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    1. Let me make it clear that Ed Rose is a straightforward, honest developer who warned his sales force about phony stories

    2. ‘Can you understand me, Jimmy?’ the middle aged man said, in similar white coat and spectacles as the phony psychiatrist which again made him doubt the reality of this situation

    3. But, the truth was that, they were busily robbing the government by submitting phony projects

    4. She says he’s a big-time trafficker with hundreds of kilos coming in every three months on log barges – and that ain’t all! Then she says that your boyfriend’s brother cooked up a plan with George Dearling to rob him using phony checks! Don’t look at me like that, I ain’t making this up

    5. He was standing next to his parents, wiggling his arms around; poppin’, wavin’, and lockin’ type of movements which would have looked phony, if an older kid was doing it, but since he was barely out of diapers, Brock said, “Not bad for a kid

    6. What a flippin’ phony

    7. I didn’t turn around to look but I would bet you that the big fake phony had kept that confused look on his face for hours

    8. Real phony, very charming

    9. This gave me the time and money to travel the world, meet gurus and charlatans, see many real and phony miracles, and search for answers about the mind

    10. with a phony laugh, to boot

    11. Kosmo says it’s one step closer to phony citizenship and a pathway to the American wallet

    12. I can’t help but to wonder if this whole scene is phony

    13. Gasps filled the air as the man they had thought phony could

    14. the past, as I had already stated, the convention was to use dumb phony accents

    15. This supposed objectivity is phony, and contributes to alienate

    16. the truth, and sheepishly accepts to be fed with governmental phony news and

    17. compensate with a phony recognition of a supposed Indian heritage for having

    18. is about as phony as you can get

    19. He had a low tolerance for anyone who was a phony or acted foolishly, but once you proved yourself to Jim, he would always be there for you

    20. the deal was phony

    21. You are such a phony

    22. Trask gave him a big phony grin as if to confirm his guess, then relented

    23. He gave a phony grin to Peter's parents, and every once in a while, he would glance at Peter

    24. She voiced her feelings on Bella, and that something was wrong; how could she guess the answer to the secret gates so quickly? And why was she here anyway? One of the questions was: was Sam too close to Bella to see that maybe she could be a spy? He defended her to Jane, but Jane was not buying her phony act and told Samantha to keep an eye on her

    25. “It has all the hallmarks of one: the phony companies on each end, the Commodore and the Japanese embassy, and the export of munitions

    26. It’s a useless lead and just more of the phony baloney,” Barry said

    27. The false prophets and their phony god have led them to into the trap jaws of death, despite their loyalty, despite the sacrifices they offered on the altar in the wilderness

    28. are phony,” and he chuckled to himself with an evil air

    29. “Oh yes master,” I said in this phony Chinese accent

    30. phony" filled the car

    31. Dozens of smaller warships and missiles popped out of the sides of the phony hospital ship

    32. There was nothing phony about this man

    33. The way this thing operates is that when the loans are made at the inflated appraisals usually there are kickbacks involved to somebody for getting the phony appraisals approved, and that person was the Senior lender in the real estate department

    34. The grieving friends and family members constitute several more million lives hurt by leaders with phony ideals

    35. The analysis includes a phony remake of Mary Moorman that shows her on the grass rather than the street (where she was) when the limo passed her by and the head shot occurred

    36. Or, it doesn’t matter; it was right to attack an evil dictator and liberate the people (set-up a phony democracy that we run remotely)

    37. turned off by the man’s smile; there was something phony about it

    38. (2) That Satan will return to earth as the phony Christ after the 6th

    39. The Al Hamal brothers had spent the morning applying a phony decal which read

    40. Why hadn‘t he realized at the McDonald‘s that the cop was a phony? He pictured his children at his funeral, crying, his name, John Morse, etched in his tombstone

    41. I waited until Hurd was in a council meeting, then I sent a phony memo to Hurd’s secretary—sending her on a wild goose chase

    42. “So you figure you will solve the problem by sending Diane D and her family a phony letter about a little boy who has leukemia whose dying wish is to meet her

    43. Were the rest of the kids in the school in on this? Were they involved when you and your brother sent Diane D’s family this phony letter?!”

    44. Logan, a white male in his early 50’s sits at the edge of the table and says to Principal Cole, “Now Principal Cole, are you sure that it was Jessica’s sons Marcus and Richard who sent that phony letter to Diane D’s family about a little boy in your school who is dying of leukemia?”

    45. “Lying to us by sending us that phony letter, preying on our emotions like that, especially Diane’s emotions! Having us let Diane come to the school on false pretenses!”

    46. “Your grandsons asked for this by sending that phony letter to our organization!”

    47. When she found out that kid Marcus and his brother made up that phony letter to her and her family just to get her to come to his school, she probably flipped and did attack him, but might not remember it

    48. “So the doctors are saying, that by Marcus confessing to Diane D that it was him and his brother who wrote that phony letter to her family about the little boy who has leukemia, telling Diane D that the little boy she came all the way to the school for never existed, having Diane D realize that she and her family had been fooled and tricked into coming to the school, having Diane D realize that she shopped around and bought toys, gifts and fruit for nothing, having Diane D realize that she and her family brought all that stuff to the school for nothing, having Diane D realize that she will never get to meet or see the little boy who has leukemia, and having Diane D realize that she and her family wasted their time and came all the way to the school for nothing, triggered the violent and vicious personality to come into Diane D’s body and take over her body?”

    49. “I should have never listen to my brother Richard when he said to send your family that phony letter about the little boy who has leukemia, because I’m the one suffering from this! Look where it’s got me! I’m the one with the broken bones! I’m the one who got landed in the hospital! I’m the one with the nightmares and I’m the one with the phobia!” Marcus cries

    50. “A phony and a hypocrite? But what about her cousin Dana? Her cousin Dana was using drugs too

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