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Mistake in einem Satz (in englisch)

It was a huge mistake.
That is a big mistake.
He had made a mistake.
This is a bad mistake.
This was all a mistake.
It was a fatal mistake.
This was a big mistake.

That is a grave mistake.
Jo, it was a mistake.
This is a huge mistake.
This is a HUGE mistake.
It has to be a mistake.
That was a mistake, too.
No, they made a mistake.
It was my worst mistake.
He never made a mistake.
There must be a mistake.
It proved a bad mistake.
And I made this mistake.
This is all a mistake.
Fear of making a mistake.
Now let no one mistake me.
That was a big mistake!.
I think I made a mistake.
This is a HUGE mistake!.
Could a mistake be made?
Les could see his mistake.
Perhaps it was a mistake.
That was my third mistake.
When they make a mistake.
Sir Peter made a mistake.
That is a serious mistake.
That was my fatal mistake.
There could be no mistake.
I think there is a mistake.
That was my first mistake.
And that was a big mistake.
Do not commit this mistake.
Perhaps this was a mistake.
It was a very big mistake.
There was no mistaking it.
There was no mistaking the.
But there was no mistaking it.
There was no mistaking the words.
There was no mistaking the ill-.
There was no mistaking his anger.
Mistaking his accent, the locals.
There was no mistaking who that one.
There was no mistaking the underlying.
There was no mistaking that this was Fred.
There was no mistaking its great antiquity.
There was no mistaking the angular form of.
Mistaking my actions for alarm, Sarah went on.
There could be no mistaking the cats intentions.
But there’s no mistaking that it is my brother.
Carefully inspecting it, there was no mistaking its.
There is no mistaking that the tree of knowledge of.
He realized this lady was mistaking him for Clarence.
When one is in one’s bliss, there’s no mistaking it.
There was no mistaking the driver’s intention this time.
My mother smiled with relief, clearly mistaking my meaning.
There was no mistaking his resemblance to a praying mantis.
There was no mistaking their wide eyes and dilated nostrils.
There was no mistaking the look of pride on my father’s face.
There was no mistaking her and the big man was easy to identify.
There could be no mistaking her for anyone other than the woman in.
There was no mistaking that tall brown figure with its springy step.
He was still quiet but there was no mistaking the firmness in his voice.
The pupils - and there was no mistaking this - twisted around in their.
His one error was mistaking the jack of hearts for the jack of diamonds.
She heard the sound again, but this time there was no mistaking the source.
But there was no mistaking it—Charles Danko was the image of his father.
But there was no mistaking it, there was little justice in this contention.
There was no mistaking it: it was certainly Everard, for she heard his voice.
Are you one of those transvesters…? The woman uttered, mistaking the.
Quietly, he said, Come with me, but there was no mistaking his authority.
There was no mistaking the similarity to those which had been on Lucy's throat.
A brougham was coming down it, and there could be no mistaking those gray horses.
It took awhile before she understood that he was mistaking a syllable for a letter.
Confusing one of my files with one of Jenny’s would be like mistaking Dad for Mr.
Yes, I was not mistaken.
Jo was mistaken in that.
He could not be mistaken.
Ned Land was not mistaken.
He had mistaken her for me.
You were mistaken, no doubt.
In this he'd proved mistaken.
Was I mistaken? he asked.
Leach could not be mistaken.
The Canadian was not mistaken.
But no, she must be mistaken.
Blair must have been mistaken.
Still, perhaps I was mistaken.
That's where you are mistaken.
That mistaken idea came later.
Father Quimper must be mistaken.
You are mistaken, says he.
But you may have been mistaken.
In this case quite mistaken was.
I was not mistaken to call you.
They were not mistaken in terms.
Saddler must have been mistaken.
What Can ADHD Be Mistaken For?
Garth might be mistaken about Mr.
It is mistaken because the Heruka.
At first he thought he was mistaken.
But in that, too, she was mistaken.
I told you how mistaken this was.
Tell him that you were mistaken.
But, if so, he was greatly mistaken.
You are mistaken about that woman.
That trader would be sorely mistaken.
Now he saw that he had been mistaken.
The general (and mistaken) view was.
Or was he mistaken? He began to worry.
Their identity could not be mistaken.
Splendid! I was not mistaken in you.
Then she thought she had been mistaken.
The event showed that he was mistaken.
They have mistaken us for my father.
If there are past mistakes.
Let them make the mistakes.
Learn from the mistakes of.
He never makes any mistakes.
I make mistakes all the time.
It‘s okay to make mistakes.
Forget the mistakes of the.
The mistakes are stacking up.
And learn from your mistakes.
You said you made mistakes.
My mistakes taught me how to.
Mistakes are the best teachers.
He never makes mistakes, ever.
It was one of those mistakes.
We all make mistakes, I guess.
Jesus, he never made mistakes.
Though he makes mistakes, and.
Captain Ahab mistakes; it is I.
Mistakes costing them the game.
The mistakes in the grocery ads.
We made and still make mistakes.
I admit to millions of mistakes.
You made a couple of mistakes.
Mistakes will happen this I know.
The truth is that mistakes cannot.
His two main mistakes were obvious.
People die for mistakes like this.
We have had enough of mistakes.
It was not for the mistakes I did.
God does not make mistakes and as.
You had a tendency to make mistakes.
There was no room for mistakes now.
They died for the mistakes they made.
Learn from your mistakes as a leader.
The secret is to learn from mistakes.
Few profit by the mistakes of others.
The verdict would cure past mistakes.
Just try to learn from your mistakes.
And the youth mistook by me.
She mistook this to mean he.
I mistook her for an au pair.
And, in this upshot, purposes mistook.
Evidently he mistook the bishop for a priest.
Though he claimed he mistook her for a burglar.
They of course, mistook him for a lost hunter.
He mistook the action and bent down and kissed it.
Strangely, they mistook me (Jody Wilson) for my mother.
Segall mistook the man's restraint to be a form of approval.
Now how in the world can the clap be mistook for being pregnant?
He thought himself strong enough, for he mistook fever for energy.
The king mistook him to be a deer and shot Shravan with his arrow.
She meant it kindly, but Amy mistook her meaning, and said quickly.
No-one that knew her mistook this for either weakness or friendliness.
Apparently he mistook her breathless state as an indication of passion.
He dropped his eyes, and she mistook it as a reference to her waistline.
And now I think he hates me because—because you mistook him yesterday.
A passing hunter mistook his feet for the ears of a deer and killed him with a single arrow.
Most were the undead – which were spiritually drained the moment they mistook him for a snack.
We’d find out later that Clydie mistook a red light on a third floor whore house on 11th Avenue.
Her wide brown eyes a mix of compassion, sadness, and something that Alec might have mistook for love.
When in the end, they joined the queue to the sanctum sanctorum, the devotees around mistook them for newly weds.
Russell must have been misinformed as to the cause of the seizure, or that the custom-house officer mistook his duty.
One of their number mistook her teeth for her lips as she applied a red stick carelessly in the murky orange shadows.
In fact, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat was really the spark that ignited my interest in neuroscience to begin with.
I once mistook them as Akito's junk collection and I was subjected to a three hour lecture about the importance of every one.
Yes, off-worlders have roamed about your world, filling it with with their junk, which you Curators then mistook for important.
He had called the police for protection, but some of the black men taking refuge there mistook them for the mob and shot at them.
A group of customers from the Bear Flag mistook Western Biological for a rival house and charged up the stairs whooping with joy.
Conseil, whom I hadn't alerted, mistook it at first for a gigantic sea snake and was gearing up to classify it in his best manner.
The Moslem scholars and the Christian ones mistook the Hour of the returning of the Messiah Master (cpth) for the Hour of resurrection.
For several minutes they mistook the form of David for that of the prisoner; but the very accident which Hawkeye had foreseen occurred.
That is, it denied the truth and mistook the way of its happiness as it mistook the right way which leads to its advantage and its real life.
It was worth it though just to see Nobby Clark’s jaw hit the deck if it had gotten any wider the train might have mistook it for a tunnel.
Darkside hatred and righteous indignation welled up to overflow in screams of agony which the audience mistook as a spiritual sign from heaven.
He, as frequently happens, mistook his pet hypothesis for an axiom, and imagined that his whole theory was erected on the very firmest of foundations.
He told Correlli about how Shawn's untrained eye mistook the holed hull of the M113 command vehicle for a bus and the VC in the open as the passengers.
The meaning is that it denied the truth and mistook the way of its happiness, just as it mistook the right way which would lead to its advantage and its real life.

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