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Refinement в предложении (на )

The Day of Refinement is here!.
Compare it to the refinement of the.
In a later refinement, he created man.
The old manor was a place of refinement.
But, as if by a refinement of cruelty, Dr.
There was an air of refinement in both rooms.
I have a refinement to my suggestion as well.

She was a vivacious young lady of great refinement.
One possible refinement would operate as follows:.
The importance of accuracy and refinement in speech.
But even this is not needed when there is yet further refinement.
At tea Clara felt the refinement and sang-froid of the household.
It is a refinement of our dynamic balance in both of these aspects.
You might say the same of landscape, of poetry, of all refinement.
The unsealing of The Apocalypse, the refinement of Doctrine of.
But his broadness, skilfulness, kindness and refinement is Russian.
BIDDY THE CLAP: He expresses himself with such marked refinement of.
After all, it is only a refinement on the engramatic reading process.
But the other higher kalp, which bestows refinement on the Soul, is fash-.
This is the refinement of the doctrine enumerated within the Community.
You have impressed her with your aristocratic manner, with your refinement.
Doctrine of Two Spirits is the refinement of Old Testament wisdom texts.
In February 1996 the Brickman Group began its "refinement process" using TOC.
One refinement I prefer is the use of the tar command instead of the zip command.
To start, consider an important refinement to the concept of support and resistance.
Vincy gave more effect to Rosamond's refinement, which was beyond what Lydgate had expected.
That would be the next refinement, the boat needs to get much thinner to deal with the city.
Harald wondered if this unexpected touch of refinement had been done for Sir Hugh's benefit.
As for excesses, he had always abstained from them, as much from cowardice as from refinement.
She was startled; but a voice of rare refinement said: He will not bite you; do not be afraid.
Despite differences in class, there was a common feeling amongst people of refinement and education.
I believe in England goose eating is held to be of doubtful refinement, and is left to one's servants.
The above outlines (two “tables” of “stone”) are the refinement of the precept from the Dead Sea.
Vladimir and Stephanie Remington Schultz collaborated on the development and refinement of those recipes.
She treasured their refinement of right and wrong, importance and unimportance, and their glue to reality.
The Rosenbrock method is a refinement of the alternating-variable ascent method and the Hook-Jeeves method.
Not only does this refinement work today but also worked beautifully in prior 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s markets.
With a previously hidden refinement he cut into it, and with equal refinement the steak oozed blood onto his plate.
Metal, which is the root of the word mettle, is an ancient symbol referring to moral strength, refinement and character.
Perhaps what most appealed to the prince’s impressionability was the refinement of the old man’s courtesy towards him.

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