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    1. "Things you won't make the mistake of telling me," she said

    2. Even constructive criticism can sting when it is delivered at the wrong moment, for example immediately after the mistake

    3. It is always a mistake to do that, she thought,

    4. ‘She was a mistake

    5. Maybe that was his mistake

    6. ‘He made the big mistake of implying that she worked as a waitress …

    7. It occurred to me that even if I could summon the strength to stand then the act of urinating in complete darkness would probably be a mistake

    8. I pulled my feet into my body, a simple nervous reaction, and in doing so realised that I was making a big mistake

    9. Why me? What did they want? Didn’t they realise I was Lebanese? Why were they holding me when they’d made such a simple, basic mistake? Did my parents know where I was? Didn’t they know that they could trust me, that I wouldn’t say a word?

    10. I relate this to Amy when I phone her for our usual catch up call, which is a mistake as I rapidly discover

    11. He wondered if he had made a mistake talking about that

    12. That's the main reason I believe leaving is a mistake

    13. That is one mistake that most couples make

    14. It was a mistake

    15. Yet, if you burn the clothes by mistake, you will soon feel sad and confused because of rivalry in love

    16. We mistake what repentance is by our if-then statements

    17. Okay, I made a mistake dating Erick, but as Mom says, any man could have done what he did

    18. Poor Samantha made that mistake in coming to you for justice

    19. mistake me, in my withered state,

    20. I staggered and to save myself from falling, shot a hand inside a thorny bush by mistake

    21. They were also yelling at her and abusing my mother on the phone, telling her what a mistake it was and what a mistake I was in so many words

    22. make the mistake of putting just anything into your profile header since this will leave you with responses to your online dating ad that you don’t want

    23. These are the small things that might catch you in making a big mistake with

    24. For a while, it looked like we'd miscalculated and made a huge mistake but we decided on one last effort even if it meant having to split up and to be safe we'd stick to the beach area

    25. Big mistake, (he chuckled), for you see it was the females of this species that evolved first; it was the females that understood what the Scathers were

    26. One of my girls makes a mistake in an important document during the afternoon and I snap her head off publicly … this is not normal for me, and I can see that people are commenting which makes it all worse than ever

    27. By the time they realized their mistake it was too late

    28. But it was then that I made the second mistake of my life

    29. I had to pay for the second mistake of my life

    30. One made the mistake of grabbing Mistress Sera by the arm and swinging her around

    31. Of course, I didn't know I had made a mistake then

    32. I once made the mistake of not breaking the connection

    33. realized my mistake, broke the connection, and she

    34. God could not make a mistake in anything it does, even if it tried

    35. this was a mistake

    36. It was a mile or so later when he realised his mistake

    37. As Alex turns to walk out of the club, Stevie starts to follow him and then realises that this would be a mistake

    38. It had been a bloody stupid mistake on his part to think that Tracey wouldn’t have reported the credit card missing … especially after he’d abandoned her like that

    39. A couple of happy shoppers mistake him for a tramp in someone's cast-offs, a missing person in a dead man's suit

    40. Was he making the same mistake Jorma was and thinking she had Tdeshi’s memories at her disposal? There was no one she knew, not the least babe of the poorest single peasant she’d ever met in the deepest countryside of this world, who grew up as poor as she did

    41. One mistake, either way, and the last thing that he and Helen taste will be cold, hard grit

    42. That was the biggest mistake I would ever make

    43. I made the mistake of suggesting that we ought to live together so I could look after him once … I won’t make that mistake again

    44. it would be a mistake, because we

    45. “We all know that now, but I would never be here if it wasn’t for that mistake

    46. It was a mistake, but they happen

    47. think it would be a mistake to limit your suspicions to those

    48. that he might have made a mistake in arresting the old

    49. Reynard made the mistake of trying to reach into his

    50. ‘It’s all water under the bridge – a mistake that

    1. Carpenter ants are often mistaken for termites

    2. ‘I always assumed that they were mistaken

    3. He had been under the mistaken impression Tahlmute had the crate ready to load and go, not back in dead storage under a dozen decades build-up

    4. They were not mistaken in terms

    5. I think I heard her apologise for her bad manners later on, but I might be mistaken

    6. But you are mistaken

    7. " I can't mistaken that voice, "You just don't know how good it is to hear your voice, Nathan

    8. It couldn't be mistaken

    9. If I am not mistaken, you are one of our brethren from the south

    10. Following a polite if sparse cremation service held in the clean but anonymous halls of blonde wood and magnolia paint at the local crematorium, and with the memory of the pastor’s mistaken belief that his wife’s name was Aileen twitching behind his eyes, Ken carried out Eileen’s last wish, which was to have her ashes scattered on the garlic beds

    11. We have mistaken your kingdom with another

    12. the pastor’s mistaken belief that his wife’s name was Aileen

    13. There are so many mistaken truths and outright lies about the Indians that prompt that wannabe phenomena

    14. fenced camp Tom had once mistaken for an Army base

    15. fenced-in base close to the causeway which Tom had mistaken for an

    16. box made of that curious material he had originally mistaken for

    17. “It appears that they were working on the – mistaken

    18. He was mistaken

    19. “I had hoped that it wouldn’t be necessary for me to explain that one does not talk during class hours, but clearly I was mistaken! You can finish your conversation at lunchtime!” Mrs

    20. It could’ve been mistaken as a scene for an old play, or a Curriers and Ives plate

    21. “Sir, if I am not mistaken, these buildings are cousins of each other

    22. are mistaken in this matter) – there is no reason for you

    23. But I was mistaken

    24. "If you think knowing more about me will lead you to Alan, you're mistaken," she said

    25. But the writers who have collected the prices of corn in ancient times seem frequently to have mistaken what is called in Scotland the conversion price for the actual market price

    26. ensure that he wasn’t mistaken for game - and found

    27. At first he thought he was mistaken

    28. mistaken me for the chap who draws the chalk-lines

    29. Those statesmen who have been disposed to favour it with particular encouragement, seem to have mistaken the effect and symptom for the cause

    30. When she’d slipped into his bed last night he’d clearly mistaken her for Xonia, and that hurt! She felt devastated

    31. “Once more, you’re sadly mistaken, my dear

    32. We are also subject to the mind’s negative bias and its mistaken beliefs about how to find happiness

    33. Or he could be mistaken for a mime artist 'leaning into the wind'

    34. Correct me if I am wrong, Mr Wanting, but am I mistaken in remembering that your assessment was interrupted?"

    35. Should the custom of weighing gold, however, come to be disused, as it is very likely to be on account of its inconveniency ; should the gold coin of England come to be received by tale, as it was before the late recoinage this great company may, perhaps, find that they have, upon this, as upon some other occasions, mistaken their own interest not a little

    36. The mistaken beliefs that we are limited to our material minds and bodies, and that happiness comes only from what happens to us, are deeply ingrained

    37. As we “go about our business,” everything we do, and everything that we think, reflects these mistaken beliefs

    38. We thirst for and seek out sense pleasures, in the mistaken belief that they will give us happiness, or as a substitute for the happiness that is out of reach for us

    39. “It’s the Castro Library, lady, if I’m not mistaken,” he abruptly said to her

    40. In the great landed estates, which the mistaken piety both of princes and private persons had bestowed upon the church, jurisdictions were established, of the same kind with those of the great barons, and for the same reason

    41. The Jews, on the other hand, reject this notion and they feel that Christians are mistaken in believing that Jesus is Israel’s Messiah and that passages in the Old Testament actually refer to Israel itself, whereas Christians would see those as references to Jesus Christ

    42. How could she have been so mistaken about him? Pa-

    43. It was the first thing he looked at as he entered the steeple room, and unless he was mistaken the eyes briefly turned to him, maybe seeing him in

    44. I do believe he was mistaken in his „For Whom the Bell Tolls," where he stated that the death of any man diminishes him

    45. Gardner was a clueless gardener who was mistaken for a Washington eminence

    46. He stared at Alexia’s blood-soaked body, trying to believe that it was all a dream, that somehow he was mistaken and he would see her tomorrow at lunch as usual

    47. But he was mistaken

    48. It was unlined and he had the speed and strength of youth, but he was too experienced at too many things to be mistaken for a young man

    49. Is it a question of mistaken identity that the nineteenth-century Populist has suddenly transformed himself into a twentieth-century Conservative? Not in every case, perhaps, although I am firmly convinced however, that provided a ―proper‖ education, William Jennings Bryan would have been a reliable advocate of socially conservative principles were he living today

    50. “If you think you’ll sneak up on us, you’re mistaken

    1. She always did that when I made mistakes

    2. We should not commit the same mistakes while dealing with children and grand children in our present age

    3. "We all make mistakes but sending me off in your coach is not one of them

    4. We all commit mistakes but God only wants us to learn from our ‘mistakes

    5. they are; repent for our mistakes on the spot; and ALWAYS, ALWAYS,

    6. According to the state pathologist there were no mistakes here

    7. One of the common mistakes many preachers make in beginning with a

    8. But then, when you got a handle on things you realised that we were all mistakes

    9. had a PBS show said there were no such thing as mistakes or

    10. And, of course, he learned by his past mistakes and profited greatly from his now well-proportioned good looks

    11. We humans have made so many arrogant mistakes

    12. However, there are some mistakes a man can make when giving his

    13. Were they doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past; or had they learned something from almost becoming extinct as a race

    14. that's how mistakes are made, and so, at last, she set off for

    15. He added, '1 made the same mistakes, wanting to kill myself for the game I

    16. And, of course, he learned by his past mistakes and profited

    17. It is more wrong not to admit mistakes and correct them,” Righli finished for him

    18. Mistakes he had made, things that he had done that couldn't be undone

    19. A stand off, and the boys from the North are making basic mistakes

    20. But still, even under the close scrutiny of the Death Guards, mistakes were made – the Plague found its way into the city, scattered outbreaks flared up

    21. So many times we see each generation making the same mistakes as the fathers, but our ceiling should be the next generations floor

    22. mistakes and give yourself grace

    23. Mistakes have been made along this prophetic journey, and

    24. brother would hopefully want to overlook mistakes and restore

    25. out, make mistakes and be loved

    26. ourselves firstly) not to fall again in the mistakes, but to

    27. mistakes provoked all kind of schisms, ending with all

    28. “You mean the flat end? That’s for rubbing out mistakes

    29. all his mistakes, and there were a lot, we must

    30. monument of catastrophic mistakes

    31. The cause of many mistakes is the lack of some correct

    32. In the process, all my mistakes would be corrected and replaced with more gratifying stuff

    33. Associating the ultimate goal to your daily acts will help you avoid serious mistakes

    34. steps as they did, you can get the general gist and shortcut the mistakes

    35. If she had taken the time to really think about her situation in that fort, being widely outnumbered and outmatched in pure brawn, it might have made her sloppy and prone to mistakes that could easily have gotten her killed

    36. I’m sorry to say that I’ve made a lot of misjudgments, bad decisions, and mistakes in general

    37. “Ah, my good man, there are no mistakes in life

    38. Every attempt has been made to ensure that the information provided within this ebook is accurate however, we are human and sometimes we make mistakes therefore we cannot assume responsibility for any inaccuracies within this document

    39. Yet what was the point of going over mistakes and miscalculations? He said only, ‘We have to repeat the process, don’t we?’

    40. One can choose to rely on people’s philosophical interpretations of what they saw around them, which we know is subject to human limitations, not only in space-time, but also the human quality of being prone to making mistakes

    41. will perfect those mistakes in us and in those listening

    42. Mistakes with regard to this sometimes ruin the custom-house officer, and frequently occasion much trouble, expense, and vexation to the importer

    43. They had both made mistakes with suits!

    44. Did you spend the rest of the game making up for some poor strokes early on? The warm up is a chance to make those mistakes before they’re being engraved on a score card

    45. I didn’t want to make the same mistakes with him that my mother did with me

    46. You have to make the mistakes to learn it

    47. It was as if they had no regard for the mistakes of history

    48. She remembered his dark eyes and their sincerity, his broad smile as they spoke, and the way he laughed when they made mistakes in rehearsals

    49. without any glossing over because in sales as in other areas of life we should learn from our mistakes

    50. My mistakes taught me how to

    1. There was no mistaking the

    2. mistaking the Knight's interest

    3. It took awhile before she understood that he was mistaking a syllable for a letter

    4. no mistaking the hatred in his eyes – the man seemed

    5. mistaking that the man was genuinely terrified for his wife

    6. reassuring – mistaking the cause of her concern

    7. there was no mistaking the challenge behind them as

    8. There was no mistaking the underlying

    9. there was no mistaking it – the choir was singing two

    10. There was no mistaking his nature,

    11. there was no mistaking where Heather obtained her beauty

    12. There was no mistaking the ill-

    13. offering, but there was no mistaking that the efforts of the

    14. Even in the caricature of native cold-weather costume that he was dressed in, there was no mistaking the machine that had pretended to be his father thru his childhood

    15. There could be no mistaking the glut of stolen goods, equipment and as it turned out enslaved peoples from the majority of the closest systems and beyond

    16. The pupils - and there was no mistaking this - twisted around in their

    17. No mistaking it was Johan, trying to use sign language since that was the only safe method of communication

    18. There was no mistaking their destination, the Kingarin Forest, where they would attempt to recruit Dremelden Immortals

    19. ” Mistaking the action, Raga threw up his pistol and shot Ord through the head

    20. There could be no mistaking the cats intentions

    21. spiritual and intuitive limitations, ―understanding‖ what seems ―apparent‖ however mistaking its essential elements that remain hidden from (us) although existing within (us)………

    22. He realized this lady was mistaking him for Clarence

    23. "Oy, watch out yer bleedin' stupid bugger!" There was no mistaking the voice issuing from the dark shadowy opening

    24. There was no mistaking the driver’s intention this time

    25. “Are you one of those transvesters…?” The woman uttered, mistaking the

    26. ” His mother criticized, mistaking his painful tears

    27. We were mistaking when we thought that witches could never predict anything in relation to us and we were mistaking when we thought that we could handle by ourselves anything that comes our way

    28. Isis: They are mistaking

    29. There was no mistaking my own face tattooed on his back, for a moment I blinked thinking my eyes were deceiving me

    30. One can be forgiven for mistaking the soldier caste for another species when comparing a soldier with a worker

    31. I also mowed the lawn, often mistaking her strawberries (too damn close to the house!) for weeds and cutting them, too

    32. There was no mistaking it

    33. mistaking some of the things we’ve done as ‘progressive’, it is

    34. Mistaking her stiffness for hurt rather than anger, Trask went over and put a sympathetic hand on her shoulder

    35. Mistaking my actions for alarm, Sarah went on

    36. Bryony blinked, but there could be no mistaking the beautiful features that looked down at her from the heavens

    37. Besides, with an all knowing air, the banker was wont to aver that mistaking ripples for the waves would only lead to the lowering of the standards

    38. There was no mistaking that tall brown figure with its springy step

    39. There was no mistaking its great antiquity

    40. There’s no mistaking the huddle of ancient shapes that emerged suddenly on the horizon

    41. Mistaking his accent, the locals

    42. mistaking Liz for my Mom? Liz says that sometimes she's not clear what role I

    43. But by the fifth day the symptoms were so unique there was no mistaking it for something else

    44. She heard the sound again, but this time there was no mistaking the source

    45. you’re mistaking me with another kitty

    46. Quietly, he said, “Come with me,” but there was no mistaking his authority

    47. This time there was no mistaking it for imagination or dream and it came from the far side of the house where Nicholas's studio was situated

    48. There is no mistaking that the tree of knowledge of

    49. There could be no mistaking her for anyone other than the woman in

    50. � While small in comparison with adult Global Council citizens, there was no mistaking her for a young teenager, as she had a very feminine, well developed body

    1. No-one that knew her mistook this for either weakness or friendliness

    2. Most were the undead – which were spiritually drained the moment they mistook him for a snack

    3. Her wide brown eyes a mix of compassion, sadness, and something that Alec might have mistook for love

    4. It was worth it though just to see Nobby Clark’s jaw hit the deck if it had gotten any wider the train might have mistook it for a tunnel

    5. Apparently he mistook her breathless state as an indication of passion

    6. ‘You mistook pity for a genuine need as if I needed you then, but of course it had been the reverse

    7. Proving that bigots do not have the best grasp of other cultures, they also imprisoned many people they mistook for Germans and Austro-Hungarians: Greeks, Dutch, French, Belgians, Ukrainians, Polish, Serbs, and Italians

    8. Yes, off-worlders have roamed about your world, filling it with with their junk, which you Curators then mistook for important

    9. I once mistook them as Akito's junk collection and I was subjected to a three hour lecture about the importance of every one


    11. He told Correlli about how Shawn's untrained eye mistook the holed hull of the M113 command vehicle for a bus and the VC in the open as the passengers

    12. Unbeknownst to our acquaintance, Rapsar’s spirit had entered her body when she had visited the peak, and she mistook his memories as her own from another lifetime

    13. He dropped his eyes, and she mistook it as a reference to her waistline

    14. In ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat,’ Oliver Sacks wrote about the twins who amused themselves for hours trading six-digit prime numbers — although they were incapable of performing even simple multiplication

    15. The king mistook him to be a deer and shot Shravan with his arrow

    16. When in the end, they joined the queue to the sanctum sanctorum, the devotees around mistook them for newly weds

    17. She beheld in the Master's face the countenance of an upright and holy man, but she mistook friendliness for commonplace familiarity, and she misinterpreted his figure of speech as a form of making advances to her

    18. A passing hunter mistook his feet for the ears of a deer and killed him with a single arrow

    19. This spirit was bestowed for the purpose of qualifying believers more effectively to preach the gospel of the kingdom, but they mistook the experience of receiving the outpoured spirit for a part of the new gospel which they were unconsciously formulating

    20. Now how in the world can the clap be mistook for being pregnant?

    21. mistook it for nerves

    22. He had called the police for protection, but some of the black men taking refuge there mistook them for the mob and shot at them

    23. Strangely, they mistook me (Jody Wilson) for my mother

    24. I suspect that because of his brilliance and accuracy on the map, that the other side, the active, paid for, counter intelligence of the corporatocracy has hassled him endlessly and that he mistook me for one of them

    25. the mountain that the disciples mistook for Moses and

    26. They of course, mistook him for a lost hunter

    27. We’d find out later that Clydie mistook a red light on a third floor whore house on 11th Avenue

    28. Knowlan at first mistook him for a tumbleman, a man who’d fallen so low from his station in life that all he possessed were breeches, tunic, and perhaps a stolen tool

    29. Hence, the umma mistook the bravado of Saddam Hussein, in leading up to the fiasco of the ‘Mother of All Battles’, for the bravery of Saladin at the Horns of Hattin

    30. That is, it denied the truth and mistook the way of its happiness as it mistook the right way which leads to its advantage and its real life

    31. Herne mistook her shivering for the cold, “Come inside,” he said quickly,

    32. The meaning is that it denied the truth and mistook the way of its happiness, just as it mistook the right way which would lead to its advantage and its real life

    33. The Moslem scholars and the Christian ones mistook the Hour of the returning of the Messiah Master (cpth) for the Hour of resurrection

    34. Darkside hatred and righteous indignation welled up to overflow in screams of agony which the audience mistook as a spiritual sign from heaven

    35. He mistook the action and bent down and kissed it

    36. Segall mistook the man's restraint to be a form of approval

    37. he would have missed them altogether, or mistook

    38. Though he claimed he mistook her for a burglar

    39. The reader, however, was not to suppose they were his last word or final effort in the drama, for he had in hand a comedy called "Engano a los ojos," about which, if he mistook not, there would be no question

    40. And, in this upshot, purposes mistook

    41. She meant it kindly, but Amy mistook her meaning, and said quickly

    42. gentleness he mistook for coy encouragement; and he would not be diverted

    43. He mistook it for

    44. She mistook this to mean he

    45. I mistook her for an au pair

    46. At instants of momentary wakefulness he mistook a bush for his associate sentinel; his head next sank upon his shoulder, which, in its turn, sought the support of the ground; and, finally, his whole person became relaxed and pliant, and the young man sank into a deep sleep, dreaming that he was a knight of ancient chivalry, holding his midnight vigils before the tent of a recaptured princess, whose favor he did not despair of gaining, by such a proof of devotion and watchfulness

    47. Conseil, whom I hadn't alerted, mistook it at first for a gigantic sea snake and was gearing up to classify it in his best manner

    48. For several minutes they mistook the form of David for that of the prisoner; but the very accident which Hawkeye had foreseen occurred

    49. What I know is, that, like a fool, a greater fool than he of whom I spoke just now, I mistook for this peasant girl a young bandit of fifteen or sixteen, with a beardless chin and slim waist, and who, just as I was about to imprint a chaste salute on his lips, placed a pistol to my head, and, aided by seven or eight others, led, or rather dragged me, to the Catacombs of St

    50. He thought himself strong enough, for he mistook fever for energy

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