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    1. attention we’re in a real pickle here, bases loaded, nobody out, and the tying run is

    2. ” The main course, roast smoked beef with pickle salad and honey gravy

    3. the Shenandoah were in a pickle

    4. “We’ll leave it at that, but please, let me know if you get into a pickle and it causes a problem

    5. Rufus himself was fussing about in the back of the shop, his nose still swollen to the size of a large pickle, courtesy of Mrs

    6. My face was soon in a pickle, and in West Africa, where any little bite or cut becomes a festering sore which will not heal, such things are to be dreaded

    7. Is that cute little lady going to climb into the pickle jar again? She’s really something

    8. I felt however that there could have been a little more of a curry hit in the curry elements and a bit more pickle in the pickled elements

    9. When he couldn't look in the cockpit any more, and when he knew it was right and the figures were huge in his gunsight, he thumbed the pickle button, and felt the chung-chung under each wing as the release cartridges kicked the two 750lb cans of napalm free of the airplane to tumble to the ragged earth and splash burning jellied gasoline over the running figures

    10. got yourself into a pickle with this bureaus business

    1. ’ I said, annoyed as I struggle with the pickled onion jar

    2. The inside of my mouth was pickled by the time we got to Newquay and the driver had to keep turning up the volume on his radio because of the noise I was making

    3. What is devitalized food and why are the Yogis so against it? Dead and devitalized foods include everything that has been preserved, bottled, bleached, refined, canned, pickled, or polished

    4. “Here, take this honey cake, and the pickled eggs

    5. “They were trained in the art of cooking with pickled ingredients

    6. Tiny cubes of salted and pickled things (capers and apples), amongst drops of chili and basil (maybe), that added an ingenious contrast to the lemon

    7. For starters, I decided to shun the advice of the maitre’d (because I’m hard like that) of going for the salmon, instead opting for the scallops, served with onion bhaji and pickled vegetables

    8. I felt however that there could have been a little more of a curry hit in the curry elements and a bit more pickle in the pickled elements

    9. Even in Lenin’s tomb on Red Square in Moscow the preservative of his pickled remains somehow makes him seem, as intended, more alive than dead

    10. When palates crave the opposite of Javanese sweetness, this pickled

    1. Pickles, preserves, sweets and over-salted foods should be avoided, as should anything containing artificial ingredients

    2. pickles, hams and salad

    3. “You handled that well, Rufus, my friend,” referring to the Pickles incident

    4. “Stop this behaviour at once Carolyn! It was just Pickles

    5. Looking down she saw that it was only Carolyn’s cat, Pickles, looking for something to eat

    6. Drying her eyes she bent down and picked up Pickles

    7. “It was Pickles,” she said with a shiver, then burying her face in Sheena’s shoulder, added in a muffled voice, “I want my dad

    8. He thoughtfully pushed a jar of pickles back a couple of inches from the edge of the counter

    9. It was a little more difficult with the jars of jelly, peanut butter, and pickles, etc

    10. Apparently pineapple tastes terrible when eaten in poop - can't say I've tried it myself! Other people have used Pumpkin, Spinach, Pickles or Garlic for the same purpose

    1. This process is called pickling

    2. What is limewater? It is water made using pickling lime and when added to water it will change the ph level in our child’s urine, eliminating the diaper rash

    3. cups of sugar, 10 cups of white vinegar and some pickling spice in a pot and bring slowly to

    4. The jar, which was not quite full of the eggs, had tipped slightly when Zygmunt pulled his shirt away and some of the slick orbs shifted position in the pickling liquid within it and caused the boys to think that they were somehow alive and striving to be released from their confinement

    5. It is only necessary to add broccoli to the pickling juice to make the eggs turn to a marvelous green color that children adore

    6. require a continuous alcohol bath in the arteries, or a "pickling" process, that not only would

    7. “Poor Mironoff!” said he, when I had finished my story; “it is a pity; he was a brave officer; and Madame Mironoff a kind lady, an expert in pickling mushrooms

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