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Penetrate в предложении (на )

  1. By loving God, I penetrate him.
  2. I couldn't penetrate his thoughts.
  3. Your thoughts will slowly penetrate.
  4. The insects penetrate your clothing.
  5. We shall penetrate to the peasantry.

  6. They seemed to penetrate his very soul.
  7. It took some time for that to penetrate.
  8. Claire felt some of the horror penetrate.
  9. Electrical signals can’t penetrate it.
  10. It will not penetrate the thicker crust here.
  11. He heard a mumbling sound trying to penetrate.
  12. They penetrate deep into the hearts of the hearers.
  13. Dark steel grey eyes attempt to penetrate the blur.
  14. But the distance was a wall he couldn’t penetrate.
  15. It took a moment for his words to penetrate my haze.

  16. The front of the bus started to penetrate the cloud.
  17. It would take a good size explosive to penetrate it.
  18. It’s advanced, but we can’t penetrate the dome.
  19. What I really wished for was to penetrate her secrets.
  20. A few of the containers penetrate through the window.
  21. Enzymes allow water to penetrate deeper into the soil.
  22. He was too deep underground for any light to penetrate.
  23. Did they penetrate or caused damage to the halls?’’.
  24. The teeth of many snakes are too small to penetrate them.
  25. Sex does not mean I have to penetrate you, mia tesora.

  26. From his affixed gaze, she seemed to penetrate his thoughts.
  27. It required very little sagacity to penetrate this subject.
  28. From there it is also easy to penetrate the Land of the Free.
  29. A kiss is one of the best ways to penetrate the soul of your.
  30. He has to penetrate to it through the body passing the chest.
  31. The nose is so hard it will penetrate the side of most ships.
  32. When you look into the living word it will penetrate you and.
  33. We couldn’t penetrate, the prince of Assyria interrupted.
  34. I was told the King himself would not be able to penetrate it.
  35. He has to be — to cut deep and smoothly, to penetrate uner-.
  36. She shivered, feeling the warmth of the kitchen penetrate her.
  37. There is no security system that I AM is unable to penetrate.
  38. To penetrate the mystery, he will have to answer many questions.
  39. Mac laughed, and his voice seemed to penetrate deep into the air.
  40. Apostle Paul: The pagan ways will penetrate the church, not too.
  41. His eyes seemed to penetrate into the dark heart of the captive.
  42. No intelligence could penetrate the darkness of the Placid Gulf.
  43. The light of the moon could not penetrate the complete blackness.
  44. The bullet hit her temple but luckily did not penetrate the head.
  45. So they were unable to climb it, and they could not penetrate it.
  46. Time slowed down as I watched that blade penetrate in slow motion.
  47. His eyes were gazing at me intently as if trying to penetrate me.
  48. Yet in the far recesses of the cave, the sun is slow to penetrate.
  49. He couldn’t use a computer – hard-drives were easy to penetrate.
  50. As we seek God we penetrate that veil and see into the third heaven.
  51. Magnetic fields penetrate just about anything that does not have high.
  52. Any form of shelter is pointless: this bullet will penetrate anything.
  53. All of the poison projectiles had found skin to penetrate, and those.
  54. Seeing God is seeing the phallic that stand strong ready to penetrate.
  55. We can’t penetrate it with scans, so we can’t beam you over into it.
  56. Blacklock in? in a voice loud enough to penetrate to the drawing room.
  57. He responded, but just as he was about to penetrate she changed her mind.
  58. Cara bent over and grabbed her ankles waiting for the deputy to penetrate.
  59. Beams seemed to proceed from him and penetrate into the remotest corners.
  60. Some of the scoffed-at did, nevertheless, penetrate thither on sufferance.
  61. Hundreds of spiky, dark hairs penetrate and suck the helium from the head.
  62. L-ascorbic acid should be at a low ph level, to effectively penetrate the.
  63. The UV-A and UV-B rays penetrate clouds, thick layers of glass, a meter of.
  64. Though the little pests attacked her, they could not penetrate her clothing.
  65. She was stunned when the blade of the knife did not penetrate her soft armor.
  66. L-ascorbic acid should be at a low pH level, to effectively penetrate the skin.
  67. Although the test is considered very accurate, but inability to penetrate the.
  68. Allcock opened the doors to the Sitting room they had been unable to penetrate.
  69. This is why the devil can neither approach them nor penetrate that Godly light.
  70. Somehow my brother knew how to penetrate the dome without setting off any alarms.
  71. If you are gifted with spiritual insight, penetrate this mystery of hair in hair.
  72. A big chunk might even penetrate your thick defensive shell and damage your brain.
  73. He again beheld the dull light vainly endeavoring to penetrate the narrow opening.
  74. No matter how he tried to the Guardian would never be able to penetrate our vault.
  75. So they turned to the Mafia but even they couldn’t penetrate Castro’s security.
  76. A great fear began to penetrate his heart; he suddenly knew that someone would fall.
  77. If it's strong enough to penetrate that zone, your tight stop will not be triggered.
  78. He had to let this intellectual information about this culture penetrate to his soul.
  79. It gets darker and darker as the sunlight can’t penetrate this far into the planet.
  80. The wind didnt penetrate much past the entrance and the roar of the sea was muffled.
  81. The dynamic of trying to penetrate an egg-cell… the dynamic of competitive survival.
  82. The armor was impossible to penetrate, as Red Fox tried to cut into it with his sword.
  83. In the smallest details of her life Dolly's gratitude must penetrate and be expressed.
  84. Therefore when the collective energy of fear arises, it will not penetrate to the core.
  85. The cat-man arched his back, barred his teeth, claws attempting to penetrate the floor.
  86. As a child, I was able to penetrate into the secrecy of the great man’s private room.
  87. At the core, if we can penetrate that far, we find that what we are in our totality is.
  88. The unknown fixed on the young man one of those looks which penetrate into the depth of.
  89. She had that extraordinary sensitivity and insight that seemed to penetrate my thoughts.
  90. Carla was desperate for her release; she climbed on him again and let him penetrate her.
  91. We cannot penetrate the eloquence of those symbols and gather their fullness of meaning.
  92. Kiera felt the cold penetrate through the seemingly thin and gauzy clothes that she had.
  93. The closer they got to the Forest boundary, the harder it became to penetrate the trees.
  94. This allowed car headlights to penetrate even the thickest curtains, disrupting my sleep.
  95. It would not penetrate my thick skull that she had been doing that for nearly two decades.
  96. Mom and Dad both smoke enough cigarettes in a day, to penetrate a hole in the ozone layer.
  97. Ah, now you are trying to penetrate into the mysteries of Isis, in which I am not initiated.
  98. Or again take a squirt of water and squirt into the sky and see if you can penetrate the sky.
  99. And the sharp oak scent of the fireplace, whose warmth didn’t penetrate far into the space.
  100. She felt all the time as if she might at any moment penetrate that on which- with a terrible.
  1. Raw and penetrating was the fog.
  2. She gives him a penetrating stare.
  3. Standing in the penetrating heat.
  4. The music was more penetrating now.
  5. His eyes were beady and penetrating.
  6. Thomas gave Robert a penetrating stare.
  7. The look was a penetrating accusation.
  8. His eyes are wild, deeply penetrating.
  9. His eyes were black, hard and penetrating.
  10. This ball had an acrid and penetrating odor.
  11. He fixed a penetrating glance on the stranger.
  12. Penetrating every fibre of his being, he was.
  13. Her face was calm and her eyes were penetrating.
  14. He hid his cringes from Hiss’ penetrating eyes.
  15. Her shrewd green eyes gave him a penetrating stare.
  16. Ned Land observed the sea with his penetrating eyes.
  17. His gaze was colder and more penetrating than usual.
  18. Hazel looked at the seer with level penetrating eyes.
  19. I could feel the penetrating force of the steel spur.
  20. She stared around his fingers and into his penetrating.
  21. Using ground penetrating radar the group had pegged out.
  22. He felt a pair of eyes almost physically penetrating him.
  23. Dark, penetrating eyes caressed his heart, drawing him in.
  24. Because penetrating and concentrating on the indestruct-.
  25. Slowly Samantha could feel the blade penetrating the stem.
  26. This penetrating Action is a miracle, but relatively merely.
  27. It was this glance which Fantine had felt penetrating to the.
  28. With a penetrating stare he said, Connor’s going in first.
  29. And now, now it seemed to her she was penetrating the mystery.
  30. These words actually reveal that penetrating the central chan-.
  31. Hitting her where it hurt most and penetrating her deep within.
  32. The experimental, spinning, ground penetrating missiles worked.
  33. He takes a sip of his wine, his penetrating stare holding mine.
  34. Yes, she whispered, her eyes held by his penetrating gaze.
  35. The heat penetrating through the soles of my feet is unbearable.
  36. Analysis of the Future Should Be Penetrating Rather than Prophetic.
  37. Duplex gave the Professor a deep, penetrating gaze, but said nothing.
  38. Doyle had it in his mind to ask Adam some very penetrating questions.
  39. The penetrating smell of cabbage reached the nose of Toad as he lay.
  40. More pain pierced his head again like a spear, penetrating his skull.
  41. This shot slammed into the rear tire of the SUV, penetrating the axle.
  42. It strikes at the prevention of disease by penetrating into its causes.
  43. It must have been meant for us, coming with a loud and penetrating hum.
  44. The penetrating sound charged the whole Palace with a fervent cacophony.
  45. Despite having three layers of clothing on I can feel it penetrating to.
  46. The stern, shrewd, and penetrating expression of that look struck Pierre.
  47. A damp, penetrating wind howled in the garden and gave the trees no rest.
  48. She caught his attention with a penetrating jab to the liver, with her toe.
  49. His thin elven fingers reached out, penetrating the shimmering blue shield.
  50. I tried to match his gaze, but I felt very aware of Jo’s penetrating stare.
  51. The old man’s eyebrows were bunched together, the eyes sharp and penetrating.
  52. Slowly and stolidly he passed them by, penetrating ever deeper into the palace.
  53. Perhaps the most penetrating comment I ever received in college was a note on a.
  54. I would like permission to hit it here and here with the ground penetrating bombs.
  55. No doubt to keep the cold from penetrating thru the small cracks around the stone.
  56. Fatty acids acts like a bullet vest in preventing UV rays from penetrating deeply.
  57. From the shadows, James Schindler stared back at them, his eyes wide and penetrating.
  58. He felt a penetrating shiver and then found himself back on the mountainside, gazing.
  59. The limousine stopped in front of a concrete tunnel, penetrating deep into a mountain.
  60. A laser beam suddenly hit the small ship, penetrating all the way to the crew sphere.
  61. The source of that extraordinary power of penetrating the meaning of the events then.
  62. His eyes met mine, and he grew very still, his gaze penetrating, his demeanor solemn.
  63. Pneumonia, knife wounds, abdominal punctures and penetrating stab wounds, peritonitis.
  64. The ground penetrating bomb had been intended to be used by dropping it straight down.
  65. In reality, he had a penetrating mind and was more of a thinker than appeared to view.
  66. The djigitovka was almost finished when the valley was filled with a penetrating sound.
  67. Her penetrating green Irish eyes cast their gaze from one young prostitute to another.
  68. He stared at them for a moment his sharp, penetrating amber eyes drinking them both in.
  69. Javert felt that something terrible was penetrating his soul—admiration for a convict.
  70. Kutuzov, shrugging his shoulders, replied with his subtle penetrating smile: ‘I meant.
  71. He cleared his throat twice in succession and saw Raul’s penetrating gaze fix upon him.
  72. A convoy escort appeared overhead and dropped one of the few remaining ground penetrating.
  73. I was about thirty yards away when I heard his shrill penetrating whistle and I turned to.
  74. My flak jacket prevented it from penetrating my body, but the concussion stopped my heart.
  75. From back at the camp came the thin penetrating tone of a violin feeling about for a tune.
  76. She looked at me with penetrating eyes and suddenly emitted a low sob and fell unconscious.
  77. His sword hacked into the joint of the bird’s wing, penetrating the feathers to the bone.
  78. He wore a green uniform, and his hat was pulled right down over his evil, penetrating eyes.
  79. How come? said the priest looking at Ethan from afar with a penetrating, curious gaze.
  80. It is easy to suppose that Morrel's agitation would not escape the count's penetrating eye.
  81. Nurse’s penetrating glare–a genuine ‘dirty look’–spoke more than a thousand words.
  82. Plus he had those eyes, dark and penetrating; they could look to your core if you let them.
  83. They entered a room, a semi-round cavern with a ray of sunlight somehow penetrating the rock.
  84. I had to then adopt a strategy to stop the violent abuse penetrating my life and damaging me.
  85. Maggie felt its eyes peering into her own, penetrating her courage, draining strength from her.
  86. A few minutes passed, various Griever sounds penetrating the walls every ten to twenty seconds.
  87. She looked away from his penetrating gaze to the burnt edges of the sketches in the fireplace.
  88. The penetrating hailstorm had turned into a blizzard – she couldn't even see her car anymore.
  89. The whole body must be covered with suitable clothing that will prevent the chemicals penetrating.
  90. Her office offered too few things for him to focus on as a distraction from her penetrating eyes.
  91. The cold water made everything he came in contact with feel as though it was penetrating his skin.
  92. Stopping, he tied his handkerchief around his face and nose hoping to deter the penetrating stink.
  93. Over 900 terawatts per second of penetrating radiation started to rain continuously on the Morg fleet.
  94. Dan Reynolds, in addition to inheriting his mother’s good looks and height, had her penetrating gaze.
  95. The colors are more vivid, the sound of the screams is more penetrating, and every detail comes to life.
  96. Word from the emergency room was that it had been a penetrating trauma, as opposed to a perforating one.
  97. Once an opponent’s shield system is weak, the other can attack with shield penetrating weapons…’.
  98. For a little while there was dark, and then I saw the dawn penetrating the yellow curtain at the window.
  99. Emma could suddenly smell roses, but before she could say anything about the penetrating aroma, Kit did.
  100. It seemed as if some penetrating lucidity permitted her to see the reality of things beyond any formalism.
  1. If AM penetrated down here.
  2. She had penetrated the KGB.
  3. I had penetrated some distance.
  4. Voices penetrated the thin walls.
  5. He penetrated even deeper, but he.
  6. He penetrated to Cosette's bedroom.
  7. Gabriel’s words penetrated my haze.
  8. He tried again, and penetrated further.
  9. Any harder and it would have penetrated.
  10. Their souls were penetrated by the Light.
  11. A remote fear penetrated her entire being.
  12. The trendline was penetrated by more.
  13. Suddenly, Jose's voice penetrated his ear.
  14. Then, Hecate’s voice penetrated my head.
  15. The blade had penetrated an inch into him.
  16. The outside air penetrated to them through me.
  17. We have successfully penetrated three Systems.
  18. The sharp point penetrated a couple of inches.
  19. Only a bit of light penetrated the tent fabric.
  20. The trendline is penetrated by more than.
  21. Some industries are more penetrated than others.
  22. Telescopes in their time barely penetrated our.
  23. My ears popped, and a scream penetrated my haze.
  24. Ruptured or open skin will be easily penetrated.
  25. At last the sun penetrated his surroundings again.
  26. Was I not the sun which penetrated your windows?
  27. Only the breathing of the boys penetrated the air.
  28. She has not before this penetrated into my bedroom.
  29. An arrow in the face had penetrated his brain-stem.
  30. The gloom which enveloped him penetrated his spirit.
  31. She had not penetrated into his laboratory for years.
  32. A swarm of bullets penetrated the house almost nipping.
  33. Many men penetrated her, and as Ashley recalls she was.
  34. The telepathy penetrated both Chance and Kiera’s mind.
  35. The fire has penetrated to my heart, and I have only a.
  36. This mortal has penetrated our society and according to.
  37. An eerie gurgle softly penetrated the walls of the office.
  38. For a moment, a paroxysm of laughter penetrated the walls.
  39. Another bullet penetrated the plastic exterior of the car.
  40. It had penetrated his stomach and he dared not look down.
  41. Her gentle murmur penetrated his thoughts and he looked up.
  42. I stared wide-eyed to where the knife penetrated his palm.
  43. You have penetrated one mystery and have observed another.
  44. Little sun penetrated the high canopy but Elowen felt the.
  45. It seemed to have penetrated through the seal of his helmet.
  46. No one else could have penetrated the high level of security.
  47. As he penetrated further, Cheryl grimaced and grit her teeth.
  48. Even unto Ogeechee County this foursquare beat had penetrated.
  49. The Mafia there has long penetrated government at every level.
  50. Over the years, members of the CFR has penetrated the highest.
  51. Little grew underneath, because few rays of the sun penetrated.
  52. She inserted a sword into a victim, which penetrated his shield.
  53. Psychoanalysis has penetrated into the obscure universe without.
  54. Furthermore, the stigma of being drunk and then being penetrated.
  55. A strong circulation warmed everything and penetrated everywhere.
  56. She felt it as whatever had been shot at her penetrated her skin.
  57. We walked a few meters and penetrated into another circular room.
  58. A glance at his wound told me that it had not penetrated the bone.
  59. He pushed the sword down and it penetrated the stone of the floor.
  60. This time they didn’t tear him apart but penetrated him instead.
  61. The wind penetrated the window seals, forming frost on the inside.
  62. His muffled laughter easily penetrated the wall that separated 124.
  63. The cold and damp penetrated his whole body and he began to shiver.
  64. At the open door of the car the gray starlight penetrated a little.
  65. Without a pause he tore the door open and penetrated into the house.
  66. None of the comments penetrated her armor, and after a while, they.
  67. But there was one year when the sound of a flute penetrated thither.
  68. The disguise was made of hard light, but could only be penetrated by.
  69. The farther I penetrated into London, the profounder grew the stillness.
  70. It penetrated the flesh, grabbed some bone and broke out the other side.
  71. The thin blade easily penetrated Manuel’s chest, right into his heart.
  72. Several pellets penetrated her cheek forcing her to the wall near Gordon.
  73. Looking for these? Dominic's voice penetrated the gloom of the room.
  74. Trying to recall who he was, that detail eventually penetrated a cloudy.
  75. Wulfric woke at dawn, and his movements penetrated Gwenda’s deep slumber.
  76. He has completely penetrated your security, so you may as well accept Him.
  77. The blood flowed from his back and chest where the sword had penetrated him.
  78. The UFO08 has been fully scanned and penetrated to the best of our ability.
  79. His fangs scrapped along her flesh and in one swift movement he penetrated.
  80. Frank's funny story about his uncle had not penetrated Dick's brain at all.
  81. After her forehead crinkled, her hazel eyes penetrated straight through him.
  82. He penetrated houses privately, at night; he ascended staircases furtively.
  83. They are hit and their bodies are quickly penetrated and ripped into pieces.
  84. It needs to be penetrated by just 1% and its price relative to the assumed.
  85. Ilmal's gaze bore into hers and penetrated everything straight into the soul.
  86. A bullet had penetrated his heart and his death must have been instantaneous.
  87. The squeamish sensation penetrated his dream as he neared consciousness, and.
  88. It penetrated right down to the bone and was encrusted with half-dried blood.
  89. Human insanity has never been plumbed, penetrated or explored by living humans.
  90. A sliver of glass had penetrated Reed's heavy duffle coat but only grazed the.
  91. A strong sent of roses, penetrated her nostrils, coming from the sitting room.
  92. We haven't penetrated some of their symbologies yet sir, so it's hard to tell.
  93. In times of emergency, like if the enemy had penetrated the network, this was.
  94. An inkling of what was in her mind penetrated into his, and his voice went grave.
  95. She had barely begun to dream when Nicolas’s urgent voice penetrated her sleep.
  96. But ere long that light went out there and never penetrated the great continent.
  97. He glared at them long enough to make sure that his message had penetrated, and.
  98. The beating rain worked at the canvas until it penetrated and sent streams down.
  99. The fourth missile penetrated the body of the ship and struck something volatile.
  100. When she awoke, a few streaks of morning light penetrated the blinds and windows.
  1. Be the fire that penetrates the page.
  2. A collective shriek penetrates the air.
  3. A little light penetrates towards mid-day.
  4. Be the fire that penetrates the page bible.
  5. This ray strikes, touches, and penetrates them.
  6. This matter of sound is one that penetrates very deeply.
  7. The bible is the sword of the Spirit because penetrates.
  8. Therefore, if a negative thought form penetrates into a.
  9. Contemplation penetrates the surface to reveal the truth.
  10. During waking consciousness penetrates deep into the cortex.
  11. But heaven only when it penetrates the choice of his words.
  12. Besides, this cleaving let the sunrays enter and the air penetrates.
  13. Love?… An invented lie… Nothing penetrates the armor… except….
  14. No thought rises in the mind, no volitions from out side penetrates only.
  15. This teaching lies upon the surface, and penetrates the depths of Scripture.
  16. The Talmud is a Flame that Penetrates the Mind and throbs within the body.
  17. All hatred departs from his heart, in proportion as light penetrates his spirit.
  18. My ambusher screams, an awful shriek that penetrates every inch of the catacombs.
  19. The dragon penetrates easily weak minds struggling under the state of submission.
  20. Through their actions, opens doors in your heart and the sky so "penetrates" into you.
  21. According to William, when a knife penetrates a body and is pulled out flesh fragments.
  22. The needle penetrates his skin, his index finger resisting his will, depressing the syringe.
  23. Sunlight penetrates the gaps in the canopy, casting contorted shapes on the shaded forest floor.
  24. The spirit in the new words penetrates the masses giving them shapes, changing chaos into order.
  25. It is firmly fixed in the ground, and penetrates it obliquely; how far has not yet been ascertained.
  26. When energy-saturated body of higher Plans penetrates the head deeply, begins the most wonderful and unique.
  27. The simple idiom penetrates Pandora Driver's bulletproof custom, striking her most vulnerable spot, her heart.
  28. Thirty minutes later the sound of Sharon putting the key in the lock of the front door penetrates the silence.
  29. Imagine a hole so deep sunlight never penetrates the gloom, a cave so hidden no human has ever discovered it.
  30. Ether penetrates everything, including vacuums, including the human brain, so the impulses there assuredly affect it.
  31. Duncan moves his hand upwards, clamps his fingers on the scribe’s forehead and penetrates his mind as he did before.
  32. Fire, the inner fire, is the most potent of all forces as it over comes all things and penetrates all things on earth.
  33. Christianity penetrates to the consciousness of men, not only in spite of the violence of power, but also by means of it.
  34. He knows what penetrates into the earth, and what comes out of it, and what descends from the sky, and what ascends to it.
  35. They must depend on the doctrine of Jesus, which penetrates among all the errors with which the life of men is surrounded.
  36. As the sharp hair tip now begins to regrow, there is a risk of ingrown hair if it penetrates the skin surrounding the follicle.
  37. In this case, a large downward-closing 5-minute bar penetrates the lower channel, and spikes the MACD to a significant new low.
  38. When the price penetrates the support line at point E, the trend resumes its fall, with the price objective F, measured from E.
  39. It penetrates shielding and skull, then forms a circle and spins around in the brain for a moment at eighty revolutions per second.
  40. It can be a chisel, or it can be a needle that's moving very, very fast, and what it does is - it penetrates the flesh, blood is shed.
  41. Through concentration he opens the layers of the gross mind and penetrates deeply into higher regions of the mind and gets deeper knowledge.
  42. As another example, a movement that penetrates a significant third-order pivot high or low can sometimes significantly change the market environment.
  43. There is a thinking substance from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the universe.
  44. The stranger, still surveying him with that gaze which penetrates, as the saying goes, to the very depths of the conscience, replied in a grave, firm voice:—.
  45. To the point where the amassed accumulation of our unfelt pain penetrates so deeply, and is so painful as a whole; that we simply do not want to experience it or feel it at all.
  46. A magical feeling penetrates my very being My thoughts and feelings become enmeshed By the fragrance of your tenderness Magic and wonder is what your voice express As you gently caress.
  47. Once he reaches the human spirit, penetrates it, and touches it with his darkness and fire, he destroys it through his grudge, hostility, and evil, thereby causing pain for such a person.
  48. Though it is a simple spell, they cast it with such overwhelming power that the Shields of the twelve cannot fully resist it, and enough of it quickly penetrates to render unconsciousness.
  49. However, just as the air parted smoothly around the glider, the electronic waves from the search radars passed through the plastic skin of the sailplane as easily as light penetrates window glass.
  50. Similarly, one can behold and admire El Bierzo’s beauty, but it is neither plastic nor superficial, rather, it penetrates the heart, takes hold of the subconscious and becomes part of one’s life.
  51. One minor difference about how the 50-day moving average as our selling guide is that if the volume is appreciably greater on the first day the stock penetrates the 50-day moving average, then it can simply be sold at that point.
  52. It is in the form of a half orange, of enormous dimensions, and well lighted, though no light penetrates it save that which is admitted by a window, or rather round skylight, at the top; and it was from this that the emperor examined the building.
  53. This is the way of the formation of that which we call the outer world, which also — simultaneously along all Vectors of Qualities — duvuyllerrtly penetrates by its own energy-information interrelations all other Formo-systems of Worlds and subjective Realities.
  54. On July 7th CERN actually penetrates the 50-day moving average, but volume is only 22 percent above average daily volume, so we would then wait to see if the stock moves below the intraday low of this first-day penetration of the 50-day line in order to define it as a violation, and hence a sell signal.
  55. These harmful gases are the main cause which rise the global warming, and also deflect the ozone layer (the protective layer of our planet Earth) which protect us from the harmful ultra-violet rays of Sun, once it penetrates by these harmful gases and chemicals, God knows, how many living creature would be survive in our planet Earth; it might be the end of our beautiful planet.
  56. Energy-Plasma is different-qualitative Information (plus Energy that realizes it!), that penetrates absolutely all structures and Time Flows of absolutely all types and kinds of Universes, moreover, It ALWAYS “was”, “is” and “will be” in the same “quantities and qualities”, that is, It is absolutely stable and constant in all its different-qualitative vibration manifestations.
  57. From the physical point of view, RRGLUU-VVU (the Primary Time Axis) represents a multidimensional dynamic-energy conglomerate structured by the individual energy-information dynamics of an innumerable set of different-qualitative Fields-Consciousnesses, the specific Creativity of which penetrates a huge diapason of dimensions of Realities and Continuums, in which Formo-Types of a LLUU-VVU-Form can manifest.
  58. Everything that you can and cannot imagine, that is in the 3rd or 33333rd dimensions, which, however, you cannot yet perceive due to the absence of the Creative Activity, in the structure of your Self-Consciousness, of necessary SFUURMM-Forms and corresponding mechanisms for their decoding (and adaptation) from the general energy-information Flow that constantly penetrates any Form, — absolutely everything, as well as many other phenomena already initially exist regardless of whether you know about it or not.
  59. It is for this reason that, in spite of all the intensified means used by the governments for the inoculation of the masses with a patriotism which is alien to them and for the suppression of the ideas of socialism, which are developing among them, the socialism more and more penetrates into the masses, and the patriotism, which is so carefully inoculated by the governments, is not only not adopted by the masses, but is disappearing more and more, maintaining itself only among the upper classes, to whom it is advantageous.
  60. That tree is in height like the fir and its leaves are like those of the Carob tree and its fruit is like the clusters of the vine very beautiful and the fragrance of the tree penetrates afar; Then I said: 'How beautiful is the tree and how attractive is its look!' Then Raphael the holy angel who was with me answered me and said: 'This is the tree of wisdom of which your fore-father old in years and your aged mother who were living before you have eaten and they learnt wisdom and their eyes were opened and they knew that they were naked and they were driven out of the garden.
  61. That tree is in height like the fir, and its leaves are like those of the Carob tree, and its fruit is like the clusters of the vine, very beautiful, and the fragrance of the tree penetrates afar; Then I said: 'How beautiful is the tree, and how attractive is its look!' Then Raphael the holy angel, who was with me, answered me and said: 'This is the tree of wisdom, of which your fore-father, old in years and your aged mother, who were living before you, have eaten, and they learnt wisdom and their eyes were opened, and they knew that they were naked and they were driven out of the garden.
  62. And now, with conspiring nature, and my industry, strong to aid him, he pierces, penetrates, and at length, winning his way inch by inch, gets entirely in, and finally, a home made thrust sheaths it up to the guard; on the information of which, from the close jointure of our bodies (insomuch that the hair on both sides perfectly interweaved and incircled together), the eyes of the transported youth sparkled with more joyous fires, and all his looks and motions acknowledged excess of pleasure, which I now began to share, for I felt him in my very vitals! I was quite sick with delight! stirred beyond bearing with its furious agitations within me, and gorged and crammed, even to a surfeit.
  63. Christianity destroys the State—Which is more necessary, Christianity or the State?—There are men who defend the necessity of the State, and others who, on the same grounds, deny this necessity—Neither can be proved by abstract reasoning—The question decides the character of a man's consciousness, which either allows or forbids him to participate in the organization of the State—Realization of the uselessness and immorality of taking part in the organization of the State, which is contradictory to Christian doctrine, decides this question for each one, regardless of the destiny of the State—Argument of the defenders of the State, as a form of social life indispensable for the defense of the good from the wicked, until all nations, and all members of each nation, shall have become Christians—The more wicked are always those in power—History is but a recital of the usurpation of power by the bad over the good—The acknowledgment by authority of the necessity of struggle with evil by violence is equivalent to self-destruction—The annihilation of violence is not only possible, but is going on before our eyes—However, it is not destroyed by State violence, but through those men who, obtaining power by violence, and recognizing its vanity and futility, benefit by experience and become incapable of using violence—This is the process through which individual men, as well as whole nations, have passed—It is in that way that Christianity penetrates into the consciousness of men, and not only is this accomplished despite the violence used by authority, but through its agency, and therefore the abolition of authority is not only without danger, but it goes on continually as life itself—Objection of the defenders of the State system that the diffusion of Christianity is improbable—Diffusion of Christian truth interdicting violence accomplished not only slowly and gradually, by the internal method, by individual recognition of the truth, by prophetic intuition, by the realizing of the emptiness of power and abandonment of it by individual men, but accomplished also by the external method, by which large numbers of men, inferior in intellectual development, at once, in view of their confidence in the others, adopt the new truth—The diffusion of truth at a certain stage creates a public opinion, which compels the majority of men who have previously opposed it to recognize the new truth at once—Therefore a universal renunciation of violence may very soon come to pass; namely, when a Christian public opinion shall be established—The conviction of the necessity of violence prevents the establishment of Christian public opinion—Violence compels men to discredit the moral force which can alone exalt them—Neither nations nor individual men have been conquered by violence, but by public opinion, which no violence can resist—It is possible to conquer savage men and nations only by the diffusion of Christian public opinion among them, whereas the Christian nations, in order to conquer them, do everything in their power to destroy the establishment of a Christian public opinion—These unsuccessful experiments cannot be cited as a proof of the impossibility of conquering men by Christianity—Violence which corrupts public opinion only prevents the social organization from becoming what it should be, and with the abolition of violence Christian public opinion will be established—Whatever may take place when violence has been abolished, the unknown future can be no worse than the present, and therefore one need not fear it—To penetrate to the unknown and move toward it is the essence of life.
  64. The half that penetrates my being and makes my heart sing,.

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