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    1. “Not again,” Henry said as he lifted up the paper and got a napkin, trying in vain to wipe the jam off the paper and succeeding only in smearing it around even more

    2. negotiated the log jam of the entrance, and having pushed her way into the aisle with

    3. When the jam kicked off again VD got ahead of Melinda and stayed there, just out of reach, taking her to her furthest extreme of speed and anger but always outpacing her

    4. ‘Here let me help … they jam if they’re not put back properly

    5. I hungered, not for the bread and jam on the tray, but for a sense of self worth

    6. It had to be morning because the tray on the floor in the doorway of my cell carried a plate of bread and jam and a mug of hot, milky tea

    7. The simple, sweet smell of jam and bread was utter torment

    8. Robbie left the room and returned a few moments later with a tray containing the usual fare: tea, bread, jam, an apple and water

    9. She stopped their jam, hugged a couple of them then

    10. Between them they manhandled the two ruffians to the rubbish store, threw them in and rammed the door shut, using a nearby length of discarded metal bar to jam the door firmly

    1. Alan jammed the stump of the club into it's mouth just ahead of her backside

    2. The lights went out; a gunshot shattered the silence; the taxi driver cursed and jammed the gas pedal to the floor, forcing her the rest of the way into the back seat

    3. Once he was satisfied of their plumb he wedged their positions with rocks jammed and tamped down into the narrow spaces between the poles and the hole walls

    4. “Almost all of their machine guns jammed or misfired after a few

    5. home was, jammed in between the two houses beside it

    6. jammed into its space and hung on its walls

    7. The rails were jammed with people enjoying the view

    8. Nimblefax gave her a lick and she saw he had both wheels and the wheel rod jammed to one side

    9. The water around this area had turned crimson with the blood of the wounded and dying and the dead were rolling around in the surf but in some places they were that thick as to be jammed together in masses

    10. I would guess that whatever it was, it was the cause of the interference that jammed our comm system

    1. ‘Kate, you’ll have to get that door checked, it was jamming a bit just now

    2. of heavy metal musicians were jamming together

    3. 'Wait,' I said, jamming the

    4. Klegnif had disappeared as soon as they stopped jamming

    5. But Stenworth stopped her counter-move by jamming a knee into

    6. Occasionally the trio would come upon a horde of sheep or carts laden with supplies jamming the roadway, at such times, they would be forced to wait anxiously in the tightly packed street, choking on the stench of sweat and manure until the flow of traffic crept forward once more

    7. jamming with the waves?”

    8. ‘They’re the new helium implants, that’s why they stand up like so,’ he said, jamming two fists up inside his T-shirt

    9. You’ve pulled a muscle from jamming

    10. The deathbot‘s head swivelled about, coming to rest when it returned to Kaori, "Jamming source located – you are jamming me, Deathbot Infiltrator!"

    1. You and I have not seen a soul since we left Ritterston this morning … if this were Earth, we would have gone through a dozen or so villages, and probably got stuck in a couple of traffic jams – everywhere on Earth you find signs of man and his works – and generally speaking not good signs

    2. Tania and Poly once again served coffee and offered her plates of toast with butter and jams

    3. The aromas of the meal arrived before the server returned laden with a tray of steaming biscuits, eggs, a rasher of bacon and sausages, toast and bowls of jams and butter

    4. Toast and sausages, butter, jams, biscuits and coffee or juice were standard morning fare at Clive House

    5. Yes indeed! Away with everyday traffic jams, be gone tiresome railway waiting rooms and congested bus terminals, with DOCTOR GLORIA PLANKTON's new flying course it's Hello Blue Skies as you soar gracefully through the heavens like something that soars gracefully through the heavens quite a lot

    6. Oh, there is tourism but it hasn’t taken over this city of 200,000 the way it has Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, with their pricey high-rise hotels, traffic jams, noise, and sharp characters looking to make a few

    7. C’mon mates!” At that, the trio headed off for a local pub and tucked into a late-morning repast of tea, rolls, biscuits, and all manner of butter, sweet local jams, and fresh cheeses

    8. Test them beforehand, because some hollow points do cause jams

    9. But what if it jams, which sometimes happens! I know of a case where the policeman was stabbed and his own blood made it very difficult to cock the Z88 because it made it too slippery

    10. superhighways, families planning their vacations were oftentimes required to take the ―scenic‖ route; traveling through non- descript towns, subject to traffic jams, ubiquitous traffic lights and nervous breakdowns that sought a temporary reprieve at some roadside diner where the family would stop to eat and address their biological requirements before reaching their final destination

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