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Permeate в предложении (на )

  1. It seemed to permeate their pores.
  2. That permeate my soul with desolation.
  3. You permeate all the moments of my life.
  4. That permeate the darkness and lay open.
  5. They permeate all of Roman daily life.

  6. It seemed to permeate outward from his being.
  7. A sense of evil seemed to permeate from the forest.
  8. The permeate of the second stage has the quality of.
  9. Symbolism and allegory permeate the canons of all three.
  10. The odor of backed up sewage wafted up to permeate the air.
  11. The influence of undead human spirits; permeate human culture.
  12. The Mako rivers that permeate the earth of this Planet is no.
  13. Though please allow the following statistic to permeate your mind.
  14. Therefore, an optimum between permeate quality and permeate yield.
  15. We convinced him of the seriousness of our intentions to permeate the moors.

  16. Durian should be stored well sealed and away from other foods as the odor will permeate.
  17. The bleakness would permeate them both if he didn’t say something just as a distraction.
  18. Similar language and associations permeate the Old Testament and leave no doubt whatsoever.
  19. It was you that made you separate, though this will permeate your awareness as time goes by.
  20. Also, when the mantra is recited many times, it would permeate the world and aid others as well.
  21. A major factor affecting RO performance is the permeate recovery rate, that is, the amount of the.
  22. It took ages, thousands of years, for the social conception of life to permeate men's consciousness.
  23. I find the quantum fluctuations that permeate the space around Garcia interesting, the tiger said.
  24. I’ve watched the fear and the elation and the greed permeate a room and a group of traders like a disease.
  25. Brokin realised that the storm must be directly overhead for its anger to permeate this deeply into the sett.

  26. Durian should be stored well sealed and away from other foods as the odor will permeate anything in the same.
  27. Rather, it is a mindset that needs to permeate throughout an entire organization, an entire industry and then to entire markets.
  28. We are a power, and nothing else, and we permeate the universe, going at will where we believe we can help physical life to develop.
  29. Humanity would permeate with the supreme presence to add worth to our planet as we humble ourselves in the spirit of conquering the beast.
  30. Entering the kitchen behind her mother, Susan was filled with the desire to permeate this house, with her new-found and broadened experiences.
  31. The coconut and pineapple scented aftershave from the early morning commuters had even managed to permeate the deepest darkest air of North London.
  32. Others stroll along the midway or brave the carnival rides, adding to the sounds that permeate the air with the unique din only a midway can create.
  33. And the fireplace Mistress Sera spoke of was raging when Duncan entered his room; but it was most welcome, as the cold seemed to permeate everything.
  34. The sacred law of Jesus Christ governs our civilization, but it does not, as yet, permeate it; it is said that slavery has disappeared from European civilization.
  35. A hardened weariness seemed to permeate his features, and I wondered if I was getting a glimpse of what my face would look like, if I somehow lived to be his age.
  36. If you allow subjective measures to permeate your thinking, then such factors as prevalence in the news might lead you to believe that a risk is greater than another.
  37. Thus dialogic relationships can permeate inside the utterance, even inside the individual word, as long as two voices collide within it dialogically (microdialogue, of which we spoke earlier).
  38. Are you not aware that I permeate every inch of this lunar sphere and that I can intercept anything or anyone who comes within ten leagues of its circumference? You’re only here because I’ve allowed it.
  39. Was their brief acquaintance to be confined to and immortalised in one fleeting moment of chivalry? He hit the roof of the cab, signalling it to leave with the same confidence that seemed to permeate all his actions.
  40. This is why even after a custom has been changed because it is obsolete and useless… it comes BACK, and is ‘rediscovered’ by later generation of unsuspecting innocent living victims of the undead filth that permeate them.
  41. When this tremendous fact begins to permeate your consciousness, when you really come into a realization of the fact that you, not your body, but the Ego, the “I,” the spirit which thinks, is an integral part of the great whole, that it is the same in substance, in quality, in kind, that the Creator could create nothing different from Himself, you will also be able to say, “The Father and I are one” and you will come into an understanding of the beauty, the grandeur, the transcendental opportunities which have been placed at your disposal.
  42. How can Powers that permeate,.
  43. Waves of power that permeate,.
  44. Thou laws invisible that permeate them and all,.
  1. America is at war with greed, and the cancer is permeating the en-.
  2. Not yet, Hallen answered, flickers of fear permeating his thinking.
  3. They poison them by permeating their innocent healthy souls with the auras of undead birds.
  4. Time passed, and once again when he awoke he felt new and stronger, energy permeating his being.
  5. In contrast, there is a divine presence permeating the universe and lives within the human animal.
  6. Stuff your absolution, thought Nancy, sick of the religious hypocrisy permeating this whole century.
  7. The ceiling weighs ten trillion tons; it gives off a permeating cold; it drives his nose into the floor.
  8. After the second hour, Travis felt the cold dampness permeating his body and the quiet started to invade his mind.
  9. Go ahead, he said with that rainbow of a smile still permeating from His being, my arms are large enough.
  10. The stinking mud oozing into the captives boots, its odour permeating their leather armour, making them feel grimy and dirty.
  11. We allow the restraint of natural human inclinations because we sense the worth of a divine presence permeating the human spirit.
  12. The first clue beyond the odd vibration was a permeating stench, making Jeeter want to scrub at his nose and even consider a bath.
  13. The anchored ghost attractor permeating these attractors is the ubiquitous X for X's sake drawing the culture into a cascade of 454.
  14. They smelt of vomit and putrefaction according to her, although to some extent it was the smell from the bedroom, permeating through the flat.
  15. This is the leaven which is gradually permeating the general consciousness and is largely responsible for the conditions of unrest which are everywhere evident.
  16. Feted with lasagna and creamed corn from the cafeteria, Ritter lay against the wall in interview one, fast asleep, the lifestyle of the rich and famous permeating his dreams.
  17. Meanwhile, there was other news that captured the headlines and added to the political confusion that was permeating Hong Kong over the weekend preceding the official opening of the council on October 7.
  18. The entire idea of the unapproachable idol, the untouchable icon, the untouchable star, the untouchable superstar, the untouchable movie star: comes from undead bird auras permeating human living auras.
  19. How do you think these undead filth corrupt the souls of babies? Babies who have not had a chance to live and try to grow up as living humans? By permeating their baby souls with as many undead auras of undead birds as possible.
  20. You can see bird culture permeating professional sports as more and more innovations are invented so bikers can fly higher and higher into the air, so skate boarders, so skiers and snowboarders can fly higher and longer up into the air.
  21. Obsessing over shiny objects is not a sign of human intelligence: it is the sign of insanely stupid reptilian entities permeating the awareness of living humans and programming them to act and think and live as stupidly as a reptile-bird.
  22. Thus if people’s thoughts can have an outward effect, much like radio waves permeating the atmosphere even though we cannot see them, and influence the numbers being spit out randomly by a computer, this is further evidence for always keeping one’s thoughts positive.
  23. But what other choice does a healthy, or even a barely healthy child have? When it is surrounded by nothing but adult-poisoned evil, and thousands of undead unseen evil things permeating its own body and the bodies of every living soul it comes into contact with? The result is inevitable.
  24. Worshipping the highest things on earth: things that are only physically higher… merely for their physical height: is not a sign of human intelligence: it is the sign of undead reptilian stupidity permeating human intelligence and poisoning it to such a degree, that even after 12,000 years of this obvious stupidity: people still do it.
  25. The stillness and lack of liveliness disturbed him, for he greatly preferred the hustle and bustle of normal days when guests mingled even at this hour of the morning; now, with the chandelier and sconces dim in sympathy with the natural light, there seemed to be a hollowness permeating the air that even gave way to a touch of evil, perhaps that which Faye Underwood had feared and Elizabeth Bascomb had sensed.
  26. Why do you think Ancient Greek Tragedies came to be called ‘comedies’… and then: ‘plays’? Because the unseen manipulators found they could twist truth so well: that instead of weeping at the tragedy: living people became so brainwashed: they began laughing at tragedy instead of weeping… They found they could play with lies: by permeating their auras into living humans called ‘actors’: and act out their fantasies.
  27. When a living host lets its bird aura take over, when the human host begins to relish evil, and plot and become a cunning sly deceiver… the human host’s aura begins to synchronize with the most insane ancient reptile intelligence inhabiting and permeating the living human’s corrupt soul and body… until the living human becomes an insane undead thing with a dead beak: stabbing its victim over and over again in a lust frenzy of the bird-aura: re-living its life… re-living the thousands of times it stabbed a living thing and killed it with its beak.
  1. They have always permeated it.
  2. Vague relief permeated my pores.
  3. The wonderful aroma permeated the room.
  4. The stink of fear permeated the birdcage.
  5. It permeated the whole of the Elif's mind.
  6. Seven’s words permeated his consciousness.
  7. The pungent scent of sweat permeated the room.
  8. A constant low buzz of conversation permeated.
  9. This new faith permeated Luther’s lectures.
  10. The air was permeated with an acrid, sulfuric odor.
  11. Bonhoeffer that the Church has been permeated with.
  12. The Gorgon Plane is permeated with untamed magic.
  13. A new calm permeated my life, even in times of stress.
  14. Dark, burgundy blood had permeated the concrete block.
  15. The earth, permeated with the ocean, becomes a pitfall.
  16. Such opposition permeated the Stallman-Lippman household.
  17. Smells of spring rain and budding trees permeated the cell.
  18. Only very slowly, as the smell permeated every cell in her.
  19. Blackness permeated my eyesight, but my other senses sharpened.
  20. It was then he noticed the putrid smell that permeated the room.
  21. The subtle smell of bread fresh from the oven permeated the air.
  22. They were all permeated with the evil auras of their own undead.
  23. The goodbyes were painful, permeated only by promises of visits.
  24. Human attitudes are permeated with saurian-reptile-bird attitudes.
  25. It hovered about him, permeated his skin and made his body sweat.
  26. You did what? Vaughn gasped, and his rage permeated the room.
  27. The smoke that permeated the atmosphere lingered in the long locks.
  28. In fact, the movement has permeated the entire cultural establishment.
  29. It was the kind of irony that permeated Irish families exiled in England.
  30. He saw only her long chestnut lashes, permeated with shadow and modesty.
  31. The original hardwood floors gave off a scent that permeated her senses.
  32. There was an uncomfortable silence that permeated the cabin of the Malibu.
  33. Sounds of weeping and wailing permeated out the entrances of the shelters.
  34. Stoicism — the belief that material world is permeated by the spirit, as.
  35. So, said George pausing to puff on his vanil a shag that permeated a.
  36. The foul stench of vomit, urine and blood permeated the air, riding the dust.
  37. Then the suit Ambrosius was wearing permeated the rotund man's consciousness.
  38. The soft hum of heat pumps and other energy generators permeated the structure.
  39. He admired and envied the loyalty to each other that permeated Monty’s group.
  40. Kurt, Mary and Brian ate every meal in the fine restaurants that permeated the.
  41. Black, dirty, coal grime permeated their pores that could never be scrubbed off.
  42. It permeated conversations and the Irish psyche and those in the Slough community.
  43. The hair on Trevor’s neck rose as a low humming sound grew and permeated the air.
  44. As soon as my actual presence permeated the room, the copy vanished from his arms.
  45. The insanity of reptilian bird awareness has permeated and poisoned human awareness.
  46. All was darkness except for the eerie red glow that perpetually permeated this land.
  47. It was a brief goodbye by any standards, permeated by promises of visits by them all.
  48. The bitter realization permeated his soul; he was not the representative of a dynasty.
  49. Downstairs the smell of meat roasting in the ovens permeated the ground floor, while the.
  50. The familiar smoky smell of spam mail recently burned in the chimney permeated the house.
  51. It has permeated every village and hamlet; it is world wide in its scope, and its defense.
  52. A smell of iron and sparks permeated the air suddenly, wafting over the crest of the mound.
  53. Morrel, overpowered, turned around in the arm-chair; a delicious torpor permeated every vein.
  54. It consisted of rows of large tenement houses permeated by shops on some of the ground floors.
  55. Previous fighters’ anxieties still permeated the air, and fear was etched into the stone walls.
  56. Human culture is permeated and dominated by bird culture and bird instincts and bird intelligence.
  57. Each became permeated with the other, they were enchanted with each other, they dazzled each other.
  58. You have no idea of how deeply their undead culture has permeated itself into living human culture.
  59. It included the fine seaside resort of Tramore and the rocky coastline permeated by secluded beaches.
  60. Their feral cries echoed over the stalagmites and stalactites that permeated the surface of the water.
  61. It began as a pulsating, throbbing ache in his head and permeated every muscle as his body slowly awoke.
  62. The tenseness and closeness of the air was the result of one evil that permeated this lush suite—Death.
  63. Vedara pushed herself a distance back from Valtar and tried to breathe air not permeated by his presence.
  64. The deafening silence of your absence permeated the core of my very being and dictated my life’s course.
  65. The blissful state receives fulfillment with miracles in unique way permeated by an ineffable joy and love.
  66. The deafening si¬lence of your absence permeated the core of my very being and dictated my life’s course.
  67. Something was mutely and painfully communicated to me from my silent companion, and permeated my whole being.
  68. A brief flash of white light then permeated the inside of the ship, interrupting Karen’s train of thoughts.
  69. Intrigue permeated throughout the air, and this intrigue was centered around her late arriving cousin Clarice.
  70. When the grave was opened there came a most abominable stench from the corpse that permeated the entire graveyard.
  71. Some miles away, an air of subdued excitement permeated a single-decker coach as it wound its way up the ski road.
  72. The whole courtyard was permeated by a strong peaceful smell of stable yards, delightful to Pierre at that moment.
  73. Her whole person, permeated with the joy of youth, of innocence, and of beauty, breathed forth a splendid melancholy.
  74. It permeated his being in the same way that ingesting hot liquid would have sent feeling of warmth throughout his insides.
  75. The earthy fragrance of lush ferns and thick mosses permeated the air, mingled with exotic overtones of cinnamon and yeast.
  76. It is within the fabric of that reason that an understanding of the realities of the world had to have permeated their efforts.
  77. The Golden Rule is an ethical, personal method of brotherly cooperation which has permeated practically all religions on Earth:.
  78. I had thought it all out, but to no avail because the carbon dioxide produced by our breathing permeated every part of the ship.
  79. The steady low vibration from the engines that permeated the ship and radiated out from its structural center core was the issue.
  80. She should’ve been happy, but their sadness permeated their temporary living quarters and stopped her from saying anything glib.
  81. The thinly veiled contempt for Rychtyr’s judgment which had permeated the late Duke of Harless’ dispatches had infuriated Metzlyr.
  82. The reciprocity of their explorations that followed enabled them to experience the fondness of their love that permeated their souls.
  83. Lieutenant Rymson had not helped his peace of mind and for the first time, he felt a gnawing aloneness that permeated his whole being.
  84. Though bioluminescence was not a hot light, just a cool, green shine that permeated the water, the sea seemed to be boiling with light.
  85. A myriad of computers were scattered throughout the large room and the faint smell of burned electrical circuits permeated the stale air.
  86. European culture is permeated full: with inhuman, reptilian concepts and traditions and practices and assumptions and unspoken normalities.
  87. One of the latest, most modern results of living humans being permeated and poisoned by these secret observer-filth is the invention of cars.
  88. Those that used quality as a differential started by changing the thinking that managed the system and it permeated from the top down.
  89. Kathy was a shadow of her former self, fear and worry having permeated her life, in such a manner it was indelibly etched on her very person.
  90. A threadbare carpet led them up two flights of stairs permeated with the scent of lye, which did not quite overpower the underlying urine stench.
  91. Scott had forgotten about the ogre behind him, though its smell had permeated the cellar, and the sounds of ruckus from outside were still present.
  92. And it delays every truth a long while till it has stood the test of prolonged struggles, and has thoroughly permeated the consciousness of humanity.
  93. The smell of smoke permeated the air and she counted at least a dozen fires now that were throwing up thick blue ribbons of smoke into the morning air.
  94. Invisible, Plate xxi) there is a long period of slow unfoldment during which this heavy core is being gradually permeated by the light, being warmed and.
  95. I urged middle-aged investors to increase the equity allocation of their portfolio to 70 percent to take advantage of the fear that permeated the markets.
  96. As time went on, both the land and the atmosphere that were created from the in-between buffer condition of water as a liquid became permeated with this medium.
  97. Islamic militants has already permeated our society with their hate for democracy and freedom of speech he said eloquently and with pure hate in his voice.
  98. As his efforts brought him nearer the canopy even the quality of light was different, having filtered through an atmosphere less permeated by the damp of the mist.
  99. We changed trams I town and caught one up to Higherscrop we both looked out the window at the dull grey smoke grimed terraced mill houses that permeated the district.
  100. Here I saw with my own eyes good Russians, men who are permeated with the Christian spirit, travelling with guns and rods, to kill and torture their starving brothers.
  1. Of man permeates his.
  2. The stench of sulfur permeates.
  3. That Is that permeates this sacred realm.
  4. A heavy presence of evil permeates the air.
  5. It permeates the world to a ridiculous degree.
  6. The slow sandy light of dawn permeates the room.
  7. It is meaning as it permeates the body-mind-heart.
  8. You will find that, as it permeates every cell, your.
  9. Soft romantic music magically permeates the dim lit galley.
  10. The sound permeates the walls, the floor, Marie-Laure’s chest.
  11. This is the nauseating, unspoken hypocrisy that permeates capitalism.
  12. My hatred permeates all and ‘all’ is a word you can never fathom.
  13. The denial that such a thing as love exists permeates all civilization.
  14. By virtue of his spirit that permeates the whole world, this maya (the.
  15. They have discovered that this universal energy field permeates everything.
  16. Unless this thing permeates the universe, I think we can fly beyond its reach.
  17. Since it permeates these texts and is fully formed in the very earliest narratives, it is.
  18. The former permeates all matter more or less, though with very different degrees of facility.
  19. Those rewards come by the divine presence, which occupies the soul and permeates the universe.
  20. He goes on to explain that the peace referred to is a peace which permeates all aspects of life.
  21. The Creative Space is unified; it permeates and imbues all that exists, from particle to particle.
  22. Neither coming nor going, it pervades all time; neither inside nor outside, it permeates all space.
  23. Our beliefs would not include the divine presence, which permeates the universe and our inner being.
  24. The divine presence that permeates the universe and our soul favors the human spirit with spiritual fruit.
  25. The Vine feeds from the root, which is my Father, and therefore permeates into the branches, which you are.
  26. The filled fruit can be further cooked so that the flavor of the filling permeates the flesh of the breadfruit.
  27. No matter; since His wisdom permeates the earth and the sky, the Pilgrim felt he could only accept and never wonder.
  28. The Soul and Spirit of the Will of the architect permeates and transcends throughout the universe and all of creation.
  29. Hence, the Hierarchy – it is the totality of the particles of the same color that permeates all six (actually, seven) Plans.
  30. We say that the quantum field permeates all of space, which is expected as this field is trying to take over the role of void.
  31. A loud steady clomping sound followed by sliding shoes on the metal floor of the hall permeates the quiet mess galley.
  32. I expected the medicinal smell of a hospital, that sterile, antiseptic smell that permeates clothing and never seems to come out.
  33. As the divine presence permeates our inner being, the human animal quivers with humility at the unfathomable guest occupying the earthly soul.
  34. The powers of the heavenly bodies permeates all things, and their relations to one another command the relations of all other universal things.
  35. I stand feeling like a spare part, watching the unloading of the wagon and revelling in the not unpleasant scent of hay and horses which permeates the air.
  36. There is a thinking substance from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the universe.
  37. Sphinx–An ancient symbol for the Lion of the Tribe of Juda that perfectly synchronizes with the ancient wisdom symbology that permeates Hebrew prophecies and wisdom texts.
  38. The insanity of abstract numbers: ‘pin numbers’ permeates modern living human culture so completely as an unquestioned norm: people are incapable of realizing the basic insanity of it.
  39. Bird evil; permeates all human cultures: What do you think the one eye one the dollar bills on top of a pyramid is? It is the oldest reptile half-bird, half-man symbol of the Egyptian God Osirus.
  40. Independent lines of evidence from Type Ia supernovae and the CMB imply that the Universe today is dominated by a mysterious form of energy known as dark energy, which apparently permeates all of space.
  41. The Spirit – that's exactly the One Something that permeates and saturates the Universe, and changes somehow the underlying Substance, and is exactly what the other religious systems called the Logos, the Word, Voice.
  42. Filling the screen, which in the early days was tiny compared to the 48-inch sets of today, you can’t help but get a glance at murder, fires, gore, explosions and horror that permeates the screen daily all in high definition.
  43. Now… we can see how the tool-dynamic of imbalanced separation permeates and affects human existence as a condition, as a condition that permeates every second of your life, every part of your body, every aspect of your awareness.
  44. This is how you become diseased, this is how you become sick: their undead “E” energy permeates your living soul, and becomes an “I”… an EGO… a separate disconnected self-awareness that keeps you unaware of yourself and others and the world around you as much as possible.
  45. So, if a person enters into their Provider’s Presence, directing themselves truly to Him, and then the Godly Light permeates this spirit, spreading into its minute atoms – especially when communicating with Al’lah – this spirit will be purified, chastened and freed from all the germs of ill lusts and all the traces of sin.
  46. Instead of that air of life, of comfort, and of happiness that permeates a flourishing and prosperous business establishment—instead of merry faces at the windows, busy clerks hurrying to and fro in the long corridors—instead of the court filled with bales of goods, re-echoing with the cries and the jokes of porters, one would have immediately perceived all aspect of sadness and gloom.
  47. The legacy of the unexperienced-undigested past can be seen all around the globe: whether it is the legacy of second-class citizenship and lack of self-esteem due to the history of slavery that still haunts African-Americans, or the legacy of racism which still permeates white American society, or the legacy of a stratified caste society that still grips India, or the legacy of elder worship in countless cultures that makes any kind of cultural change painfully slow and difficult.
  48. Whose being permeates all things,.

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