, stood out, in striking relief, against the darkness of her skin.
69. So what did he do when his doubts about the oncoming war were not listened to? He went back to his usual pastimes: holding parties and fêtes and lolling about in his hunting lodge where his loyal servants drove the stags to his front door to be slaughtered with a specially built high-powered rifle designed to be shot with one hand since his left arm was useless.
70. The coachmen with their broad hips and rows of buttons down their sides, and the door-keepers with gold cords on their caps, the servant-girls with their aprons and curly fringes, and especially the smart isvostchiks with the nape of their necks clean shaved, as they sat lolling back in their traps, and examined the passers-by with dissolute and contemptuous air, looked well fed.
71. Nursemaids wheeling perambulators - lolling over the handle, which they usually held with their left hands, the right holding a copy of Orange Blossoms or some halfpenny paper, and so interested in the story of the Marquis of Lymejuice - a young man of noble presence and fabulous wealth, with a drooping golden moustache and very long legs, who, notwithstanding the diabolical machinations of Lady Sibyl Malvoise, who loves him as well as a woman with a name like that is capable of loving anyone, is determined to wed none other than the scullery-maid at the Village Inn - inevitably bashed the perambulators into the ladders.
72. How about on individual shares though? Think of it this way – what sort of philanthropy could it be that persuades some nice people to make you rich instead of themselves? If journalists really knew which share to buy and when, would they still be hacking away at the computer instead of lolling on some Caribbean beach? How can the authors of books like Make a Killing on the Stock Exchange, How to Pick the Winners, Selecting the Soaring Shares and so on afford to spend all those hours writing when they should be too busy becoming billionaires by trading? Indeed if they were good, why would they share the secret when your buying might inflate the shares they would have wanted to buy?
1. He felt weak, and his head lolled.
2. On the ivory throne-seat Tascela lolled.
3. My tongue lolled about my navel and I.
4. There, he said as she lolled awake.
5. Her head had lolled down onto her chest.
6. But princess Yasmela lolled not on that silken bed.
7. He lolled his head back and stared into the blazing sky.
8. Kestrel’s head lolled to the side as the drug took him.
9. Then they rolled back, and his head lolled when his knees gave, and.
10. When breakfast was ready we lolled on the grass and eat it smoking hot.
11. Ankharet’s eyes closed and her head lolled to the left as she expired.
12. His head lolled next to mine, and the Simargh soul dangled from his neck.
13. Stratham’s head lolled to the left, and his closed eyes strained to open.
14. Her head lolled over the end of the trolley, loose as a cotton doll's, eyes.
15. Tom lolled about in the rocking-chair and was glad to have a roof above his head.
16. The victim lolled about on the waves, out of control, its sails flapping noisily.
17. Hans’s head lolled to the side as he attempted to speak, but could make no noise.
18. The seamen lifted their companion; his broken jaw hung slack, his head lolled unnaturally.
19. Her mouth opened and her tongue lolled out, in much the same way as it did in her dog form.
20. We lolled around on the grass in the heavy air of the English summertime between the classes.
21. Scott's body had become a heavy sack that lolled far too much with the shifting of its weight.
22. The more talkative one of the two, Penny, barked and lolled her tongue as if she had understood.
23. Croak’s long tongue lolled out his mouth, his bass voice strained as blood rushed to his head.
24. I shall NOT have the Methodists saying that I kept her out of school while I lolled in idleness.
25. By Brady's cottages a boy for the skins lolled, his bucket of offal linked, smoking a chewed fagbutt.
26. Once again I just lolled back, gave a sigh and said, But I hear the Klickitat River is full of trout.
27. Sespian’s head lolled to the side, dark eyes focusing on Sicarius, but only briefly before his chin slumped.
28. As the car passed, Colling could see that the prisoner whose head lolled back against the seat was indeed male.
29. But as suddenly as the attack had come on, in less than five seconds, Carney’s neck relaxed and his head lolled.
30. He’d thought he might try writing some, here in his room where it all had started, but instead he just lolled on the bed.
31. I lolled even more at my ease, and began turning over the leaves of the book, as though the position were no concern of mine.
32. She found herself staring at one with a single red eyebrow, a pig’s snout, triangular teeth through which a long tongue lolled.
33. That is to say, she would burst out into tirades which were met only with silence as I lolled on a sofa and stared fixedly at the ceiling.
34. Win them! Totally nude and relaxed Joe Billie contemplated the sun, savoring its searing radiation as he lolled, drying, on the white sand.
35. Once a huge black, crazed by drink, had run amuck and terrorized the town, until his evil star had led him to where the black-haired French giant lolled upon the veranda of the hotel.
36. Within minutes her eyelids fluttered, her head lolled forward and, perhaps as a final gesture to who knew what, with one hand she crushed her empty cola can and melted into a deep sleep.
37. As he said this Prince Andrew was less than ever like that Bolkónski who had lolled in Anna Pávlovna’s easy chairs and with half-closed eyes had uttered French phrases between his teeth.
38. The blind man sank down on his haunches, with his head thrown back, whilst he rolled his greenish eyes, lolled out his tongue, and rubbed his stomach with both hands as he uttered a kind of hollow.
39. The earth had pledged to nourish and protect the seeds, but I forgot this and lolled about the boat with angst screwed into my face until one day Wille said that I was apt to bite off my bottom lip.
40. Almost in response to those words, Mia stretched to her full length on the floor as if to say ‘That’s how big I am’ and then, last of all, that huge tongue dropped out of her mouth and lolled upon the lino.
41. In a tower that overlooked the broad street that led to the southern gate, Salome lolled on a velvet couch cynically watching Constantius as he settled his broad sword-belt about his lean hips and drew on his gauntlets.
42. Pushing out the very existence of the whole world massing for war… while he and his royal entourage lolled about in their privileged positions which they had enjoyed for 100’s of years without stop as their god-given right.
43. But the young man on the comic paper was blazing with hatred, he lolled in his chair, he looked so haughty and conceited, he snorted so aggressively! And though the rest of the guests took absolutely no notice of the young journalist, who had contributed only four wretched poems to the Firebrand, and had consequently become a Liberal and evidently, indeed, disliked him, yet when a pellet of bread aimed in his direction fell near Ivan Ilyitch, he was ready to stake his head that it had been thrown by no other than the young man in question.
1. A ruptured melon lolls in the drive like an amputated head.
2. One of his boots has lost its lace, and its tongue lolls cannibalistically.
3. What to do with him now? His head lolls, his mouth opens, his eyelids loosen, his eyes stare, his skin pales.

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