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Petty в предложении (на )

Curse his damned petty soul.
That's a petty thing to say.
It is petty, ugly, infamous.
But now I’ve become petty.
It was grand and it was petty.
He was ashamed of their petty.
Learn to laugh at petty matters.

Petty perhaps, but there you go.
No more of that petty errand shit.
Sylvia, the CEO, is a petty tyrant.
Look, I don't believe your petty story.
A hundred dollars is petty cash for me.
Many burglaries involve only petty theft.
At that moment a Petty Officer Steward.
I cannot deal with his petty jealousy now.
For parchment? That’s only petty theft.
Their lives were filled with petty concerns.
He never came out of his armour and was petty.
In July 2002, Master Chief Petty Officer Ja M.
Those are dangers from without, petty dangers.
Her retaliations were both petty and wounding.
Bloody ‘ell! repeated the petty officer.
Not all petty annoyances constitute harassment.
And there was Vanessa and her petty ruse with.
Everything has always been petty and spiritless.
The guy who ran the armoury, ex-RN Petty Officer.
This man was beyond all that petty captain stuff.
The petty words and squabbles of childhood seemed.
How petty my concerns seem, beside such tragedy.
A petty officer who tends to the ship’s signals.
For many great deeds are performed in petty combats.
From petty crimes to extreme violence, I did it all.
Cast aside vain excuses and petty reasons for delay.
She used me to annoy him, to take her petty revenge.
In their purest form, a petty tyrant is not teachable.
Blake could think of all the petty shit his shithead.
Human Childhood is petty and fearful and grating….
They are only concerned with their own petty interests.
Away from the newly arrived petty thief of the ancient.
His own servants punished with death for petty mistakes.

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