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Promenade в предложении (на )

1. Jim focused on the promenade.
2. Basils from the café promenade.
3. Julie never missed a ball, a promenade, or a play.
4. Along the promenade at the marina, where the rich.
5. Mick walked across the promenade barefoot, stopping to.
6. The couple were not on the promenade, they didn’t have.
7. Jane and John Strait continued back towards the promenade.
8. Jim led her towards the promenade, the car’s number plate.
9. Nice, France, for its promenade boulevard along the water’s edge.
10. It is an awe-inspiring promenade of clean beaches and modern hotels.
11. Dead fish in their thousands washed up on the beach by the promenade.
12. And as fashion mostly cuts Broadway—where it used to live and promenade when Mr.
13. Kaitlyn and Harry strolled the promenade deck, enjoying the fresh scent of sea air.
14. Emily and Jane had just turned onto the Wightport promenade when the BLEVE occurred.
15. They strolled the promenade deck, each with a new appreciation for the other, again.
16. To return via Mouiz Eldin Allah Street in a truly architectural promenade in the past.
17. Two constables were left to police the promenade and to keep the public off the beach.
18. She sprinted along the deserted beach until she reached the beginning of the promenade.
19. He made his way up to the promenade deck, where he found a riot of athleticism unfolding.
20. A few minutes later, she was on the same promenade the Elf had just left half an hour before.
21. Jackson provided a large black umbrella and they walked along the deserted harbour promenade.
22. We are about to hit the Main Promenade, the commercial and entertainment center of this ship.
23. He drove slowly around the perimeter road towards the promenade, and headed for the car park.
24. He drove to the promenade and parked up in one of the short term bays that overlooked the beach.
25. Jameson and Titania walked hand in hand on the promenade, weather permitting, at every opportunity.
26. They got off at the last stop, the terminus at the end of the promenade on the Wightport sea front.
27. He took off the thick rubber gloves he was wearing and put them on the iron railings on the promenade.
28. We turned left along the promenade and left again, and Rosa pointed out that the steps to Alameda Park.
29. Most are walking along the promenade, as though the sun shines, the sea breeze has a definite chill to it.
30. It wasn’t long before they secured a private table just off the promenade deck on the bow of the boat.
31. Kipley, who came up to remonstrate with him on this exhausting promenade, back to her kitchen in short order.
32. Both Mosa and Dominick clear the gate in a leap easy as a breath, and soon are racing down the zoo’s promenade.
33. Two miles away on the sea front at Wightport the police had sealed off all access from the promenade to the beach.
34. Discreetly noting mentally the operating hours of the sex club, the diva then continued her tour of the promenade.
35. That evening, the Bishop of D——, after his promenade through the town, remained shut up rather late in his room.
36. They must have been mounted beneath the wooden promenade behind the fence, keeping them hidden from Dumond’s drones.
37. With half an hour still to spare, Zara then went down to the Promenade Deck and toured quickly its boutiques and counters.
38. I walked across the promenade at the top of the platforms and down platform 8 where this poster sat in a mount on the wall.
39. During the evenings Jesus and his friends strolled about on the beautiful wall which served as a promenade around the port.
40. Slinks shook his head and blinked at the cygnet; he held the Blind man’s hand and they followed the dog along the promenade.
41. He had held her elbow as they made their way up the beach till they reached the more solid ground of the steps to the promenade.
42. Tina took a moment to regain her composure and chase the anger that had flared in her, walking in the meantime down the promenade.
43. You’re distracted, Colin said as they walked hand in hand on the Riverwalk, the popular promenade along the Cape Fear River.
44. A solo male near the water, and a middle-aged couple directly under the promenade looked like promising bag minders, so I descended.
45. The athletes were expected to remain in the tourist-class areas, except when exercising on the promenade deck during daylight hours.
46. A marriage should be royal and chimerical; it should promenade its ceremony from the cathedral of Rheims to the pagoda of Chanteloup.
47. She then started walking along the eastern hallway towards the outer ring of restaurants and commercial establishments of the Promenade.
48. David Simonov bowed his head politely and smiled to Tina when she entered his jewelry shop, situated on the Main Promenade Deck of the ship.
49. The postmaster’s wife was surprised that Marie took so early a promenade, which might in Autumn, prove injurious to a young girl’s health.
50. They walked along the curved promenade underneath the park lights, which had strings of multi-coloured Christmas lights suspended between them.
51. Watts was then treated to another surprise as he contemplated with wide eyes the huge aquariums covering the inner side walls of the promenade.
52. Even the owners and employees of the commercial concessions on the Promenade Deck were present, and they were proving as pig-headed as the rest.
53. Promenade stirred up in him something like a song that vibrated with intensity in his chest, inspiring tears of joy and hurrahs of ancestral pride.
54. When we reached the central promenade of the mall, the whole area ballooned: four stories high, escalators and elevators crisscrossing in the black.
55. Things changed however once he set foot on the Promenade Deck after his ship, the TCNS VAGABOND, had docked with the KOSTROMA in orbit around Mars.
56. They were walking back along it towards the promenade when they saw two uniformed officers coming along the beach towards them carrying flashlights.
57. By the time that Tina’s group arrived at the children’s playground on the Main Promenade Deck, Natalia was already arriving there at a quick step.
58. Priya set foot on the Main Promenade Deck, on Level 9, twelve minutes later, coming out of one of the elevator shafts of the central rotunda of the deck.
59. He drove her to the harbour where they walked the promenade from Lady Macquarie’s Chair, past the Botanic Gardens and the Opera House to Circular Quay.
60. Black and yellow ribbons of tape had been rolled out and there were several constables manning temporary barriers at the access points to the promenade roads.
61. She reminded the Baroness of a sheep going tranquilly to the slaughter, quite pleased with the promenade, quite without a thought of what lay at the end of it.
62. The head of the SOCO team was standing on top of the rocks that made up the groyne nearest to the promenade outside the cave where Jane had discovered the body.
63. Locals eat at the concrete tables along the promenade, especially on Sundays, and the many restaurants that line the sea front are always bustling with activity.
64. As soon as they reached the steps that lead from the beach up to the promenade Jane’s phone was back in signal and it started to receive a string of text messages.
65. The police were the only ones to comment, saying that there had been an incident and the promenade was sealed off for a short while until the beach could be cleaned.
66. The four with whom the Elf had attached herself emerged from the bowels of the lower decks onto the ship's main promenade and the Elf had to squelch a yelp of surprise.
67. The pipe ran straight from this post towards the far corner of the promenade and upwards under the beach, the promenade, and the road and into the well kept grounds of CN.
68. The window in the provinces replaces the theatre and the promenade, she was amusing herself with watching the crowd of boors when she saw a gentleman in a green velvet coat.
69. He never goes with Flo, always gets on my side of the carriage, table, or promenade, looks sentimental when we are alone, and frowns at anyone else who ventures to speak tome.
70. The jumble of the external structures were now replaced by functional but artistic architecture, enhanced by an abundance of trees, bushes and flowers planted along the promenade.
71. Harry and I were just going up onto the promenade to enjoy the air after the cloudburst, said Kaitlyn with a quick glance over her shoulder at her mother's cherubic expression.
72. Within three minutes of the driver’s signal the first police car appeared on the Abermôr promenade and sped up to the entrance to the footpath that ran adjacent to the train track.
73. In her lonely promenade she peopled the room with incidents and scenes which did her wrong, and proved to what extent she had unnerved herself, what rein she gave to jealousy and fear.
74. The heavily trafficked Promenade des Anglais led to the airport and then followed the coast on its way to Cannes, passing restaurants built right on the beach with sexy waiters in bikinis.
75. This delightful Mediterranean habit of taking an evening promenade is partly the result of the climate and cramped living quarters, but also their natural gregariousness and urge to gossip.
76. However, if your citizens wish to buy things in the shops and establishments on the Main Promenade Deck during the return trip, then they will be welcomed to spend part of their gold there.
77. Yuki followed the waiter upstairs to the mezzanine, with its view of the lights on the bridge, the promenade below, and Cupid’s Span, a huge piece of public art, an arrow piercing the ground.
78. This he did five or six times in the course of his promenade, and the promenade was taken five or six times a week, without its having occurred to him or to these people to exchange a greeting.
79. It was now supper time and a few hundred people were also on the Promenade Deck, which was the center of the social life on the ship, both for its crew and their families and for the passengers.
80. They reached the garden gate, and Kaitlyn began her story of their first meeting, the theaters, the museums, walks in the park, dinners at the Chelsea, the voyage, the promenade and the tempest.
81. To promenade the Boulevards with such a man was not only a thing possible, but also, so to speak, a thing advisable, and with this programme the good but foolish General had not a fault to find.
82. They went down to the outer ring promenade level, where they took the pedestrian bridge leading to the core section and giving a view of two of the forest habitats of the Bow Gravity Sail section.
83. Presently he strolled out of the promenade and stood a moment at the crossing, as if undecided whether to go and listen to the band in the Jardin Publique, or to wander along the beach toward Castle Hill.
84. Fruit trees and bushes were planted at intervals along the outer side of the promenade, which was lined with large, thick armorglass bays showing the nearby Ares space terminal and the surface of Mars below.
85. They strolled a fifth level promenade, he had to admit, she had the best figure for strolling that he had ever experienced, she was just the right height for his elbow and liked to bury it deep in and between.
86. The employees and owners of the commercial concessions renting space on our Promenade Deck will receive on their part individual gifts of 25,000 credits, to thank you for the services you provide on this ship.
87. Madame Pontmercy, excuse me, it is a habit, we shall have but one roof, one table, one fire, the same chimney-corner in winter, the same promenade in summer, that is joy, that is happiness, that is everything.
88. The high ceiling of the Promenade, ten meters above the floor, helped to enhance its impression of vastness, while the inner side of the track actually bordered an inner ring of patios and terraces five meter wide.
89. The water came almost up to her knees, but she was soon round the point and then able to sprint across the sand to the next point, then the next until she was back on the long stretch of beach leading to the promenade.
90. At lunchtime, on the pretense of going to shoot hoops, I’d head over to the Promenade and drink vodka out of a deli cup, then come home and lock myself in my room and conk out until my little sister banged on the door.
91. Carrying a heavy head loaded with pain, frustration and bitterness, Travis walked through the hotel and out onto the promenade overlooking the harbour and the small boats, their masts bobbing from the slight chop in the water.
92. The teenagers with nothing better to do that night made great sport out of tearing down the police cordoning tape and making mischief with it by tying wheelie bins together with it, and wrapping it around the call box on the promenade.
93. He then noticed a bit late that the fair-sized crowd circulating on the Promenade or sitting at tables on terraces and patios was now staring at his group with intense curiosity, with many whispering excited comments between themselves.
94. The Koorivars, who had lived under the dim red light of their red dwarf star and were accustomed to low levels of light, were nearly overwhelmed by the bright multicolor displays of the shops and establishments lined up along the Promenade.
95. She looked at Marius indifferently, as she would have stared at the brat running beneath the sycamores, or the marble vase which cast a shadow on the bench, and Marius, on his side, continued his promenade, and thought about something else.
96. At the beginning, I was placed in front of the rider who hired the horse and off we would go for a placid clippety-clopetty promenade with my mother briskly pacing at our side, performing the double function of taking her exercise and supervising my safety.
97. Along the central promenade on Unter den Linden, Berlin’s wide central boulevard, the hundreds of linden trees that had given the street its name had been replaced with regimented colonnades of flagpoles bearing enormous forty-five-foot red banners with swastikas.
98. They soon reached the summit of the hill, and, evidently intending this point to be the limit of their promenade, slackened pace and turned all three aside to the gate whereat Tess had paused an hour before that time to reconnoitre the town before descending into it.
99. Another twenty meters and the group turned left on the Main Promenade, with its three storey-high façades and six meter-wide pedestrian track bordered on both sides by plants, flowers and small trees, with a four meter-wide patio ring on the inner side of the pedestrian promenade.
100. Periodically a roar issued from its open mouth, and with the roar came a forceful blast of air that traveled about twenty feet into the promenade, surprising people who encountered it for the first time, mussing their hair and startling them so that popcorn was dropped halfway from box to mouth.
1. Without the unfortunate prohibition, we would still be promenading naked in the earthly paradise and would never have had the chance to discuss these important matters raised by Your Electoral Highness.
2. Their decease made no impression on the other flies out promenading, who looked at them in the coolest manner (as if they themselves were elephants, or something as far removed), until they met the same fate.
3. An elderly warrior, again, is strutting about in the surplice of a deacon; a cavalryman is masquerading as a monk, with his shako adorned with a red plume; a soldier of the line is promenading in a woman’s skirt.
4. In fact, she managed it so that he had to follow everywhere in her train—whether when promenading on the Boulevards, or when driving, or when going to the theatre, or when paying calls; and this use which she made of him quite satisfied the General.
5. On the following day, the band of the chasseurs was playing again on the boulevard, and again officers, cadets, soldiers, and young women were promenading in festive guise about the pavilion and through the low-hanging alleys of fragrant white acacias in bloom.
6. Why hadn't I gone to France? A public bath restored my appearance enough to enquire at London Berlitz about a job in France, hoping for Nice so I could laze on the beach in the sun and join all those elegant, sexy young men promenading among the trees in the Park of Albert the First.
7. Through the other three windows the sun would be throwing three squares of light, crossed with the shadows of the window-frames, and where one of these patches marked the unstained floor of the room there would be lying, in accordance with invariable custom, Milka, with her ears pricked as she watched the flies promenading the lighted space.
8. She never had much to show when she came home, but was studying nature, I dare say, while she sat for hours, with her hands folded, on the terrace at Valrosa, or absently sketched any fancy that occurred to her, a stalwart knight carved on a tomb, a young man asleep in the grass, with his hat over his eyes, or a curly haired girl in gorgeous array, promenading down a ballroom on the arm of a tall gentleman, both faces being left a blur according to the last fashion in art, which was safe but not altogether satisfactory.
1. Our eyes stayed locked as I promenaded over to their booth and bravely greeted her.
2. The woman promenaded over to where Mitch was standing, waving her wide hips with a sexual flourish at the carload of single-minded men.
3. Each clasping the other round the waist they promenaded over the dry bed of fir-needles, thrown into a vague intoxicating atmosphere at the consciousness of being together at last, with no living soul between them; ignoring that there was a corpse.
4. She blushed with pleasure, but somehow the compliment did not satisfy her like the blunt praises he used to give her at home, when he promenaded round her on festival occasions, and told her she was àltogether jolly', with a hearty smile and an approving pat on the head.
5. So busy was she on this day that she did not hear Laurie's ring nor see his face peeping in at her as she gravely promenaded to and fro, flirting her fan and tossing her head, on which she wore a great pink turban, contrasting oddly with her blue brocade dress and yellow quilted petticoat.
6. For two or three hours the sun lay warmly in the high window, showing Jo seated on the old sofa, writing busily, with her papers spread out upon a trunk before her, while Scrabble, the pet rat, promenaded the beams overhead, accompanied by his oldest son, a fine young fellow, who was evidently very proud of his whiskers.
7. Wade’s mere passive and impersonal dislike quickened to an active rage in that awful moment when she tucked her arm comfortably in his, and promenaded him the length of the dining room to an untidy looking table already occupied by a portly Hibernian, who was engaged in extensive molar exploration with a diminutive wooden pick.
1. But they were lovely, these secret, whisky-soaked, passionate promenades.
2. There were artistically tiled and landscaped promenades at the tops of the cliffs.
3. As you can see, there are a few park benches installed along the trail, so you will be able to enjoy long promenades around our forests.
4. Nor was he disappointed, for that shortsighted woman actually gave him a lump of sugar, tucked him into his bed, and forbade any more promenades till morning.
5. She not merely avoided all external forms of pleasure- balls, promenades, concerts, and theaters- but she never laughed without a sound of tears in her laughter.
6. She not merely avoided all external forms of pleasure—balls, promenades, concerts, and theaters—but she never laughed without a sound of tears in her laughter.
7. Hence, in these not very attractive places, indelibly stamped by the passing stroller with the epithet: melancholy, the apparently objectless promenades of the dreamer.
8. This fashionable watering-place, with its eastern and its western stations, its piers, its groves of pines, its promenades, and its covered gardens, was, to Angel Clare, like a fairy place suddenly created by the stroke of a wand, and allowed to get a little dusty.
9. I suggested that perhaps it would be less lonely with me sitting next to her in her drives and she smiled and our illicit nighttime promenades commenced, both of us hiding the fact from our families and our milieu and accepting the relationship as a partial deliverance from loneliness with no past and no future.

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