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Pungent в предложении (на )

  1. The pungent smell of burnt.
  2. There was a very pungent odor too.
  3. She sought the pungent rabbit-smell.
  4. A pungent stink came to his nostrils.
  5. The smell was pungent, vaguely diabolical.

  6. The pungent scent of sweat permeated the room.
  7. Pungent cheeses send me into sensory overload.
  8. A pungent smell filled his nostrils: marijuana.
  9. A faint but pungent aroma came to Merthin’s nose.
  10. A pungent odor emanated from the box and he quickly.
  11. It was quite pungent but had a rather pleasant flavor.
  12. The medicine tasted like a pungent version of vanilla.
  13. They gave off a pungent, horsy smell, as if freshly cut.
  14. There was a pungent odour and the darkness was complete.
  15. I smelled tobacco on him and alcohol, sweet and pungent.

  16. Upon my entrance into the room, the pungent odor of ill.
  17. A pungent fetor of dung hovered everywhere over the hill.
  18. I finally asked him what that pungent smell about him was.
  19. It was unpleasantly pungent, but it gave her her bearings.
  20. Dried sheep droppings covered the path and a pungent faecal.
  21. What strikes us strongly is the pungent vitriolic tone of the.
  22. The pungent odor of meat and death and his own blood turned his.
  23. Moore couldn’t help letting out a pungent swear on hearing that.
  24. The pungent odor grew stronger as they neared his father’s room.
  25. They concoct a pungent alcoholic beverage called the Drink of the.

  26. The dinner puffed out to meet the diners with damp, pungent warmth.
  27. He thought that he would relish some of Ellen's pungent conversation.
  28. As soon as they walked inside, a pungent stench assaulted their senses.
  29. Walking over, he stroked its neck, the pungent odour of an extensive.
  30. Neither did the others, but Emma couldn't deny the pungent sent of roses.
  31. Round the house he hurried, led by a pungent smell of burned sugar, and Mr.
  32. A waft of pungent cat-smell and they dropped, crouching, Ariel’s fingers in.
  33. Vasant smelt the pungent scent of his own fear as the cat streaked towards him.
  34. It exploded before he could get to it: a dull thud followed by a pungent smell.
  35. The smell of wet earth was pungent as the machine lowered his body into the grave.
  36. Moly has a very pungent flavor, but I’m used to it since my family eats it often.
  37. The engineer is a taciturn, pungent man named Walter Bernd whose pupils are misaligned.
  38. The burning herbs released a sweet, pungent odour that made Manfred feel light-headed.
  39. The smell of the dead ogre had wafted up the stairs, and it was more pungent than ever.
  40. As I passed through the field, their pungent scent made me long to close my eyes again.
  41. It was a little different, more pungent, and one felt that this was where it originated.
  42. We found that out as the truck burnt and the pungent smell of the cannabis filled the air.
  43. The pungent odour of cordite was evident despite the large vent fan working in the ceiling.
  44. The door closed once more, and the pungent reek of a strong cigar was borne to our nostrils.
  45. The flavor was a bit more pungent than the green tea and produced a more invigorating feeling.
  46. His three props were now in place and the cauldron was emitting the pungent smell of brimstone.
  47. And the touch of that vapour, the inhaling of its pungent wisps, was death to all that breathes.
  48. Once all were gathered at the end of the pier, I noticed a rather pungent odor coming from them.
  49. The smell drifted over to him, sour and pungent, a reeking stench that brought tears to his eyes.
  50. From my brother’s pungent breath, I could tell the red stains in his beard were wine, not blood.
  51. The sausage would be sweet and sharp and pungent with spices, and my coffee a wine-dark happiness.
  52. The great black square on the ground, where the barn had been, still sent up a lazy, pungent smoke.
  53. To bring him round, she set fire to the antler of a deer and wafted the pungent smoke under his nose.
  54. By the taste, the two substances are not to be distinguished, except that the former is more pungent.
  55. He should take immediate action and try to get rid of the pungent odour before he became more unwell.
  56. It was dark and pungent with the scent of lanolin, occupied now by an old ewe that was kept for wool.
  57. Smelling the pungent aroma of burnt material, he quickly flicked hot ash from the front of his hoodie.
  58. He caught wind of it behind him, but he knew the most pungent scent came from him – his infected leg.
  59. She could smell the pungent rotten smell of his canal-soaked shirt as she held herself closely to him.
  60. Tom lifted the barrel of his revolver to his nose and took a quick sniff of the pungent smell of death.
  61. Ser Bennis rattled off a pungent string of curses as chickens and peasants scattered in all directions.
  62. The pungent, bitter taste fills his mouth, churns in his empty stomach, but he keeps choking them down.
  63. And women coming and going with smoking shallow clay bowls that filled the air with a very pungent odor.
  64. Some dishes had green food, some red, some with little seeds scattered over pungent smelling substances.
  65. There was the faint smell of stale frying oil throughout the flat, and a pungent odour in the kitchenette.
  66. He stood for a long time, absently wiping his hands over and over to get rid of the pungent odor of #2 oil.
  67. Never were the pines more pungent than after the long heat, and their rosy stems flushed pinker as I passed.
  68. The smell of the rotting flesh was so pungent that I decided to ask Kristie for some Vicks to rub under my nose.
  69. The pungent smell of the remaining ammonia fumes caught the back of his throat and he started to hack and cough.
  70. His pungent humour made him an entertainer on television; his acerbic tongue meant he had few friends left in politics.
  71. He rode through the sweetly pungent evergreens, catching the pale blue of the cold sky in glimpses through the branches.
  72. With the gun just inches from her face Morg could hear Lezura’s rapid breath and smelt the pungent scent of fear in it.
  73. At length, pieces of the root came out with a strong, pungent smell and something like oil glistened on the knife’s blade.
  74. The things she brought him had not been washed in the recent past, but were not nearly as pungent as the ones she took away.
  75. Keeping to her the pungent words she had in mind, Nancy proceeded to empty her pockets, putting her things on the small table.
  76. Letting out a pungent swear in Yiddish, Eli then grabbed the cover letter and read it: it was short, concise and also damning.
  77. The pungent smell of the huge population had assailed his nostrils and hit the back of his throat, long before the sight of it.
  78. If oils of jasmine or lotus had the power to attract a man, she reasoned that the pungent garlic would have the opposite effect.
  79. Mr Bloom ate his strips of sandwich, fresh clean bread, with relish of disgust pungent mustard, the feety savour of green cheese.
  80. On the stairs a moist pungent odour of perfumes saluted his nose: evidently Miss Delacour had come while he was out in O'Neill's.
  81. He smelled selected bonds, testing for fresh ink, for any unusually pungent odors, anything that would suggest too recent printing.
  82. The only highlight for him was the discovery that he could mark his territory, or a passerby, with an extremely pungent odour-spray.
  83. Mother used to massage my body with Moov at night and day, its burning sensation and its pungent smell made me sniffed, unable to resist.
  84. I could feel the damp of the floor seeping through my shirt and the pungent smell of days gone by — month's old urine — flooded my nostrils.
  85. They flocked by the thousands, brought life to the deserted buildings and filled the air with songs and music and the pungent aroma of smoked pot.
  86. He can hear the faint chirrup of the birds outside, and the smell of yeast that he noticed when he first entered the kitchen-area becomes more pungent.
  87. We had to wait an extra five minutes as he wrapped electrical tape around his wrists and fingers and sprayed his entire body down with pungent cologne.
  88. He recognized the bitter taste as God’s Eye flower, a pungent white-flowered weed with spiky seed pods often found poking through the cracks of the street.
  89. It was like riding into the smoke of a fire to approach the meeting point of the lane and road; the crowd roared like a fire, and the dust was hot and pungent.
  90. When it was in position he opened the door once more and invited me into the room, which was heavy with the pungent, musty smell peculiar to the great carnivora.
  91. There is more and more pressure at work; Yota's pungent remarks about a writer of Pangaea who wasn't paid in time because I was too late in typing his entry, as she said.
  92. A formidable array of bottles and test-tubes, with the pungent cleanly smell of hydrochloric acid, told me that he had spent his day in the chemical work which was so dear to him.
  93. You probably think Washer is safe… that I don’t know he’s in hiding in the red cedar grove? Did Barnes think a few pungent trees would throw me off? Fox barked derisively.
  94. Zangwill has lectured upon the drama, and paid pungent respect to its incongruities, but he has proved himself to be infinitely worse than the various playwrights whom he ridiculed.
  95. One of the awful pirates, the one called Ironbristles, had said something about hungry animals being attracted to strong scents, and he couldn’t think of anything more pungent than this.
  96. Sharp and pungent, it tempted him with a taste of the boreal forest — the quiet of the deep woods, the crunch of late snow beneath his once-paws, the hot blood of a wolverine in his mouth.
  97. A hole was beginning to form, and hot molten norimuinatit dripped onto the plastoglass scent-release rack emitting fumes, which had a pungent odor and caused a stinging sensation in the eyes.
  98. There is something here of the atmosphere of New Orleans, something of the pungent odor and nerve-soothing softness, but the Charlestonian is reposeful and the Creole is nervous and staccato.
  99. He could still see the muskrat traps they set down by the dam, smell the pungent smell of blood when he split open their bellies, and feel the warm entrails as they seeped out onto his hands.
  100. The farmers of the Antebellum South had planted, along with the oaks, seeds of southern hospitality and it still grows wild there, that particular and pungent brand of cordiality only the South can offer.

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