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Appease в предложении (на )

  1. It took blood to appease sin.
  2. The children were easy to appease.
  3. If I could only appease my hunger!.
  4. In the end, he participated to appease us.
  5. The ground was dry and spongy to appease.

  6. I don't know how she contrived to appease Mrs.
  7. He wasn’t just agreeing to appease his wife.
  8. The Thasians made a copy of you to appease.
  9. He would be a difficult one to appease if angry.
  10. To appease or not to appease? That is the question.
  11. Both are still today celebrated to appease the masses.
  12. The response was good enough to appease Kalver for now.
  13. How was I supposed to appease the cells in my brain that.
  14. Gulbaz Sharif stopped Jabran and to appease him he said;.
  15. They are like wolves whom nothing but flesh can appease.

  16. He had to appease the voice, it disliked being disappointed.
  17. Do you really think that would appease them? she asked.
  18. Environment Policy Act? They knew it was flawed but to appease.
  19. Watts,—that Christ died to appease the wrath of God, and by Bp.
  20. They were all one color, in case I needed to appease the washing.
  21. They were heart broken and nothing appeared to appease their suffering.
  22. It was built sometime in the eleventh century to appease Arab invaders.
  23. Hopefully the extra thick one would appease both my sister and my spirit.
  24. But only one who can appease their conscience can take over their freedom.
  25. She just tried to appease the Traveler in front of her the best she could.

  26. Garcia’s set up was for him, though, not to appease a Vulcan sense of order.
  27. I will appease him with the present that goeth before me, and afterward I will.
  28. I was only hoping that I could appease him with a few answers when I got busted.
  29. There was no response from Angela and he knew he had to help Philip appease her.
  30. Insistently, Daneekah made Liu two dozen sugar-coated doughnuts to appease his boss.
  31. If he had skipped out on a chore, he could always appease his parents by doing more.
  32. It may desire food to appease its hunger or shelter to protect it from the elements.
  33. He gazed at his pistol with an air of reproach which seemed an attempt to appease it:—.
  34. In Alaska, the Eskimos tattooed themselves to appease the Gods, so they'd be able to survive.
  35. I verily believe, that union is all that is wanting to appease her hostile spirit towards us.
  36. Sir you should have also given a baby feeder with us to appease this child in case of anger.
  37. How will they find out what these mobs wanted? Once that is done, how will they appease them?
  38. This ancient tribe sacrificed an infant as a way to appease the gods and to bring the rains back.
  39. The telephone call he had just received from the Vatican had also done nothing to appease his mood.
  40. Pacify: To appease; to bring or restore to a state of peace or tranquility: or, to have quiet; calm.
  41. He had washed his face and combed his messy hair as best as he could, hoping it would appease S’us.
  42. Then checking his watch, he lent forward, elbows on knees, hands open as though trying to appease her.
  43. The main reason is that we did nothing to negate and appease the wrath filled in the minds of assailants.
  44. He determined to try to ingratiate himself with Hunter and appease his wrath by sacrificing someone else.
  45. Dominated by a strange excitement I understood that somehow I had to try to appease the warmed fortitudes.
  46. Nervous officials are often forced to appease mobs over the building of tools that are not at all ladders.
  47. So to appease the socialists in Congress they combined a bill which contained goodies for most members.
  48. Daemionis was mad, madder than she’d ever seen him, and she knew that only a large sacrifice would appease him.
  49. Oh no, it’s him again! Darek tried his best to appease the wolf with short apologies and incessant bowing.
  50. She opened her mouth to respond, but by then, she knew already that there was nothing she could say to appease him.
  51. Both were brought to us by a compromise, by a so-called pope to appease his subjects and bring the masses together.
  52. He sniffed the watery liquid inside the strange fruit and kept his eyes on Amonas, who tried to appease his fears:.
  53. Time had been stolen from her, replaced by a dream to appease her mind while adults used her for whatever they wanted.
  54. We live in a culture of contract where gifts are negotiated treaties to appease guilt, expectation and equity of exchange.
  55. His most famous raid was the one in which he destroyed the idol at Somnath and carried away enough booty to appease avarice.
  56. Several of your negotiators will be secretly taped discussing the less-than-Western practices commonly required to appease the.
  57. But the United States declined to acknowledge Ho’s government in order to appease the French who wanted to maintain Vietnam.
  58. The cold water on his face did nothing to appease the spinning room and the rising sick that he was struggling to keep in check.
  59. Love does not exploit other countries to appease its addiction to over-consumption, but rather seeks a sustainable health for all.
  60. Unfortunately, about the same instance that she was trying to find words to appease her daughter, Juan announced that Tammas was missing.
  61. To appease Russo and to show the world their support for the words of the Messiah, a letter to the Holy Roman Catholic Church was written.
  62. Pestered by her mother, when she spilled the beans, her father tried to appease his son-in-law by agreeing to part with his old Lambretta.
  63. For he said, I will appease him with the present that goes before me, and afterward I will see his face; peradventure he will accept of me.
  64. Despite scientific evidence to the contrary, those in hazardous occupations believe in the power of good fortune and that you can appease it.
  65. Maybe if you release the hostages and send an ambassador to speak with her—if she knows that my father is dead, perhaps it will appease her.
  66. She liked being a nurse, but if she was honest with herself, she had gone into the profession to appease her parents more than for any other reason.
  67. In this way, The Tax is a treaty that the State makes amongst its various classes to appease them all and avert social unrest, division, and upheaval.
  68. Again Tarzan came down into the village and renewed his supply of arrows and ate of the offering of food which the blacks had made to appease his wrath.
  69. I remember I was always trying to appease him in some way ; I used to rush to kiss his tands, I was always kissing them, and I was always crying and crying.
  70. Sensing the tension between the two, Feltus interrupted so as to appease the coroner and amuse the other men, Like they say, once a snoop, always a snoop.
  71. Emperor Constantine, they said, had changed the date of the Sabbath as a compromise to appease the pagans who celebrated their heathen debaucheries on Sunday.
  72. It seeks to replace in itself the moral power of religion, in order to appease the spiritual thirst of parched humanity and save it; not by Christ, but by force.
  73. I could not let him go unpunished and so I have killed two birds with one stone: to appease the mob I gave them a victim and at the same time punished a miscreant.
  74. Nevertheless, after considering the problem at length, he went once more to her chamber door, confident that he had now thought of a compromise that would appease her.
  75. Many that gather, do so to appease their soul, or should say their soulish nature, thinking that it is pleasing to the Father with their comings and goings, it is not.
  76. He did so politely, trying to appease the machine’s brooding mood, his voice trimmed and clipped to something an ambassador would use to convey assurance and calm:.
  77. Nonetheless, many brokers will try to please their clients by offering limited-risk types of trade recommendations in an attempt to appease the client’s fear of losing.
  78. He just was born a good shot, physically tough as nails, mentally alert and with a temper none could appease; all giving him a sense of omnipotence in any confrontation.
  79. To appease our own hostage taking, terror-promising children, we Treat the world to our Tricks of cheap production by threatening them with embargo, divestment, and starvation.
  80. Chairman, it would seem as if we had the consummate folly to believe that we can appease this merciless tyrant by so weak, so silly, so futile a measure as this one now under consideration.
  81. If times were bad for a tribe and if there seemed to be no end in sight, then they reached a point where the youngest child in the tribe, usually a male, was sacrificed in order to appease the gods.
  82. Even worse: the spaces in her mind where she managed to appease her memories of the dead man were slowly but inexorably being taken over by the field of poppies where she had buried her memories of Florentino Ariza.
  83. A belief in luck or fate is an easy answer, an easy way to appease and rationalize the sense of powerlessness and meaninglessness in your life, which comes from existing inside the hierarchical structure of civilization.
  84. Not content to just invent gods, people were concocting intricate relationships in the spirit world and elaborate rituals to appease their evermore peculiar gods; the gods that didn’t seem to be responding to their pleas.
  85. Olderon gave speeches in the courtyard of his kingdom for many weeks to try to appease the lords and ladies who were leading the revolution, though the fears of the people overcame his attempts to put their minds at ease.
  86. The ‘Bride’ was a Greek Christian doomed by the superstitious authorities to be drowned in the Nile as a sacrifice to appease the anger of the creative powers, supposed to be withholding the usual overflow of its waters.
  87. He is at all times surrounded by unknown enemies, whom, though he never provoked, he can never appease, and from whose injustice he can be protected only by the powerful arm of the civil magistrate, continually held up to chastise it.
  88. In view of that, was it possible that the President's request for Whitey's input was just a sop to appease the military and to protect himself from criticism, if it came to that? Whitey sat straight up in the realization that maybe he was being had.
  89. It was impossible to appease them, at the moment, any way, and—a final catastrophe broke like a bomb on the assembly and exploded in its midst: the third reader, the maniac who kept waving his fist behind the scenes, suddenly ran on to the platform.
  90. Having grown too comfortable, perhaps, many oftentimes acquire a taste for easy living, maintaining the status quo and aversion for confrontations; choosing to appease or soften criticisms both foreign and domestic, rather than standing on its traditional principles.
  91. Most of the lowest class attendees were from the Ala District and had been enticed to attend the munus by both the free seating and the promise of free bread loaves to be handed out later - a state-sponsored charity rite that was frequently performed to appease the gods.
  92. It was, however, made manifest, that Mrs Fenton had offended the law, in so much, as her flags had not been swept that morning; and therefore, to appease the offended delicacy of Miss Peggy, who was a most respectable lady in single life, I fined the delinquent five shillings.
  93. The spirits of the air of Thursday are subject to the south wind; their nature is to procure the love of women, to cause men to be merry and joyful, to pacify strifes and contentions, to appease, enemies, to heal the diseased, and to disease the whole, and procure losses, or restore things lost.
  94. Weel aware am I, that men in authority cannot appease and quell the inordinate concupiscence of the multitude, and that in a’ stations of life there are persons who would mumpileese the retinue of the king and government for their own behoof and eeteration, without any regard to the cause or effect.
  95. Jesus knew the World of men were lost, unless He took their sins upon Himself, nothing else would appease God, but God’s own Son paying the price for our Eternal redemption, so Jesus stepped forward or else man would not have been Saved, nor received an inherence with Jesus Christ as The Children of The Almighty God.
  96. The cross is not the symbol of the sacrifice of the innocent Son of God in the place of guilty sinners and in order to appease the wrath of an offended God, but it does stand forever, on earth and throughout a vast universe, as a sacred symbol of the good bestowing themselves upon the evil and thereby saving them by this very devotion of love.
  97. If it wasn’t so, then, for instance, the Formo-Creators of the Configurations focused by Me simply couldn’t simultaneously maintain a normal state of the biological organism, project into the Self-Consciousness SFUURMM-Forms concerning the necessity to appease hunger, decode very complex (for Understanding) Information from the Levels of +4.
  98. When I arrived, the earl took me into his private library, and we had some serious conversation about the captain’s sister; and, when I had related the circumstantialities of her end to him, he sent for the captain, and with great tenderness, and a manner most kind and gracious, told him what he had noticed in the conduct of the officers, offering his mediation to appease any difference, if it was a thing that could be done.
  99. Why can’t someone just kick a child out of their house for unacceptable behavior without resorting to calling it some kind of love? Is it because we want to feel that whatever we are doing is loving, so as to appease our conscience that we are ever loving people who would never do anything to their child that wouldn’t be done out of love? If love, and not the pretense of love, is actually important to us, we will cease seeing the other as someone we can carve in the I'mage of ourselves or our ideals.
  100. The ancients were forced to propitiate and appease and sacrifice to so many ghouls called ‘gods’ or ‘goddesses’, that these undead things could easily find an excuse for committing their sadistic abominations by claiming that you had overlooked a certain deity and had not sacrificed to a certain Deity, or your offering was of poor quality, or not good enough, or it had ‘insulted’ or ‘offended’ some other Deity… Because the Jews did away with polytheism: this standard excuse/tactic of these undead filth could not be used anymore.
  1. She hovered a brief, appeasing smile and then.
  2. Thinking they were appeasing him, Darek said, No need to.
  3. Instead of appeasing him with a reaction, she smiled sweetly and then took a sip of wine.
  4. The noise managed to lull her, appeasing her briefly in her dilemma over her role within the Lakellers society.
  5. The purpose is to extort a specific response from animalistic impulses, then appeasing the beast with a desirable need.
  6. Also, he realised that any argument that wasn’t appeasing to a mob would simply provoke anger and, possibly, aggression.
  7. Finally appeasing the wine, her trim body relaxed and tiny beads of perspiration appeared on her upper lip as nectar materializes on the petal of a rose.
  8. He had stayed in business long enough without appeasing any pagan gods—and he was quite certain that the gods did not pay close attention to Alaska anyway.
  9. The barman looked over to Byron and shrugged at the unforeseen completion of their monetary transaction, Byron gave an appeasing nod, it was altogether for the best.
  10. The British and French could have tried manoeuvring or bluffing rather than simply appeasing Hitler, but it can’t be denied that appeasement seemed to many people at the time the only realistic policy.
  11. How Langdon eased his pain and soothed his vanity? Whenever an old Babylonian nobleman had a misfortune, he used to order all his slaves to be lashed, that their shrieks and moans might join his in appeasing the god who was punishing him.
  12. Alice sat upon his knee, parting the gray hairs on the forehead of the old man with her delicate fingers; and whenever he affected to frown on her trifling, appeasing his assumed anger by pressing her ruby lips fondly on his wrinkled brow.
  13. On accosting his friend to ascertain why he should remain poor despite appeasing their deity as demanded, the rich man told his friend that he was not destined to be rich, and that he should sacrifice his second son so the deity could review his case.
  14. These appeasing designs (cloaked as open-mindedness) are being advanced from a position of weakness that will (inevitably) strengthen the morale of our ideological enemies while proportionately weakening our nation‘s resolve to defend itself from further attacks.
  15. Simply by claiming to be in touch with the other side… by setting themselves up as mouthpieces of their dead, departed ancestors, or whatever unseen spirits or deities that tribe happened to worship… they became a special, privileged, elite class of governing rulers holding the power of life and death over their fellow tribesmen… until for untold thousands of years… these tribes ended up spending most of their energy, effort and wealth; appeasing and worshipping all unseen spirits: which incidentally, is exactly what any human entity on the other side would enjoy most: power, fame, and the ultimate status of being deified as virtual gods.
  1. His vanity was half appeased.
  2. I still keep feeling appeased.
  3. Looking appeased at last, he.
  4. The people had to be appeased.
  5. Just look at the way Hap appeased.
  6. Mary was appeased by her inclination to laugh.
  7. The merriment of Hawkeye was not easily appeased.
  8. I will not be appeased so easily, Losira said.
  9. The Gadget Man appeased his anger by thinking about.
  10. Ward was visibly appeased by this confident assertion.
  11. I thought that she was appeased, or admitted her defeat.
  12. Rather than being appeased, Mathion seemed even more angry.
  13. Father was satisfied or appeased to forgive us of our sins.
  14. Appeased by her acquiescence thus, he yearned for fulfillment.
  15. It will be difficult, but perhaps the mountain may be appeased.
  16. Be appeased, O the infinite and God of gods, and show me your.
  17. When he has appeased his hunger, he begins to think of his master.
  18. Finally something appeased him, and he was taken out for his walk.
  19. I appeased her wrath, and in a moment she transported me from the island.
  20. When I left for Aruba for the second time I went with an appeased heart.
  21. My hunger, sharp before, was, if not satisfied, appeased by this hermit’s meal.
  22. The masses were easily appeased; just reassure them that everything is all right.
  23. Perhaps, if the gods existed at all, they were appeased by his shunning of any lie.
  24. Loving animals, he tapped on his chest a couple times, before one bold cat appeased him.
  25. She wasn't appeased by this but gave me a half smile to tell me that she could live with that.
  26. After all, it was easier to go along with something so harmless to keep the stubborn bag appeased.
  27. Her wretchedness I could have borne, but her passion--her malice--At all events it must be appeased.
  28. It has scarce ever happened, that the fury and indignation of the people could otherwise be appeased.
  29. Her wretchedness I could have borne, but her passion—her malice—At all events it must be appeased.
  30. It was not until he had received his apology that our touchy friend would suffer himself to be appeased.
  31. When my hunger was appeased, I directed my steps towards the well-known path that conducted to the cottage.
  32. Of course it was impossible to be appeased by writing my own such chapter; it would be mere speculative fiction.
  33. It was, as was the case most of the time, his mind that could not be appeased, that could not be turned off as it should.
  34. But on the 26th, appeased with gifts and seeing that they didn't need to fear any reprisals, the natives led the chief officer, Mr.
  35. The subzero temperatures of the very first hours of an early dawn were calming and appeased my body the way an ice pack does a black eye.
  36. An interview with a surly gatekeeper and a surlier foreman, both of whom were appeased with the coin of the realm, put me on the track of Bloxam.
  37. It set free all the unknown social quantities; it softened spirits, it calmed, appeased, enlightened; it caused the waves of civilization to flow over the earth.
  38. I could not make out what was wrong with me, I could not find the clue, something seemed rising up continually in my soul, painfully, and refusing to be appeased.
  39. When Don Quixote had quite appeased his appetite he took up a handful of the acorns, and contemplating them attentively delivered himself somewhat in this fashion:.
  40. When the appetites of the whole were appeased, the squaws removed the trenchers and gourds, and the two parties began to prepare themselves for a subtle trial of their wits.
  41. He had seen himself triumphant, unquestioned, appeased, the idol of the soldiers, weighing in secret complacency the agreeable alternatives of power and wealth open to his choice.
  42. That is to say that only the flesh will be appeased, only the outer man will be feed while we each are starving for that fullness that comes from eating His body and drinking His blood.
  43. You see, having said that if Meg married `that Brooke' she shouldn't have a cent of her money, Aunt March was rather in a quandary when time had appeased her wrath and made her repent her vow.
  44. Before this new invention of a single invisible Deity: gods and deities were propitiated and appeased and their favors were sought by civilized humans sacrificing the best of whatever they had.
  45. They dismounted together by the side of the spring, and with what the curate had provided himself with at the inn they appeased, though not very well, the keen appetite they all of them brought with them.
  46. Likewise President Hilton should also beg pardon of Muslim countries at an emergent press conference admitting all past mal deeds against people of these countries so that vengeance of people of these countries is appeased somewhat.
  47. On this occasion the jostling of the streets irritated me more than ever, I could not make out what was wrong with me, I could not find the clue, something seemed rising up continually in my soul, painfully, and refusing to be appeased.
  48. It was all no use soothering him with no, nono, baby, no and telling him about the geegee and where was the puffpuff but Ciss, always readywitted, gave him in his mouth the teat of the suckingbottle and the young heathen was quickly appeased.
  49. That Cosette might continue to love him! That God would not prevent the heart of the child from coming to him, and from remaining with him! Beloved by Cosette, he felt that he was healed, rested, appeased, loaded with benefits, recompensed, crowned.
  50. My grand mother sobbed at this point but quickly cleans her eyes, drew me closer to her side and said to me, We have consulted and appeased all shrines and deities in our land, and we have their assurances that nothing untoward would happen to you.
  51. Appeased by the postmistress's apologies for her first unbelief he ended by being anxious to give all the information in his power, and came back quite a long way to tell her that he had forgotten to say that his mother had said that the niece's Christian name was Maria-Theresa.
  52. Camacho and those of his following, therefore, being consoled and pacified, those on Basilio's side were appeased; and the rich Camacho, to show that he felt no resentment for the trick, and did not care about it, desired the festival to go on just as if he were married in reality.
  53. The slight qualm of conscience which had been excited by the intended deception was instantly appeased, and he began to collect his thoughts, in order to enact his part with suitable spirit, when he found he was about to be anticipated in his skill by an attempt to prove the power of music.
  54. When his ravenous hunger was somewhat appeased he raised his head to thank his benefactress, but he had no sooner looked at her than he gave a prolonged "Oh-h!" of astonishment and continued staring at her with wide open eyes, his fork in the air, and his mouth full of bread and cauliflower, as if he had been bewitched.
  55. But the sight of the blood, and the sense of my condition, had (as he told me afterwards), since the ungovernable rage of his passion was somewhat appeased, now wrought so far on him, that at all risks, even of the worst consequences, he could not find in his heart to leave me, and make off, which he might easily have done.
  56. If they wanted to know the meaning of life why didn’t they just ask her? The deceased were appeased but remained unsettled, they did care what opinion was judged on Byron, it was love after all, and it’s easy to say I don’t care what people say until they upset the one thing you have no control over, your lovers feelings.
  57. The philosophical ideology behind Britain and Americas’ support for Russian domination of Eastern Europe – the soviet annexation and harsh occupation of the Baltic countries after the war continued for almost 50 years, until the downfall of communism - after World War II, appeased and excused tyranny, and sacrificed freedom, in pursuit of stability and security for particular countries.
  58. They tried to argue it away by reminding conscience that they had purloined sweetmeats and apples scores of times; but conscience was not to be appeased by such thin plausibilities; it seemed to them, in the end, that there was no getting around the stubborn fact that taking sweetmeats was only "hooking," while taking bacon and hams and such valuables was plain simple stealing—and there was a command against that in the Bible.
  59. Upon issuing forth from his subterranean retreat at the expiration of five minutes, he found the abbe seated upon a wooden stool, leaning his elbow on a table, while Margotin, whose animosity seemed appeased by the unusual command of the traveller for refreshments, had crept up to him, and had established himself very comfortably between his knees, his long, skinny neck resting on his lap, while his dim eye was fixed earnestly on the traveller's face.
  60. I likewise hope that his powerful submersible has defeated the sea inside its most dreadful whirlpool, that the Nautilushas survived where so many ships have perished! If this is the case and Captain Nemo still inhabits the ocean—his adopted country—may the hate be appeased in that fierce heart! May the contemplation of so many wonders extinguish the spirit of vengeance in him! May the executioner pass away, and the scientist continue his peaceful exploration of the seas! If his destiny is strange, it's also sublime.
  61. Ilse returned to her kitchen, the baby was appeased by its scientific diet, Ingeborg's bed grew smooth and spotless, her room was quiet, nobody knocked any more against the foot of the bed in passing or shook the floor and herself by heavy treading; she was no longer tended with the same vigour that made the kitchen floor spotless and the pig happy; bandages, unguents, and disinfectants stood neatly in rows, clean white cloths covered the tables, the windows were wide open day and night, and lamps left off burning exactly where they shone into her eyes.
  62. Do you still feel the same feverish impatience of grief which made you start like a wounded lion? Have you still that devouring thirst which can only be appeased in the grave? Are you still actuated by the regret which drags the living to the pursuit of death; or are you only suffering from the prostration of fatigue and the weariness of hope deferred? Has the loss of memory rendered it impossible for you to weep? Oh, my dear friend, if this be the case,—if you can no longer weep, if your frozen heart be dead, if you put all your trust in God, then, Maximilian, you are consoled—do not complain.
  1. And my laughter appeases, my soul it eases, to float on the breezes of what men call science.

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