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Imbue в предложении (на )

  1. Similarly, sightseers can imbue themselves with enchantment in the one thousand acres Stanley Park.
  2. The entire office was designed in such a way to imbue the room with an atmosphere of comfort that would encourage emotional intimacy.
  3. She could imbue melee weapons with tiny bits of earth that made them more jagged, or she could sharpen blades to help them penetrate armor.
  4. They constitute the most appropriate place for visitors to imbue themselves of the exquisite floral beauty and fascinating world of the plants.
  5. That was, naturally, the option that the Fernández and Lincoln families chose to fully imbue themselves of the Caribbean, Spanish and American.

  6. The formulae worked for some earnest masters and not others, because there was a spark in only some, a talent that could imbue formulae with real power.
  7. When the stones are brought together, divine forces imbue the one combined stone with Fire, such fire that it becomes a weapon in times of war and a counsel in time of peace.
  8. In Juneau’s protected and tranquil waters, it is easy to examine the whole landscape, imbue oneself of its splendor and greatly humble oneself before the seductive enchantment that unfolds before one’s bewildered eyes.
  9. Also, when I began writing in 2010, I placed the collapse of society sooner than I thought possible at the time at around 2050, in order to imbue a sense of urgency; however, I now believe that I stumbled upon a very likely timescale.
  10. After all, it was familiar terrain for her in that Natasha Lytess had always wanted her to draw from her own life and then imbue her performances with aspects of her sadness and confusion—and even come to terms with her past in order to be a better actress.
  11. Looking below at the passing continents was beginning to imbue him with a sense of imperiousness he hadn’t felt since the time he’d been master of an artificial reality network – although that could be thought of as a totally different life, a different person.
  1. Good night, and thank you, she returned, imbuing the words with every ounce of meaning that she could.
  2. As they retain the power to make meaning, this ritual is seen not as ridiculous or hopeless but as truly imbuing them with power and.
  3. These objects can be useful in imbuing the moment you cast a spell or ritually invoke a spirit with a sense of importance, and help to put you in the right mood.
  4. Where does perfection come from, Parental Figure A? EvE was imbuing me – I was not in her mind, she was mynding me – with the awareness of what she was pondering: the mythical mind.
  5. And if indeed they themselves only aid such things it would be [the more] tolerable; but now they persist in imbuing innocent souls with their pernicious doctrines not knowing that they shall receive a double condemnation both they and those that hear them.
  1. Imbued with the solo purpose.
  2. I was imbued with destruction.
  3. The inside of her imbued with the.
  4. All are imbued with loss as well as gain.
  5. Tunu was imbued with an auburn hue while.
  6. Baptised and imbued with the teachings of.
  7. Why? Because they are imbued with the proper spirit.
  8. Overall the quality of workmanship imbued it with a.
  9. So he imbued his hands with vital energies and jumped down.
  10. It’s imbued with one of William's potions, She said.
  11. Beholdest moving in every direction imbued as with life the.
  12. Imbued in the structure of your book's plot, there has to be.
  13. So Second Thought now imbued with all the powers of the First.
  14. Supernatural agents ranged from spirits in objects that imbued special.
  15. This coffin was originally very heavy and the priest imbued it with his.
  16. He enjoyed the sense of history it imbued and all who met here knew that.
  17. And it was only tears later that I understood why the figure of Death imbued.
  18. It also imbued the sport with an aura of elitism that has lingered to this day.
  19. Imbued with a new zest for life, he led an invasion of France –riding at the.
  20. One of the readers of my book, I Wil , became imbued with the spirit of success.
  21. Embodied another way, the physical reality becomes heavily imbued with the sym-.
  22. He was imbued with alcohol, and if he drank any kind of liquor it made him tipsy.
  23. To the recipient of his words, however, they were imbued with menace and vague threat.
  24. So with that said and done we went about our daily activities which were now imbued with.
  25. From his infancy, he had been imbued with the judgments of the party of 1814, on Bonaparte.
  26. Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton were all imbued with an unshakable faith in reason.
  27. Many others, who had become imbued with the subversions of the Word, held tightly to their apostasy.
  28. The stone you have here does not have much power imbued in it, but it is untuned, which makes it very special.
  29. Science can only be created by those who are thoroughly imbued with the aspiration toward truth and understanding.
  30. As his hands were already imbued with all his vital strength, the beastman on the right side was instantly killed.
  31. I became imbued with the notion on that first occasion before we sat down to dinner, but I cannot define by what.
  32. Aggressive little entrepreneurs imbued with the chase of the fast piaster and the lack of conscientiousness of our time.
  33. Shaped like an angry feline’s head it was reputably imbued with psionic enhancements that heightened its wearer’s senses;.
  34. Of course, many police officers in many countries around the world are honourable individuals imbibed and imbued with integrity.
  35. This coincidence imbued the ceremony with special solemnity, and everyone of any significance in the life of the city was present.
  36. The vision elicited a strangely dark, compelling urgency in Jeeter’s chest; terror laced with desire, horror imbued with excitement.
  37. Utterly sacred once imbued with Fire by Divine sources, the stones were kept in the possession only of those they were divinely intended for.
  38. But, imbued from her childhood with a brooding sense of wrong, and an inveterate hatred of a class, opportunity had developed her into a tigress.
  39. His experience in the secular state of California imbued him with a practical political strategy, so he mostly avoids the emotional issue of religion.
  40. To be a soldier, just a soldier! thought Pierre as he fell asleep, to enter communal life completely, to be imbued by what makes them what they are.
  41. Not only did it ease my agita in the moment, but it suddenly imbued me with a sense of hope about better handling whatever garbage my ego coughed up going forward.
  42. There was plenty to do, and it was made more difficult by the workmen, who were typical of their breed and imbued with a mortal fear of speaking directly to a lady.
  43. She imbued herself thoroughly with every word of the manuscript: "Oh yes!" said she, "how perfectly I recognize all that! That is what I had already read in his eyes.
  44. You, Sir, of all men whom I have known, are he whose body is the closest conjoined, and imbued, and identified, so to speak, with the spirit whereof it is the instrument.
  45. She and Ilse were immensely active the whole morning preparing, both of them imbued with much the same spirit with which as children they prepared parties for their dolls.
  46. In the uncertain flare of the torches she looked exactly like the goddess he had seen lying on that same dais, if one could imagine that goddess imbued with vibrant life.
  47. Too many of them were imbued with the philosophy that it was better to fend off unpleasantness today by promising their superiors whatever they wanted to hear for tomorrow.
  48. He converts into a stately sentence the humorous fancy about the animals, who 'are so imbued with the spirit of democracy that they make the passers-by get out of their way.
  49. Meanwhile the devil will flee from them, having failed, and he will become lowly with fear of being burned by the Godly light with which the believer becomes imbued and supported.
  50. The spirit that little Cockney imbued into me that day indirectly saved me the loss of a limb, for without him I do not think I would have reached the advance dressing station in time.
  51. His mind is still imbued with doctrines concerning the "eternity of ideas" and "inward necessity," which he must have reached in some other way than by the analysis of external forms.
  52. They never will permit the people of this country to look at them and their political opponents, free of that jaundice with which they have carefully imbued the vision of their own partisans.
  53. From my infancy I was imbued with high hopes and a lofty ambition; but how am I sunk! Oh! My friend, if you had known me as I once was, you would not recognize me in this state of degradation.
  54. The local protesters understand this, but place higher value on the survival of local businesses, selling produce which is locally supplied, in traditional shops with a history, imbued with a community spirit.
  55. And the more imbued he became with that principle of love, the more he renounced life and the more completely he destroyed that dreadful barrier which- in the absence of such love- stands between life and death.
  56. And the more imbued he became with that principle of love, the more he renounced life and the more completely he destroyed that dreadful barrier which—in the absence of such love—stands between life and death.
  57. Near midnight the sea suddenly resumed its usual hue, but behind us all the way to the horizon, the skies kept mirroring the whiteness of those waves and for a good while seemed imbued with the hazy glow of an aurora borealis.
  58. Whether the novice doctor uses Chinese medicinal herbs, tui na (Chinese medical massage), acupuncture, or any other modality as a specialty, the mind and spirit of the doctor need to be imbued with the blueprint of Chinese medicine.
  59. The virgins of his church grew pale around him, victims of a passion so imbued with religious sentiment that they imagined it to be all religion, and brought it openly, in their white bosoms, as their most acceptable sacrifice before the altar.
  60. The patriarchal lives of my protectors caused these impressions to take a firm hold on my mind; perhaps, if my first introduction to humanity had been made by a young soldier, burning for glory and slaughter, I should have been imbued with different sensations.
  61. The former are imbued with the catalytic energy of the moment of their birth, tuned like a tuning fork to the frequency containing their evolutionary experience in past and present terms, and orchestrated to accommodate a future intent born of their personal design.
  62. When he considered that the jury were sufficiently imbued with these facts, he proceeded to enunciate another truth—namely, that a murder is an action which has the death of a human being as its consequence, and that poisoning could therefore also be termed murder.
  63. They, who believed in opposition to civil authority and thus became imbued with supporting the unsavory falsehoods of collectivism in their youth, now in colleges, have succeeded in the fateful and one-sided indoctrination of a large percentage of our younger citizenry.
  64. The fragment of Arimayr obviously wasn't a star at all, but a remnant of a crystallized accumulation of, what the voices in her head called simply, the Tears of the Enthilesté---a substance so imbued with the vital power of the cosmos that it had a life of sorts all its own.
  65. Admitting the view of Barclay and others that a defensive battle at Filí was impossible, but imbued with Russian patriotism and the love of Moscow, he proposed to move troops from the right to the left flank during the night and attack the French right flank the following day.
  66. Yes, sir; for a time so completely had the Republicans been imbued with the principles which they professed whilst in a minority, that, after becoming the majority, the Federalists pressed on their old adversaries power and patronage, to which they absolutely opposed themselves, repelling, for a season, every project of the kind.
  67. Tarot cards were brought about as a means to trigger the mind with general expressions that are more aptly applied to the situation or question at hand; though those who have a direct connection to spirit will know that there is more information and guidance available upon seeing that card as they are often imbued with further information.
  68. In my possession was an unusual scarf that had been made for each of Hella Dracon's followers, and Sheridan's had been imbued with special properties so she could bring Marcus to her side, and as long as the scarf was in his possession whatever was told to him about Desiree' would be taken as gospel truth by him with no questions being asked.
  69. And so, when the victorious army of the North was passing in review before President Johnson in the streets of Washington, another army vastly inferior in numbers, imbued with a different spirit, and armed with no other weapons than the Bible and the spelling book, was marching under the eye of God down into this very field from which Grant and Sherman had but recently withdrawn.
  70. He helped them turn to God and His Envoy with love, through the great realities he unveiled to them concerning God’s Perfection and His Supreme Attributes, and the truthfulness and noble merits of His Envoy (cpth) By virtue of the scholar’s endeavours in creating this feeling of love for God in the hearts of his followers, their spirits were refined and became imbued with the mark of Godly Perfection.
  71. They were brought about as a means to trigger the mind with general expressions that are more aptly applied to the situation or question at hand, though those who have a direct connection to spirit will know that there is more information and guidance available upon seeing that card as they are often imbued with further information, whether they realize it or not, they may be giving it as what they feel is personal counsel but is often an idea, thought, or sentence that was given to them by a power much greater than themselves.
  72. But is it possible that the aversion for human sufferings, for tortures, for the killing of men should be so deeply implanted in you; that you should be so imbued with the necessity for loving men and the still more potent necessity of being loved by them; that you should clearly see that only with the recognition of the equality of all men, with their mutual service, is possible the realization of the greatest good which is accessible to men; that your heart, your intellect, the religion professed by you should tell you the same; that science should tell you the same,—and that, in spite of it, you should be by some very dim, complex considerations compelled to do what is precisely opposed to it? that, being a landowner or a capitalist, you should be compelled to construct all your life on the oppression of the masses? or that, being an emperor or a president, you should be compelled to command troops, that is, to be the leader and guide of murderers? or that, being a government official, you should be compelled by violence to take from poor people their hard-earned money, in order to use it yourself and give it to the rich? or that, being a judge, a juror, you should be compelled to sentence erring men to tortures and to death, because the truth has not been revealed to them? or that,—a thing on which all the evil of the world is chiefly based,—you, every young man, should be compelled to become a soldier and, renouncing your own will and all human sentiments, should promise, at the will of men who are alien to you, to kill all those men whom they may command you to kill?
  73. They are imbued through all things conveying themselves willingly,.
  74. Her responses are instead imbued with the needs and desires of others,.
  75. Afterhis exile in Paris he returned home imbued with romanticism,and his two plays,.
  1. The Creative Space is unified; it permeates and imbues all that exists, from particle to particle.

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