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Nipping в предложении (на )

  1. Soon the horse is nipping at.
  2. Jealousy was nipping at my heart.
  3. Airs romped round him, nipping and eager airs.
  4. A swarm of bullets penetrated the house almost nipping.
  5. This bitch was like a lap dog nipping at the heels of my feet.
  6. Christmas, and hurried homeward through the cold and nipping air.
  7. The heat from the vents did feel better than the nipping of the cold.
  8. They swarmed like piranha; nipping, tearing, pinching, and scratching.
  9. She held on and pulled him closer, tasting his mouth, nipping at his bottom lip.
  10. The tide was closing in, chill nipping at her ankles, but Dancing Light would not move.
  11. I was tempted by the idea of nipping up the stairs to the flat to see you, to say good.
  12. Behind a cabinet of doves I found the black one sitting in his cage, nipping at his tail.
  13. Should we think about nipping this thing in the bud? One call to Arizona would end it all.
  14. Nipping at his legs, they sank their teeth into his sinewy shins, anchoring him in position.
  15. She wears the same face among the roses of June that she does in the nipping winds of March.
  16. His brother? Have you been nipping on something? He has no brother, nothing, not even a cousin.
  17. The look pummeled into the entire prosecution team explained the sudden chill nipping his flesh.
  18. Remember what Joe said about a gar nipping someone’s toes near the base of that spillway?
  19. Chevalier grabbed Emily without warning and threw her over his shoulder, nipping at her side playfully.
  20. The pearl-colored teeth latched onto one of Cloud's ear lobes, nipping at it in a very sensual manner.
  21. He told me our future was in danger, not from the unstable countries nipping our heels, but from within.
  22. Training your puppy to stop nipping and biting is important, since he can grow a full set of teeth soon.
  23. He climbed the long ladder, the doctor’s voice and its vile promises nipping at his heels on every rung.
  24. Then his mouth returned to my nipples, nipping and sucking, causing hot currents all the way down to my clit.
  25. Puppy biting or nipping starts out as a bit of fun, but needs to be controlled quickly to avoid ongoing problems.
  26. Stewart was about to explain to Jane and her fighters the situation, Oscar attacked him, snarling and nipping at his face.
  27. His lips were soft and hard at once, kissing, sucking, nipping my skin until it was hot and flushed and I swayed with every caress.
  28. Aspen lifted herself up on her toes, nipping his lower lip between her teeth, sending a jolt of hot, liquid lust straight to his loins.
  29. He knew he’d found what they were searching for, and jumped up, excitedly nipping at the container, knocking it out of Stacey’s hand.
  30. The other guard had gone outside after Ingrid's reappearance; now he came back in, nipping off whatever retort the seamstress would have cast.
  31. That photograph is one of my most cherished possessions, he said, gently nipping her ear before his lips trailed down the side of her neck.
  32. She stepped outside into the morning air, the breeze nipping at her bare neck, though it shouldn't have existed while August had just come to a close.
  33. With every shovelful of dirt, he’d had a memory of Penny – running through the grass or nipping at a butterfly – and he wanted to spare Felix that.
  34. What had she said, Lucy hurriedly asked herself, nipping over her last words in her mind, for she had learned by now what he looked like when he was hurt.
  35. The wind was so nipping that the ivy-leaves had become wizened and gray, each tapping incessantly upon its neighbour with a disquieting stir of her nerves.
  36. I refused to walk it, so it had resorted to running in frantic loops from the sofa to the kitchen to the closet, yipping the whole time, nipping at my feet.
  37. They loved to climb on and over him, tumbling around on him in play and nipping at his tail with their milk teeth, and to nap on top of his stretched out body.
  38. When he felt the pulpy lips of her sex become slick to his touch, he followed the same route that his fingers had taken but now with his nipping and laving lips.
  39. She was sitting alone, all lost, in a pub here in Montreux, nipping at a drink, feeling out of place but nevertheless desperately waiting for something to happen.
  40. When Marcus was sure I was under his spell, he moved his mouth to my twin peaks, sucking and nibbling, nipping with his sharp teeth, moving their stiff rosiness back and forth with his tongue.
  41. It was insufficient warning to prevent the occasional collision and fall, but most of his workers were acquiring the habit of nipping out of the way before they were run down by the new contraptions.
  42. They took pride in their home and without the expense of youngsters nipping at their heels they were able to fill their lives with activities designed to displace their mutual sense of loss and longing.
  43. George shows up about twenty minutes later—sheepish, tense, a terse excuse about work, Insley snapping at him, You’re forty minutes late, him nipping back, Yeah, sorry about making us money.
  44. His teeth nipping at her pulse as he kissed his way down the side of her neck, all the while his magical fingers creating pools of desire as her womb clenched and throbbed, aching to feel him inside her.
  45. The group of ponies grazed in the open, leisurely nipping the grass and grinding it to mulch with their strong teeth as they plodded methodically towards the huge tree at the edge of the bank above the river.
  46. As soon as the men went back inside the shack, the pups were all over the mother, chasing each other, rolling over her back, and even nipping her tail, as she all the while was trying to talk some sense into them.
  47. That young figure of then is seen, precociously manly, walking on a nipping morning from the old house in Clanbrassil street to the high school, his booksatchel on him bandolierwise, and in it a goodly hunk of wheaten loaf, a mother's thought.
  48. Nevertheless I was quite interested in the bits of pickpocket argot that floated across to us, expressions like "crossing the mit," "nipping a slang," a "mouthpiece," "making a holler" and innumerable other choice bits as unintelligible to me as "Beowulf.
  49. As I walked over the long causeway made for the railroad through the meadows, I encountered many a blustering and nipping wind, for nowhere has it freer play; and when the frost had smitten me on one cheek, heathen as I was, I turned to it the other also.
  50. Customers happy to see a waiter disappear with their credit card for 20 minutes without worrying whether he was nipping up the road for a shopping spree were also prepared to read their card number out to some unknown person at the other end of the telephone for an order.
  51. Noticing when he did so that he was close to the restaurant in which he had sat for a while before the dinner-party at Olsufy Ivanovitch’s, our hero was suddenly conscious of a pinching and nipping sensation in his stomach; he remembered that he had not dined; he had no prospect of a dinner-party anywhere.
  52. The great novelist George Meredith, who hated priggishness in all its forms, said in a letter: I have written always with the perception that there is no life but of the spirit; that the concrete is really the shadowy; yet that the way to spiritual life lies in the complete unfolding of the creature, not in the nipping of his passions.
  53. Even as she tried to debate the issue in her mind, or what remained of her mind, he stripped her nude and they were on the floor, and she wantonly pressed against him, fiercely, in the most unmaidenly fashion, pulling him to her, lifting her mouth once more to his, claiming his mouth with hers, biting his lower lip, nipping him, kissing his face, his neck, all common sense gone to the four winds.
  54. The reason why they can’t find an answer to why the other person left is because after committing their crimes: after imprinting negative thoughts and feelings into only one of a couple in love… these sneaky, filthy hiding rotten dead scum leave, they disappear from the scene of the crime: their evil filthy deed is done: they don’t have to hang around; they have successfully poisoned another romance, another budding love, nipping it in the earliest stages of its growth.
  1. I’m a fresh sort of guy he nipped back.
  2. Bullets whistled and nipped at the sandbags.
  3. He nipped at the sensitive tips and she gasped.
  4. Damien nipped her on the shoulder with his lips.
  5. A gufder leapt up at Joey and nipped at his shirt.
  6. Bending, she nipped a peak of skirt above her knee.
  7. Bending over the mouse he deftly nipped the ears off.
  8. I nipped his bottom lip before placing my mouth back on his.
  9. A gufder leapt on top of Redbolt and nipped at Joey’s head.
  10. It nipped at her leg, and instead of pulling back, she laughed.
  11. Yes, if he isn't nipped in the bud he's going to make trouble.
  12. He turned and nipped her gently on her neck; she nuzzled his fur.
  13. Each one is kissed and nipped gently and my nipples tenderly sucked.
  14. One of the wolves nipped the one which was talking, eliciting a howl of.
  15. Sam wanted to reach out and touch one, but the hawk nipped at his hands.
  16. A flunky nipped into the breach, whispering into the ear of the Emperor.
  17. The heku with the other panicked horse did the same, but only got nipped.
  18. But the bird was not repulsed by the sound and nipped at the wound again.
  19. It is painfully clear the RCMP could have nipped this in the bud back in.
  20. He nipped the tender skin under my ear and then stroked it with his tongue.
  21. I wanted to continue feeding, but Desiree’ nipped that thought in the bud.
  22. As I remember I’d just done the brakes on the old Austin, had nipped inside to.
  23. As we dug into our grub, Bob Barker playfully nipped at the old man’s shoelaces.
  24. Gauging our approach, we nipped into line ahead of a larger craft coming from the west.
  25. She saw that it had nipped the corner of his chiton, pinning him to the cabin’s wall.
  26. He found himself nipped and unable to respond, all he could do was frown for the moment.
  27. Calragen untied his sorrel from her tree, and the four of us nipped around filching supplies.
  28. I told him you’d nipped out to the offie to get some wine, but I don’t think he believed me.
  29. Without another word, Abigail spread her wings, buzzed into the air, and nipped around behind him.
  30. But this entire process is nipped in the bud and aborted by the public censure of all emotionality.
  31. Adair glanced at her, caught a hard breath, nipped it, then looked steadily down the course a minute.
  32. One of the large birds advanced to Herb’s bloody leg and nipped at it with its large and sharp beak.
  33. Once Maggie had explained their plans, Dorothy nipped home to get the spare key she held for Tommy’s house.
  34. He stopped by Robbie’s house on the way back and waited while his friend nipped inside to fetch the sludge.
  35. He nipped at my lower lip, then moved his mouth across my right cheek and in to my hair, his breath soft in my ear.
  36. You put me in the blasted toilet! Donnowarru said, sending another burst that nipped the flesh on Dunit’s shoulder.
  37. Honey in the horn, the full apple barrel through winter, she seemed thus to me and her husband, who nipped her bicep in passing.
  38. He (Grinder) did not care whether they called it squashing or quashing; it was all the same so long as they nipped him in the bud.
  39. I leaned against a gate, and looked into an empty field where no sheep were feeding, where the short grass was nipped and blanched.
  40. It was cool, however, and certainly invigorating as the chilly spring breeze nipped at our noses and ruffled the ribbons on our hats.
  41. Already, our forces have nipped in the bud one of the centers of this rebellion, Mars, and have captured a number of traitors in the process.
  42. A small Pictish arrow was sticking out of my leg; it had only just nipped through the flesh, though stopped by the cuff on my thick leather buskins.
  43. D'Urberville looked round upon her, nipped his cigar with the tips of his large white centre-teeth, and allowed his lips to smile slowly of themselves.
  44. If they had known the various tender passages which had been nipped in the bud, they would have had the immense satisfaction of saying, I told you so.
  45. The familiar voice made her excited as she playfully nipped his hand and he pulled away, Oooooh big man, now I’m scared, whatever will become of me?
  46. Even for so high an officer as Murat the Grenadiers refused to fetch firewood or snow for water, lest, as they expressed it, they should be nipped on the way.
  47. They seemed stranded, as if one enemy had gone off to fight far better wars while yet another enemy, as yet unnamed, nipped silent and trackless at their behinds.
  48. Closing his eyes, he nipped his skin with his front teeth, just in case he was hallucinating, but when he opened his eyes again his fur was still a pure white colour.
  49. Then with her little scissors, by the aid of a pocket looking-glass, she mercilessly nipped her eyebrows off, and thus insured against aggressive admiration, she went on her uneven.
  50. We threw pinecones into Cook’s concoctions from trees and bushes; and while she fished them out, yelling at Peach, her bleary-eyed slut of a scullion, we nipped in and out with stolen bread and beans.
  51. The techniques of which, including water boarding (which is not torture) are anathema to liberals but, truth be told, have given us the information required to have nipped many planned terrorist attacks in the bud.
  52. But if their conversation or choice of duets ever betrayed the least tendency to what Ellen considered philandering, Ellen promptly nipped that tendency in the bud and blotted Rosemary out for the rest of the evening.
  53. By the first of October, the chill was more than in the air, it hung in every conversation they had, and nipped at her nose when they didn't agree, but to keep peace she brushed off the frost, and allowed him to do as he pleased.
  54. Because human civilization has become regressively worse and more corrupt: love is nipped in the bud before it can grow: just like all the zillions of blades of grass are cut short by civilized machines before they can grow tall and healthy and wild and passionate and strong.
  55. The most severe frost that ever nipped the hopes of a year is better to my thinking than having to listen to one malignant truth or lie, and I would rather have a mole busy burrowing tunnels under each of my rose trees and letting the air get at their roots than face a single greeting where no kindness is.
  56. So, the ruler commanded to kill him the moment that he would be arrested because, if they did not do that at once the people and the masses would stage a stern and crushing revolution, while if they were put before an accomplished fact that he had been murdered and his matter ended, the sedition would be nipped in the bud.
  57. With a touch of fear for the young man beside him whom he furtively scrutinised with an air of some consternation remembering he had just come back from Paris, the eyes more especially reminding him forcibly of father and sister, failing to throw much light on the subject, however, he brought to mind instances of cultured fellows that promised so brilliantly nipped in the bud of premature decay and nobody to blame but themselves.
  58. Farebrother, the Vicar's white-haired mother, befrilled and kerchiefed with dainty cleanliness, up right, quick-eyed, and still under seventy; Miss Noble, her sister, a tiny old lady of meeker aspect, with frills and kerchief decidedly more worn and mended; and Miss Winifred Farebrother, the Vicar's elder sister, well-looking like himself, but nipped and subdued as single women are apt to be who spend their lives in uninterrupted subjection to their elders.
  59. You yourself once lopped off a most luxuriant growth that was, I agree, best away, and now these buds of friendship, of easier circumstances, are going to be nipped off too, and when they are gone what will be left, I wonder, but the uncompromising and the rugged? Is it possible I am so base as to be envious? In spite of my real pleasure I can't shut out certain wistfulness, a certain little pang, and exactly what kind of wistfulness it is and exactly what kind of pang I don't well know unless it is envy.
  60. She returned just in time to join the others as they quitted the house, on an excursion through its more immediate premises; and the rest of the morning was easily whiled away, in lounging round the kitchen garden, examining the bloom upon its walls, and listening to the gardener's lamentations upon blights, in dawdling through the green-house, where the loss of her favourite plants, unwarily exposed, and nipped by the lingering frost, raised the laughter of Charlotte,--and in visiting her poultry-yard, where, in the disappointed hopes of her dairy-maid, by hens forsaking their nests, or being stolen by a fox, or in the rapid decrease of a promising young brood, she found fresh sources of merriment.
  1. We depend upon the Nips for food.
  2. The CWC nips at the herded animals.
  3. I'll try if I can get the Nips to.
  4. The Nips paid, but they don't know it.
  5. He laughs and nips my ear with his teeth.
  6. I had to let the bloody Nips have most of it.
  7. A hand is exposed to their nicks, the rapacious nips.
  8. You can run rings round these Nips when you learn how.
  9. There was token resistance from the NIPS Chief Constable.
  10. Carl had already had a few nips off the flask on their journey north.
  11. Bex puts the house phone back on its cradle and nips out into the back garden.
  12. A cold wind of trial, and unexpected frost of affliction, nips them and cuts them down.
  13. The thought, "What will my friends say or think of me?" nips many a good inclination in the bud.
  14. He drops his large, slobbering tongue onto her face and sprawls out over her, Wafer nips at her ears.
  15. Harman said quietly to Jean, We'll h ave to let the bloody Nips eat all they can and carry away a bit.
  16. He parks up, nips into the house then straight out again having taken something, then back in his car and off.
  17. This is what Diondra did, she baited you, nips and bites here and there til you were half crazy, and then she was all, Why are you so upset?
  18. One moment I'm in control of the kiss and considering deepening it, then she's got me pinned to the mats when she gently nips my bottom lip with her teeth.
  19. To achieve that, you need to let him know that it is not a pleasant experience whenever he nips on your hands, by reacting adequately such as saying something that indicates pain.

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1. Nip it in the bud.
2. They may nip lps corals.
3. Nip it in the bud, as they say.
4. She takes a nip from her coffee.
5. They have been known to nip at.
6. Maybe a little nip to go with it.
7. They may nip at hermit crabs and.
8. Okay, I need to nip this in the bud.
9. Those psychotic little Nip bastards.
10. They may eat or nip at coral polyps.
11. We liked to nip questions in the bud.
12. I had to nip that attitude in the bud.
13. I do intend to try a nip, just not yet.
14. WHO is going to nip him? Tell me that, Mr.
15. Want a nip? Johnny held out the flask.
16. Some say that they nip at soft corals and.
17. I swapped it for a pair of Nip rubber boots.
18. You need to find a way to nip it in the bud.
19. You got the soap, the Nip got another pair.
20. The wintry nip in the air sets me to shivering.
21. I’d better nip this in the bud, Cara told him.
22. He felt a sharp nip and realised that he was being.
23. He popped up his head and felt a bullet nip his cheek.
24. And for the lady? Might I suggest a nip of champagne?'.
25. Rhone took a nip of the water and splashed the rest over.
26. They wanted to nip it in the bud before something happened.
27. Thanks, James, he said taking a nip from the brim of.
28. And who is going to nip him? England should, but she won't.
29. I'll nip back ter the graveyard and stick it by the monument.
30. I’ll have to nip into a shop in the morning and buy new stuff.
31. And nip up the corner of your apron: I'm certain you'll need it.
32. It will take twenty thousand for me to try and nip this in the bud.
33. Some LPS coral keepers have reported seeing them nip at polyps so use.
34. I got up, showered and decided to nip over the road and investigate the.
35. Some have reported that they will nip at hermit crabs and shrimp species.
36. Should play nicely with most other fish but may nip at crustaceans and.
37. The piece of tissue on the cut is pulled away with a sharp but brief nip.
38. I’ll just nip over to the bank, and be back in a minute, he told her.
39. Hissing, the elf queen steps forward and he feels the point nip at his skin again.
40. Nip them in the bud through discrimination, enquiry, concentration and meditation.
41. It's not the best choice for a reef tank because they are known to nip lps corals.
42. The dogs scared her and she had seen several nip at, and even bite, the gypsy children.
43. The day was cool and the breeze held the nip of the coming winter as she walked the sand.
44. The thermometer marked –12° centigrade, and a fresh breeze left a sharp nip in the air.
45. There isn’t a lot, but I could nip out and get some more while you’re at the doctors.
46. Walter poured a small nip and offered the bottle to his friend, but Sturgiss shook his head.
47. Compatible Tank Mates : Avoid crabs and any other predatory fish species that may nip at the.
48. I'll nip around to the hotel, warm up, and rush to stand guard with you, Tim, and you, Yank!.
49. I will nip in and see Ma and have a chat with her for a while but I will try not to tire her.
50. The Potter's Angelfish is not considered reef tank safe because it may nip at stony corals, clam.
51. Sirius seemed endlessly patient with Astra’s games, allowing her to nip at him without reprimand.
52. Not content with shrouding his wife, he cold-shoulders the trespasser as if to nip his passion in the bud.
53. It was too late; if he was going to nip it in the bud, he should have done it when she asked to meet again.
54. Or else, they stupidly thought they could nip them and all the other dissidents in the bud by a show of force.
55. Brendan and Layla were all suited up for the approach, so all he had to do was unbuckle and nip out the airlock.
56. Two undercover cops at the nip joint tonight meant that a shot at taking the two down there was now definitely out.
57. While they're occupied for the next three hours salvaging smashed baubles and fairy lights, nip to the kitchen….
58. It looks amazingly realistic and I often wear it peeking out of my shirt to see if people will tell me I have a nip slip.
59. I'm sorry to wake you, but I want you, he said huskily and started to kiss and nip at my neck without waiting for my reply.
60. In India this festival marks the end of winter ,the air loses its nip The mists fade and the sky is beautifully blue again.
61. This was easier, because rather than trying to escape his grasping hand, the dogs leapt forward and took a nip at his fingers.
62. When he finished his mouth was dry and he had smoked four cigarettes and consumed more than the single nip originally proposed.
63. However I will nip out after to get something special for your tea tonight so you can all sit down and have slap up feed together.
64. It was late afternoon and there was a curious nip in the breeze, an icy bite even though they had passed beyond the most brisk snows.
65. Miss Trevor, we’ll be back in ten minutes, just have to nip out but when we come back you can tell us all that you know, ok?
66. I can barely concentrate because my thoughts go to how I can nip all of this in the bud before there’s really an operation going on.
67. I hope you won’t mind if I nip off for a bit of fishing with Padre Tucker, Robin had said to Marian, as they headed for the M40.
68. Mick could use the trees as a cover to make his escape and quickly nip into the residential area and be long gone before anyone knew it.
69. I am sorry not to see you but the Nip won't let us stop so I have given this to the Chinaman at Maran and he says he will get it to you.
70. We will have a better chance to contain it, hopefully to nip it in the bud completely, and thus prevent the outbreak of full-scale warfare.
71. He theorized that the corrupt, by waylaying the children of the poor at school, contrived to nip in the bud the challenge of the have-nots.
72. Squirrel Girl was no sooner settled than she felt a sharp nip at her hindquarters, followed by a loud "SQUAWK!" and her own "CHAWK" of pain.
73. He'd better nip his little passion in the bud, hadn't he? added Laurie, in a confidential, elder brotherly tone, after a minute's silence.
74. No future is better than a future in a house full of strife and conflict, nip the problem in the bud before it brings the whole house to ruin.
75. I got dressed and wandered down the hallway then I had a thought I would nip in and see how Ma was so I started downstairs to the first floor.
76. Rosie, any chance I could drop you at the convent then borrow your car to nip down to Truro and drop this box in at the museum? he asked.
77. Once or twice it turned its head as if to nip her back, but it was only a gesture and the shivers which rippled its shoulders stopped altogether.
78. Secondly, our management system was geared to various checks and balances and there were various controls in place to nip such misbehaviour in the bud.
79. The person who he had been that close had started out as Gordon and would turn into Rita, when the papers came through and he’d had the nip and tuck.
80. The sun was still warm on the skin; even though, the air held a nip that bit at the nose every time we passed through the shadows of the towering pines.
81. No one who has not spent all but 16 days of this war as a Nip prisoner can really know what it means to see ‘Old Sammy’ buzzing around over the camp.
82. Glancing away, she absentmindedly flicked her stubby tail, dislodging the foraging ant that had slipped through the coarse guard hairs to nip at her skin.
83. They also bought a few hoodies because they could detect a nip in the air after the sun went down, and a brand new pair of Sketcher shoes for each of them.
84. There was an attempt at a demonstration, but Judge Pomeroy rapped sharply for order, and alert court attendants were about to nip effectively any such outburst.
85. Because I said yes and had to work out a way so I could do it and still have a life, nip out to the shops etc I discovered the marvelous world of automated trading.
86. But, realizing that there’s no way but to accomplish his task, he slightly opened his eyes to unwrap the mummy and gathered all his wits to nip some tissue off it.
87. It was thus that, the vested interests of the West managed to nip in the bud the genuine Indian novel in English, and averted its challenge to their commercial writing.
88. But, realizing that there’s no way but to accomplish his task, he slightly opened his eyes to unwrap the mummy and gathered all his wits to nip some tissue off from it.
89. In either event, they all had a chance very early on to nip it in the bud by choosing not to think about it – thereby causing it not to grow any further into their thought process.
90. I stuck my hand out, all while transforming into my real form, hurling him across the floor where he skid a few meters behind before I pounced on him, my fangs ready to nip at his neck.
91. The land they rode by was planted mostly with coffee, but she also saw chayote, bananas, papaya, pineapple and even a chicken farm where a dog came out to nip at the stallion’s hooves.
92. One nip from that baby and I’d be staying here for forever! No thanks! I busted through the door and immediately a hot weight hit me in the chest taking my breath along with its impact.
93. Good that’s champion lad I will nip back and see how you are later but remember you must keep a sharp eye on the area in front of you as we have no idea where then Turks will come from.
94. The best solution to this whining, screaming or whinging behavior is to tackle it immediately, ideally before it establishes itself as an ingrained habit - try to nip it in the bud as they say.
95. Something has to give and it usually does! This should be the last time that this shit goes down! I have to get on top of it and nip it in the bud before it kills me! This shit would not……….
96. She drew a loud breath and snorted out through her tense nostrils, started, pricked up her sharp ear, and put out her strong, black lip towards Vronsky, as though she would nip hold of his sleeve.
97. I told him tweren’t nothing wrong with having a wee nip every now and then and that it ain’t none of his business what goes on in my church and all—him being a foot-washing Baptist, you know.
98. In the kitchens through the large serving hatch her diminutive husband took the opportunity to nip outside to enjoy a highly satisfactory cigarette and admire the geraniums he hoped to enter into the flower show.
99. But we can nip into my office at the Berlaymont Building later this evening so that I can raid the files, look at the briefing material on the EU computer network, check the press cuttings and so on, when there’s no-one much about.
100. I did not like to explain this beautifully simple position to Charlotte, yet felt that at all costs I must nip her eloquence in the bud or she would keep me out till it was dark; so I got up, cleared my throat, and said in the balmy tone in which people on platforms begin their orations, '_Geehrte Anwesende_.

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