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Perpetrate в предложении (на )

  1. Those who commit sins will be repaid for what they used to perpetrate.
  2. Going by the degree of evil he will perpetrate, Satan, as usual, will.
  3. Arguably, when most people perpetrate such misappropriations, they are.
  4. This can only be done by punishing and frowning on those who perpetrate it.
  5. So, should we perpetrate abomination and depravity in order to learn magic?!.

  6. Anybody who could perpetrate such crimes against humanity deserved nothing but death.
  7. The insertion of slain here serves no other purpose than to attempt to perpetrate the Jesus.
  8. The other aspect of this understanding is that modern nations also perpetrate, instigate and pose evil.
  9. This means that they descend upon those who yearn for and love this worldly life and who perpetrate the most serious of sins.
  10. Oh, so you’re one of those stuck-up, independent women who perpetrate that you don’t need a man for anything but sex?
  11. But their hearts are puzzled because of this; and they have deeds that do not conform to this, which they continue to perpetrate.
  12. There was no rascality he would not perpetrate for whoever employed him; but to his employer he was as loyal as a woman to a bad man.
  13. Sexual sadists attack anonymously because they have to sever all personal connections and see the victim as object to perpetrate the level of torture.
  14. So that the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter may incline to it, and be content with it, and that they may perpetrate whatever they perpetrate.
  15. We might remember, thus forgo the far too expensive luxury of condemnation and blame, that those individuals who perpetrate these distortions of life live inside the dominator model.

  16. The folks who perpetrate acts of violence against the rest of us have somehow found a way around that internal censor that prohibits the rest of us from doing what these characters do.
  17. The hosts of undead in their countless millions all the way back to the first angels of Yahweh had massed and invaded certain key persons in order to perpetrate the crime of the century.
  18. Influenced by the prejudiced norms and ideals of his day,30 I believe Carey used Scripture to perpetrate hidden racial hypocrisy in his famous writing that launched our modern missions era.
  19. I had no time to think of the fresh horror that was preparing; I forgot that the monster was only going out perhaps to perpetrate a fresh crime; I understood but one thing: Christine was alone behind the wall!.
  20. Awkward as it was for Levin to withdraw now, it would still have been easier for him to perpetrate this awkwardness than to remain all the evening and see Kitty, who glanced at him now and then and avoided his eyes.
  21. Fourthly, come at a certain time to the law courts and take your share in those senseless cruelties which we perpetrate on sinners, and those whom we have corrupted, in the shape of penal servitude, exile, solitary confinement, and death.
  22. Honest men and gentlemen, if they don't want the company of people who perpetrate such acts, have got to defend themselves as they best can, and that is what I and the friends whom I may call my clients in this affair are determined to do.
  23. A little less than two years later, in 1936, she had an opportunity to make another propaganda film, one that would again revel in images of youth and beauty and grace, and that would again perpetrate a great and sinister fraud upon the world.
  24. And not only the highest authorities, but all little satraps scattered over everywhere, like so many General Baranovs, governors, police officers even, and commanders of companies, can perpetrate the most awful crimes before there is time for them to be removed from office.
  25. Because he was a fiend of the worst diseased corrupt sort: a poisoned fat impudent toad, a drunken bum, a filth who only stayed in power long enough to perpetrate this horror of WW2 because MASSES OF UNDEAD hovering around him kept him from being exposed and ousted from power.

  26. Their only justification consists in this, that, just as they are, instead of doing harm to the workers by freeing themselves from labour, and by swallowing up labour, they bring to the people some advantages, unintelligible to them, which compensate for all the evil they perpetrate.
  27. We only need to look on the state of the world to realise this with wholesale emotional ‘psychological’ devastation and ‘physical’ annihilation from acts causing human-to-human suffering through people’s choices to perpetrate acts of war, greed, hatred, prejudice, cruelty, and murder etc.
  28. Only in this way can one explain the amazing contradictions with which our life is full, and of which a striking example was presented to me by the expedition I met on the 9th of September; good, peaceful men, known to me personally, going with untroubled tranquillity to perpetrate the most beastly, senseless, and vile of crimes.
  29. This conviction that the existing order is the necessary and therefore immutable order, which it is a sacred duty for every man to support, enables good men, of high principles in private life, to take part with conscience more or less untroubled in crimes such as that perpetrated in Orel, and that which the men in the Toula train were going to perpetrate.
  30. The higher and the more profitable a man's position, the more unstable it becomes, and the more terrible and dangerous a fall from it for him, the more firmly the man believes in the existing order, and therefore with the more ease of conscience can such a man perpetrate cruel and wicked acts, as though they were not in his own interest, but for the maintenance of that order.
  31. She was intent on her work, in which her whole thoughts seemed absorbed: on her hard forehead, and in her commonplace features, was nothing either of the paleness or desperation one would have expected to see marking the countenance of a woman who had attempted murder, and whose intended victim had followed her last night to her lair, and (as I believed), charged her with the crime she wished to perpetrate.
  1. The Critical Density elusion is perpetrating fraud and the.
  2. Those in control of it have a vested interest in perpetrating and.
  3. Duranty played a key role in perpetrating one of the greatest cover-ups in history.
  4. The magnitude of the bald-faced lie they were perpetrating made his concern for the future understandable.
  5. Paul has made many bad choices and has contemplated hundreds more that I’ve stopped him from perpetrating, and yes.
  6. I think after Ruby Ridge the government wasn’t too keen on perpetrating any more violence on its citizens, until Waco, that is.
  7. The real difficulty lay in identifying the conspirators, unravelling the mechanics of the plot, and finding out all the reasons for perpetrating it.
  8. So that men sometimes come to their senses long before perpetrating the suggested crime, sometimes at the very moment before perpetrating it, sometimes only afterward.
  9. But although he loved himself and the business he was in, what really turned Tommy on was springing traps and perpetrating dirty-dog schemes on his enemies—of which I was enemy number one.
  10. Love intervenes with war or physical intervention only under extreme situations or duress and only against those who are perpetrating such a crime that it would be unloving not to aide those suffering under them.
  11. If the parent is more aggressive toward the child, the child is more likely to be in relationships where they’re being victimized or perpetrating violence against their partner a few years or even a decade later.
  12. But when they were done with me, there was something new inside me: something ruthless and feral and beyond law that hungered to be the one perpetrating the savagery, because when you are the savage, no one messes with you.
  13. Although she only spoke the truth when she said that her whole life was bound up with him, and although she proved it her life long, we considered such unrestrained, continual insistence upon her affection for him bad form, and felt more ashamed for her when she was descanting thus before strangers even than we did when she was perpetrating bad blunders in French.
  14. I am speaking, as before, of injustice on a large scale in which the advantage of the unjust is most apparent; and my meaning will be most clearly seen if we turn to that highest form of injustice in which the criminal is the happiest of men, and the sufferers or those who refuse to do injustice are the most miserable--that is to say tyranny, which by fraud and force takes away the property of others, not little by little but wholesale; comprehending in one, things sacred as well as profane, private and public; for which acts of wrong, if he were detected perpetrating any one of them singly, he would be punished and incur great disgrace--they who do such wrong in particular cases are called robbers of temples, and man-stealers and burglars and swindlers and thieves.
  1. It is perpetrated by those we.
  2. At first I thought a joke was being perpetrated.
  3. Thanks to blatant propaganda perpetrated by Michael J.
  4. It was the irresponsible inbreeding perpetrated by man.
  5. Black people perpetrated most of the crimes reported.
  6. He would not have perpetrated a hoax simply for a laugh.
  7. Whilst the shepherds have perpetrated a minor crime, you.
  8. This is a delusion which is perpetrated by others as well.
  9. Of all of the ills perpetrated by the Jewish Left on the U.
  10. Piltdown Man was never a student stunt, it was perpetrated.
  11. This time the rape of Africa was being perpetrated by China.
  12. Just like all the other hoaxes perpetrated by those in power.
  13. This is just another hoax perpetrated onto gullible students.
  14. Because of the terrible atrocities that have been perpetrated.
  15. Al of the atrocities during the crusades were perpetrated by non.
  16. It is believed enemies of that country may have perpetrated this.
  17. They will never quit looking for those who perpetrated the act you.
  18. Tellingly, violence in men's dreams is also typically perpetrated by.
  19. Egypt, North Africa, and Palestine, with massacres perpetrated by both sides.
  20. That murder west of town, that was female domestic violence perpetrated on.
  21. Sheikho, was able to wipe out crime and the criminals who had perpetrated it.
  22. Lives blighted by either crime happening to them or being perpetrated by them.
  23. If ever asked, they would claim that the Germans perpetrated this terrible crime.
  24. She felt that she must submit to the cruel injustice which was perpetrated on her.
  25. Abominable evil was instigated and perpetrated regardless of the fact that the US.
  26. That is what was the wrong she has perpetrated and for which her father killed her?
  27. Many companies that experience a negative event – such as a fraud perpetrated by an.
  28. One of the worst examples of using fear tactics was perpetrated by Vice President Dick.
  29. The terrorist, or whoever perpetrated this hoax, has left Atlanta paralyzed, and in.
  30. This is an inside view of the real Lyndon Johnson and the scummy business he perpetrated.
  31. I know many of you probably assume this attack was somehow perpetrated by Earth terrorists.
  32. But what was worse, besides the theft a senseless, scoffing sacrilege had been perpetrated.
  33. Domestic violence is very tragic because it is perpetrated by the person who professes love.
  34. If any buggery is perpetrated by these here boys in the near future I'll know what's to blame.
  35. Their 86-page unclassified analysis purported to dissect an event allegedly perpetrated by Maj.
  36. All the index referred to was ‘an evil and sinful deed perpetrated by a blasphemous Sister’.
  37. Often, before the crimes are perpetrated by Muslims in the US military, they are discovered, and.
  38. But when adversity befalls them, because of what their hands have perpetrated, they begin to despair.
  39. Sure, I witnessed many fights and abuse perpetrated on other people, but I had never lived through death.
  40. These are some of the atrocities and abominations perpetrated by human beings against their brothers and sisters.
  41. I am counting on them to recognize the injustice that was purposefully perpetrated on me and to do what is right.
  42. They stood up against the false ideology of infant Baptism perpetrated by the Catholic church system for many years.
  43. That night the doors were again broken open, the padlocks smashed, the books mutilated, and other disorders perpetrated.
  44. The mere sight of them made me nervous – and that was before I knew of the horrors that secret service had perpetrated.
  45. The crimes and sins of omission and commission perpetrated by each human are not determined by any abstract legal system.
  46. The attack was perpetrated by World Government military rebels who were trying to undermine the stability of our government.
  47. The presence in Moscow of the alien element probably accounts for the extraordinary cruelties perpetrated in the city.
  48. Sometimes they realize it only after the crime has been perpetrated, sometimes they realize it just before its perpetration.
  49. And once again I was amazed that this hideous crime can be perpetrated so easily in broad daylight and in the midst of a large town.
  50. One need not be a conspiracy theorist in order to understand that a huge intellectual hoax has been perpetrated on the Western world.
  51. On the first of these occasions, she perpetrated the attempt to burn me in my bed; on the second, she paid that ghastly visit to you.
  52. Although this was a hate crime, perpetrated by those who hate our military, and therefore our country, it wasn’t called a hate crime.
  53. Meantime Arina Prohorovna was in some anxiety too; she had already heard from her husband of the deed perpetrated that night at Skvoreshniki.
  54. For instance, Gérôme's "Pollice Verso" expresses, not so much horror at what is being perpetrated as attraction by the beauty of the spectacle.
  55. All the millions of atrocities perpetrated by the billions of powerless poor are absent from human history for the simple reason that they failed.
  56. The name of convict had no effect but to prepare him for new acts of baseness, and more hideous villainies than any he had previously perpetrated.
  57. At some time during the evils perpetrated in the concentration camps and the commission of other atrocities you reached the point of no return.
  58. Ford personally perpetrated the fraudulent act of protecting the unfounded conclusion of the Warren Commission report on the Assassination of John F.
  59. Those who benefit by privileges born of violence long since perpetrated, often forget, and are very glad to forget, how such privileges were obtained.
  60. That they did not bury any of their dead, and the reckless slaughter they perpetrated, point also to an entire ignorance of the putrefactive process.
  61. Permit me to draw public attention to an almost incredible act of vandalism which was perpetrated during the last year in Egypt, close to the capital.
  62. The report went on to explain that the deed must have been perpetrated during a fit of temporary insanity brought on by the sufferings the man had endured.
  63. ALL THE CRIMES AND VILLAINIES THAT had been perpetrated were discovered with extraordinary rapidity, much more quickly than Pyotr Stepanovitch had expected.
  64. Consequently, in their lust for wealth and power, the political and religious leaders of Judea/Israel have perpetrated great fraud by modifying the words.
  65. The effects of, ‘less than good’ behaviours, perpetrated by people upon people, can have far reaching ramifications for both the perpetrator and the victim.
  66. He locks surreally beautiful eyes with mine, staring right through my invisibility cloak, but why wouldn’t he? It’s an illusion perpetrated by a part of him.
  67. I repeat I dare say I have committed many a grievous sin in my day; but I cannot help always looking back upon this as the worst action I have ever perpetrated.
  68. Ex-Lieutenant Karamazov, it is my duty to inform you that you are charged with the murder of your father, Fyodor Pavlovitch Karamazov, perpetrated this night.
  69. So what are the possible answers to rectifying and healing the irrational and painful devastation humans have created and perpetrated for and against one another.
  70. Familiarity with the methods of questionable finance should assist the analyst and perhaps even the public, in detecting such practices when they are perpetrated.
  71. They performed the dizziest feats of arithmetic, soaring quite out of MY feeble range, and perpetrated, in higher spirits than ever, geographical and historical jokes.
  72. What an irony that modern man, engaged as he is in the pursuit of knowledge, allows himself to be stymied by the dogmas of the Dark Ages, perpetrated as religious tenets.
  73. In a fit of anger, however, caused by some robberies which had been perpetrated in the house, he beat his native butler to death and narrowly escaped a capital sentence.
  74. Meantime, my soldiers man the walls of the city, and I have warned him that he will answer for any outrages perpetrated on the villagers or shepherds by his mercenaries.
  75. Whenever We let man taste mercy from Us, he rejoices in it; but when misfortune befalls them, as a consequence of what their hands have perpetrated, man turns blasphemous.
  76. The next day, after seeing the atrocities perpetrated on the other peasants, he entreated the commander of his company to tear up his complaint and let off the two peasants.
  77. Most of them dealt with death and destruction that mankind had perpetrated upon themselves by various and sundry means, not one iota of any good happenings that I ran across.
  78. The Federal Bureau of Investigation for the United States government had to be notified, to get involved in the prosecution of the person or persons who had perpetrated such an act.
  79. The British were suffering from terrorist attacks perpetrated by extremist Jewish terror organizations, while the Haganah was trying to reach an agreement through diplomatic channels.
  80. Every few minutes an in-studio anchor would come on with an update: It appears that a blatant onslaught of identity theft has been perpetrated against a number of local political leaders.
  81. Hassan was presented to Rhea"s extended family as Harry"s best friend and Harry"s mother, a cunning old lady who obviously saw through the whole conspiracy, abetted and perpetrated the myth.
  82. And this is happening today, even as we speak, and not in some remote point in the past; and it is perpetrated by educated and supposedly responsible people, teachers and university professors.
  83. Before then, things had gone on well with me, and I had regarded myself a lucky fellow for not facing sexual harassment perpetrated by lecturers, a phenomenon that was very rampant in our school.
  84. Nor can it be pretended that they are not answerable for the atrocities perpetrated; since the savages are employed with a knowledge, and even with menaces, that their fury could not be controlled.
  85. I stepped forward and gestured to the room at large, Please everyone don’t hang the crime against my people that was perpetrated by the Western Kingdom on your own heads and in your own hearts.
  86. And further they are likely to have a bad effect on those who hear them; for everybody will begin to excuse his own vices when he is convinced that similar wickednesses are always being perpetrated by--.
  87. Remember that in contrast with the rest of the world, this hiring injustice is perpetrated on a minority community who are now being wholly excluded from businesses, the professions, and general employment.
  88. They kept the negroes stirred up with tales of cruelty perpetrated by the whites and, in a section long famed for the affectionate relations between slaves and slave owners, hate and suspicion began to grow.
  89. There is one substantial difference: during his prenatal experience, these traumas were for the most part perpetrated upon him and he mostly processed them in a passive way that was inadequate and incomplete.
  90. Yes, and very interesting that in both cases, due to your involvement, the police were required to protect the monsters involved and change the case theory from abduction to murder perpetrated by the parents.
  91. It is a catalog of the epic screw-ups perpetrated by federal workers, divided into helpful chapters like “Abuse of Position,” “Bribery,” “Conflicts of Interest,” and “Political Activity Violations.
  92. Yet always she had kept me at a distance with that contemptuous air of hers; or else she had demanded of me, in lieu of the life which I offered to lay at her feet, such escapades as I had perpetrated with the Baron.
  93. However, some wrongful convictions are purposeful and intentionally perpetrated by vindictive, selfish, morally and ethically challenged individuals such as Tarrant County Prosecutor Mike ―Prevaricator Pimp‖ Parrish.
  94. Otherwise, if a calamity befell them as a result of what their hands have perpetrated, they would say, Our Lord, if only You had sent us a messenger, we would have followed Your revelations, and been among the believers.
  95. The moment the gangplank came down, the dock became even more chaotic, as pirates moved smaller cargo aboard and a herd of goats was ushered off the ship—all part of the ruse perpetrated on the harbormaster of Water-Down.
  96. After all the negativity perpetrated by the believers in Socialism, I wish to reiterate, on the positive side, that the joy and satisfaction of realizing the results of a strong and productive societal system are inspiring.
  97. Roger came out of the rendezvous marveled at the level of Luis’ knowledge and convinced of his aversion to acts of terrorism, especially the one perpetrated against the United States on that fatal day, September 11, 2001.
  98. These are crimes against humanity reminiscent of Auschwitz to which the world declared Never Again! Just a few years later such atrocities are being perpetrated against North Korean Christians—and the world stands by.
  99. As certain muscles automatically relaxed to enable him to be seated, his stunned sense of propriety recovered consciousness enough to enable him to decide that of all outrages ever perpetrated on a gentleman, this last was the worst.
  100. Even if a few only come to themselves, and boldly explain to the others all the wickedness of such a crime, the influence of these few may rouse the others to shake off the controlling suggestion, and the atrocity will not be perpetrated.
  1. When dialogue ceases to be a viable resolution to conflict, then the only way to dissuade a country from immoral acts in your name is to simply not fund those acts and the institution that perpetrates them.
  2. Sometimes, this astonishing regularity manifested itself in patches; a thing to upset all the calculations of note—taking gamblers who play with a pencil and a memorandum book in their hands Fortune perpetrates some terrible jests at roulette!.

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