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    1. Gianni now knew that Nathani was a phoney

    2. “May-yan,” I tried my best heavy Texan accent which sounded phoney, but what did he know about the world? “Them cookies are, oh, so yummy

    3. Franciscus spotted the papers and the phoney package I offered

    4. Mainwaring and the CSIS section officers, promotion-conscious case officers, the shallow world of cocktail parties, glittering dinners and social engagements, the phoney but treacherous world of espionage and counter-espionage, the aura of distrust that existed around their lives, did nothing to create harmony between a couple recently married

    5. ‘Indeed even giving others a phoney cover story about some bogus walking excursion in the Trossachs

    6. We had long concocted and memorised our phoney alibis in advance and had them ready when Moose and his men arrived on the scene from the mainland

    7. The other thing I’ve been investigating is phoney ID cards –

    8. I told them that I didn’t appreciate being tagged with any phoney label,

    9. He’s a phoney

    10. was a phoney front

    11. That’s because there was nothing phoney about him

    12. old Malthouse had a gutful of school himself, and of all the phoney bastard

    13. but he quickly got his act together and smiled a completely phoney smile

    14. ‘Yeah sure,’ I said, ‘but the movie left me feeling that the phoney guy might

    15. out a coffee tin, added most of his half to the roll inside, glanced at the phoney blue Moldovan passport and refilled it and resealed the tin

    16. The ground authorities at Ho Chi Minh investigated the helicopter which they found out, had never been registered It was apparently an import, which according to the phoney paperwork they’d received, it had been undergoing trials

    17. They gave their passports, both phoney and original to one official and got into a large stretched limousine and drove out of the airport

    18. “By the phoney spies,” The Ghoul said

    19. He put on this stupid phoney German accent and said that Martin had the qualifications to commit the perfect murder

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