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    1. A gentle reminder that the most precious things in life cannot be bought nor are they made with human hands

    2. Someone has opened the windows in the room and a gentle breeze is stirring

    3. Bush snaps his fingers and the waves begin again, a gentle breeze blows

    4. He moved her with a firm but gentle pressure out of the aisle with the still

    5. could hear the gentle break of surf on golden sand

    6. Some of the floors above that were not as safe as they once were, but thick limbs with thick green fronds fluttering in the gentle breeze shaded most of it

    7. moisture on Stu’s forehead and top lip as he made the gentle climb inland

    8. With the closing in of the day the air filled with the gentle aromas

    9. It was a gentle thump against the hull, not painful at all

    10. The Kid was a gentle soul, I felt sure, and I found myself suddenly wanting him close by me again

    11. My existence was measured by the inevitable smallness of bread and soap, of the stray fist and the gentle word

    12. I am rewarded with one of Rose’s gentle smiles and a quick grin from the driver

    13. The boundary wasn't important to Herndon, this land was peaceful and gentle and he didn't need a boundary to protect himself from it

    14. Above Lastriss there was a gentle current that drifted at the speed of a slow walk

    15. He was now leaning on the rail facing her with his hand caressing her side, delighting her with the gentle sweep of his hand over the smooth curve of her naked waist and hip

    16. that rise and smile with your soft and gentle voice

    17. From the bow, the gentle fold that hides her knees,

    18. When He calls upon us to perform His will, it might be entirely contrary to what this world thinks is peaceful or gentle or any of these other fruits of the Spirit

    19. Patience and gentle kindness was the thing that would work with her

    20. with evening eyes that carry gentle hope

    21. There was enough growth in it all now to keep it anchored, but not enough to make more than a gentle net of thin ribbonleaves stretched from crack to crack

    22. I can just about hear the sound of their voices above the gentle sloshing of the sea against the boards forming the walls of my cabin, and to those soothing, reassuring sounds, I drift off to sleep quickly, rocked by the motion of The Aquarian

    23. He couldn’t contain himself and began to wake Kate up with gentle messaging that turned her thoughts to lovemaking

    24. converging on this oddity, this smell, this flesh, comes the gentle,

    25. Yes, Athens at night had a gentle buzz and for the first time I was in a city that actually aroused my curiosity

    26. I preferred to lay under my towel within the safety of the shore, enjoying an ice cream and watching my uncle struggle with his wet suit before he curved into the sea like a dolphin only to reappear sometime later and regale me with stories of seals, gentle basking sharks, forests of stunning pink corals and walls of bright coloured jewel anemones he said he saw on his dives

    27. and there, in the gentle rolls of surf,

    28. A little banter, some gentle jeering and friendly swearing as they danced

    29. But down around the port, came a more thriving version of life in shiny, tiled kitchens, and white lace curtains flapping a gentle hint of an incoming breeze that would help to keep the flies at bay

    30. And from inside I caught the smell of cleaning fluids, lunch and the sound of gentle, delicate music

    31. His hands felt good, the skin was rough and calloused, but gentle, and the dose of hormones he was able to squeeze from her went a long way towards making up for the thick yaag missing from her head

    32. "He's smart, he's gentle, and he's got some deep scars

    33. I saw the humour and enjoyed the entertainment so much I started a gentle applause on the forecastle

    34. That she should tell him of her fears, and ask him to be gentle with her; he would understand

    35. She asked him to be gentle with her and they spent several hours making slow love and healing each other

    36. Pantelis was obviously aware of the danger to his village and was warning everyone that unless we are gentle with its fragility and take heed, it will shatter

    37. As the lights came up again slowly, the tart with a heart was standing where the blonde spirit had appeared, and she was smiling her soft and gentle, gap toothed smile once again

    38. Always try to still the stream of circling thought and these gentle exercises will give you a manifold reward

    39. A gentle drone disturbed my sleep growing louder by the second and I hadn't a clue what it was until I stretched and felt something moving on the bed

    40. Sam looked at Lucy with new eyes after that, he was very caring and gentle with her

    41. Sounds are amplified inside the tunnel and the gentle wash of the water against the barge takes on an ominous tone, at least that is how it feels to me

    42. There, in a village on an island in the Aegean Sea, I stood in the nave of a gentle, humble church where above me hung a trio of splendid silver and gold chandeliers

    43. As soon as I began to rub it in, her friends twittered and giggled with gentle laughter and began chattering like the birds and patted their old companion on her arms; well done, another one bites the dust; tales for those long winter nights I supposed

    44. We were almost two miles off shore when we cut the engines and made ready to fish, testing the twine with gentle tugs and hanging the blinding light over the side to attract the squid

    45. The night was sultry and the full moon was nearly a permanent fixture in their nighttime sky, twinkling off the gentle swells in the lagoon

    46. He rolled over onto his left side and looked into the gentle eye of a simple little daisy

    47. A gentle breeze brushed my face for the last time as I swung across the threshold and surrendered to a different reality

    48. I stood in admiration at the way these gentle people laid in to rescue their heritage

    49. Ken and Lucy rocked back and forth in time to the gentle, spiritual beat, mouthing silent words as the boy’s perfect voice soared in over the bass lines, the guitars and the unearthly breath of synthesised melody

    50. He kisses me very firmly before releasing me and, with a gentle tap on my rear, tells me to go home before he gets carried away

    1. If it was so, and if what she was sensing now was real, why had she not felt it before? Was it because of the enemy? But he had only been free for two year-cycles, and she had never before had this experience of harmony with the soil between her feet and the winds which gentled her

    2. Her eyes gentled as she gazed at the woman she had almost lost to the cruelty and hatred of war

    3. ” Conrad replied, his tone at first grim (as he recalled what he’d seen in the family room) and then gentled to a more doctorial tone before turning and directing his next comments to his patient

    4. ” I gentled my tone

    5. Her long blonde hair moved about in the water in a rhythm that echoed fantasy, even as her cobalt blue eyes stared at him out of a face that was gentled kindness itself

    6. A gentled horse can be

    7. A gentled horse can

    8. was totally broke but had never been gentled

    9. But he was never gentled to a point of safe

    10. It rained out his arms to loosen his hard-mouthed hands on the shuddering wheel and sit him with grace and ease in his horsehair saddle as he gentled through the fogs that kept us and Dublin apart

    11. And she led him across the lawn where the picnic blankets still lay as after a storm, tossed and half-furled, and some few dogs had arrived with the army ants while several cats waited for the beasts to leave, and Nef walked among them and opened the front door of the Egyptian View Arms and, ducking his head, blushing, Cardiff stepped in swiftly, but she was already at the stairs and halfway up before he touched the first riser, and then they were in her tower room and he looked and saw that her vast bed had been stripped and the windows thrown open wide with their wind-tossed curtains and the town clock was striking four in the afternoon as Nef lifted her arms and a great soft bloom of sheet rose in a summer cloud over the bed and he seized his half and with her gentled it down in a field of white over the bed to cover its face

    12. The Illustrated Man on his knees, turned at last and gentled all with his smile

    13. But most of all the trees would distill an icy air for the lungs, and a gentle rustling for the ear when you lay nights in your snowy bed and were gentled to sleep by the sound

    1. So, gentles, our tale is told

    2. Gentles who were last become first

    3. Those who believe in Hell leave out the rest of what Christ said in the next two versus when He says the Gentiles will come into the kingdom, and verse 30 the Gentles who were last become first

    4. And this is, gentles, wherefore I have come

    5. But come here, Sancho, for with the leave of these gentles I would say a word or two to thee in private;" and drawing Sancho aside among the trees of the garden and seizing both his hands he said,

    6. good olive tree, were cut away, and no good but to be burnt, in a furnace, so as then, he would make room, in the braches, for the rest of the Gentles, To come in the Church and be his Family, that is so the family tree, of TRUE GOD will spread, to the Gentles

    1. “Of course!” agreed Galeron, his gaze gentling

    2. “Sorry,” he said, gentling the tone of his voice

    3. on a ski requires far more skill than the gentling process

    4. where gentling would be the more appropriate

    5. enough to be haltered, the gentling stops and the

    6. Gentling a horse sometimes stops when the

    7. Gentling a horse to the human touch can

    8. Gentling a horse can be a

    9. this horse needs more gentling to the ears or the

    10. was snuggled under the covers gentling snoring while I was

    11. Her hands had flown all around about and down, gentling this, holding that, throwing baseballs, swinging bright croquet mallets, seeding black earth, or fixing covers over dumplings, ragouts, and children wildly strewn by slumber

    12. Mike, Mike, and his steady boat gentling a mild sweet lake where all Time slumbers

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    gentle appease assuage conciliate gruntle lenify mollify pacify placate ennoble entitle easy soft aristocratic aristocratical blue blue-blooded patrician docile amiable kind kind-hearted kindly mild moderate pacific temperate tempered gradual light highborn noble courteous polite courtly cultivated polished refined respectable well-bred tame tractable trained manageable disciplined cowed quiet domesticated