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    1. ‖ This ―unbroken chain of events,‖ that finds ostensible expression in future behavior, is irreconcilable, it would seem, with causal/effects partially achieved in conjunction with problematical outcomes, that, in any event, could neither shape nor influence an uncertain future unless its ―collective actions‖ were uniformly mapped out, absent the intervention of Accident or Chance or other contaminating elements occasioned by voluntary actions not in keeping with ―programmed‖ designs that would (otherwise) render such a scenario, unthinkable; that is to say, there are far too many contending variables that need to be factored into the equation

    2. The ostensible reason for such change is the need to avoid offending people of other faiths in today’s diverse society

    3. Tim was acting funny and made it ostensible that he was in a rush

    4. •How many of the NGO's operatives are in the field, catering to the needs of the NGO's ostensible constituents?

    5. These ostensible “anomalies” may be strange only to our subjective and limited perception, while they are just ordinary things to our more universal “future” Forms of manifestation

    6. He was brushed and washed at the usual hour, and set off with his son to pursue his ostensible calling

    7. The singers of successive hours of centuries may have ostensible

    8. But, while he was making this ostensible sacrifice to general considerations, Magua never lost sight of his individual motives

    9. "I own that your question embarrasses me, Valentine, for I cannot say that the count has rendered me any ostensible service

    10. He was, on the contrary, a queer and quistical man, of a small stature of body, with an outshot breast, the which, I am inclined to think, was one of the main causes of our never promoting him into the ostensible magistracy; besides, his temper was exceedingly brittle; and in the debates anent the weightiest concerns of the public, he was apt to puff and fiz, and go off with a pluff of anger like a pioye; so that, for the space of more than five-and-twenty years, we would have been glad of his resignation; and, in the heat of argument, there was no lack of hints to that effect from more than one of his friends, especially from Bailie Picken, who was himself a sharp-tempered individual, and could as ill sit quiet under a contradiction as any man I ever was conjunct with

    11. He had to visit the Great Isabel in secret, between his voyages along the coast, which were the ostensible source of his fortune

    12. Our ostensible work is therefore done

    13. Could it be possible, he continued, that eyes which as they gazed never expressed any divergence from what the tongue was telling, were yet ever seeing another world behind her ostensible one, discordant and contrasting?

    14. He had also reasons, deep rather than ostensible, for being satisfied with his own appearance

    15. If only small investors as a class would resolutely reject the various types of “savings plans,” with their multifarious titles, now being offered to them with an ostensible “sure income return” of 4 to 6%, and thankfully take advantage of the 2

    16. (Whether through hypocrisy or self-deception, brokerage-house customers generally refuse to admit they are merely gambling with ticker quotations and insist upon some ostensible “reason” for their purchases

    17. [For the first thing that strikes any reader of Rabelais and His World is that the book’s range extends well beyond its ostensible immediate topic

    18. The ostensible reason why Ahab did not go on board of the whaler we had spoken was this: the wind and sea betokened storms

    19. Suppose the constitution had been silent as to an individual department of this Government, could you, under the power to lay and collect taxes, establish a judiciary? I presume not; but if you could derive the power by mere implication, could you vest it with any other authority than to enforce the collection of the revenue? A bank is made for the ostensible purpose of aiding in the collection of the revenue, and while it is engaged in this, the most inferior and subordinate of all its functions, it is made to diffuse itself through society, and to influence all the great operations of credit, circulation, and commerce

    20. You must show that the plain, direct, ostensible, primary object and tendency of your law is to execute the power, and not that it will tend to facilitate the execution of it

    21. The protection of commerce is the only ostensible object for which navies are created, while power and conquest are the main objects

    22. The remaining obstacle, therefore, to a good understanding between the two nations, and the sole ostensible cause for persevering in the war, is the subject of impressments

    23. His ostensible object is the liberty of the seas: so is ours

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