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Nuance в предложении (на )

There is one more nuance.
He looked for some nuance in Baker’s grin.
He clearly understands details if not nuance.
Mahavishnu rapidly analyzed every nuance of that game’s.
To me, every nuance of your status is as obvious as your nose.
Audiences around the world are ready for this level of nuance.
Her eyes remained fixed on every little nuance on Ethan’s face.

Oh, I see, Julius said, surprised by the latest nuance of the deal.
These were just the loose thoughts of a new trader who needed more nuance.
Every little nuance of feeling is magnified and exalted – for good or bad.
Sometimes the beliefs are valid and the challenges only show you more nuance.
There is one weird nuance to Calendar spreads, though, when compared to regular spreads.
He wished he hadn’t said it, but perhaps he was being a little oversensitive to nuance.
Principles are to help guide our decisions, not to answer every nuance of public policy.
She still held the glasses fixed on every nuance and vibration of loss and deprivation on the poor idiot's face.
Its surface shone with newly applied oils, the fragrance a slight nuance on the breeze that blew in their direction.
Knowing the details and every nuance of how the conversation went gave Pops the advantage going into the second round.
The section of the club that they had moved to was much quieter, and Trevain could hear every nuance of her enigmatic accent.
Instead, he chose English not only for its ability to nuance the complexities of life but also for the flair of expression he had in it.
Grandnonny, who are the zombies? It tried to nuance its voice registry to indicate it understood the definition, but not the identity of zombie.
He moved his hand slightly to relish how she felt, then lay still staring up at the ceiling, painfully aware of every nuance of the girl snuggled into him.
Seeing you every day, growing more beautiful every hour, learning more about you, hearing every tone and nuance of your voice, coming close to you and drawing in your breath like my own.
So mostly I relied on the narrative descriptions in my guidebook, reading them over and over, matching them up with my maps, attempting to divine the intent and nuance of every word and phrase.
Instead, the brain processes a series of details at lightning speed: the way in which shadows fall and the differences in depth and nuance, from which it then draws certain conclusions about shape.
I could see that this was a skill he had acquired, God knows where, somewhere in his colourful past and had no doubt that despite the rate at which the pages were turned, he was absorbing every word and nuance.
Though he was a guitar player of soul and nuance far beyond both that of his flashier contemporaries and certainly my novice abilities, the humanity of his singing was modest and intimate in a way that felt like he was among us, not above us.
Lucy had never bought into the concept that art or music could change lives or move mountains, but with every hook and drum beat, with every lilting nuance of the boy’s soft voice, she sensed a shift in the world and she knew instinctively that she had to download the song immediately.
How I used to savor every nuance of her enchanting persona to her heart’s content; as she made me feel wanted like never before, what a wondrous feeling it was, but still, in those fulfilling moments of our life, I opened the book of my unrequited love that she read with empathetic feeling.
Did it matter, Richard wondered, that it was robots instead of men in the boats, lighting the fuses? But then, wouldn’t some nuance, some human thing, be lost? And would the computer remember to mail a special program of music to the radio stations, keyed to the detonations? Surely they still did that.
He examined the charge sheets, spoke affably to the men who had made the arrest; with the slightest perceptible nuance he opened the way for bribery and quickly covered it when he saw that things had now lasted too long and the knowledge had been too widely shared; he undertook to deliver us at the magistrate's court at ten next morning, and then led us away.
However, once in the cafe, he began to picture his prospective encounter with Roopa, ‘What would be her reaction to my unexpected presence? It has been five months since we’ve met but still it feels as though I’ve seen her only the other day! Why, hasn’t her persona got etched in my memory to the last nuance? How excited she would be upon learning that I’m planning to shift, to be near her.
A slightest nuance which is present in the dynamics of factor Axes of every “personality” is the qualitative difference between them, because the common range of every wave NUU-VVU-Configuration is formed by the different-qualitative dynamics of energy-information interrelations between an innumerable set of SFUURMM-Forms of conglomerates of UU-VVU-copies that create in the Self-Consciousness of a given “personality” every (very narrow in frequency) sublevel of the general dynamics of its Creative Activity.
Such (thoughtless) attitudes are (especially) apparent among certain segments of our Youth who have grown indifferent, if not impervious, altogether, to nuance, irony and wit or subtle designs or delicate shadings that (otherwise) require a receptive imagination rather than taking ―everything‖ at their face value, (as many of them seem to do); conditioned as their minds often are by the requirements of material ―evidence‖ and visual ―proofs‖; neither able to draw inferences nor reach (meaningful) conclusions from underlying sources, opting, instead, for the path of least (perceptual) resistance.

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Roll or slide is another nuanced aspect of carry.
New traders need to be more nuanced with their trading rules.
I guess I could see that going on, but on a much less nuanced level than today.
I’m glad to hear more nuanced stories as well; we haven't all spent this time in absolute bliss.
For a more nuanced understanding of the cocoa market and the companies that control it, check out these resources:.
This is a much better and nuanced answer here from TO than me about using other biotech stocks in the sector as an indicator.
Bella: And what would be your cover above 85 cents or above 16? Or to be even more nuanced, half above 85 cents and half above 16?
He crouched down at the cut ends and peered at the annual growth rings, trying to get a nuanced read on how tight and regular the grain within was likely to be.
I know this is a very nuanced topic that takes years of tape reading over different market conditions to develop, but I really got to thinking about it after Monday.
It gave him a gift for pontificating convincingly on any subject, ingratiating him with his constituents who tended to prefer simplicity and certainty to the more nuanced arguments of experts.
It seemed like a slightly misjudged way of blending in to this northern latitude, as if after studying the language and culture they had overlooked the more nuanced variations of human physiognomy.
The places on her torso where the artificial limbs attached were pink ovals, lumpy with contracted fibers and at the center of it all was the titanium bone and the expected set of ports for the neural interface processors that did the fantastically complicated and nuanced task of translating between machine language and the language of the human neurological system.
Try to learn the nuances.
The slightest nuances of meanings and.
We didn’t give a damn about the nuances.
Blending forms variations, mutations and nuances.
French lyrics which captured the nuances of the English.
Nuances and associations are lost and sometimes much more.
Give full attention to the words, nuances, and the unspoken.
He educated the Black activists on the nuances of Ubuntu, whilst.
Each drug has specific nuances that may make it a better choice for.
Still, it’s often difficult to bear the nuances of his every emotion.
Learning the nuances that move markets is the last lesson traders learn.
She is highly attuned to subtle nuances from years of training and meditation.
To expect it to communicate all the nuances of one's own awareness is foolish.
As always, think deeply and understand the nuances of the tools you are using.
It will take a long time to learn all of the nuances of Elliott Wave principles.
She didn't understand the nuances, but the basics were starting to fall into place.
Learning the sophisticated nuances of Level II and other tape-reading devices like scalpers.
A thoughtful introduction to technical analysis and the nuances of using technical indicators.
A way for him to ignore the nuances of survival and proceed to complete his aim, his purpose.
She had tried to show him but he could not perceive the nuances of being with someone you cared for.
Although the Advance-Decline Line is extremely useful to traders, there are a few nuances to using it.
Once he was comfortable with its nuances, he was told to wait for me here at the terminus of the trail.
We will cover enough that you can understand the philosophy and style without all of the minor nuances.
He picked up the nuances though; total disbelief from Yo, eventually changing to acceptance and relief.
Go in the house, mom, Nibbles suggested; perhaps more aware of the little nuances of Bru’s moods.
His mind, while having to be open to the nuances of nature, also had to be concentrated on the job at hand.
Understanding the many nuances that cause the yellow metal to fluctuate in price, however, is quite thorny.
You see, raga nuances and tonal modulation while rendering them in various speeds are unique to the music.
Shorting has a bad reputation among uninformed (and undisciplined) investors who don't understand its nuances.
Even subtle changes or nuances can cause problems for those who are not readily open to some outside influence.
It is the irony of woman’s life in that she tends to tango her reflexes with the nuances of male proclivities.
His culture obviously consisted of movies and video games and had rarely cracked a book to discern such nuances.
These different versions of the Bible have their own individual literary nuances, which are evident in every Chapter.
Humility is the grace of the soul and humility will expand your soul into the most subtle, extraordinary nuances of life.
Furthermore, what separates great poker players from good ones is the ability to read the small nuances in subjective information.
At first, though, your goal is to learn all of the nuances of the various indicators, and Slow Stochastics is a good place to start.
True, she would have felt that I transgressed; yet she couldn’t have failed to feel the pulse of my love in the nuances of my touch.
But the word, as it was used in the myth, suggested other meanings or nuances or associations that didn’t fit into my worldview at all.
They often quarreled over subjects the rest of the community did not understand the basics of let alone the nuances of their discussions.
One of my trading partners, Hubert Senters, likes to play it loud every day, as he pays attention to all the nuances coming out of the pit.

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