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    1. He gave Bahkmar a hardware memory address where the motor instruction would originate, it was his job to get it to the antenna, undetected from the monitors on that channel

    2. “We have now confirmed that the flight should originate in Kuala Lumpur then follow Flavio’s route und at a time when the radar stations are not manned

    3. Yet it seemed to originate without a source

    4. But Gong Fu did not originate in China

    5. Where they originate

    6. If we are considering the Bible to be a book that was inspired by God, what would we expect to see in it that proves to us that this document actually did originate from outside our realm of time-space? Would it be possible to compare the complexity of design in the Bible to that which is found within DNA? Can we prove that the Person who designed it, did it with immaculate precision; even though many people, from diverse backgrounds who in most cases, did not even live in the same time period, were involved? Can we prove that the Bible in its entirety was not the work of men, but that people were used in its construction and that these men were inspired to write the words and sentences that they did?

    7. I understand you have both received some counselling from a trained professional in the years that followed, and whatever the reasons were at the time, I believe they originate with Bright

    8. Where in the world did this benighted expression originate? We all have a sex, either male or female (with a few pitiable transgender exceptions which should, by the way, be referred to as transsexual)

    9. Why do the rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer? Why do certain bankers who misuse enormous sums of money that belong to others get off scot-free? Why do we buy goods that originate under intolerable conditions abroad, just because they are cheaper? Why do poorer people have to pay extortionately high rates of interest? There are many issues on which the church in general and the evangelicals in particular are often strangely silent

    10. The way to change behaviours and habits is to understand how they originate and the matrix of negative emotions and feelings (stress) that supports them

    11. The movement on credit or debit of the corporations in the Current Account “Personal” makes to originate or to die the Virtual Coin “Real”

    12. The movement on credit or debit of the beneficiary people in the Current Account “Personal” makes to originate or to die the Virtual Coin “Utilizational”

    13. These fears originate from our need to receive love and validation from external sources

    14. This validation act for the individuals makes to extinguish the Virtual Coin “Utilizational” that belongs to the individuals and it makes to originate the working capital in Virtual Coin “Real” of the offerer corporations

    15. The important is to understand that any credit entry or debit entry in the Current Account “Personal” it makes to originate or to extinguish the Virtual Coin that only acts in the new Coordenational Structure under exclusive administration of Bank3Sector anywhere in the planet, without political manipulation

    16. The gases originate from coal-burning power plants and to a lesser extent, cars and trucks

    17. They filled the area between two small rivers that seemed to originate on the mountain

    18. pond originate higher up in the mountains where contaminated soil is washed into them

    19. It is very important to understand where they originate from and the

    20. the ability to create and sustain life that would originate

    21. originate? There is no central point: each action begets another,

    22. But the really big questions like who are we, where did we come from and where did our world and the planets originate, may remain in the unanswered column

    23. Nevertheless, the details remained sketchy: where did the picodust come from? Did it originate from Saturn's icy moon Enceladus or somewhere else? And who or what created the picodust? Or had it evolved naturally? And what exactly was it—its composition, its metabolism, its lifecycle, its strengths, its weaknesses, its needs, its desires, its ultimate purpose, if any? Everything remained unknown

    24. and oshonas originate in the

    25. The Constitution is quite clear, all laws, budget and otherwise, originate in Congress

    26. Section 7: All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the

    27. Constitution’s requirement that all such measures originate in the House of Representatives

    28. And can originate

    29. As I said before all of the desires (or emotions), thoughts, motives, intentions, words, ways, and works that come from God, originate from His attributes

    30. He has given many such cases in his books which lead to the conclusion that the full spectrum of consciousness exhibited by the biochemical brain does not originate there

    31. which could harbour intelligent life These UfOs do not originate from our

    32. Most of the ghosts encountered originate in the etheric and astral rings

    33. valuation, and probably a good deal of the modern concept itself, appears to originate with Friedrich

    34. Legends and tales from antiquity, before the arrival of mankind, seem to originate from there

    35. My nose was still larger than most! Many years later I learned that ninety percent of Israeli Jews are descended from Ashkenazy Jews who originate in central Europe, converting to Judaism in the middle ages in the vain hope of avoiding war

    36. He is a good friend of mine,” these thoughts started to originate in the mind of Rakesh

    37. Somehow the robots managed to plant gas far, far underground to come up under her people—where they would least expect an attack to originate from

    38. It felt as though there were hidden voices all around them, all humming the same dissonant harmony in a round, but when Jai or Ceder turned to look where the closest notes seemed to originate, they found, like an echo in a circular room, that they could not pinpoint the source of the sound

    39. Geminis need to cultivate a facility for ‘inspiration’, which is something that does not originate in the intellect but which comes through the intellect

    40. The outcome of this fusion could have altered the molecular structure of countless water particles in a way to originate the organisms - O, that we might call onams

    41. Man is only defiled by that evil which may originate within the heart, and which finds expression in the words and deeds of such unholy persons

    42. The projections of the human intellect may indeed originate false gods -- gods in man's image -- but the true God-consciousness does not have such an origin

    43. "Travis, what is happening here tonight did not originate today, yesterday or even last year

    44. There were several sets of tables organized around the open floor, and a back area where some sizzling sounds and wonderful aromas seemed to originate from

    45. matter where they originate

    46. female as well as male – did not originate in the United States but either in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley or in Africa

    47. They originate from the filters through which

    48. Is Wendy’s the best place for “finger food?” Where did that term originate?

    49. This bizarre scenario, he knew, was as bad if not worst, than any nightmare he could potentially originate in his colorful imagination

    50. “How did you know?” Feltus inquired curiously as he slowly turned towards the end of the corridor from which the voice had seemed to originate

    1. growth, it originated a strong overproduction of dopa-

    2. We have to know the truth, are these state changes conducting information or just random noise like energy produces? Or was Thom doing just what he had done, generating a false universe and pretending it is real data? Or was he generating a false universe and believing it was real data? Without understanding how those signals actually originated, there was no way to tell

    3. But the protection applied would work just as well against signals that actually originated in Gordon's Lamp and bounced off Thom's gear

    4. easily locate the year a trapped emotion originated

    5. regardless of what organ they originated from

    6. The noise originated in a shadowed area of the forest, where the trees were tightly packed together, concealing the presence of someone else

    7. Neither could be sure where the sound originated from until they saw the dragon’s form eclipse the brilliant daylight

    8. originated from the Abyss (Revelation 11:7 and 17:8)

    9. false prophet is an evil spirit that originated from the Abyss

    10. But both of those originated from Helios, didn’t they?

    11. This religion is closely associated with the West, but its core wisdom originated in Israel

    12. Based on data sent from where the wave originated; pulses of light in code that meant nothing until paired with the right mathematical theorem

    13. We may be able to analyse artefacts, which originated in the past, but we are not able to correctly identify all factors that would have been in place at the time when a particular artefact originated

    14. 4 If we wanted to perform an experiment that would prove that galaxies and other celestial objects in space are in general moving away from us, how would we go about doing this? The initial thought that led people to believe that objects are moving away from Earth (and that the Universe, as a result of this, is thought to be expanding), originated when they encountered the red-shift phenomenon when viewing the majority of stars and/or galaxies

    15. One question to ask would be: Has the light that is observed, moved at constant speed from the object since it originated until the time we observed it, over hundreds if not thousands of light years? Could there have been any other influences that may have affected the light, while it was travelling from the object to our eyes and instruments? We know that gravity plays a role in the speed of light and that light cannot escape black holes

    16. These manuscripts, comprising around 900 Biblical and extra-Biblical documents, were written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek and are estimated to have originated around the period of 150 BC to 70 AD

    17. If the Bible anticipates events that would happen in the future, should we not then measure information, doctrines and “facts” that are forced onto us in today’s world, against that which is written in the Bible? Should we search for truth and answers to questions about eternity anywhere else, if this Book is the only document on Earth that can be proven to have originated from beyond our space-time and provides ample information about the topics we would like to know about? Would it be wise to adopt beliefs that are based on human hypotheses and theories alone - especially if there is mounting evidence against those theories? Would it be wise to risk one’s eternal destiny to follow after conjured up human fantasies and philosophies that have no provable basis for authenticity?

    18. noise had originated from

    19. which we"ve all heard many times, originated? Here"s my theory, and I think it"s a good one

    20. Again the kings insisted that this spell still used the Lord’s Power in most part, as the Power of the Dark One was originated from God

    21. Believed to be one of the herbs from which modern day “Aspirin” originated from

    22. All these campaigns of repression either originated in Washington, or Washington worked side by side with campaigns of repression overseas from virtually the beginning

    23. “At that point nobody knew where the red flag had originated

    24. Is there any way of finding out where it originated from? Not the computer system on the island, but the computer used to try to access the file the day before yesterday?”

    25. “Mr Drewsbeck asked you to trace where the red flag had originated?”

    26. She launched her face at the flesh of his neck, sucking him in with a kiss that originated from within her depths

    27. Therefore: The notion of a perfect being must have originated from the perfect being himself (from 2 & 3)

    28. And Berlinski continues the quote, “For those who are studying aspects of the origin of life, the question no longer seems to be whether life could have originated by chemical processes involving non-biological components but, rather, what pathway might have been followed

    29. Then my mind uses these events to identify the behavior that has originated it

    30. It originated fifty years earlier as a “normal school,” a school for teachers that eventually closed

    31. originated, along with other Indian reports, helped him develop a profile of the nomads

    32. At last the ship dropped anchor in the large bay where the Koryo had established themselves in their own largely shipbuilding town called Tonggye after the area of Koryo from which most of them originated

    33. Jurchen—a Tungus-speaking tribe (Jurchids) that originated in the forests and mountains of eastern Manchuria

    34. When a new scientific principle is offered, its method of derivation must be laid out for others to test and verify in the same way in which the theory was originated

    35. where the business originated

    36. Nor will the vibrant Dixieland jazz that originated in the funeral processions of New Orleans fill the void

    37. 98 (Self-indulgence of Sinners: Sin originated by Man: all Sin recorded in Heaven: Woes for the Sinners)

    38. This idea originated from the realization that photons are also electromagnetic waves

    39. whence the fear had originated and the mere act of doing so had allowed the fear to resolve itself

    40. Some scholars are of the view that this sect originated with

    41. It originated as a departure point for the Chilkat Trail, a route that the Indians used to arrive at the canoes to fish for salmon

    42. These simple arguments prove nothing, but are forwarded to suggest that conflicts originated

    43. Under Contracts’ Policies & Procedures, the PD could not move forward unless the CA who originated it (I, in these cases) secured the initials of another CA

    44. They began dancing like they’d done it a thousand times, and they had, if not with each other, for the elves enjoyed the dances of the other races as much as those they originated themselves, and Talia had known this one since she was a child

    45. The Jewish Left originated the current use of “hate crimes” as a criminal charge

    46. These organizations can assist all the processes originated or relative to the

    47. where the money originated

    48. The armored unit was there under a plan originated by the 1st Division to provoke an ambush at one of five suspected sites

    49. In fact, a previous Base Commander had almost ordered them torn down during a base beautifi�cation plan he had originated

    50. Those who do not resolve their conflicts that originated as far back as

    1. The Father originates, the Son reveals, and the Spirit executes

    2. The one that originates is not greater than the one that executes

    3. originates and exists only by virtue of a force which

    4. also appears due to the lack of self-‐love, which originates from past

    5. In contrast, everything that originates from neediness or fears is the indication of lack of structure and typically does not last

    6. It originates and it dies when the economic transactions really happen

    7. With the act of the validation among corporations extinguished the Virtual Coin “Real” for who pays and it originates for who receives

    8. The majority of scripture we looked at so far originates from the Old Testament, but what does the bible say, in the NEW TESTAMENT?

    9. Most disease originates from discord between the mind and body

    10. ' And I said to him: 'Tell me: what it is that is falling out on the Earth that the Earth is in such evil plight and shaken, lest perchance I shall perish with it?' And thereon there was a great commotion on the Earth, and a voice was heard from Heaven, and I fell on my face; And Enoch my grandfather came and stood by me, and said to me: 'Why have you cried to me with a bitter cry and weeping And a command has gone out from the presence of the Lord concerning those who dwell on the Earth that their ruin is accomplished because they have learnt all the secrets of the angels, and all the violence of the demons, and all their powers, the most secret ones, and all the power of those who practice sorcery, and the power of witchcraft, and the power of those who make molten images for the whole Earth, and how silver is produced from the dust of the Earth, and how soft metal originates in the Earth; For lead and tin are not produced from the Earth like the first; It is a fountain that produces them, and an angel stands in it, and that angel is pre-eminent

    11. energy that originates from the unseen dimensions of the universe

    12. Illusion originates as a conflict between

    13. Cartesian deception that opposes and prevents this knowledge, yet the meditation originates from

    14. ' And I said to him: 'Tell me: what it is that is falling out on the Earth that the Earth is in such evil plight and shaken lest perchance I shall perish with it?' And thereon there was a great commotion on the Earth and a voice was heard from Heaven and I fell on my face; And Enoch my grandfather came and stood by me and said to me: 'Why have you cried to me with a bitter cry and weeping And a command has gone out from the presence of the Lord concerning those who dwell on the Earth that their ruin is accomplished because they have learnt all the secrets of the angels and all the violence of the demons and all their powers the most secret ones and all the power of those who practice sorcery and the power of witchcraft and the power of those who make molten images for the whole Earth and how silver is produced from the dust of the Earth and how soft metal originates in the Earth; For lead and tin are not produced from the Earth like the first; It is a fountain that produces them and an angel stands in it and that angel is pre-eminent

    15. "And they who believed from the twelfth mountain which was white are the following: they are as infant children in whose hearts no evil originates; nor did they know what wickedness is but always remained as children

    16. Snow originates from the water vapor that is condensed into clouds

    17. Water originates from a composition of hydrogen and oxygen

    18. When we use two eyes to look at repressed hatred, which originates

    19. bodies something that originates within each one of us?

    20. We have always been told, instead, that the body is where sin originates,

    21. But this does not prove that everything you hear and see on television originates inside the receiver

    22. desire to kill the father originates

    23. qi’ which mainly originates from the Sun) Hence, the torso of the magma

    24. Everything originates in Heaven, and the Great Heaven makes no mistakes

    25. Knowledge originates in science; wisdom, in true philosophy; truth, in the religious experience of spiritual living

    26. "It originates in the pencilled area

    27. This is where the title of the movie originates

    28. This is where the title of the movie originates and we all need laughs to survive the daily challenges in the workplace

    29. “They are from the 34th century, where the Time Patrol originates from

    30. As you may have noticed already, there is some very high technology in use at this conference, thanks to the generous support of the Global Council, the society from the 34th century where the Time Patrol originates

    31. � My friend Nancy actually originates from the year 2012, but was kidnapped by two of our own scientists and was used as a guinea pig for experiments in time travel

    32. Some common definitions include criteria such as metabolism, growth, reproduction; and responses to stimuli or adaptation to the environment, that originates within the organism

    33. locker, which contains a sweatshirt (where the smell originates) and,

    34. Past life regressions bring a lot of subconscious flotsam and jetsam up to the conscious mind, which is necessary because everything originates in the conscious mind, and can only be controlled or dispelled by the conscious mind; but first the conscious mind has to be made aware of it

    35. “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force

    36. Maybe this is where the expression ‘off your trolley’ originates

    37. This word originates from Shambala

    38. The body cannot do sin without permission from the soul, fornication between a man and woman who are not married to each other originates in man's soul

    39. The Buddhist shrine of Pagoda originates from the Indian Stupas then spread along the trade routes to China

    40. The concept of the holy war, declared, fought and won by Yahweh, God of Israel, originates in traditions of the God as a divine warrior which are found in the Hebrew Bible

    41. Ayat Allah’s is different from Muhammad because his line of blood originates from the missing Imam of Sheism

    42. A plant that originates in Africa, khella, is also considered

    43. explorer of the meaning of life that originates in a cosmic goal

    44. All of our hatred and anger originates and germinates on this unhealthy pillar and they damage life, ourselves and others on and on, into eternity

    45. original thought originates in the spirit realm, Sam, not in the carnal realm

    46. It originates in the German region of

    47. Leipzig is the city in Germany where this dish originates

    48. that the white seminal fluid originates

    49. nel wheel, and it is from here that the blood originates

    50. Because karma originates

    1. grandfather, named Stephen, was originating

    2. Even with its ruin and bleakness, the marvelous tales originating from the province had always fascinated her

    3. The art of Shootfighting is very old, originating from Japan as a way of self defense

    4. Kempo has been around for many years, originating from Japan

    5. If it is scientifically verifiable that the same supernatural design qualities are found in both the Old and New Testaments, would both then not need to be considered as originating from the same source and that both would be equally true, valid and important? Can we find any linkage between the New and Old Testaments that would confirm that they are meant to go together and that would reveal additional information not visible when considering only the Old Testament in isolation?

    6. There appears to be among Men of Science a Will towards God but nothing approximating the traditional Godlike Qualities that typify the faith of true believers but rather the assumption of godlike features originating from Reason‘s assault on Faith, that, having shaken its resistance, seeks to discredit the conventional propositions of Eternal Wisdom

    7. He would simply remove the Honduran customs seal and reship it, manifested as cargo originating in Mexico

    8. Adhyatmic afflictions are those originating in the body

    9. The power of the human mind, for Minsky, lies in its vast repertoire of different ways to think, and in its ability to switch among them in order to pursue its goals…[He] acknowledges that it is useful for us to conceive of our goals as originating from our ‘selves’—mental constructs that embody our personal identities

    10. Product acquisition or service that is originating from external suppliers in the international market: This situation happens when there are need of acquisition of products and services that lack in the Coordenational Structure

    11. Product acquisition or service that is originating from external suppliers in the national market: This situation happens when there is the lack of products or services that are not yet supplied internally by the Coordenational Structure

    12. Therefore, any country, it can be rich or poor, can implement our proposal and to invest in itself or in other countries because resources originating from outturn and financial amount of aid or international loan result already exist

    13. ; (2) the internal data generated by our body—the list of these are endless; however, the ones perceivable are physical pleasure, pain, and discomfort; and (3) the self-generated data originating from the mind such as thoughts, feelings, and emotions

    14. VI - resources originating from tax incentives in the terms

    15. inclusive values originating from instruction activities and of

    16. Originating from the Yang-Tsé Valley in China, the kiwi is planted now in New Zealand in rows sixteen feet apart

    17. Yelping, howling, caterwauling—these and other woeful cries are originating from this ossuary

    18. heroin produced in Southeast Asia, primarily originating in parts of

    19. The originating place is called the source of information, although it is only a source in the sense that a material pattern is thought to emanate from a particular object or place

    20. ” One thing that most moms invariably complain about is the lack of correspondence originating from their sons or daughters away at college

    21. (originating from the fiery core of the earth) (This is normally identified

    22. 8 The Essenes were a true religious sect, originating during the Maccabean revolt, whose requirements were in some respects more exacting than those of the Pharisees

    23. Stomach ulcers are thought of as originating mostly in the mind; "strain" we cal it, but what is mental strain other than worry over certain conditions, or our vivid

    24. Originating in the Mediterranean and also China, it is actually a

    25. One of the software changes that had been incorporated into the new Disruptor was the ability for the originating ship to order it to abandon its current target and seek a new one

    26. The SFT is an old English breed of dog originating in the

    27. Her ears suddenly picked up a familiar sound originating in the sky before her

    28. Originating from the Solutions Focused Approach the OSKAR

    29. There has been long-felt mysticism about snakes in various cultures around the world; this mysticism must have an originating premise

    30. of karma, which is the originating law created from Brahman and the

    31. Point of Origin: The originating energy of the universe

    32. Nancy sat next and grabbed her flute, playing a few tunes originating from various centuries

    33. Her memory of the prayer originating

    34. originating from within the museum

    35. “That was a burst of healing energy originating from Nancy Laplante in Jerusalem

    36. “Misses Dows, I am the intelligence officer of this headquarters and Washington never deemed appropriate to communicate to us the information originating with Nancy Laplante, even though it would have been highly relevant to help prepare the defense of the Pacific

    37. The bar’s waitress, a very pretty young woman originating from the Indian sub-continent, then went behind the bar to prepare an order

    38. It’s an ancient technique originating from Arabia

    39. So, why aren’t there more people in the Federation that have telekinetic abilities? Could it be that kironide is a controlled substance? What, drugs are still illegal in the future? Or maybe it has to come from fresh fruits from the originating planet

    40. “The force field and tractor beam is originating in an ancient

    41. It has a spirit world-view, and in cultures where you go to in the world, some of the things that are evident in every culture I've gone to, is the evidence of witchcraft, of cultism, and strong manifestations of spiritual power originating from evil spirits

    42. The computer experts and security staff all had very little to go on, since every transaction appeared to be perfectly legal, originating or terminating within the banks’ clearing system via the internet, but then coming to a dead-end

    43. thoughts were originating from within his “dreaming” body

    44. originating from within his “dreaming” body

    45. The unconscious terrorizes the conscious conditioning it as it wish originating from your childhood

    46. absolutely did not witness the Originating of the primary cosmic world creations

    47. factual part in the Hebrew Torah narrations on (a) the originating of the primary cosmic world and

    48. the aggregate of processes originating in or associated with

    49. g No human being existed to witness the originating of the stars, etc

    50. In this way, adults orient their children by the originating experiences they deposit as attractors: the who am I and what should I be? Yet, even though every parent affects their child's development, there is no universal script for raising an obedient child, a model student and a perfect citizen, there is only what you do

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