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Loaf в предложении (на )

Bake (for a loaf about 2 lbs.
She giggled as she scraped the loaf.
That there’s a twelve-cent loaf.
This here is a fifteen-cent loaf.
What about that meat loaf, huh?
A loaf of bread is over two dollars a loaf.
In one hand she held a loaf of brown bread.

It was a very big round loaf of French bread.
Then we'll always have the biggest loaf for tea.
On the table stood the offending loaf unswathed.
You want it to finish as a single patty or loaf.
The above recipe produces the ordinary white loaf.
The arm seized a loaf of bread and carried it off.
He took another bight from the small loaf he’d.
He sat down, cut and buttered a slice of the loaf.
I’m not that girl who says: buy a loaf of bread.
Fried chicken and meat loaf were more up her alley.
She smiled as she held up the large loaf of garlic.
Paul looked in the oven; tapped the loaf on the base.
Hey, Sally! That meat loaf done yet or what?
The French got a bottle of wine and a loaf of bread.
Then, I removed the cloth from a fresh loaf of bread.
She hands over a loaf and Marie-Laure carries it home.
Good, she says, and tucks the loaf under his arm.
Lydia found a new loaf of bread in one of the pantries.
Henri pulled out a loaf of fresh bread, purchased that.
Pitch that loaf right up here on the counter, Stella.
The desiccated loaf remained swathed up in the scullery.
Amelia reluctantly took the piece of loaf and bit into it.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees and lightly grease a loaf pan.
They didn't have more than one loaf in the boat with them.
Henri handed the old man a loaf of that day’s bread and.
What she called dinner was a loaf of bread and four or five.
The baker, who was the proprietor in person, took up a loaf.
The paper was still as warm as a loaf of freshly baked bread.
Mae opened a drawer and took out a long waxpaper-wrapped loaf.
Add rest of dry ingredients and place in a buttered loaf pan.
A loaf of bread crumbled into dust as Mark went to pick it up.
Claude Gaux had stolen a loaf; Jean Valjean had stolen a loaf.
After that I can quit trying and loaf with a clear conscience.
There was no loafing for anything- only preparation and preparation.
Hurrying back, he found the main group loafing after having completed the unloading.
The streets were black with loafing negroes who leaned against walls or sat on the curbing watching vehicles go past with the naive curiosity of children at a circus parade.
It is either the LBS, lieg, brag en steel (lie cheat and steal) or the drinking, smoking drugs, swearing and loafing around – and most commonly having babies at a young age.
A cadet walking around better be already close to death and be certified on light duty or he will be soon after being spotted by the instructors loafing around and they had eyes like a hawk.
They had shared the young man’s body parts among themselves in the spirit, even while he was still alive loafing around; which meant that he will ultimately decay and die in his physical form.
There was an idle, able-bodied ladder loafing against a shed within fifteen feet of me, but as nobody seemed to notice it, I recommended myself mentally to Heaven and started climbing after the pilot.
The hogs loafed and grunted around everywheres.
It was early afternoon and I loafed about opening the television set now and then until she arrived at midnight.
The Bureau fed them while they loafed and poisoned their minds against Bureau, and his assistant was Hilton, Cathleen Calvert’s husband.
You mean sliced loafs love.
I wanted to buy a couple of loafs of fresh bread from you, monsieur.

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