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Plaza в предложении (на )

1. Plaza when he landed his LIMO.
2. This plaza is a big roundabout.
3. Station and Alexis Nihon Plaza.
4. The Admiral crossed the plaza.
5. The plaza then, in ten minutes.
6. Just west of Alexis Nihon Plaza.
7. Nem went directly to the city plaza.

8. The man they shot at the toll plaza.
9. I saw him in the plaza this morning.
10. He walked along the plaza tiles below.
11. The fountain in the plaza has run dry.
12. Then they walked south through the plaza.
13. I left and went to the central plaza on.
14. I have friends near the Red Rooster Plaza.
15. He looked down at the far end of the plaza.
16. They then retired to the Plaza of the Moon.
17. He heard shouts coming from the toll plaza.
18. Cathedral Plaza of the ancient city of Oviedo.
19. As they came downstairs night was in the plaza.
20. She bolted out of Alexis Nihon Plaza and came.
21. Robin arrived at the Royal Plaza shortly after M.
22. The Plaza hadn’t really been such a good idea.
23. That’s the Hampton toll plaza, Sarah said.
24. The houses of the vast Plaza were lost in the night.
25. They were held in the plaza in front of the palace.
26. She kept going, into the fiery plaza, seeing nothing.
27. I reached the central plaza where the coffee bar was.
28. I strolled through the ground floor of the plaza and.
29. In front of the United Nation's Plaza, a 40-foot tall.
30. When they were out of the plaza they slowed down again.
31. Past the Plaza’s eponymous plaza, the entryways of S.
32. He said Mass for the troops in the Plaza this morning.
33. The Mossad agents have booked in to the Durban Plaza.
34. City named the plaza for the legendary hotelier who had.
35. A whirlwind picked up a cloud of dust in the plaza below.
36. The Acapulco Plaza reveals its award-winning architecture.
37. He pictured her as he had seen her at Fountain Plaza the.
38. I think we should head back our suite at the Crowne Plaza.
39. I strolled through the ground floor of the plaza and then.
40. Meekman’s Café is a few blocks south of Stationary Plaza.
41. At the Plaza in New York my mother met an RAF fighter pilot.
42. The smell of bread baking at Subway floated over the plaza.
43. Claire knew all of the high-end stores inside Phipps Plaza.
44. Haikon is a very pretty little plaza overlooking Kalipaicha.
45. She handed me the bag and said, Ma took me to the plaza eh.
46. It was rushing sixty miles an hour, straight on for the plaza.
47. He walked down to the Plaza Cafeteria next to the courthouse.
48. He then escorted the elders across the concrete plaza to the.
49. Seventeen was about six blocks away by a midtown shopping plaza.
50. As I stood up, I saw two large birds fly through the plaza below.
51. They stood in the plaza where the crowd was pointing at the blood.
52. There are also stores selling Toll Plaza and Stadium flood lights.
53. The American Hospital was to hospitals what the Plaza is to hotels.
54. We are here at the Vinary Heights Plaza for the 100th birthday.
55. Her enthusiasm for shopping and plaza is always the right decision.
56. Susan stood by the window looking down at the plaza in the darkness.
57. Then a hand was at my back, steering me toward a busy outdoor plaza.
58. Across the street from the Penhurst Mall there was a shopping plaza.
59. When we reached the plaza he took a small box out of his school bag.
60. While I am here in Montreux, we can be contacted at the Royal Plaza.
61. California, we built a large shopping plaza, complete with fountains.
62. The palace of the Khan faced the temple complex across a small plaza.
63. Westwood chugged it back through the plaza and onward past the motel.
64. He lodged with Anzani, the universal storekeeper, on the Plaza Mayor.
65. Constant protests over the war, SDS riots on Sproul Plaza in Berkeley.
66. What toll plaza is this all at? Regan asked, getting excited now.
67. The German soldiers ringed the plaza and a scaffold stood in the center.
68. A plaza at USC was named after him, as was the stadium at Torrance High.
69. All that side of the Plaza had been burnt; used to be colonnaded before.
70. Streams of water shoot from circular fountains on both sides of the plaza.
71. The inquisitor settled for one week in the central Plaza of San Sebastian.
72. He crossed the small plaza to the cathedral, reviewing the spat in his mind.
73. Now let us go to the Amarilla Club, just across the Plaza, to get some lunch.
74. They then started to walk to what John assumed would be another portal plaza.
75. Way below them in the plaza folks were reporting for duty, scurrying like ants.
76. Three separate news teams had set up on the bricks out front of 1 Police Plaza.
77. They've got course lists chiseled on polished stone tablets in the upper plaza.
78. Westwood had it wound up to about thirty miles an hour when they left the plaza.
79. The one she stopped at was one of them, it was on a plaza with a hanger station.
80. There was a large plaza in the center of the city with a platform in its middle.
81. On the central plaza of the settlement she had to be careful of the animal dung.
82. As he looked for a route to the plaza below, he noted two large birds pass by in.
83. At nine-fifteen Susan stood on the balcony of their room, gazing down at the plaza.
84. The center of the plaza was full of people looking for streetcars headed their way.
85. He had always fantasized about coming by train to New York and staying at the Plaza.
86. His family had lived in a small apartment on a busy street next to a shopping plaza.
87. Claire sat with her back to the wall inside the Office Shop across from Phipps Plaza.
88. That was a centuries newer style and obviously added after this plaza became indoor.
89. A flaming bull blundered about the plaza chasing laughing men and screaming children.
90. He had to get away from the highway, he knew, but there was no exit at the toll plaza.
91. He told himself he’d have to do better at the next toll plaza, wherever that might be.
92. We recrossed the Huatanay River into the large Huacaypata plaza in front of the Palace.
93. Bronson, you hear about what happened at the service plaza in Virginia last night?
94. There, in the plaza, near the gigantic, iconic glass-and-metal pyramid, was where I stood.
95. In the centre of the plaza, surrounded by many more grey, suited figures, a good chunk of.
96. Hey! William bounded across the plaza, jostling his way past secretaries and bankers.
97. Three different streets met in a large, circular plaza with a stone platform in the center.
98. They will answer for this—fully, right here in the Plaza of Martyrs—but you’re right.
99. My way led to the central square or plaza, which is a characteristic of all Martian cities.
100. At that time unguaranteed First Mortgage bonds of Savoy Plaza had been selling as low as 5.

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