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Mall в предложении (на )

  1. I ran back to the mall.
  2. At the North Shore Mall.
  3. A Causeway Inn on the Mall.
  4. I’ll meet you at the mall.
  5. There is a stage in the mall.
  6. My mom thinks I'm at the mall.
  7. The entire mall was quarantined.
  8. At the mall, very few vehicles.
  9. I have to go back to the mall.
  10. The recession had ended the mall.
  11. Penney in the mall south of town.
  12. The mall is packed with shoppers.
  13. They walked past the decadent mall.
  14. The mall will be searched, Nick.
  15. Danny reached the end of the mall.
  16. Rebecca and Janet met at the mall.
  17. And there’s the Mall that way.
  18. I was going to meet him at the mall.
  19. That made our mall not the first in.
  21. He turned and headed across the Mall.
  22. Hanging out in the mall won’t tell.
  23. I will open a store in a mall, and by.
  24. The pharmacy at the mall proved to be.
  25. Mall, Washington DC, United States, it.
  26. Oh, in the Globe, Star, Pall Mall, St.
  27. You went to the Mall with a few friends.
  28. Silly, the mall is 20 plus miles away.
  29. You told my dad that I was at the mall.
  30. A quick trip to the mall couldn’t hurt.
  31. Maybe at the mall it was just a girl, a.
  32. The fetish shop was in a large strip mall.
  33. I was happy to be able to leave the mall.
  34. He asked me what I was doing in that Mall.
  35. I was thinking the mall there in Griffin.
  36. U wanna hit the mall? Yeah, we stole it all.
  37. Hopefully, we’re going to eat at the mall.
  38. Why isn’t the mall being searched?
  39. He used the time to walk through the mall.
  40. The upscale mall was overrun with frantic.
  41. That made our trip to the mall much easier.
  42. A mall security guard approached the group.
  43. To tour the mall businesses that all offer.
  44. We’re going to the mall this afternoon.
  45. Have you ever walked into a store in a mall.
  46. Westgate Mall, Signature Mall, and scores of.
  47. I was hoping for a mall or someplace similar.
  48. They stopped in front of a huge shopping mall.
  49. At night they’re at the mall, he said.
  50. I thought it was a Cash Mob, not a Mall Rob.
  51. Lily would eventually exit the mall with Evan.
  52. I work at the Sub shop in this fucking mall.
  53. I’m going to the mall, I said abruptly.
  54. He paid at the counter and they left the mall.
  55. How they had gotten there from the mall, she.
  56. She said, Worse than the mall … back then.
  57. I saw that this was a smaller, one story mall.
  58. I also sometimes went running around the Mall.
  59. Imagine the lives lost if the mall was open?'.
  60. Way, Bishkek’s newly renovated shopping mall.
  61. The place was an add-on attachment to the mall.
  62. You have your own mall there, don’t you?
  63. How about on a few car windshields at the mall?
  64. You know I can never spend too much at the mall.
  65. They pulled in at a strip mall in Paradise Valley.
  66. Thomas also haunted the mall, several club wear.
  67. Mall cigarette habitually hanging out of his mouth.
  68. After the mall fiasco, I wanted to make Ish happy.
  69. And you know what he done … back then, the mall.
  70. Then there’s that security camera from the mall.
  71. The mall was only a ten-minute drive from our house.
  72. I happened to meet her at the mall and we decided.
  73. She looked around and saw the mall in the distance.
  74. That's when I should be going to mall for a meeting.
  75. Then why did my fucking mall collapse? What did he.
  76. Like hanging out at the mall or playing video games.
  77. In that little strip mall at the top of Main?
  78. Please text me after you arrive at the shopping mall.
  79. I tore across the Mall, not daring to look behind me.
  80. She walked into the dark, cold basement of the mall.
  81. One day, while he was seated in the mall food court.
  82. More than fifteen minutes at the mall gives me hives.
  83. Perform at the Staten Island Mall?! Mickey asks.
  84. My weapons were lost with my truck at the outlet mall.
  85. So, the cops been out to the mall? Stucks asked.
  86. I found a shoe repair place in the local shopping mall.
  87. The mall can ship the item later if the dealer accepts.
  88. It was at the Berlin Mall; we were in the parking lot.
  89. Morgan walking near the bookstore or the mall, but Mr.
  90. They aren't performing at the Staten Island Mall!.
  91. Marie Mall, then cut through it and entered Bonaventure.
  92. I luckily pulled off at an exit where there was a mall.
  93. Shall I fetch old Mall to help you lay him out?
  94. The dog stand at the end of the mall, Pauly said.
  95. All this time you were still working at the mall?
  96. When you've seen one shopping center you've seen a mall.
  97. We could also go to that bargain mall that's near there.
  98. Otherwise, she may have done the routine in a mall or a.
  99. He tried to get her back on track, The mall is closed.
  100. In a stationer's shop in Pall Mall, where I had business.

    К сожалению, у нас еще нет примеров предложений для этого слова.

    К сожалению, у нас еще нет примеров предложений для этого слова.

  1. I guess malls.
  2. Our modern day malls typify this.
  3. The malls officially close at 9:00 P.
  4. Shopping malls are indeed cathedrals to.
  5. I’ve heard that most of the shopping malls.
  6. It feels nice hitting the malls; especially when.
  7. Now the malls stood closed and the pavements empty.
  8. They never placed a lien on the strip malls because.
  9. Then, we entered a series of incredible indoors malls.
  10. We enjoyed our long walk within the indoor malls in the.
  11. I visited my neighbors’ houses and some shopping malls.
  12. Top Factory Outlet Malls Where You Can Shop Via The Net.
  13. The city malls al over the Southland are good places to hang out.
  14. Highlands and Johor Bahru’s shopping malls than their own country?
  15. They dropped that plan after the suicide bombings in the shopping malls.
  16. Passing the shopping malls, and clothing stores, and finally the schools.
  17. He began construction on two commercial high-end strip malls and his best.
  18. Where were they at this exact second? Both were passionate about malls and beaches.
  19. Same with the shopping malls and other assets they point out so proudly as being the owner.
  20. It should be located near other establishments like hospital, grocery stores and shopping malls.
  21. There are those who don't yet have these types of stores, so one last option exists for them: outlet malls.
  22. Since the previous season we had been making the most of our money landscaping the industrial plants and strip malls.
  23. For example, let’s say that outlet malls is one of the most profitable keywords that your research has found.
  24. Once I had canvassed the colleges I pulled the same move on the southside malls and plazas Woden, Tuggerenong and Civic.
  25. The area was not covered by graffiti yet, but the strip malls were being closed, and the check-cashing stores were everywhere.
  26. I drove past tree-shaded parks that smelled like bark, past strip malls big enough to hold five simultaneous Buzkashi tournaments.
  27. He was noticing the new attractive shops, malls and boards situated at the road both sides but they were not meaningful for him now.
  28. It was an old place, the earliest dates on the markers stretching back to the 1700s, the surrounding oaks not yet cleared to make way for malls.
  29. I woke up late, sat on the beach, walked around shopping malls, visited Josie and went out to coffee shops with her, and filled the two weeks in no time.
  30. We cut east on the 101 Loop and then onto a smaller highway that brought close to Camelback Road, which was crowded with shopping centers and strip malls.
  31. Generica – features of the American landscape, such as fast food joints, strip malls, and subdivisions that are exactly the same no matter where one is.
  32. Kay already had locations in malls, but that position could deteriorate, particularly with mall anchors dropping like flies with department store bankruptcies.
  33. From 2004 to 2009, the management team stated in the company’s 10-K that it believed it could open stores in 350 locations, primarily malls, in North America.
  34. For weeks he’s done this, as he does every year—on the streets, the home decorations, the stores, the greeting card shops, the churches, and the shopping malls.
  35. Jack also deduced that the Monitor not only placed explosives not only in the schools, malls and hospitals but must have lined the whole city with explosives to trap him.
  36. One was concussed by disjunctive crowds, eclipsed by the fog that plugged its main arteries, suffocated by the throng which packed the trains, crushed in the markets and the malls.
  37. We’ve hit three malls, had an excellent lunch at The Rainforest Café, and we even hit Funtime Junction arcade in Fairfield for a friendly game of Laser Tag, all of which of course was on Quan’s dime.
  38. With only three channels on the television and no video games or bustling malls to lure him, McDuff spent the hours of his youth in the town library reading the financial papers that were delivered once a week.
  39. The most devastating blow came in the sixties and seventies when huge modernized shopping malls were constructed, allowing their customers greater convenience, more leisure time and additional savings on costly travel expenses.
  40. During the day the young man went off to commit his musical crimes in shopping malls and bus stations, only to find that he had to hand over most of his meagre gains to blustering brokers and flustered financial advisers because Cyberia had scorched their whites.
  41. What I envision instead is a series of franchise-worthy storefronts, located in suburban shopping malls as well as downtown business districts, that would house trading stations, plenty of flat panels showing financial news, and overhead monitors to flash market updates and charts of interest on large screens.
  42. Shopping malls are teeming with underdressed and poorly educated women whose sole aim in life is to shop till they drop, spending their overweight and over worked husband’s money on worthless junk; never satisfied, never content, muttering the matron’s mantra When I have such and such, then I’ll be happy.
  43. The odd oddball cloned and now, almost daily, unaffiliated angry arsonists and gunmen burned up and mowed down dozens of kids in discos and schoolrooms, as suicide bombers plied their short-lived trade in shopping malls, subways, temples, mosques and churches alike, looking to achieve maxi-mum body count rather than religious impact.
  44. FOIL-EMBOSSED FRONTALS UNCOUPLING uncoupling from diadems, confetti dull with soot, business ends of noisemakers trampled under boots, cracked bottoms of disposable champagne flutes, butts of khaki Luckies and pale Pall Malls, nickelbags like punctured lungs, plus bottles: half-full, empty, broken off at the neck for the commission of crimes or smashed into green and brown explosions the red flash of a peep-show sign makes look romantic, in a sleazoid kind of way.
  45. There was a store in the mall when I was in junior high (back before malls got sad and dangerous) that had open, non-doored dressing stalls that were located all around the edge of the room with a big empty square in the middle, so every other person in the dressing room could witness you not realizing that there was a zipper, or see you with the dress stuck over your head, or sweatily struggling to pull a pair of too-small pants over your hips as you heard an unfortunate ripping sound and hoped that people thought it was just gas.
  46. Bodies litter the malls,.

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