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    1. They had been quite sure they would be the ugliest people in town, judging by the tourist channel on TV

    2. "Is there usually this much chop in this channel?" he asked

    3. There was a nice big lake sprite there already, but enough room to get the stern of his boat in and slide up along the dock and the channel side

    4. The earpieces of the glasses had tiny in-ears hanging from them, she got them positioned so she could hear and requested a voice channel to her clone sister in heaven

    5. "It's your sister with a voice channel request," Herndon said and tried to acknowledge it

    6. Morg'll like that channel when he gets here

    7. You are seeing a photographic image of this android on live video, not the output of an Angel's personification rendering channel

    8. The native channel selector under the helmet interface was like being inside a ball with screens all round you and when you looked into one it would be the channel

    9. "Wow," Ava said, "It's my sister and she wants to open a voice channel

    10. " She had to play with drivers and things on screens only visible from her side for awhile to get a voice channel open from a mortal on the ground to Ava's universe here on this idealized Carribean beach

    1. This did make the water in the channels smoother

    2. One can select magazines, newspapers, sites and TV channels for whom the site provides on-line linkage

    3. These channels are always open to receive information

    4. She would soon encounter the ship, and knew that the android's skin was wired with pain sensors that she could connect up to her pain input channels

    5. A feed of all the channels Narrulla could currently open from the planet below was up on screens around them

    6. Channels are uni or bi-directional

    7. As a tech, using the diagnostic channels, he could get the real data to a screen in his mind's eye and see that they were really only at seventy five percent but there was none who would dare mention that to the Haadij

    8. It had, in fact, blasted free, but only their data channels went with it

    9. Bahkmar could probably figure out a way to find out with the diagnostic channels

    10. "Who has access to the diagnostic channels?" God asked in a voice that made the whole sky rumble and crack

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    conduit canal pipe sewer strait tube gutter depths inlet groove slit gouge path furrow send divert redirect route convey irrigate

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    channel distribution channel television channel tv channel canal duct epithelial duct transmission channel communication channel line groove channelise channelize transfer transmit transport carry conduct convey impart conduit pipe sewer strait tube gutter depths inlet slit gouge path furrow send divert redirect route irrigate