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    1. "Pppp," she said, "They would have to hold some killer grudge to perpetrate action eleven light years across space

    2. “Oh, so you’re one of those stuck-up, independent women who perpetrate that you don’t need a man for anything but sex?”

    3. that is not true - being manipulated and forced to perpetrate

    4. meaning and caring society spends billions of dollars to perpetrate this kind of

    5. The folks who perpetrate acts of violence against the rest of us have somehow found a way around that internal censor that prohibits the rest of us from doing what these characters do

    6. you? So how could you perpetrate? You should have kept it real and

    7. Sexual sadists attack anonymously because they have to sever all personal connections and see the victim as object to perpetrate the level of torture

    8. Influenced by the prejudiced norms and ideals of his day,30 I believe Carey used Scripture to perpetrate hidden racial hypocrisy in his famous writing that launched our modern missions era

    9. Going by the degree of evil he will perpetrate, Satan, as usual, will

    10. idolized heroes that perpetrate that violence

    1. Lives blighted by either crime happening to them or being perpetrated by them

    2. played a major role in the physical and emotional abuse perpetrated upon me by both

    3. Whilst the shepherds have perpetrated a minor crime, you

    4. One need not be a conspiracy theorist in order to understand that a huge intellectual hoax has been perpetrated on the Western world

    5. The moment the gangplank came down, the dock became even more chaotic, as pirates moved smaller cargo aboard and a herd of goats was ushered off the ship—all part of the ruse perpetrated on the harbormaster of Water-Down

    6. Remember that in contrast with the rest of the world, this hiring injustice is perpetrated on a minority community who are now being wholly excluded from businesses, the professions, and general employment

    7. What have they done? What injustice have they perpetrated against the Germans? What injustice can a one-year-old baby do? Does all this hatred stem from the fact that they were born as Jews? Is that their fault? Will I ever get to see my family again? Was such a cruel and unjust death also awaiting them?

    8. If ever asked, they would claim that the Germans perpetrated this terrible crime

    9. The British were suffering from terrorist attacks perpetrated by extremist Jewish terror organizations, while the Haganah was trying to reach an agreement through diplomatic channels

    10. He slapped the desktop in frustration, wondering if it wasn’t possible that the murder had been perpetrated by some racist within the department who had caught wind of what he was up to, and would find it intolerable for an Indian to succeed where Ladinos had failed

    1. The magnitude of the bald-faced lie they were perpetrating made his concern for the future understandable

    2. was that he might be guilty of perpetrating

    3. “If the parent is more aggressive toward the child, the child is more likely to be in relationships where they’re being victimized or perpetrating violence against their partner a few years or even a decade later

    4. “Paul has made many bad choices and has contemplated hundreds more that I’ve stopped him from perpetrating, and yes

    5. Those in control of it have a vested interest in perpetrating and

    6. Duranty played a key role in perpetrating one of the greatest cover-ups in history

    7. I think after Ruby Ridge the government wasn’t too keen on perpetrating any more violence on its citizens, until Waco, that is

    8. Love intervenes with war or physical intervention only under extreme situations or duress and only against those who are perpetrating such a crime that it would be unloving not to aide those suffering under them

    9. ” In conclusion I pointed to a half a dozen or so signs in attendance, all of which were crying out against a few of the many grotesque injustices that money is perpetrating everyday

    10. The real difficulty lay in identifying the conspirators, unravelling the mechanics of the plot, and finding out all the reasons for perpetrating it

    1. When dialogue ceases to be a viable resolution to conflict, then the only way to dissuade a country from immoral acts in your name is to simply not fund those acts and the institution that perpetrates them

    2. " Who do you think perpetrates the

    3. � No one who perpetrates a myth, brings a myth into being, feels aware of that process,[135] but it actually comes as more vital to the child involved then the more conscious decision parental figures make about what to name a child

    4. Sometimes, this astonishing regularity manifested itself in patches; a thing to upset all the calculations of note—taking gamblers who play with a pencil and a memorandum book in their hands Fortune perpetrates some terrible jests at roulette!

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    commit perpetrate pull do complete perform execute effect produce

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    perform an act, usually with a negative connotation