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Originate in a sentence

It did not originate from Europe.
It is a power, man cannot originate.
But Gong Fu did not originate in China.
Where does the creative power originate?
And will the other gentleman originate a.
Now how did this odious stigma originate?
Yet it seemed to originate without a source.

They originate from the filters through which.
Where does the creative power of thought originate?
Where does the dynamic of decapitation originate from?
There are a thousand imitators to one who can originate.
We heal our addictions, whether they originate within.
These acts originate and end in their own absoluteness.
Which do not originate from tool-use and are not tool-oriented.
All of our mechanically repeated actions originate from tool-use.
Section 7: All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the.
It is very important to understand where they originate from and the.
Or perhaps Life didn’t originate on Earth, but was seeded here via a.
Does the creative energy originate in the individual or the Universal?
Most of the ghosts encountered originate in the etheric and astral rings.
The second and third days are black, which is where the two crows originate.
Is Wendy’s the best place for finger food? Where did that term originate?
It is just that they originate from within the mental self, and are therefore only.
Up to 90% of cases are thought to originate from sources in the mouth, including poor.
The Constitution is quite clear, all laws, budget and otherwise, originate in Congress.
They filled the area between two small rivers that seemed to originate on the mountain.
Such differences commonly originate in a disagreement about the use of the terms 'mine'.
These fears originate from our need to receive love and validation from external sources.
The only thing certain about the origins of chilli is that it did not originate in Mexico.
He is a good friend of mine, these thoughts started to originate in the mind of Rakesh.
The gases originate from coal-burning power plants and to a lesser extent, cars and trucks.
The branches are axillary, of which several sometimes originate from the same axil in the R.
Constitution’s requirement that all such measures originate in the House of Representatives.
Travis, what is happening here tonight did not originate today, yesterday or even last year.
Legends and tales from antiquity, before the arrival of mankind, seem to originate from there.
Most economic activities in this world originate from two sources- the bed and the bed partner.
Such whims are only impressive as we originate them, I think; they are not to be communicated.
Creative Power that c h o s e to originate both genders and all four basic racial varieties of us!.
Her memory of the prayer originating.
It’s an ancient technique originating from Arabia.
Fulton has but little merit in originating the thing.
Adhyatmic afflictions are those originating in the body.
Point of Origin: The originating energy of the universe.
Fulton has little merit in originating this thing, 220;.
With a smooth motion originating from the past, rushing.
The SFT is an old English breed of dog originating in the.
Originating from the Solutions Focused Approach the OSKAR.
VI - resources originating from tax incentives in the terms.
Kempo has been around for many years, originating from Japan.
That is a negative reason originating from fear and cowardice.
Originating in the Mediterranean and also China, it is actually a.
The force field and tractor beam is originating in an ancient.
This I have done on all reports originating with the Jordanian side.
Her ears suddenly picked up a familiar sound originating in the sky before her.
That was a burst of healing energy originating from Nancy Laplante in Jerusalem.
The art of Shootfighting is very old, originating from Japan as a way of self defense.
Another aspect is to use website statistics to determine where traffic is originating.
When oneness is not recognized, restrictions might be regarded as originating from the.
The latter’s study would still be less detailed than that made by the originating bankers.
Nancy sat next and grabbed her flute, playing a few tunes originating from various centuries.
Beliefs are concepts ó originating from yourself or from others ó that constitute a built-in.
Yelping, howling, caterwauling—these and other woeful cries are originating from this ossuary.
The unconscious terrorizes the conscious conditioning it as it wish originating from your childhood.
They did indeed have anatomical similarities to Earth’s insects and reptiles, though originating.
Originating in Southeast Asia and southern China, oranges have been cultivated for the last 4,000 years.
The younger, though she had it too, seemed rather to be following an example than originating an attitude.
He would simply remove the Honduran customs seal and reship it, manifested as cargo originating in Mexico.
The Texas joke, on the other hand, is a revered institution, beloved and in many cases originating in Texas.
Even with its ruin and bleakness, the marvelous tales originating from the province had always fascinated her.
Originating from the Yang-Tsé Valley in China, the kiwi is planted now in New Zealand in rows sixteen feet apart.
The last train on ten… that would have been the Metroliner from Philly, Wilmington, Baltimore, originating in Washington.
There has been long-felt mysticism about snakes in various cultures around the world; this mysticism must have an originating premise.
It was an error of the American people, originating in a period antecedent to the Revolution; it grew out of our colonial regulations.
The bar’s waitress, a very pretty young woman originating from the Indian sub-continent, then went behind the bar to prepare an order.
Just why we, as a nation, are beset by the idea of reproducing instead of originating beautiful gardens is a question apart from this discussion.
Most are of Christian content but there are documents of historical importance originating from emperors, patriarchs, prelates, rulers and sultans.
Among so many oddities originating in so many places, Florentino Ariza was certainly among the oddest, but not to the point of attracting undue attention.
This can be the result of an error in the formation of the packet (in the originating NIC) or evidence of corruption occurring during the packet’s transmission.
The Angora originated in Turkey.
Now this is where it originated.
His mother originated from Italy.
ORIGINATED the religion of Islam!.
Now selfishness originated with Satan.
It originated in the Orient and was.
We need to know where they originated.
This error probably originated with Mr.
Origin: This term originated with the U.
Rattigan believed the noise originated.
They appear to have originated from here.
The sport of surfing originated in Hawaii.
The law actually originated in the Talmud.
That the movement thus originated assumed.
One story told how the stew’s name originated.
Science originated from the human fear of death.
His only concrete memories originated from the.
Was it known how it originated? I demanded.
I submit to you that the phrase never originated.
The word SQUAW originated in the Algonquin languages.
The Border collie originated in the border region of.
Mastiffs originated in Asia and were used in warfare.
Science originated from the human obsession with death.
Both the Rough Collie and the Sheltie originated in the.
It is one of the oldest alternative medicine originated.
Where this preposterous belief originated, I’d surely.
But both of those originated from Helios, didn’t they?
THE PHARISEES: The Pharisees originated in the time of the.
Iniquity originated in Lucifer, and he imparts it into lives.
When you begin using foods for their originated purpose you.
Our species originated, by the way you measure time, about.
Steer coaching originated as a coaching model for on-the-job.
At that point nobody knew where the red flag had originated.
Some scholars are of the view that this sect originated with.
They would have known the picture originated from in the ocean.
Manfred didn’t want to think about where the dust originated.
Maryann can look up the call and find out where it originated.
Nothing of value! Nothing to indicate where the cape originated.
Apparently it originated with the French mathematician, Poincare.
Say, Roam the earth, and observe how He originated the creation.
This word originates from Shambala.
It originates in the pencilled area.
It originates in the German region of.
This is where accounting originates from.
Illusion originates as a conflict between.
A Duality always originates from a Totality.
God originates creation, and then repeats it.
This is where the title of the movie originates.
All human culture originates from singing and dancing.
If it originates from a high, the result will be a low.
Leipzig is the city in Germany where this dish originates.
Water originates from a composition of hydrogen and oxygen.
The idea of immortality originates from the fear of death.
Love never originates from man; it only plays through man.
All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force.
Most disease originates from discord between the mind and body.
A plant that originates in Africa, khella, is also considered.
If the time span originates at a low, the result will be a high.
And it is from this couple that the whole of mankind originates.
The Father originates, the Son reveals, and the Spirit executes.
Snow originates from the water vapor that is condensed into clouds.
The one that originates is not greater than the one that executes.
All human trauma originates from undigested-unprocessed experience.
When we use two eyes to look at repressed hatred, which originates.
Maybe this is where the expression ‘off your trolley’ originates.
All secrecy originates from tool-use, one-sided separation, insulation.
The beginning of human cruelty originates from over-intensive tool-use.
Th e term catharsis originates from ancient Greek theatre where.
It originates and it dies when the economic transactions really happen.
All need for any kind of faith originates from fear: the fear of death.
Everything originates in Heaven, and the Great Heaven makes no mistakes.
The concept of identicality originates from the concept of the absolute.
They are from the 34th century, where the Time Patrol originates from.
Empathy originates in the family, in babies even before they leave the womb.
This count is an important count because it originates at an important low.
While the AMY receives a great deal of sensory input, little of this originates.
An ordering bank is the one that originates a wire transfer as per the order placed.
The need for attention originates from a lack of self-esteem and an imbalanced psyche.
Have they not seen how God originates the creation, and then reproduces it? This is easy for God.
Cartesian deception that opposes and prevents this knowledge, yet the meditation originates from.

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