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    1. I tried to mollify her concern but she basically gave me this look as if I was coo coo

    2. Paul tried to mollify his friend

    3. The Primagnon tried to mollify her

    4. hammers, she tried to mollify him

    5. tried his father to mollify

    6. What should’ve been used to mollify the pain in his ass

    7. He felt the sweat in his armpits and forehead as he launched an explanation that he hoped would mollify the camp commander

    8. to mollify the distressed child

    9. and that he could supply no argument to mollify his captor

    10. There were no words to mollify or lessen the situation she and Grandma Lucy were in

    11. But the ready-witted Dorothea, who by this time so well understood Don Quixote's humour, said, to mollify his wrath, "Be not irritated at the absurdities your good squire has uttered, Sir Knight of the Rueful Countenance, for perhaps he did not utter them without cause, and from his good sense and Christian conscience it is not likely that he would bear false witness against anyone

    12. In vain the voice of Mr Canvasser Bloom was heard endeavouring to urge, to mollify, to refrain

    13. He was frightened, knowing that he more than Carlus was to blame for what had happened; but his intentions had been pure, and he still hoped to mollify the saint

    14. Pocock wrote back with a long, detailed technical explanation of his design and proposed a few minor modifications that he thought might mollify Ebright without compromising the integrity of the shell

    15. It was rubbish – he did not give a hoot for their privacy – but the courtesy seemed to mollify Philippa, who invited him to sit down

    16. Agent Scorse made a short speech, which I think was meant to mollify the rest of us

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