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Pungent в предложении (на )

1. The pungent smell of burnt.
2. There was a very pungent odor too.
3. She sought the pungent rabbit-smell.
4. A pungent stink came to his nostrils.
5. The smell was pungent, vaguely diabolical.
6. Pungent cheeses send me into sensory overload.
7. The pungent scent of sweat permeated the room.

8. A pungent smell filled his nostrils: marijuana.
9. A faint but pungent aroma came to Merthin’s nose.
10. A pungent odor emanated from the box and he quickly.
11. It was quite pungent but had a rather pleasant flavor.
12. The medicine tasted like a pungent version of vanilla.
13. I smelled tobacco on him and alcohol, sweet and pungent.
14. They gave off a pungent, horsy smell, as if freshly cut.
15. There was a pungent odour and the darkness was complete.
16. Upon my entrance into the room, the pungent odor of ill.
17. A pungent fetor of dung hovered everywhere over the hill.
18. It was unpleasantly pungent, but it gave her her bearings.
19. I finally asked him what that pungent smell about him was.
20. Dried sheep droppings covered the path and a pungent faecal.
21. What strikes us strongly is the pungent vitriolic tone of the.
22. Moore couldn’t help letting out a pungent swear on hearing that.
23. The pungent odor of meat and death and his own blood turned his.
24. The pungent odor grew stronger as they neared his father’s room.
25. The dinner puffed out to meet the diners with damp, pungent warmth.
26. They concoct a pungent alcoholic beverage called the Drink of the.
27. He thought that he would relish some of Ellen's pungent conversation.
28. Walking over, he stroked its neck, the pungent odour of an extensive.
29. As soon as they walked inside, a pungent stench assaulted their senses.
30. Neither did the others, but Emma couldn't deny the pungent sent of roses.
31. Round the house he hurried, led by a pungent smell of burned sugar, and Mr.
32. A waft of pungent cat-smell and they dropped, crouching, Ariel’s fingers in.
33. Vasant smelt the pungent scent of his own fear as the cat streaked towards him.
34. It exploded before he could get to it: a dull thud followed by a pungent smell.
35. The smell of wet earth was pungent as the machine lowered his body into the grave.
36. Moly has a very pungent flavor, but I’m used to it since my family eats it often.
37. The burning herbs released a sweet, pungent odour that made Manfred feel light-headed.
38. The engineer is a taciturn, pungent man named Walter Bernd whose pupils are misaligned.
39. The smell of the dead ogre had wafted up the stairs, and it was more pungent than ever.
40. As I passed through the field, their pungent scent made me long to close my eyes again.

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