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Petty в предложении (на )

  1. But now I’ve become petty.
  2. Curse his damned petty soul.
  3. That's a petty thing to say.
  4. It is petty, ugly, infamous.
  5. It was grand and it was petty.

  6. He was ashamed of their petty.
  7. Petty perhaps, but there you go.
  8. Learn to laugh at petty matters.
  9. No more of that petty errand shit.
  10. Sylvia, the CEO, is a petty tyrant.
  11. Look, I don't believe your petty story.
  12. A hundred dollars is petty cash for me.
  13. At that moment a Petty Officer Steward.
  14. Many burglaries involve only petty theft.
  15. I cannot deal with his petty jealousy now.

  16. For parchment? That’s only petty theft.
  17. Their lives were filled with petty concerns.
  18. In July 2002, Master Chief Petty Officer Ja M.
  19. He never came out of his armour and was petty.
  20. Those are dangers from without, petty dangers.
  21. Her retaliations were both petty and wounding.
  22. And there was Vanessa and her petty ruse with.
  23. Not all petty annoyances constitute harassment.
  24. Bloody ‘ell! repeated the petty officer.
  25. Everything has always been petty and spiritless.

  26. The guy who ran the armoury, ex-RN Petty Officer.
  27. This man was beyond all that petty captain stuff.
  28. A petty officer who tends to the ship’s signals.
  29. How petty my concerns seem, beside such tragedy.
  30. The petty words and squabbles of childhood seemed.
  31. For many great deeds are performed in petty combats.
  32. Cast aside vain excuses and petty reasons for delay.
  33. She used me to annoy him, to take her petty revenge.
  34. From petty crimes to extreme violence, I did it all.
  35. Blake could think of all the petty shit his shithead.
  36. In their purest form, a petty tyrant is not teachable.
  37. Human Childhood is petty and fearful and grating….
  38. They are only concerned with their own petty interests.
  39. Away from the newly arrived petty thief of the ancient.
  40. The young Petty Officer pushed back her hair and stared.
  41. His own servants punished with death for petty mistakes.
  42. Most of those I met are too absorbed in their own petty.
  43. I would never call you silly or petty, I say sternly.
  44. In the beginning she had ignored them as petty jealousies.
  45. It was waste of trouble to try to solve this petty mystery.
  46. More petty larceny at the local convenience store?
  47. If she is a petty lifeling who cares? said Macfearson.
  48. Just one more petty irritation with which to start his day.
  49. After the petty work in the guesthouse, I was happy to have.
  50. They will tell you that that their petty wages of about RM350.
  51. This is a family of minds which are, at once, great and petty.
  52. Sometimes a man can lose his way on the petty moments of lust.
  53. I may be a petty postman to you and not worthy of your respect.
  54. Maybe a bit petty of me, but just in case he mentioned his FWB.
  55. The petty annoyances at school that usually set Haven’s teeth.
  56. I'm sorry to have called you down over such a petty business, Mr.
  57. One was overrun with squabbling bureaucracy and their petty laws.
  58. A flogging, inflicted on a petty thief, inflicts more actual pain.
  59. After all, that is nothing; petty larceny, six months at the most.
  60. Some of these may seem slight, obtuse, even petty, and I beg the.
  61. These are only a few of the petty thefts committed by these people.
  62. Jane hated petty minded people and this man was a perfect example.
  63. A few have engaged in petty trade, and some have emigrated to the.
  64. He told Kevin of his experiences in the Soviet Army and his petty.
  65. She’s Annie Mackie, a Royal Navy Petty Officer Medical Assistant.
  66. Quite a fuss when he stole her out of that petty chiefdom up north.
  67. Your weak, human mind, filled with petty dreams of hate and revenge.
  68. He learned of the black arts through petty thieves and murderers.
  69. In Wischau itself, a petty German town, Rostov saw the Emperor again.
  70. And do you know what one arrives at with that majesty? at being petty.
  71. He could see, now, that it was petty of him to object on these grounds.
  72. Such conditions are often minutely represented in our petty lifetimes.
  73. In Wischau itself, a petty German town, Rostóv saw the Emperor again.
  74. Turning the other cheek means you resist the temptation to turn petty.
  75. Petty and Field7 showed years ago that IQ test scores can and do change.
  76. He ordered Petty Officer Maloney to set them at their ease, before he.
  77. Do not be seduced by short term highs of petty conversations and gossip.
  78. What use has he for a petty pond who has availed himself of the crystal.
  79. Moreover, let us remark, this same petty world had a grandeur of its own.
  80. But you’ll probably be too busy with your petty concerns to even notice.
  81. This was his moment, and no petty Commander would be allowed to spoil it.
  82. No fear is so small or petty that the fear of no-self isn't at its heart.
  83. You simply can’t continue to hold a petty grudge over that old incident.
  84. He, his petty strength all exhausted instantly, combats the inexhaustible.
  85. You petty hoodlums cut the crap here or I’ll brain the lot of ya!.
  86. This was the chief reason, but apart from that my petty vanity was wounded.
  87. In those disorderly times, every great landlord was a sort of petty prince.
  88. Vicki had walked out of their business at least ten times over petty issues.
  89. The boatsteerer was a petty officer and was a key member of the whaling crew.
  90. Particularly when they could gain something, no matter how petty it might be.
  91. Listen, God is not petty, nor is he insecure; and God always sees your heart.
  92. There are always petty fatalities of the sort which complicate domestic dramas.
  93. Chapter 37 Oh the petty jealousies within a large family, brothers and sisters.
  94. What connection is there between the common cause and the petty intrigues of Mr.
  95. Selfish petty hatred so meaningless they are about nothing but meaningless hate.
  96. Another easy habit to adopt around a cash diet is saving your petty change.
  97. The ten armed sailors boarded first, with bayonets sheathed, followed by Petty.
  98. She is every bit as insolent as Hafiz had said she was, but she not at all petty.
  99. I won the cases they had little interest in: first-time offenders, petty cases of.
  100. It comprised a series of recollections of petty tyrannies, insults and indignities.

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